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How To Create The Future You Want

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“Do you care if some people try to prevent you?  Some may say it is not realistic. They may argue you need to focus on what is in front of you. There are those who will call you a dreamer. They won’t mean it in a nice way does that bother you?  There is nothing wrong with dreaming and pursuing your your dreams. You know that, right?

In fact, in order to be a deliberate creator you have to focus on what isn’t there yet. You have to dream it. You may look at a lump of clay but you can’t see the clay for what it is. You must see the lump of clay for what it will be.

You must look at the invisible, that which does not yet exist, and bring it forth from your thoughts and imagination. Know that you can make this happen! Trust.

That is the act of creation. You manifest and make happen your thoughts. You make the future the present. You dream it first and make it happen. Don’t focus on your present circumstances any more than you would focus on the lump clay. Focus on what you want it to become. Keep your focus on what you are creating.

Concentrate On What You Want

Some artists are passionate and consumed with bringing their inner thoughts to life. They imagine something in their mind and then they paint it, fashion it or sculpt it into being. They think about it night and day. They work on their art all the time. As a creator you do the same thing with your career, your relationships and your life.

You imagine what you want to be, do and have vividly and passionately and then you take positive actions to bring it into being. So yes, put your attention on your dreams. They don’t, yet, exist in reality. Thoughts first; actions follow!

Don’t put your attention on what you don’t want.  Don’t think about making money to get out of debt. Create more money so you are free to have more fun or adventure. If you worry about a pile of bills you end up focused on not having enough. What you think about you bring about so you create more lack not more riches.

Think About It Day And Night

Focus on the invisible. Stay focused on what you want that has not physically happened, yet. Keep your attention on your big dreams and desires; the ones that make you feel incredible when you think about them. Do not focus on the circumstances you’d prefer to leave. Do not let the less than glorious present get the better of you.

Feel wonderful while thinking about what you want. If you don’t feel great that means there is something you need to adjust about your thinking. You may be focused on what you don’t want or you may be thinking it isn’t possible.

Change your thinking. Adjust. Focus on what you do want. Perhaps, your dream is too big for you to believe in right now. Gently whittle it down to the size you absolutely feel you can accomplish. Step it down a bit. It still excites you but it isn’t too large to believe you can make it happen.

Feel Fantastic When Thinking About It

Accomplish this first goal on your way to making the bigger dream happen. If you don’t feel good or you doubt or fear when focused on your dream you aren’t helping yourself in any positive way. You want to feel eager and excited.

You want to feel the anticipation and expect it happen. You want to absolutely know this is something you can and will achieve and feel it fully. THEN you are in the right frame to bring it about. You are prepared to move full steam ahead. You know nothing can stop you!

Whatever positive future you want to create must be accompanied by strong wonderful feelings. The feelings are important. Switch your thinking from the present bad circumstances to whatever makes you think and feel better. Then, ultimately, switch it to your dreams. When you think about what you want FEEL GREAT!!!

Believe 1000% In Your Ability To Make It Happen

To bring your dreams into being you have to think about your dreams, most of the time, while feeling wonderful. You can’t get caught up in the ‘bad luck’ of now. Your attention must be on what you WANT to create.

To have a better life you need to think, feel and focus on feeling and being better. You withdraw your attention from problems and place it somewhere useful and productive. You place it on those things that make you feel the very best. As you do this consistently you develop positive thought habits to assist you.

You put your attention, concentration, your energy and  focus, on the dreams you want to come true. You put it on the dreams that make you feel wonderful when you imagine your life that way. These feelings make all the difference in the world.

It Is Perfectly Fine To Create In Stages – Step By Step

Celebrate feeling good. Feel positive and excited. Believe in yourself 1000%. Unless, what you want is harmful, pay no attention to what others say can’t be done. There will always be naysayers. If what you want is good, positive and the true best for all, bring it into being.

Follow your positive heart and create goodness for yourself and others. Make your dreams come true. What you think about you bring about! So celebrate and enjoy! You can be, do and have anything you want. Make the good all happen!

Create the career;  positively improve the family relationships; discover the love of your life; improve your health and your wealth; enjoy the things and the life you have always wanted.  YOU are the creator!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Get Exactly What You Accept; Nothing More Or Less!

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“Do you want more from your career, your relationships and your life? Would you like to be the best you you can be? Would you like to be more successful and happy?

