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Today’s Intention: Let Go Of Your Control Issues

“What did you learn from the story I shared? It would be great if you share your insights in the comments section. I am happy to share mine too, soon. First, I’d love to hear from readers. There are no wrong answers. Whatever you take from it IS what you take from it.

Today, simply go with the flow. Flow freely. Accept whatever IS as is. Live without expectations. Live without attempting to control. Let go. Drop control issues. Make this the intention for the day. Live free. Allow others too. Allow circumstances. Consider all a blessing.

Living lovingly. Love yourself, others and circumstances unconditionally. Understand and know that unexpected good is yours. Accept and allow the magic and miracles of the day. Let go and live! Love, laugh, learn and enjoy! Delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Be curious today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Share Transformation With Loved Ones

Have you ever noticed that some of the people closest to you rain the most on your parade? They just don’t get where you are at. They may be very negative and think you are weird. They don’t get your new attitude or practices. They think you have lost it! Right?

Have you anyone like that in your life? You have transformed and experienced tremendous growth and feel on top of the world, moving forward, but some around you want to hold you back. Well, guess what. Most people don’t like change. They want to keep you!

They like or love you and if you change then what?  They want the same ole person they’ve always known. Can’t blame them really, our brains work to keep us the same too. Remember, your inner thermostat always works to keep it at the setting. People do too.

To Be Loved Be Willing To Love And Accept Others As They Are

Sad, but true. That is just the way it is.  We have changed and probably want to share with them and have them celebrate with us. What to do? When we try they get weird and tell us we are not the same person. They may say it nicely or not. What to do? Right?

First forgive them. Let it go. No matter how difficult it seems, let it go. Accept them as they are. You have changed they may or may not have. Allow them to be them and let it go. As for sharing your new found delights keep some things in mind. No one likes pushy.

We have an opportunity to help people who may be in need of what we know that can transform their lives. Isn’t that awesome? You want to share it. Just remember, not everyone wants to hear it or is ready to hear it. You heard it when you were ready, and not before.

You can’t Correct Your Mistakes By Pointing Out Other’s Mistakes

When the disciple is ready the master appears. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Our only responsibility is to lead. Be an example. Walk the talk.  When they are ready then maybe they will seek out what you have. Otherwise, let them be.

When they are ready they will find their path. Meanwhile love them. Bless them. Encourage them. Inspire them. Motivate them, but do not be evangelical. Don’t try to convert or convince. Don’t insist, don’t beg or complain. Let them be who they are.

Prepare a banquet and those who are hungry enough will come. Those who don’t, don’t. Those who come to the banquet may sample and enjoy certain things but not enjoy everything. Some won’t try much, but will eat the foods they already like.

Accept People As They Are Not How You Want Them To Be

Some will explore. Some will skimp. Some will feast. Some will eat and run. Others may stick around for awhile. IT is all good. Whatever it is, it is. Don’t make people conform to you. Allow them to be who they are each moment. Learn to accept. Learn to not be bothered.

Let your light shine. Don’t talk a lot about it to people who aren’t ready to listen. Let your light do your talking, instead. That is more than enough. Be known by your fruits and actions rather than your convincing words. Lead by example. Let your love be an example.

Don’t try to sell or persuade people into being different, but invite them. Then it is up to them whether or not they accept the invitation. Sometimes, if you don’t say anything about your changes they get curious and pester you. They really get curious.

Some Things Are A Mystery Not To Be Solved But To Be Enjoyed

They want you to reveal what you are doing that works and why what they’re doing doesn’t. Wait for the invitation, the request to explain. Then keep it simple and be brief. Don’t overload them with information and procedures. Let them extract it from you bit by bit.

When they are ready to explore more fully they will and you will have been a supportive person standing by with encouragement not someone nagging them to be different from who they presently are. Accept them.  Love them. Allow them to be as they are.

Forgive them. Forgive yourself, and accept what is as it is. It is all a blessing. Live fully and then like moths to the flame, people will want to know what you have that makes the difference. Yes, you can help them. Share it. Don’t push it. Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Allow and let go today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Manifest And Get It All From The Universe


“Do you want to live the good life? Do you want more money? Would you like more passion and romance? How about more family connection? How would you like the career of your dreams? Want more leisure time? Want to know how to attract good things?

If you want it you can have it. Thought leaders from the dawn of time have been explicitly and implicitly telling us how we can. There has been lots of misunderstanding, even attempts to obfuscate the methods. It is all here in the pages of my blog. I share with you how.

