What To Do When You Are Feeling Bad

energy goes where attention goes

“There is only energy. This is what physics tells us. Everything is energy at different rates of vibration. This  is a very important understanding.  We use our senses to define our world and our experience but our senses are limited. Our senses can be and are deceived. Yet, we think IF we see it then it must be real. We are mistaken to think so.

Everything is energy! The energy is either very high frequency which we are unable to perceive or low frequency. The lower frequencies  we can notice the vibratory effects on our eyes, ears, body, nose and mouth. Everything is energy. It is all the same one energy in various forms. Everything is in a constant state of vibration. Light, sound, heat, thought, everything!

There are positive and negative charges. Positive and negative thoughts. Positive and negative feelings. These are simply whatever they are but we human labels them as good or bad.  We determine what is wanted and unwanted by how we feel. We either feel positive and good or negative and not so good. That is what we do. This ability to recognize the difference and become aware IS our guidance system. To be truly happy we can use this guidance system.

you will see it when you believe it

When it comes to our life and manifesting or creating or attracting what we want this is useful to know and understand and utilize. We are either vibrating at a high frequency or a low frequency or anywhere in between. We are either mostly positively charged or mostly negatively charged. We want to be mostly positively charged.

We are either feeling good or not so good. We can notice the difference and we can make adjustments. Essentially, we are either ON or we are OFF. We are either on base or off base. On task or off task. It is very simple.

We can tell easily whether we are feeling good or not good. This is the signal. Whenever we are feeling ‘off’ or less than glorious THAT IS the signal to notice so we can adjust.

Then there is FLOW. Everything is flowing, moving, expanding. It just is. Our universe is expanding as I write these words. Everything is flowing along. We are either flowing with it or against it. Just like a river we either go with the current, the path of least resistance, or we paddle against the current. Our choice. Everything is our choice.

It is very simple and plain to understand. We are either flowing or we are not. Either we are in the zone, moving with creation and how things are going or we are not. We are either surrendering to what is or we are not. On or Off. Flowing or Resisting. Positive or Negative.

When we surrender and go with the flow it is easy and effortless. When we move with the current we move swiftly along. When we resist and try to paddle upstream it is difficult and a struggle. When we effort against what is going on we fight. We create conflict. Struggle.

life is not hapening to you life is responding

We are either positive energy or we are not. If we are not going with the flow and feeling positive we  feel negative or less than glorious. It is that simple! Either something is moving up or it is moving down. It is either on or off. It either feels good or it doesn’t. We are either accepting and flowing or we are not. It is not complicated.

The goal of life seems to be ecstasy. We evolve toward happiness. The highest purpose of human kind seems to be to evolve in our consciousness and well being. We are entitled to have and enjoy all life has to offer. We deserve all good things and situations. You can be, do and have anything you want!

To be and get what you want it is necessary for you to align your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary to be congruent with your desires and ambitions. You can’t be wanting and expecting not to get. You can’t be creating and uncreating and expect to get. You can have every good thing you want and desire. You can have everything when you stop resisting. You have to fully EXPECT to get what you want.

Most of the moments of your day are either positive or they are not. Most of your moments you either feel good or you don’t. When you are feeling the best and thinking the best you are flowing, your energy is aligned with your desires and you are able to make your dreams come true. You are congruent. You are one with the creative energy.

we attract what we are prepared to receive

Whenever you feel or find yourself resisting, or feeling or thinking negatively that is a SIGNAL to relax, let go, and make positive micro adjustments towards feeling better. We have a built in system that lets us know when we are off track SO THAT we can get back on track! Use it. Take baby steps back toward feeling great.

You want to be feeling the best you can the bulk of your day. You want to tip the scales toward positive, toward flow, toward feeling wonderful most of your time. When you stop resisting and are feeling fabulous you ARE  flowing. When you are flowing you are aligned. Relax into this. Understand that you are a creator.  Everything is in operation for you to get what you want.

