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Become An Explorer On An Adventure

old ways won't open new doors

“What is it about kids that is so fresh and vital? How do they think differently than we do as adults? What is the difference that makes the difference between them and those of us who are older? What is it about youth that we value and try to recapture?

Certainly, innocence and vitality. Kids have a freshness because as they grow and develop, prior to being biased or tainted by peers, parents, teachers and world influences they have an open quality, an accepting capacity. They look to the world and adults around them for answers and are eager to see and hear and learn what those people will say or explain. They live to experience it all.

KIDS ARE CURIOUS! The haven’t done it all before, they haven’t been there and done that. Everything is new and potentially thrilling or fun. Too many adults give this up as they grow up. We need to recapture it. We need to develop and live from an endless supply of curiosity. We need to stop and look more, observe and watch, witness and see.

We need to listen and hear the many sounds and silence around us. The variations of tones and tempos. We can feel more, the wind, the temperature, the sunshine or rain. We can live more present in the moment enjoying the little things of wonder that life offers us instead of passing them by on the way to somewhere important.

We can become an explorer and explore. Life can be an adventure.! There is so much the world and people have to offer. Get out into it and take advantage of it. Time is ongoing and we don’t get it back. So instead of missing all the little joys discover and delight fully in them. Try new things. Be open and stay open.

Learn something new, eat new foods, listen to new music, go to new places, the world is your oyster. The world is your garden paradise – bask in it! Become curious, become fascinated. Become again as a little child and expand you view of the world and increase your opportunities for wonderful moments. Create more pleasure and fulfilling memories. Become more fully alive! AND Enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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This Is Critical! You Get What You Focus On!

you atract what you focus on

“The problem for many people is what they focus on. The simple mistake is that they focus on the wrong things. They focus on the wrong aspects of their circumstances. They focus on the wrong things about themselves. Since what we focus on expands this is a critical component to how much we enjoy our life experience.

It really is this simple. Face it, there are some things you are good at. There are some things you are not that good at. So today, focus on what you are good at. Focus on your talent and abilities. Focus on what you like about yourself. Focus on the very best feelings and thoughts you have. Put your energy into enjoying yourself! Be grateful. Appreciate yourself! Delight and enjoy!

If you think about what you don’t like and aren’t good at your sure to feel less than glorious. If you focus on what sucks it is sure to drain you and your time is poorly spent. You can never be and feel your best thinking about your worst! Don’t waste your time this way.

Instead, focus on that which makes you feel delighted, thrilled, talented, and great about yourself. Think on the things you are able to do, that you are naturally good at. These are areas of great potential for you. Enhance these! Use your imagination and develop these talents and abilities. Time is well spent when you put your energy and focus on the best of you. Concentrate and keep it there.

Enjoy your strengths. Linger with them. Allow yourself to feel really good. Savor the positive, wonderful feelings. Do this every day! After all, you are worth it AND you deserve it! Celebrate YOU!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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