Within these pages, if you study these, you’ll learn to create and attract what you want. I recommend reading and re-reading my posts. Do more than that because reading is not enough. You MUST take action. If you don’t do what you are told you wont’ benefit.

If You Can See It In You Mind – You Can Hold It In Your Hand

Knowing is not enough. Reading one more blog or book won’t help.  I have been sharing a series of posts recently each with action steps. You create and attract by taking action. You don’t expect your bed to be made or your food to spontaneous appear do you? I bet you don’t.

You make your bed or your food. You make your dreams come true as well. You attract people to you by the kind of person you are. If you are nice, kind, appealing , friendly you attract others and/or are attracted to others for various reasons. This is important to get.

You don’t get anything for nothing. You must have some skin in the game. You transfer money to the grocer to purchase goods. There is a medium of exchange. You hand over cash, check or credit which is money or energy and take the groceries. Exchange. You exchange.

Take Charge Of Your Life – Make What You Want Happen

One form of energy for another is exchanged. I say energy because everything is energy, after all. If you don’t pay you don’t get. If you rob you pay in a different fashion with time, if you are caught. Or perhaps in other ‘karmic’ ways. Bottom line there is action exchange.

To manifest and attract you must follow the formula as laid out. Know what you want. Clarify and focus. Concentrate and become passionate about it. Desire it positively and strongly. Take action to get it and don’t give up. Put your energies into making it happen.

You affirm, visualize, act as if to organize your mental, emotional and physical, even spiritual resources, to align yourself so you are aimed at making it happen. You are congruent inside and out. You are of one accord. You are driven by purpose. You are a ‘go-getter’.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Attitude Is Everything

YOU make it happen. It doesn’t happen for you by magic. You transform yourself into someone who gets their goals AS IF by magic. It can seem magical and to an extent it actually is. Still, you aren’t locked in a cave waving a wand and goods appear. Get it?

When you are congruently aligned and dedicated to making your purpose happen you vibrate differently. Your energies are alive and enthused. Because of this you also attract. You attract people and events and circumstances. People more than events. Here is why.

You become attuned to opportunities. Your RAS finds you positive opportunity because you have tuned it to look for these. You find circumstances and events you might have otherwise missed because your personal radar is sensitized to discover these. It seems magical.

Right Now – This Moment – How You Feel Is Creating Your Future

It is magical in that your entire being is seeking positive experiences. You raise your positivity energy, your attitude and outlook are positive and others of like mind and energy are attracted to you as moths are to a flame. You evolve yourself into an attracting energy.

You manifest by creating and attracting. You engage in both. Now the last step. YOU step aside. You get out of the way. You allow it to happen. You open up to receive it all. Many people screw up getting because they never finish pursuing. They keep pushing. Pushing!

You pay the grocer and then you receive the goods. You don’t force your money on the grocer. You give it. You put an order in at a restaurant and then you expectantly wait for your food to come. You don’t worry or micro-manage. You wait and allow them to bring it.

Who You Become Is The Person You Decide To Be – It Is Up To You

The attitude is one of expectancy. You attract and then you make room for it to happen. You do and then you allow the results. You work or play during the day and you sleep at night. You let go and rest. You eat and allow your body to process it. It will do it.

You aren’t giving up. You aren’t quitting. You are expecting. You know it is coming. You aren’t worried or fearful or anxious. You don’t fret. You are confident. You know and are certain and you allow it. Some people give and give and give and give. Have you noticed?

Some of them aren’t very good at allowing you to give to them. They are not good receivers. In order to get from the universe you make it happen and you let it happen. You are both a good giver and receiver. You allow the energies to exchange. It is a two way street.

Life Never Asked You To Struggle It Is Responding To Your  Mood

Some readers may be poor givers. They don’t start or go after their dreams. They wait and wish. Others may push and push but don’t relax into trusting and allowing it. You must do both. Attitude is everything. Trusting and being certain. Action and Rest. Both!

There are rhythms and cycles. Day into night. Tides come and go. Seasons change. We sow and reap at different times. Learning to go with the flow means you do or don’t do depending on what cycle you are in. You go with it. You trust it. You allow it. Because you made it.

You did the work now you reap the results. Trust. Attitude is everything! Allow. If you did the work allow the results. If you didn’t do the work then you need to do it to get the rewards. Once you have done it let it happen. You are not quitting you are adjusting.