Do you want better health and fitness, wealth and adventure, fun and enjoyment? Would you like things to simply work out and be more delightful?  Well, guess what:

‘Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. A great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines:

“I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store.

“For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the task.

“I worked for a menial’s hire, Only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid.” Napoleon Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH

Not much more need be said does it? Life gives you what you ask and expect from it. YOU should set the terms not accept them. You determine your circumstances. You dictate how things will be. That is what it means to be a deliberate, intentional creator.

You either live richly or poorly. It is completely up to you and no one else. Yet, most people blame everyone and everything else. The truth is, it is up to you! If you are living in lack it is because you have accepted living that way.

If you want something else make something else happen. It is not about working harder it is about thinking smarter. Think and Grow Rich is the title of the book NOT work hard and grow rich.

NO, it does not mean you don’t do anything at all it means YOU take control and you make it happen. Everything first begins with your thoughts.

Know your destination. Set your course and keep going until you get there. Never stop, never give up and you will one day successfully arrive. Settle for nothing less. The reason you don’t have a million dollars is you don’t SEE YOURSELF with a million dollars, yet.

Determine to positively have the ife you want and deserve. If you want a better life thought precedes action. Think Rich and become rich. There is a formula.  Begin today!”Rex Sikes

Make today even more marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Live Up To Your Full Potential! Accept Nothing Less!!

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“Imagine you were born prince or princess in line to be king or queen. What messages do you suppose you would get from birth on? Perhaps, you’d hear, ‘You descended from a royal, entitled bloodline’. ‘You are different and better than everyone else’. ‘You are destined to greatness’.  All because you were born to the right parents.

‘You can be, do and have everything you want’. ‘You are wealthy and powerful’. ‘Your world is your oyster’. Imagine hearing messages like this again and again. Imagine begin told ‘price is no objec’; that ‘you have everything within you’; that ‘you are special just because you are special’. ‘You are a have and not a have not’.

Imagine you received these as healthy messages and did not become an incredible snob.  Imagine the messages royalty and the privileged and the wealthy have received from birth on. What must it be like to grow up like that? I explore this concept with no first hand experience. It is all conjecture.

You Are Where Your Thought Have Brought You

Whether you grew up in royal families in European. Middle Eastern or Asian countries or as one of the privileged, American blue blood, silver spooners you’d have access to the best of everything. You’d enjoy the best food, clothes, homes, cars, schools, medicine, vacations, career paths, elite and powerful friends and connections.

You’d be exposed to the best and cost would never be a consideration. You’d grow up much differently than most of the world’s children. Stay on the healthy side of this, if all the messages and experiences were healthy and one grew up well adjusted what an incredible experience this would be.

While it is no guarantee the child will grow up healthy, of sound mind and body, and not wholly screwed up by that burden, keep considering the positive side to this upbringing. Those who have never been there can criticize and it may be apt to do so. Still, imagine, if you will, the powerful, positive messages one gets.

The powerful and the rich; the blue bloods wherever they are from, set themselves apart. They live and think and and behave differently. They feel different. Perhaps, they are, they have intermarried for centuries.

You Will Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

It is how they think about themselves, the world and opportunity that is critical to our understanding. They believe they are entitled to the best of everything and that they can and will have it. Most likely they don’t wonder if they can do or have something.

They don’t question if can afford it, or if it is possible or even likely. If they want it they get it. Why? Because that is who they are and what they are capable of. This is WHY the rich and the poor ARE different.  They think differently. They have different sets of assumptions, beliefs, concerns.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They think and feel and behave differently. They expect things to take place. They don’t question these will  happen. They believe without doubt or hesitation because, maybe, they never ever had to. They are used to getting what they want.

These are grossly oversimplified generalizations, you understand, There are always exceptions to every generalization BUT do you get it? How we were raised determines part of our future course. How we view the world and ourselves is important! We either highly value and believe in ourselves or we don’t.

We think of the world as either a rich, wonderful, abundant place or we don’t. It is either a place of plenty or one of lack. There is more to go around or there isn’t. People can have anything they want or they can’t. You can make anything happen or you aren’t able to. Whatever you believe determines how you live and move in the world.

