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This Is Why You Need To Book End Your Days!!


“Would you like to enjoy more daily?  Wouldn’t it be great to feel wonderful most of each day and night? If there was something you could easily do that might make all the difference in the world would you?  To enjoy the most fantastic life possible it IS important to start and end each day right!

Then everything in between can work much better and be much more wonderful.  When you start and end each day with positive expectations and gratitude everything changes! You will be surprised at how good things can become in a short period of time.

It is reasonable to spend at least thirty minutes to an hour each morning and evening taking good care of yourself with positive rituals. If you can’t at times or if you won’t then at least have two sessions of gratitude each day. This you CAN do!

As soon as you wake up, even before you get out of bed, take mental inventory of everything you’re grateful for in your life. Look forward with appreciation to what you want your day to be like. Visualize it in your mind going as you would like it to. See it, hear it and feel it.

Before you drift off to sleep each night think on those thing you are grateful for. Reflect back on the day what you learned and appreciate. Then imagine positively how you want you next day to go.  Visualize your day and interactions as you’d like them to be.

Make this a habit and  you will immediately begin noticing life becoming juicier and your ability to manifest results increase. It is important to FEEL grateful. FEEL the gratitude because it is the feelings that make your subconscious go to work.

Your mental pictures and FEELINGS engage your *RAS and subconscious mind to look for opportunities and delights you might have missed. Review the day to learn from the good and not so good times. Savor everything you are grateful for. Feel it as fully as you can. This is important!

This practice increases your ability to live joyously and attain your goals because you examine what worked. You learn from what didn’t work to be more flexible and make adjustments as needed. AND you feel grateful. We become what we think about and focus on most often during each day of the week. Focus on good feelings!

When you can appreciate everything you accelerate your abilities to change easily. Like attracts like. What you FEEL grateful for you make room to include more of. Gratitude for everything opens up incredible doors. Plan you next day based on your review.  Set positive expectations for the day. Feel wonderful and go to sleep.

In the morning feel gratitude and plan your day. Look for smiles and you will find smiles. Whatever you heighten or emphasize in your mind through positive feelings your mind will notice more of! You get back what you put out. We become alert to opportunity and attract good things into our life. Feel wonderful and begin your day.

When you purchased a new car do you remember that suddenly you noticed all the other same cars on the road? Your feelings of delight combined with your mental images trigger your subconscious and you become more alert to others like it. They were always there you just didn’t notice. Thats you *Reticular Activating System at work.

This is how the subconscious mind works to find positive opportunities. This is how we get back what we put out. Like attracts Like! Live with gratitude and positive expectations and you will attract back so much more! If you put out negative thoughts, worry and fear, those feelings and images will produce and attract more.

So seek the positive each moment. Make the best use of your mind and time. Develop these habits and everything changes for the better! You will notice your life becoming even more wonderful than you could imagine in ways you couldn’t previously! Enjoy” Rex Sikes

Have a spectacular day!

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