We Receive What We Expect To Receive – Trust And Allow

Accept the results and if they aren’t to your liking adjust. Also, be open that the results may blow you away and be beyond anything you imagined. You can be delightfully surprised. Allow for it. Don’t be a tight ass about manifesting. Create some space for surprises.

Gratitude is marvelous. If you did nothing but were genuinely happy and thankful, feeling blessed about everything your life you’d amaze yourself. It would be magnificent. Even if it weren’t you wouldn’t care because you are too filled with bliss feeling glad about it. Right?

Gratitude Is The Open Doorway To Overflowing Abundance 

True, genuine, heart-felt appreciation for your challenges and struggles and for whatever you have and for whomever is in your life, difficult or easy, changes everything into potential, positive benefit. Your life would be exquisitely filled with all manner of good things. You’d be in heaven on earth. Try it on. Do it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Allow yourself a lot of delight today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Have The Winner’s Mind? It’s A Mind Of Certainty


“Being what we want; winners winning. Doing what we want; career of our choice or how we spend our leisure time. Having what we want; riches, home, family and friends; the results stem from the  thoughts and feelings and behaviors we initiate and commit to.

Because we start the process and follow through we reap the rewards. This IS how we sow and reap. We plant the thought seeds nurture them to fruition through positive emotions and actions. We tell positive stories in support and soon enough we harvest.

We powerfully use affirmations and Directed Questions™ to focus our mind on what we want to get our subconscious working on our behalf. We feel strong emotions and desire and imagine having it already in our possession. We live our future right now. We act!

You Can Pretend Anything And Master It

We imagine or visualize what we look like and act like, and what it looks like to have what we want to have, this instant. We ‘Act as If’ it is already ours. We think about it and are grateful for it being present before we actually receive it. We pretend to great effect.

By acting as if we have it with positive emotions and enthusiastic passion, feeling grateful that we got it, we signal our brain that YES this is what we want and will have. We act in a reality which has yet to manifest in present day reality. We rehearse for how it will be.

Then we work to make it happen. We stay open to attract who and what else we might need. We stay open to attract what we want or something even better. Always allow for something better beyond which you imagined to occur. Don’t limit yourself. Dream big.

What You See Is What You Get – What You Say Is What You Get

Napoleon Hill wrote, ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.’ This is an important concept. If we can imagine it and then believe we will have it we can get it. We must believe it is not only possible for us but that we WILL have it.

We must believe we are worthy and deserving and entitled to get it. We must believe it is desirable and worth having in order to make it ours. Hill says that a burning desire, a white hot obsession, combined with faith is what makes it all work. Want and know you will have it.

From early ancient writings to present day, leaders in the science of the mind, the law of attraction or manifestation all say the same thing. We would do well to listen and follow their advice. Thought leader Ernest Holmes stated the following and it certainly applies.

We Believe It Has Happened Already – Thoughts Become Things

‘When we treat we do not wish, we know. We do not dream, we state. We do not hope, we accept. we do not pray, we announce. We do not expect something is going to happen, we believe that it has happened already.’ Holmes says, we believe it already has happened.

That IS the state of mind we want to get to. When we get there doors open up in ways we can’t imagine before hand. How do we develop this faith and this ‘knowing’? Hill says through repetition of suggestion, or affirming it with great emotion. Enthusiasm!

He suggests we clarify what we want and write it down. Keep it short and simple. Keep it where we can see it. Read it aloud before bed and first thing in the morning with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Do it everyday until you firmly believe you will have it.

Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill And Of Habits

Through repetition we inform our non-conscious mind, our subconscious that this IS the case. We already are this; we already do this; we already have this. By constant exposure to the powerful emotions, words and images we give our mind we make it happen.

Our brain is a storehouse of experiences and resources. It is a hot bed of imagination and knowledge, beyond what we know we know. By turing it over to our subconscious through suggesting it to ourselves, Hill calls it autosuggestion, we enlist it’s aid.

Our subconscious is our servant. It is true it operates from habits it learned while we were young. Many which do not support our current desires. So we replace them with these new habits. Then it does those. We rehearse and repeat and finally it gets it. It learns.

Skill Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can Do

The subconscious or non-conscious aspects of us are really servants to our conscious mind. In going through this procedure we instruct the subconscious what we want. It reliably works to bring it to be. It would be good to learn to trust ourself and our intuitions.

Again, I’ll continue to share more on how this works. When you begin and follow through there will come a time when YOU WILL KNOW it is working. You will know from the inside out. It is an inner process and as things begin to gel, you feel it. It is truly amazing.