Before you go and blame the universe for not birthing you  into a royal blood line realize, in fact, that you were. You are a one of the royals. The royals are only so called royal because they declared it when they gained power. Those who became leaders from different tribes set themselves apart from others and then only married other leaders offspring from other tribes. It was economics. It was power.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

They believed it was necessary to preserve their kind. BUT we are all star children. We all come from the same big bang. Truly, we are all made of the same stuff! Everything is made from the same stuff! We live inside a close but every expanding universe. Nothing is added or taken away.

Race, religion, nationality, politics, economy, blood lines are all human made. They do not exist apart from human beings. Classification is a human activity. So is inclusion and exclusion. There is really no such thing except we have made them real because we think they are real. These aren’t. These are fiction.

So stop blaming your parents, teachers, friends, peers, circumstances, events, strangers and life in general for not dealing you a better hand realize it doesn’t matter. Whatever your lot; whatever you starting point; we are all made of the same stuff and the same universal laws govern us equally. No one is better than another for any reason. All reasons are simply human justifications.

The rich and poor are both subject to gravity. Electricity works the same way for both of them. It rains and shines on rich and poor. The universe doesn’t make the distinctions humans make. Neither does your brain. Your brain and the universe simply say ‘yes’. They don’t judge, discriminate or evaluate.

You Become What You Think About All Day Long

If you think you are stupid and can’t do anything your brain and the universe will agree. Actually, so will I and probably many others. If you think you are smart and capable to learn anything and can do anything you put your mind to the universe and your brain will go yes. EVEN if I, and others, were to disagree.

So you got some less than glorious messages. Big deal! SO did the young kings and queens. They may have gotten more positive messages, in some regards, but I am sure it is not all a cake walk. It probably is pretty tough growing up in some of those shadows. So it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you stop believing less than glorious messages you may have received. Start believing, and living from, positive powerful messages you could have received. Live from power and glory not weakness and ineptitude. Imagine living as a kind or queen, become an emperor in your own mind. Live it! Do it!

Become a benevolent, humble ruler of your own life and adopt the best of all possible worlds. Live large and remain kind. Let no thought prevent you from positive action that benefits and is good for all. Be the person you want to be. Live as you want to live.

What You Think About You Bring About

You don’t have to take anything from anyone else, there is more than enough. The universe IS abundant.  So dream big and live large. Make room in your mind to be, do and have anything you want and then make it happen. Create it. It may take a while to get it but so what. If you really wanted it you would already be doing it.

Stop living from less than productive messages. Stop creating problems for yourself. Realize you are worthy, you are royal, you are in charge, you are deserving, you are exceptional. You are magnificent!  Why think anything less of yourself? You can be positive, powerful, humble and kind.

The incredible you I am describing already embodies that kind of understanding. The incredible you is more loving, peaceful, accepting, kind, and generous. You are rich but not a snob. You are powerful but not corrupted. You embody positive traits and values.

Imagine being the kind of wonderful person YOU WERE BORN TO BE. Imagine that your true nature has been obscured from you and it is your quest to discover the real you, the true you. You can and will and do find it within. Open your mind and your heart to who you already are and affirm it. Assert it and declare it.

What You Say Is What You Get

“I AM.” “I Have”. Two of the most powerful statements in language. Whatever follows each is what your reality will be. YOU determine this no matter where you come from. No matter what you past or you upbringing are. You decide who you are and what you have and what you will do. IT is all your responsibility and it has always been that way.

So who are you? Who do you claim to be? Victim or victor? Loser or Winner? Beggar or Emperor? Sick or Healthy? Lonely or Loving? Hateful or Peaceful? You determine it by your thoughts. What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

If they aren’t moving you forward, if they aren’t positive and productive, then they probably are not serving you very well. If you aren’t getting what you want, if your circumstances are messy then check your thinking and fix it.

From within so without. From above so below. Thinking precedes action.  Your thinking makes it so. Who are you? What are you capable of? What will you accomplish? What do you want? How can you benefit yourself and others? What good can you bring to the world?

Speak Only To Bless Heal And Prosper

When will you start? You decide. Because the decision is yours and yours alone. Will it be easy or hard because it will be whatever you decide it will be. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.  Your brain and the universe will agree with whatever decision you make. You will attract whatever you want or don’t want.

That IS how it works. So get with it. Understand how it works and then determine to use it wisely to make it work for you. You can’t violate or change the laws of gravity but you can learn how to use it to your benefit. Do the same with the law of attraction. Put it to good use and it will always do good by you.” Rex Sikes

It is another incredible day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What If You Woke Up Oprah?

