The Three ‘R’s To Happiness And Success

most adaptable to change

“Remember there are three ‘R’s that are important to adhere to. When you follow these fully you will find life much better. Most people drop the ball on one or more of the three but all three work together. So don’t skimp out. Keep these in mind and put these into practice.

The first is Respect Yourself. Acknowledge, Appreciate, Love, Forgive and Accept yourself. Value yourself. Let go of past mistakes as you extract the learning from them. Don’t hang on to the past move forward. Monitor your thoughts and feeling and keep them positive.

Your self talk is important! Think and speak lovingly and kindly to yourself.  Fill your mind with positivity. Make positive mental images See yourself they way you want to be and imagine already being that way. Imagine what that is like. Feel good about yourself.  Use daily positive affirmations and Directed Questions.


Have enough respect for yourself to enjoy yourself and your life! Fill your moments with gratitude and appreciation for yourself, however imperfect (because we all are) and everyone and everything!

The second is Respect Others. Think and speak highly of others too AT all times. Acknowledge, Appreciate and Accept others. Forgive them and love them.

When you speak of yourself in your own mind and out loud, and when you speak of others only speak words that Bless, Heal and Help Prosper. Look for the best in you and the best in them. Train your mind to see the good in everyone and everything. The Golden Rule applies. Go first by treating others the way you prefer to be treated. If you respect yourself you will respect them!

correct your mind the rest will fall into place

The Third is Take Responsibility for all your actions. Take 100% responsibility everything. Don’t blame, don’t accuse, don’t make excuses for yourself. When you make yourself responsible you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life. You put yourself in charge. You make the decisions. If something happens or not it is up to you. That is the way it is anyway.

The masses blame circumstances and events and people for why things are the way they are. That is the great deception. Those who make things happen know it is completely up to them.

you are a living magnet

For example, millionaires are made in good and bad economies. Those who blame economic situations rarely prevail. Those who do whatever they are determined to do, will. So don’t put your responsibility outside of yourself.

Follow the Three ‘R’s and you will make much improvement in your life. When you apply these daily, when you make them an automatic habit you will delight and surprise yourself. BUT you will only know the awesome benefit when you put them into play. Do it and make your life much more grand!” Rex Sikes

Decide today to live with passion!

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