You develop that sense of knowing for certain it is happening. Just as you know when your birthday is coming. You know a particular day IS your birthday. That sense of certainty precedes getting what you want. Everything lines up. You feel congruent with it. You are it!

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

One of the best ways to practice acting as if is to express gratitude for what you want, before you have it, as if you already DO have it. Be thankful and excited you got it. Feel truly appreciative for it right now. Delight in it. Enjoy it. Gratitude is the attitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Believe in yourself and your abilities today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals: You Must Develop Singular Focus Now!


“A few decades ago a large part of my personal development programs was to help people to multitask. People needed to be able to do more than one thing simultaneously. Today, people need to be able to concentrate and learn to do just one thing at a time.

Ideally, people can be successful at both, using either ability at the appropriate times. However, in this millennial age of distraction people seem unable to focus.  Many, especially children, but even adults, wear official labels stating they can’t concentrate.

They can, if not all, most can, focus and do quite well given the opportunity. Today, I’d like to focus on learning how to better concentrate and simplify life. Much benefit can be experienced when you let go, slow down and live simply.  Let’s explore, okay?

The Thing About Meditation Is You Become More And More You

Meditation has been available for eons. Some practice it. There are various types and even various descriptions about what meditation is or what it is not. I’ll use the loosest definition right now for our purposes. Concentration; reflection; contemplation; observation.

It is described as a training of the mind for benefit. I agree. I am only going to share one aspect of it today that is vital to learn and not discuss all the potential benefits and aspects. Concentration or focus is what people need to learn to do more of. To be single-minded.

Today, people eat and talk and are on their phones or media all day. Music, sounds or images are played in the background almost everywhere we go. Few people enjoy just being alone with themselves while eating, traveling or walking or whatever!

I Meditate So My Mind Cannot Complicate My Life

They must always be engaged or distracted by social media or some electronic toy or by other people.  This does not promote health or well-being. It is important to shut it off and relax. It is important mentally, physically and spiritually to let it all go for awhile.

Get yourself a candle or battery operated tea lamp flame and place it before you. Sit comfortably and relax. Breath and simply look at the flame. Focus you attention on the flame. Do nothing else. Breath. Whenever you notice yourself thinking something else stop.

Gently, return your attention to the flame. This may occur many times and that it is okay. The purpose IS to learn to return your attention to the flame without judgement or exasperation. Simply gaze at the flame. Allow your mind to quiet. It will eventually.

In Meditation You Develop Powerful Muscles Of Calm And Insight

Yes, you have to train it. It is used to NOT doing this. It will jump around all over the place. This is what it has always been doing unless you trained it. It will require some time and patience. It is not exciting, it may be boring. That is okay. Great benefit can come!

Take your time. Slow down. Spend at least 5 minutes. Go for 10 or 20. Do it when you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Turn off your cell phone. Make it a pleasant, comfortable, sacred time. This is time for you to do something wonderful for yourself. This is for you!

Soften the lights, turn them down. Quiet your environment. If you use a lit candle make sure it is safe and won’t catch anything on fire if you left it unattended. You shouldn’t and won’t of course. Just be smart about it. Enjoy this time. Let go, relax, de-stress and be. Enjoy.

Starve Your Distractions Feed Your Focus – Know Thyself

Do it each day. Once a day is fine. Twice is good, too. Unwind, let go and concentrate. Focus your attention. At other times of the day shut off your phone. Just sit with nature. Observe and listen to what is occurring. Be with it. Let it fill your awareness. Be present.

Enjoy being here and now. Live in the moment every once and awhile. Eat your food and simply eat. No media. No books. No conversation. Be silent. Just enjoy. Savor your food and the experience. Live here and now. Attend to right NOW.

Go for a walk and just notice how it feels. The temperature, the movement, your feet on the earth. Feel it rather than think about it. Listen to the sounds. See what you see. Simply notice. The tendency will be to name and label what you notice. Okay, just let it go. Just be.

To A Mind That Is Still The Whole Universe Surrenders

Simply walk and enjoy the walk. Let go of everything and just BE the experience you are having as you are having it. Let go of thoughts as they occur. Watch those come and go to instead of entertaining them. Stay present, when your mind goes elsewhere return it gently.

Whenever, you find yourself visiting the past or the future return your attention to here and now. When washing dishes just wash the dishes. Focus on what you are doing. Train and control your mind. Take time to focus. Take time to relax. Live differently for awhile.