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“Attitude that little thing that makes a huge difference. What is attitude? Why is it important? What does it do? It does amazing things. It is the result of our beliefs and values.

It determines how we approach the world and interact with it. It is what we think and act from. Attitude is either positive or negative, or a syrupy, wish washy mix.

The stronger one’s attitude, either positive or negative, the stronger positive or negative results you will have. If you are feeling stuck it is because you vacillate and go back and forth. A little positive a little negative. You don’t move very much. Stuck, is what that is.

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Napoleon Hill, and other thought leaders from ancient times have, pointed out, it is predominantly what is in your heart and mind that determine the results you get. What runs the show is what you think about most of the time. Your lives, and the results you get, will be positive if you think positive most of the time.

It doesn’t mean you will always succeed thinking positively but you certainly won’t by thinking negative. Thinking positive paves the way for greater success. What you focus on expands. When you think and feel your very best your brain works better.

It will help you discover opportunity and advantages more easily and readily than when you are negative or stressed. It is more efficient and works optimally. That is what you want, isn’t it; a better working brain that helps you be more resourceful?

Give Yourself Reasons Why You Can Instead Of Why You Can’t

There is sound physiological basis for wanting to be more positive most of the time. The benefits to you and your health are worth every bit of any effort it might take. Develop your mental abilities and your will to be flexible, positive and persistent, no matter what the obstacle. This makes people champions and victors.

Imagine life by deliberate creation instead of happenstance.  Things may always ‘happen’ but imagine being the author and architect of your experience, in such a way, that you think about and bring about the life and lifestyle you desire. Imagine how wonderful it can be.

For example, imagine waking up as Oprah. One of the richest people in the world. She began with nothing, endured great hardship and yet, has built a vast media empire and a very strong reach. (This is an exercise because I have no idea how Oprah feels or if she would endorse this exercise at all).

Just image, though, you woke up, having built an empire. You have more money than god and even if you lost most of it you’d be set forever. You have no need to hold o anything. It is assured. Every need you could have that can be addressed by money is taken care of.

Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Circumstances

Money is not everything. It is great to have. There is nothing wrong with it. It won’t solve everything that is for certain. There is health, love, family, friends, happiness, enjoyment, adventure and much more that is important. I only mention money because that is a concern for many in our day and age.

The many concerns that aren’t money driven; those may be much more important that any money concerns. That is part of this attitude too. You have built an empire. You believe in yourself. You live rich! You are generous. You are positive and you wield great influence and power.

Imagine how you think and act throughout the day. Yes, of course, you have concerns. No one is trouble free but how might you think about these concerns and work toward resolving them. DO you think it would be different than how most of the rest of the people on the planet go about approaching difficulty.

A Negative Thinker Sees A Difficulty In Every Opportunity

My guess, is if she wants to create something new, or build a business or help someone in some way, she is not hampered by doubt. She knows what she has accomplished and what she can accomplish. My guess is she greets the day the same, yet differently than most others. She has a history built of overcoming the odds.

Because of what she has and has done probably not much stops her. (AGAIN, please, just as with any human, I am trying to be sensitive, and I am sure there are times and moments when she may reach limits. The rain falls on the rich and the poor).

My point is can you imagine, even for a moment, living that lifestyle? Can you imagine feeling like you accomplished all that she has accomplished? You have worked hard and made it happen. You deserve it. How do you feel about yourself? Hopefully, proud!

Yes, it may be over the top for most people and their dreams but if you could, could you imagine that lifestyle and attitude for yourself? If you can, then it is possible for you to do likewise. If you can’t then it probably isn’t likely for you. You decide what you want.

A Positive Thinker Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty

My guess is, when she wants to create something she just calls in in. She puts her order in to the universe. For example, she wants to create a new charity and needs money. My guess is she is assured within herself that it will be there when and as needed. She doesn’t doubt it might happen or fear that it won’t.

She is certain it will come about as needed.  She has complete faith. Here passion and her faith see her through. It doesn’t enter her mind that it may not be. That is the difference between those that have and those that don’t. Faith in one’s abilities to manifest what is desired or needed.

Those that HAVE know it is going to happen, no matter what, because they will make it happen, versus those who hope it will happen while filled with doubt at the same time, that it won’t.

