How To Surrender! Go With The Flow

determined to help yourself

“I have been a forceful driver all of my driving life. I used to listen to ramp me up music and shoot through the streets of Los Angeles on a mission to get there ahead of everyone else. I pushed the river of life. It was not uncommon for me to give the finger or curse out other drivers slower, faster or just different than me. I hated traffic but I loved driving.

One time in my past I decided I was only going to listen to calming, relaxing music, classical but not rousing classical, while I drove to attempt to curb my passion for beating everyone to the stop light or being the first in the fast lane. It helped some. I later learned a better way, but certainly you can combine the two.

I know not everyone is like me in this regard because I encountered them on the roadway. So this may or may not apply to you but it can be a powerful lesson in any regard.

It seems most happiness and success comes when you learn true gratitude and acceptance. When you have a definite purpose that you want to accomplish. It comes when you have absolute faith that you will manifest it and you fully expect to. You believe in yourself.

It occurs when you can get out of your own way, surrender and go with the flow of life. It comes quickest when you can accept whatever life offers gratefully and keep moving forward expecting the best.

what u put out u attract

Okay, well here is an exercise I learned to embrace. Traffic is the universe giving you whatever it gives you. It has every possibility for you to get stuck, annoyed and angry. It provides an opportunity to push it or accept it. It is frustrating for most people.  Hence, a great place to learn surrender.

If you want to learn to go with the flow in life begin with traffic. Drive safely, should go without saying.

Recognize that person that cuts you off or pulls out in front of you at the last moment IS your opportunity to relax and accept that is what IS right now. The universe offers you opportunity in this moment. Traffic backed up, accept it. If you can’t easily go around it that’s what life gave you right now. Don’t push it ACCEPT IT.  Slow pedestrian annoying you as they cross the street in front of you. The light changes, someone runs a light, whatever it is RELAX! That is what IS GOING ON AT THIS MOMENT! That is what is happening!

Instead of cursing and trying to get back at them accept it allow it. Instead of driving and complaining, instead of being filled with stress, Coritsol and anger, let it go. Instead of complaining to your friends, family and co-workers about how horrible the commute was let it go. LET IT GO! This is where you practice acceptance because as you know you will have PLENTY of opportunities each and every instant.

THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT MAKES THIS EXERCISE SO VALUABLE! For many this will be an excruciating exercise BUT how better to learn to give up control and accept  what the universe gives us than to do so when it gives us so many opportunities. Traffic is a great place to learn.

we are what we repeatedly do

You can use driving to learn how to surrender to what is. There will be plenty of challenging moments as you already know. Still, if you can learn, ‘hey this is what IS right now’, and accept it, surrender to it, you can learn to do it anywhere else too.

Use the flow of traffic to learn HOW TO go with the flow. When you get hot, and you become aware of it, recognize it and relax and drive safe. Be courteous. Bless the other drivers, the bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians, the truckers who would have infuriated you in the past.

Stop trying to push the river. Relax and let the current take you down stream. What a wonderful opportunity this exercise is because you will learn so many fascinating things about yourself. You will change your life when you learn true acceptance. You will transform your life when you learn to wish all others well. Bless others, praise others, celebrate others regardless and you will transform so much of you and your life it will amaze you. STOP complaining! Stop whining!

Relax, surrender, go with the flow. Be gentle with yourself through the learning process and enjoy transforming your life. You can find magic and mystery in each and every moment when you stop and look. When you find it fill yourself with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous magical day!

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