Find moments in each day to escape into the present. Find moments to unwind and appreciate the moment you are living. Be aware, be peaceful, be what is right now. Listen and observe without judging. Yes, it is not easy at first but in time it can become easier and easier.

Meditate Because Some Questions Can’t Be Answered  By Google

Many people today train their bodies. They go to the gym to get fit. True, many still do not. Those who train realize at some level, for some benefit, it is important to do. They wouldn’t do it without benefits, right. Others, don’t see the benefit so they don’t.

Training your mind to serve you, instead of you serving it, is important, even more important. Take the time to learn to control your thought processes. Eventually, you will realize you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are something YOU have not what you are.

Most thoughts are not even yours. They stem from the conditioning we grew up with. Most of ‘our’ thoughts are actually those we learned to have from other people. Wouldn’t you like to learn to think for yourself rather than from prior, old, chronic conditioning?

The Quieter You Become The More You Can Hear

You can. You can learn to control your thoughts and you can learn to let go and go beyond your thoughts. For now, start simply. Focus. Concentrate on the flame. There are other forms of meditation I will share from time to time. For now practice this. Do it repeatedly.

Build the habit and the benefits will please you. Stop and enjoy life as it unfolds. Live more in the present. Become aware. Live more simply and enjoyable. Be grateful for right now. Be appreciative for what you have in this moment too. Live with awareness and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Discover yourself today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It Is A Good Bet You Don’t Schedule This But You Should!

Horizons monarch-phil-koch

“You schedule doctor appointments, phone calls and meetings. You note down when you need to take the kids to their events. You schedule your mechanic appointments and oil changes for your car. The important things you probably put on your calendar.

How often do you schedule time to play?  Have you ever? I don’t mean your racquet ball, golf or tennis games. I mean time in which you playfully adventure, explore and discover. Free time to do nothing but let go, have fun and enjoy yourself. Smile more!

Play – Have Fun In Life – Really Enjoy It – You Are Never Too Old

This is time to skip and dance, smile and have fun. Take an hour or two just to feel good and delight. Spend time to  feel some fun feelings, some good time emotions. Laugh, let go, be a little kid. Pretend. This IS important time and perhaps you are lacking in it.

You schedule important things right? Isn’t it important to feel good, have fun and be happy? Isn’t it good to relax, destress and enjoy more of your life? Shouldn’t you create more room to play and enjoy life without having to have any reasons for play? Let go, laugh!

The Supreme Accomplishment Blur Line Between Work And Play

Your not playing to win a match you are playing to play. Be as a little kid again. Be innocent. Use your imagination. Draw, color, make pictures or mud castles. Can you imagine yourself doing this? If not then you really must! Take time to let go and discover new things.

When you can play as a little child does you can learn new things, build new skills. You destress, chill, relax and regain your energy. You actually use your time productively doing ‘nothing’ purposeful. You aren’t trying to win. You are enjoying the present moment.

The Time To Relax And Play Is When You Don’t Have Time For It

There are many benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. When you play and lighten up your mood becomes more positive and lighter. You relax. You feel better and can think clearer. You take a vacation from seriousness and that is a great opportunity. Plus, more!

Be present. Be playful. Be innocent. Be delighted. Be curious. Become fascinated. Get captivated. Fill yourself with awe and delight. Chase a butterfly and enjoy the romp. You can do this. Get out of your head. Give yourself permission and go have some fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment marvelous!

*** We are planning some new things! Soon  A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Attitude Determines Your Altitude! The Importance Of Mindset.

horizons a-blustery-blue-phil-koch

“What is your mindset? How is your attitude? Are you a victim or a victor? The difference is in how and what you think. What are your predominant thoughts? Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.’ Someone else said, ‘your attitude determines your altitude’. So, do you have a champion’s attitude or not?

Here are some thoughts you may wish to incorporate to develop and maintain that winning mindset. These are just samples. Tailor them or create one’s that work for you. The key to making affirmations work is to state them emphatically with loads of positive emotion. Have fun, be enthusiastic and fill your mind and being with positive powerful thoughts. Repeat these frequently throughout each day.

What You Say Is What You Get

I always move forward to success. I burn my ship. I leave no way out. I remain dedicated. I am passionate. I am faithful. I am always convinced, faithful and expectant even when there is no evidence of progress. Even when it seems the tides are against me and nothing is working, I remain true.