What do we need to do then? We need to think and become a deliberate intentional creator not one who struggles with circumstances. Build your life, make it happen. Believe it and create it and you will continue to make other things happen. Get your mindset, your attitude working for you.

It is the development of a powerful unstoppable attitude that makes the difference. We are to ‘command ye, me’  the Bible says. We are to command the universe. We are to declare what we want and make things happen. Be bold! Be certain! Have faith! Be Positive!

A Positive Attitude Leads To Positive Results

It is time to live differently. When we live positively and powerfully inside our minds and heart our outer lives will then follow. It is from within, between our ears, and in our being, that change first happens.

William James said, ‘The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.’

Dictate your circumstances instead of letting circumstances dictate you. THAT is the difference in successful attitude. Ask yourself, ‘What will I create today that I will immensely enjoy that can benefit all?’ That might be an excellent question to begin asking.

In how many different ways can I discover myself creating goodness, expected and unexpected goodness in my daily life? How delighted will I be to notice more and more each day all the opportunity and advantages I initiate and make use of? Keep asking good questions that direct your mind into becoming invincible and magnificent!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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STOP Living Others’ Lies!!

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“You can’t be two places at once. At some point you are either on the dock or on the boat. That is just the way it is. Either you are moving forward or you are not OR you are moving backward.

You can’t be doing both. You cannot think two thoughts consciously at the same time. Your thoughts are either positive or negative.

You are either free or not. It can be either easy or hard. You could be freely, easily moving forward or it could be hard and a struggle to move forward but either way you are moving forward. If you move one step forward and one step back constantly, then you are stuck.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Napoleon Hill, and others have pointed out, the power of repetition and autosuggestions. We get what ever we routinely and repetitively think and affirm to ourselves whether positive or negative. If we think it is possible, we will try. If we think it is impossible, we won’t.

If we think it easy we can discover just how easy because that is the job of the Reticular Activating System. If we think it is difficult we will discover how difficult for the same reason. Our RAS is that part of our brain that looks for the match in our experience and outer reality based on what we first think within.

Hill said you can change your beliefs through persistent repetition, declaration and affirmations fueled by strong feelings and accomplish anything you want. What you can conceive and believe you will achieve. Then some people came along and rained on that parade.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

They said, yes it is possible, but you have beliefs that hold you back. Sneaky, lurking ones. Subconscious ones. They even called them paradigms. I think of paradigms as a bunch of grapes. Beliefs that cluster together. I also think, like Hill, when you change one, an entire cluster or clusters can change.

Sadly, albeit, with well intentions perhaps, these people made it a part of a paradigm to worry about paradigms. That seems insidious, yes. Even if it were true one should realize WHATEVER you conceive and believe you can achieve.

Your can triumph easily over your paradigms. You can do it easier than most claim because their paradigm is paradigms are a problem THIS is just another belief! Another belief that needs to be addressed.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Thoughts create our reality. They are positive or negative. You can affirm either. You can affirm something is easy or difficult. Whatever you say is what you get. It is thought. Thought creates reality. What we focus on expands.

Whatever we define as the problem IS the problem. If you believe you can’t get ahead because of your subconscious programming then that is your reality. If you think you are stuck then you are stuck.

If the law of cause and effect teaches us anything it is what we say is what we get. What we believe will be the case. SO refuse to believe it. Believe otherwise. Don’t believe your limiting beliefs if they are not productive. Challenge these! Don’t make it part of your reality. It doesn’t need to be.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

If the law of attraction. the principles of abundance, the practice of intentional, deliberate creation teach us anything it is that we are unlimited. We are part of the divine. Anything and everything is potential and possible within reason (governed by laws).

We are to look to what we want and not to circumstances. We are to focus on what we intend to create not what we want to avoid. We are deliberate creators. Well, not if you believe you are hampered. You need to deliberately create a paradigm that states otherwise

If we think we can we are right. If we think we can’t we are right. If we think it possible and easy then it is. If we think it is not then it is not. We live by affirming and autosuggestion.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Affirming and autosuggestion are ongoing processes that we learn to utilize, at some point, but they are always in operation. We utilize them we don’t start them up. Keep this in mind.

That is why WHATEVER we think or say or see or affirm is WHAT WE GET. Because the process is always going on. We just provide it the content.

