Your Power Is Immediate. Your Power Is Now, Not Someday!

to bring it into your life imagine it already there

“It is important, crucial, that when you make your goals, when you determine your definite chief aim or purpose, when you plan for what you want your future to be like that you focus on that and not let the present day circumstances distract or dissuade you. Whatever is going on now is not important. You must keep your eye on the prize. BUT where the change truly is and when it actually happens is in the present moment.

This is why when you visualize and think about that future YOU imagine it as having already happened. You live it in your mental movie theater as if everything you want is already accomplished. You see yourself doing and behaving and having everything that you will be experiencing then.

You enjoy feeling the feelings of having made it happen. You see it and feel it as completed. You live and experience and FEEL that present future moment right now. You feel those feelings NOW as you vividly imagine it. You pair the powerful feelings with your images.

Feelings drive everything! You want your feelings to be immediate and present. You want to feel it NOW in your body. You want the feelings to be the same feelings you would feel when it happens in reality. You want to feel what you would be feeling when and as your dreams come true. This is important to understand.

You want to feel the thrill, the excitement, the incredible gratitude and joy right now as you think about what you want then. You want your feelings to be positive and powerful. You want to be celebratory and filled with gratitude. You want to fully experience these.

success requires mindset

Your unconscious mind only works by feelings. It is driven by feelings and emotions. What you see in your mind and feel strongly about is what you end up creating. You bring about what you think about. Whatever you think about and feel strongly about, whether good or bad, positive or negative is what you create in your life. If you want your dreams to come true this is how you make them come true.

As an example, there are only two emotions one positive and one negative. You get one or the other. You get what you focus on. What you pair with your thoughts is what you end up creating. It is that simple to understand. You must take your best thoughts and pair them with your best feelings.

When you congruently align your desires and your mental images with your feelings so that there is no resistance AND you expect to make this happen and you expect to feel this way when it does (you see it, you feel it and believe it) IS when you make it so. You feel that you have it now. You are filled with all the wonderful feelings and gratitude. When you do this you CLAIM IT as already yours.

This is why you keep your attention on the positive feelings. You keep it there no matter what else may be going on around you. Do not allow present circumstances to distract you from the future you are creating. If you can conceive it, and believe it you can achieve it! Once you have claimed it do not un-claim it.

If you think some day I will be this, or I will do this or I will have this that some day never comes. You unconscious mind goes ‘okay someday’ and it never arrives. That is why you need to make your future immediate. You must feel it happening now. Not sometime but NOW is the time. You express thanks for what you already have.

winners visualize and look forward

Do you understand this? You are grateful for what you already possess. It is already yours and you appreciate it! When you are able to think and feel this you WILL make it happen. You have planted the seed in your unconscious and now it can and will grow. The seeds will sprout in time. Have faith. Trust. Celebrate and enjoy everything in the meantime. Live your life with enthusiasm and joy.

Do not look for the evidence. Don’t compare.  Don’t look at present circumstances and think, ‘okay where is it, I did everything’. When you do that you create conflict. That creates doubt and resistance. If you do that you aren’t actually believing. You have lost sight of what you created and are looking around you instead.  Stop change what you are paying attention to.

You must focus on what you want. Remember you conceive it, you believe it and you achieve it. SO create it, believe you will have, feel incredible and  feel grateful and trust that you will bring it about. Be an owner of your dreams. Once you own something it is then yours.

When you plant a seed it grows in the darkness. You do not dig it up to make sure it is growing. If you did you would kill it. Stop preventing, stop killing your dreams by doing that very same thing. Nurture them and bring them into being by creating, celebrating and trusting and you will make them happen.

Your entire being will align congruently with your desires and you will recognize new opportunities you may have otherwise missed. Every cell and fiber of your being will be dedicated to making it all come true. Your thoughts will work together. Like attracts like.

Birds of a feather flock together. You become congruent and powerful because you align your thought, your word and your action around your desire. You will become what you think about. Do it now!” Rex Sikes

Today is the only day you actually have. Now is the time!

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