I intensify my desire for making my dreams come true. While waiting I make progress every day. I take action.  I am steadfast. I know I will prevail. I make progress during the journey. I enjoy and celebrate every moment. My thoughts and my feelings are aligned. I am congruent in my desires.

My concentration, my focus, my energy, is singular and on my purpose. I want being and doing and having what I want to be dominant in my conscious and unconscious mind. I want to learn each second how to be more positive, powerful, and purposeful. I am accepting, allowing and receptive. I am magnificent!

What You Say Is What You Get

I go after what I want fully. No way out. No excuses. No doubts or fears, but positive in every atom, ever cell, every fiber of my being. I want to believe in myself and discover that I am truly an emperor inside and out. I am a winner and a champion. I am a victor. I will never allow myself to be a victim of others, circumstances, events, or my own thinking.

I will be triumphant. I will win, conquer and evolve. I will succeed in ways currently beyond the limits of my imagination and discover myself delighted along the way.  I will celebrate and be grateful for everything always. Whatever IS is! I will look at the good within, and find it. I will celebrate because that IS what is in the moment.

What I cannot yet see is all the unexpected good coming my way. Goodness comes to me. I always land on my feet. I always win even in ways I don’t completely understand. Adversity has always been my friend even when I didn’t embrace it. There is always something marvelous to find. Seek and I will find it. Knock and it will be opened. I do and it is! I will keep an open mind and an open heart.

 Affirm Yourself – Declare What Is – Make It Happen – And So It Is

Remember to  ask.  Seek and continue to knock until you have the response from the universe you seek. Put your order in. Claim it. Wait for it as you do a meal in a cafe. Behind the scenes everything is being prepared. They are making a dish from your orders. They will deliver it. You only need to enjoy the time waiting. It is coming! It is yours!” Rex Sikes

Today is my day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Secret To Success Few Realize: Actor’s Improv Training

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“Among other things I am an actor. Since I was three. I love it. As an actor there are many forms of training. Scene work, theater or on camera, commercials, audition, and improv. Believe me, there are many other approaches to this art and craft too. I mention this because there is an important concept I hope you will grasp.

The art of improv means spontaneous, extemporaneous, think on your feet, (comedic as is popularized by clubs  but there is also dramatic improv) acting entertainment. So let’s deal with what most people might know. The improv club. You go, have a few drinks or food and watch people respond to audience requests.

Topics blended together in unique ways, chosen out of a hat, so to speak. Actors then work together to entertain. A rule of improv, an important rule, in order to advance the premise and the scene is to say ‘Yes’ to whatever is offered. Say ‘yes’ and you have forward progress. Say no and the scene stops.

Live Love Laugh Celebrate And Enjoy

A lot of training goes into getting talent to go for the ‘yes’ right out of the gate. It keeps the ball rolling as long as the actors say ‘yes’. This is not uttered verbally, necessarily, while it can be, it is a concept.

A principle for good improv. Whatever is offered you you accept it, say yes to it, and add to it. Steer it. Your partner respond likewise. Together you keep it moving.

I am quote, a wonderful current talent, Tina Fey, who posted, back in 2011 her ‘4 Rules Of Innovation’ from her book ‘Bossypants’. ‘The first rule of improvisation is to AGREE. Saying “no” grinds invention, innovation  (and improv) to a screeching halt.

‘Obviously in real life you’re not always going to agree with what everyone says. But saying YES reminds you to respect what your partner has created and to start from an open-minded place. Start with a YES and see where that takes you.’

Wake Up And Live

‘The second rule of improv is to not only say YES, say YES, AND. In improv, you agree and then add something of your own. If your partner starts with, “I can’t believe it’s so hot in here,” and you just say “Yeah…” the skit has stalled. But if you respond with, “What did you expect? We’re in hell!” things keep moving forward.’

I’ll let you go find the other two rules, but I will nutshell it for you by briefly quoting her again. ‘Whatever the problem be part of the solution.’ and ‘there are no mistakes only opportunities. The next big laugh is around the corner.’  I love this and it fits so well with the philosophy and approaches I have been sharing in my blog.

I was reminded of this listening to friend and Casting Director, and expert, Amy Jo Berman implore actors to get improv training so that when things get switched up on them at an audition; when the sides (pages of script) are changed on them moments prior to going before the casting director, they are prepared, they are skilled, well trained talent and able to say ‘yes’. Nothing throws them!