If we think we are sabotaging ourselves then we are. If we think we have paradigms that are dark and secret that need to be uncovered before we can change then that will be our truth.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

OUR truth is whatever we claim it is! Claim otherwise! Affirm repeatedly otherwise. Soon you will realize that ‘I am that I am’.

I am what I say I am. I am what I declare I am. I am THAT I am! Stop making it tougher on yourself. Stop affirming difficulty, disease, lack, hate, and impossibility. Stop affirming and promoting difficulty and negativity.

Demand it be easy. Command it be easy. Think it and it will be so. Your RAS will prove it for you.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

What is it you want? Do you want to be limited or free?

YOU determine what you want! Create what you want. Assert, declare, affirm, command what and how it is to be. STOP being a victim of belief systems imposed by others. Stop living others’ lies.

There is nothing holding you back except what you think there is. Just as there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Be free. Declare yourself free. You are bigger and better and more powerful than any paradigm. Change one change them all. More on this coming soon. Meanwhile, live free, live positive, live powerfully! Accept no substitute!!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Manifest What You Want With Ease

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“How do you manifest? How do you make it work? Are questions I am asked often.  It really is simple. The first and most important part to becoming someone who deliberately manifests is to realize you already are manifesting everything in your life. You are complicit.

Many people don’t know this and others refuse to take responsibility. They have been brought up believing that others and circumstances dictate their experience. They put the power outside them instead of within them. The fact is everything originates within.

Once you realize everything you have and don’t have is completely up to you, once you take responsibility for creating EVERYTHING in your life you can turn your attention toward creating only what you want. After all, this is what you want: to get what you want, right?

That realization is freeing! It is critical. Nothing exists without you being party to it. Without you creating it, bringing it about or allowing it to happen. EVEN if it were not true, operating as if it were, brings you freedom and gives you tremendous latitude and power as a deliberate creator.

The first steps are: Determine what you want to manifest. See my last posts. Put it out there. I want this to appear within (state time frame) hours from now. Then expect it. You want to even see yourself getting it. Imagine it coming to you. Act as if you already have it.

Stay positive. Don’t doubt or lose faith. If you catch yourself doubting switch back to believing. You want to stay positive and you want to be a good receiver You want to accept and allow it. Feelings are important. Feel good about it. If you don’t stop and pick something you do feel good about.

Don’t try to dictate the terms of its arrival. Be willing to be open and surprised. Then stay open, wait expectantly, like waiting for holiday goodies. Watch or look for it.  Open your mind don’t close it. Remain open and available.

Feel the enthusiasm, the eagerness, the anticipation. Remember, what it was like as child when a holiday was coming and you new you were getting something special. Live the feelings of having it already! Wrap yourself in wonderful feelings.

You are building a muscle, a skill and a mind set. You are building a new habit for winning. The more you do this the easier it gets. Here is the point and the great news: IF you were never, to ever manifest anything at all, EVER, AND that is truly, unlikely, but if you never did, you still will benefit by this practice. AND that is the down side!

YOU benefit by determining what you want. You benefit by practicing clarifying your desires. You benefit by developing faith and staying expectant and positive. You benefit by learning to concentrate your attention and focus your energies and your mind.

You get great benefit in learning these things. You benefit by learning to be a good receiver. You benefit from learning to steer out of negativity back to the positive. You benefit from allowing and celebrating all of these are incredible skills to develop for yourself.

So even the down side has an upside. Start small and build you way up. It is difficult for some people to succeed if they cannot believe they will make it happen.

If you choose something too big at first and think it unlikely, or it doesn’t feel like you can make it happen then pick something as small and common as necessary to feel like it is possible. Get it?

Remember, feelings always run the show. The better you feel the better life gets. You vibrate higher positive energy and radiate it everywhere when you feel your best. Finally, you celebrate and are delighted. Another great benefit.

So to start off learning to deliberately manifest. Take the X hour challenge. Determine, specifically, something easy enough to manifest but worthwhile enough to enjoy and be passionate about.

Give yourself a time frame within which to operate. I mentioned this before. Then claim it. I want X by X. Then believe it and expect it and watch for it. Don’t force it or go out of your way to make it happen just do what you do while expecting it. Allow for it. Be open for it.

