The Best Way To End Your Evening

gratitude changes lives

“Some people don’t sleep very well. Whether they have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or even getting enough sleep, our sleep time  is an important time.  Our subconscious processes data from the day.  We refresh and renew. We clean house inside.

Preparing for sleep can be one of the most important things you do. Recommendations for good sleep hygiene included sleep in total darkness. Use your bedroom and bed just for sleeping not TV or electronic games or communication. Be comfortable.

Shut off and remove all electronic devices from your sleep area at least one hour prior to going to bed. Keep the temperature in the room around 68 degrees. Coolness helps us fall a sleep heat does not. Don’t take caffeine in the evening  or exercise just prior to bed.

Listen to positive audios, enjoy soothing music or sounds of nature. Take a warm bath or shower 1 hour prior to bedtime It will help relax and put you in the mood. Sip a cup of relaxing tea, chamomile, valerian or another known for its comforting effects. Read some inspirational material. Then get into bed. In bed you can:

Spend time reflecting on what you are grateful for. Immerse yourself in the deep feelings of appreciation. Count your blessings! Review your goals in your mind as already completed and feel how wonderful that feels. Drift off to sleep thinking and feeling the most wonderful thoughts and feelings.

The important part is preparation for sleep. Your subconscious never sleeps so say good night in a relaxed, positive, optimistic mood. Make your night time routine a positive, relaxing, renewing habit. Create a soothing delightful ritual. Enjoy slumber.” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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