Be Happy Smile More

I want to thank Tina and Amy for such great insight. I want to thank all those from ancient texts to modern day authors who have said the same thing, forever, in so many inspiring ways.

What we need to do is hear the message and then act on it. This is another reason why repetition is so necessary. Too often we miss what is really important!

As an actor in life we need to accept and affirm what is handed to us. Say ‘yes’ and add to it. Don’t let it stop there. We can steer it, just don’t resist it. Direct the energies in productive ways.

See it all the way through to the conclusion. Let go of preconceived notions of how things should be and go with the flow. Create some flow. Allow it to become better. Attitude is everything. Have fun and learn!

The more you practice these life skills the better you get at it, just as actors do practicing and rehearsing their craft. If you do it, repeat it, again and again, correctly, the logical outgrowth is you get better at it. You develop reliable, habitual skills. You evolve new neural pathways that serve you better.

Yes I Can

‘Start with a yes and see where that takes you’. Get in the habit of affirming life, of co-operating with others. moving forward, and adding value to all.

Keep moving it forward in positive ways. SO when life or someone throws you a curve ball you step in to bat. You aren’t thrown by changes.

Step up to the plate when life switches things up. Go for the run. Say ‘yes’ and move forward. Opportunity exists and the next big one is around the corner. Remember that! Set you attitude right and you can be, do and have anything. Live, love, laugh and say ‘yes’ to life! Celebrate! Rex Sikes

Enjoy each day more than the last!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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In Order To Not Drown You Have To Know How To Float

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“Many people lose their life struggling to live. They fall into water and exhaust themselves fighting the current. Do  you know what you can do that will increase the likelihood you will survive?

If you fall into quicksand, lie back. Lie on your back and stop moving. The more you struggle the more you get sucked down. The same is true when swimming. People go under because they fight.

All you have to do is lie back and breath and you will float. You float when you relax Let go and let the water hold you up. You won’t float vertically in the water, you will sink unless you can tread.

Relax and lie back. You can float longer than you can tread. You float naturally when you lie back. It is one of the first things you learn when you learn to swim. Once on your back, gently navigate.

Your Attitude Determines You Altitude

Gently use your arms, hands and legs to move across the surface of the quicksand. Go with the current gently navigating toward the river bank. Float until spotted on a body of water.

Obviously, you can’t float forever but by floating you can save your life. You can extend the time you are alive in the water by floating on the water instead of fighting it.

The same is true in life. Sometimes, you have to surrender. Stop struggling. Stop trying. Stop doing anything. Relax. When you relax you will feel yourself held up. You’ll float. You can begin to trust.

A worried, anxious mind brings about more of the same. A fearful, doubtful mind becomes even more so. A relaxed, peaceful, accepting, loving mind attracts more of the same. Remember, what you want to create and attract first begins with your thoughts.

What You Resist Persists

Let go! Trust that all will be okay. I am not particularly religious, spiritual, yes, but religious no. Still, I like this concept. ‘God is never late’. Whatever IS is. All will work out if you have faith and trust. Everything tends to work out for the best in the long run.

We fear loss. We fear change. We fear many things. We struggle to keep things the same. Sometimes, a shake up is a good thing. Often, people look back on the worst time of their life and remark, that it was actually the best thing that could have ever happened.

We resist. Sometimes, we need to make room for newness. We need to get rid of the old shoes in the closet, taking up space, so we can have room for the new ones. Accurate or not, trust that everything will be fine no matter what. Create some space for yourself.

You have a cash deadline on a certain date and you don’t get the money until much later. Maybe, being late was perfect and getting it when you do IS the perfect time. I don’t know if that is true or not but I do know attitude is everything. Think, god is never late!

Turn Resistance Into Assistance

What you believes determines so much. If you declare it to be good it can be. You bring about what you think about. Remember, the phrase ‘when it rains it pours’.  If that IS true then one should always think only the very best thoughts, don’t you think?

For goodness sake, don’t waste time with less than glorious thoughts. Focus on love, gratitude, peace, and happiness. Create what you want to have more of. Think the thoughts that bring you these. Good judgement and good taste is important.

Let go and let god, is another key thought about trust. Keep in mind whatever happens can work out for the best. What IS is. The time is always right no matter what. Things will always work out for the best, though they may not seem like it in the present.

God is never late.  Let go, trust and let it all work out. Have faith. Maintain your positive thoughts. No matter what is happening seek, joy, love, peace and gratitude! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Things Suck! Life Sucks! What You Can Do About It!