You are already creating your life whether you realize it or not. You are getting everything you are getting  because you are have always been  creating your life. Most people don’t realize this. This is what you MUST come to understand.

If life is haphazard a mix of good and bad or it is mostly less than glorious it is only because you are either haphazard in what you are doing, or you have not been purposeful. You are focused on what you want and what you don’t want and getting some of both. OR you are focused mostly on what you don’t want and getting exactly what you don’t want. In my past I was always great at getting what I didn’t want.

You can begin to change that now if  you want to. You can create a wonderful life instead. You can change what you are doing and you can positively and powerfully begin to change your life!

Now the time has come to get and stay out of your own way. Don’t paddle upstream. Whenever you look at where you are and how far you might be from realizing your goals you are creating a chasm. You separatE yourself from your dream and creatE resistance when you try to take inventory of how close or far away you are.

You do not want to do this. You don’t keep digging up the seeds to make sure they are growing. You must stop comparing where you are with where you want to be. Instead, you want to align and feel at one with your desires. After all it is all the same energy, you just can’t see that yet.

You want to feel you deserve it and that it is coming to you. You are making it happen EVEN IF you can’t yet see the results. Celebrate that it is coming EVEN WHEN you can’t yet see anything BELIEVE IT and YOU WILL SEE IT eventually! Things take time. Relax and believe!

This is why it is necessary to keep your focus on your dreams and off the everyday circumstances. It takes time to manifest your desires Stop checking to see if it is occurring.  This is where most people screw it up. They don’t believe it and they keep evaluating to see whether they are getting close or not.

Keep this in mind: Don’t dig up the seeds you planted to check on their growth. Leave them grow in darkness, underground, and one day they WILL sprout. You have to trust. You have to believe that it will happen even when you can’t see it. Faith is believing in the unseen. You must believe in your dreams! Celebrate!

youa are creators

So either you are positive energy or negative energy. Notice when you are not positive and adjust back towards it. Notice when you feel less than glorious and adjust back to feeling more positive. Notice when your thoughts aren’t productive and adjust back toward productive thinking. Relax and accept and go with the flow. Know deep inside it will all come to pass. Believe it, feel it.

You stay focused on your dreams of the future seeing them in your mind’s eye already realized. To adjust back toward feeling better and to feel better anytime in the present focus on gratitude. Become thankful for everything. Count your blessings and remember why you are thankful. Keep the focus on appreciation. Find the good inside of every one and every circumstance. Stay grateful. Be thankful!

As you begin to see little sign posts of things you want happening you can use these to feel stronger and to believe stronger. This is a great sign but don’t go looking for them. Just appreciate them as they appear. They will. Meanwhile trust, find the good in everything, be thankful and celebrate!

In the face of great adversity hold true and you will come through to the other side. Creation will continue just stop resisting it. Understand that is is perfectly acceptable for you to want the best for yourself and others. Accept that you are making it happen. Choose to stay focused on feeling the best.

what u feel now is what u attract

Go with the flow. Recognize when you are attempting to push the river, or paddle upstream. Enjoy the process. It is not what you do, it is not your actions that will get you there but your energy alignment. Your feelings, your thoughts and your attitudes.

Most people make the mistake and think if they only work hard enough they will make it happen. IT is not your hard work that brings it about it is WHO you are that brings it about. When you become the person for whom all these things are possible you then will do all the right things with the right amount of effort to make them happen.

Hard work with the wrong attitude is putting the cart before the horse. Get your being right and everything else begins to fall into place.

We have this incredible built in guidance system and so few of us learn to use it. The time is now to appreciate how marvelous this is for you. You can be, do and have anything you want. Go with the flow.

Learn to live and spend most of your time feeling wonderful and you will be creating and attracting and getting everything you want. It is a process and it takes time but you are making it happen. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and you will be surprised!” Rex Sikes

May your day be magical!

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