Receive it and celebrate when it appears. It seems like magic but it isn’t. This is rooted in science. Your brain is working on it, finding it or helping you create it. So allow it and don’t interfere with it. If you don’t get it, keep the faith and try again. Make whatever adjustments necessary. You will, if not the first time, you will.

As you do this enough and you manifest larger things you won’t be surprised about getting them because you will have learned to accept and respect your abilities.  You know and expect it to occur anyway. You will still be delighted and celebrate.

It’s like your birthday. You know it is coming. You aren’t surprised that it arrived. Still you can be delighted and celebrate it when it does. Knowing it is going to happen doesn’t lessen the celebration.

Have fun. Delight and enjoy! Learn to make your dreams come true. I’m going to share some fun, cool, news tomorrow. Be sure to read all about it. Meanwhile, peace and blessings. And YES, make all your dreams come true because you can!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Want To Know What Happened With Another 24 Hour Manifestation Challenge?

horizon the-rock-phil-koch

“I took another 24 hour challenge manifestation challenge. Perhaps, you read about my earlier one within these blog pages. This one proved fascinating as well. You can do these too, there is nothing preventing you.

Well, I suppose a closed mind; a cynical mind; an unwillingness to be open and experiment; there could be things stopping you but there needn’t be. AND you may have manifested some pretty wonderful things already, anyway. Feel free to share and leave comments.

I was challenged to manifest something specific. It could be anything but it had to be specific. I had 24 hours and it had to come to me in an unexpected way BUT I knew what it was I was supposed to get.

This differed from the first challenge of manifest an unexpected good and see what turns up. Okay, I am game. Plus, I know that our Reticular Activating System could be sensitized.

For example, when you purchase a new car (could be anything, a shirt, coat, shoes) you begin to notice all the other same Makes and Models on the road you never did before. This is your brain finding those examples. Your awareness becomes piqued.

For my challenge I wanted something I didn’t think I would easily find without looking for it. I reasoned winter is coming. It is mid-November what presents a challenge. I finally decided on  goldfish.

I thought finding images of goldfish or real goldfish would be unlikely at this time.  Later, it occurred to me I might find the snack crackers somewhere. I even visited a grocery store, not with that in mind, but didn’t travel down the snack cracker isle.

Plus, I had been covering a film festival which just ended. My challenge would end at 6pm during the festival. This meant that from 6pm to 6pm most likely I was in the theater watching the films or back at the hotel writing these blogs.

There weren’t any goldfish in anything. I’m in the darkened theater with only 10 minutes to go on this 24 hour challenge, A charming movie from California, a comedy romance, called, ‘Dirty Beautiful’ had just finished. NO goldfish!

The movie ended. I was where I had been all day, in the back at the computer table, blogging and working.  Enamored,  I wanted to learn more about the director cast and crew. I went to

I looked at the lead actress bio because she seemed familiar. Then I turned my attention to the lead actor. I very much enjoyed him in this role.  I went to his credits. I didn’t even catch it at first but third credit from the top, a short film he appears in, ‘Goldfish’.

At first, it didn’t even occur to me that I had just discovered, goldfish with only minutes to go. Then I chuckled. With 8 minutes to go in my 24 hour manifestation challenge I found my target, without looking for it.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Some are bound to say so. All I know is I take the win. It was not in the form I expected, it was the title on a website, not the image or a real or fake one. Still, it was there none the less. You can find it if you look.

I wasn’t looking for it. I had no reason to look up the movie, but found it charming and decided I wanted to know more about the cast and director. I didn’t know 24 hours earlier that I would be doing any of this when I chose goldfish as my target.

Sure it can be a coincidence. Nothing wrong with that either, if that is what it is. All I know is that within my 24 hour window a specific request or directive was met in an unusual and unexpected way. I think that is cool and I got what I asked for.

I think the world is a large enough, magnificent place, where we don’t know how everything works. We don’t have to know how it works, we still don’t understand electricity. Heck, I don’t understand how most things work. A TV remote, as another  example.

What I do know was I set an intention. I wanted to in some fashion have goldfish come into my awareness within 24 hours without me actively searching to find it.  My job isn’t to force it my job is to allow it. Put the intention out there and see what shows up if anything.

Win! Celebration is the name of this game. I’m delighted. Next!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

GETTING CLOSER TO THE NEW SITE LAUNCH  – Inching our way up on getting it up and running. The site will have a new look and feel. If you get this blog emailed to you,  You will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter.

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