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“My career sucks! My relationship sucks! Life suck! Why bother with career, relationship and life goals? Why dream and want to make things better? What is the point?  It seems like it will always be this way. These are some questions I am asked.  Others include:

I’ve heard manifesting is easy, is it? I have heard the process of deliberate creation is difficult? Well? It’s can’t be both can it? What if I suck at it? Life sucks! What to do about it? Is working with the Law Of Attraction tough?

Yes, sometimes it may seem like it. What is going on? Why bother? What is the payoff? I might struggle and not end up getting my goals, then what was it all for? I am not sure it is worth my time. Have you heard or thought things like this? Many people do, I have. It’s okay if you do.

People Think Life Is A Certain Set Of Circumstances

Intentional, deliberate creation and the Law Of Attraction are simple, and easy. Truly! Yes, it can take some time to see results and it typically does. It takes time for plants to grow so patience is required.  Still, things can happen faster or slower depending on your attitude and approach. Let it go.  You can’t suck at it

Whether you get what you want precisely, the ultimate pay off is huge. The benefit beyond your desire and your belief. Some people are too narrowly focused and miss what else is available to them. It requires a blend of concentration and an open mind. Flexibility is desirable.

Dedication and commitment are required. Dabblers get dabbler results. When you dive in and immerse yourself you tend to get quicker results. Things change for the better all over. Still, you swim the length of the pool bit by bit. You are rarely beamed up anywhere. That is just the way nature unfolds. We work with nature!

Some things do seem instantaneous. Transformation can occur immediately. Aha’s can make everything miraculous in a moment. Still, everything is what it is. The best attitude is absolutely committed, and persistent. Yet you have fun and enjoy the process regardless of the speed. Speed isn’t the greatest benefit anyway.

Life Is Actually A Certain Set Of Attitudes

Take it lightly. After all you can’t push a rope. You can’t force things. When things are easy. you may coast a bit, while remaining dedicated. When the going gets rough,  hang in there, and remember that’s when ‘the tough get going’. Self discipline and persistence are required. A big benefit is you learn flexibility by going through it.

Working with creation and attraction isn’t about suddenly finding oneself in utopia. Indeed, there can be obstacles. Usually there are, perhaps numerous, you just have to accept that. Skiing down a hill you may frequently encounter some pretty big bumps, dips and jumps; that is what makes it fascinating and enjoyable.

Becoming skilled and hanging in there no matter what means you don’t quit or give up when you encounter obstacles.  You create more of what you want as necessary. Continue undaunted. You learn from whatever is going on to become more resilient. For most of us, this would be a really big benefit to learn. A major plus!

Life IS what it is. The biggest and most valuable lesson may be to learn how to go with the flow while you direct the current. Those may seem at odds but they aren’t. You get to discover how they work together. Once you  embark on the journey it is an amazing adventure. It is a blend of many different things! Allow it! Enjoy!

There Is A Time To Plant And A Time To Harvest

There are so many delights. There are times when it is challenging. So why bother? Why put yourself through it? I believe for the many reason I have already cited. You become deliberate and flexible. You create wonderful things, learn patience and dedication. You learn to maximize and utilize your resources but there is something greater.

The greatest benefit is discovering WHO you are. You find out what you are made of and capable of. As you peel an onion the layers come off. When you are challenged you uncover  your true self. Challenges are an opportunity to learn who you are and ‘what you got’ each moment. You discover new talents and abilities. AND it’s learning how to go with the flow!

There can be nothing better than becoming one with yourself. You never arrive but you get closer to home. It is exciting. It is relaxing to come into your own power. It is beyond words. In order to be at one with yourself, to embrace the true you, you must go through the process. Whatever that process is for you. Trust it.

At times you may be exhilarated, at other times bored. You might be challenged to your limits and other times coast or blast along at amazing speed. It IS what it is. You were born to discover who you are, and what life can be like!  It IS what you were born to do! You were born to enjoy the good life.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

You are here to maximize your potential. You were born to evolve and to realize your true nature. You are here to wake up. You are here to become aware of your real self.You are here to learn YOU create your reality. You have already been creating it all along. It is time to wake up to your power and your responsibility.

You are an amazing creator and attractor. If the results you previously have gotten aren’t to your liking you can change that. Learn from it and change it! You are here to delight! You are here to enjoy the fullness of life and all the good things that abound. You have been born to celebrate and to create all sorts of wonderful moments!  Seek yourself!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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