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Why Some Never Get What They Want While Others Do

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“Who, among my readers, wants a better life? Who hopes for and desires positive change? Do you wish for more money, better health, improved relationships, far away travel, more fun and enjoyment? What is it you dream about?

Do you know what keeps you from having that right now? Wishing and wanting and hoping and dreaming. All nice but all keep it away.Those who wish rarely win. Those who get what they want are CLEAR about what they want. They SEE it as an absolute in their mind.

The difference between one who gets what they want and one who doesn’t is this; the one who gets what they want thinks, says, and declares, ‘I AM going to make this happen’. They speak with authority because they are certain. They command themselves to do it! Everything they think and say to supports their conclusion.

It is never a wish!  It is an accomplishment. It is not something they want and hope will happen, that somehow they will attract it. Nope! They know if they want it they MUST make it happen. They align their inner resources and efforts to bring it into being. They are congruent and completely DEDICATED.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

They may also attract others, events and circumstances but they initiate. They don’t wait, they are PROACTIVE. They may not even know how they will do it yet, they just know that they will make it happen. Hoping won’t do it. They PLAN their success route and take it.

YOU have to DECIDE to do it and let nothing stop you. DECLARE it! COMMAND it! YOU make it happen. YOU marshall all of YOUR resources to bring it into being. That is what any king or emperor does. They say, ‘I want a monument. Put the slaves to work’.

Your slaves are your inner resources, your thoughts, abilities, skills and talents. You MAKE it happen by thoughts, your feelings and your actions. These should work together for you. Mindset, attitude, is the cutting edge that separates those who ultimately have from those who don’t.

Your servants are your BURNING DESIRE. Your passion that you must achieve this. Your FAITH. Your unwavering absolute belief in yourself and your expectation of accomplishment. You KNOW you will make it happen. Your ACTION. You take whatever positive actions you must take to bring about your positive good.

If It Is Important To You –  Find A Way To Make It Happen

PERSISTENCE. You never stop. You keep believing in yourself.  You keep doing until you accomplish. FLEXIBILITY, you are able to adjust and adapt. If something isn’t working you change your plan but never you definite chief purpose. This is how you get what you want.

This is what separates the champion from those who are not. These characteristics are the characteristics of an emperor. MINDSET is what separates those who get, and who have, from those who do not. It is never a question of IF you will achieve it, but WHEN you make it happen.

ATTITUDE gives you the edge. Attitude is everything! Develop the mindset of the emperor and the champion. DETERMINE WHAT YOU WANT (what is good for you and will not harm anyone else) and MAKE it happen.

You can be, do and have whatever you want. It is up to you. DECIDE NOW that you can and that you will make it happen AND YOU WILL! ‘What you can conceive and believe you can achieve!’ DO IT! Make all your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Have Everything You Want: What You Need To Stop And Start Doing

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“There are people who want to read and learn and get the right information to make a change. The read and study and do seminars and phone calls, but when it comes down to it they are info junkies. I know this because I am one of them.

I never thought I was but I am. I am addicted to info. I want the next book that will tell me what I need to know and do to evolve myself and my skills further. I want to read. So I buy lots of books. Videos and Cds too. I have so many! I’ve watched The Secret a dozen times.

I buy more books than I can ever read. So many are still waiting from decades ago while I buy the next new one I think I need. I used to buy record albums based on the cover art. YOU should never do that if you actually like music. I have spent a fortune on self help books.

I see it I want it. BUT I don’t actually want to do it. I want to learn about it not implement it. I want to read about healthy eating more than eating healthy. OH, I know I should eat a certain way because I have read everything about nutrition, and health, and diet, and… but geez those cupcakes look good.

Okay, I’ll eat a bag full of organic, gluten free, cookies or chips in a single sitting with a natural soda or juice. I want the body to be sculpted like Schwarzenegger’s only I don’t want to do what is required. I know I could visualize 68 seconds each day, or five minutes on my goals but I don’t. I don’t even really do affirmations.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Have To Change Things In Your Life

Most of my day is spent dealing with difficulties at work or at home. It seems there is an endless parade of distractions and issues that keep me occupied until I fall into bed at night exhausted. They call this the good life, right. It is trouble just making ends meet. Bills, bills, bills, you know. Death and taxes.

I could write in my manifestation journal everyday but instead I read about writing in the journal and about all the people who have made things happen. Then I sit and wonder why things aren’t happening quick enough. This LOA stuff just doesn’t work. I blame everyone and everyone else around me for my difficulties.

Tough making thing happen. I always believed that. Mom was right when she said ‘not everyone can be rich.’ I always thought some people were lucky but I never was. WOW, can you believe some of these silver spooners who have everything. Lucky bastards for sure!

I don’t know why things suck so much and nothing really ever works out for me how I hoped. It really bothers me to have lived this long and got so little… there is a webinar I plan to do this week that is supposed to get me all my dreams and show me how to turn on my magic attractor button. Can’t wait.

What You Say Is What You Get

Does this sound familiar? Do you do any of this? If so stop it! Stop it right now and take control of your thinking and your life. You dreams could be right around the corner. They might be here right now but you push them off by not doing what you can be doing now to make them happen.

Now is the time! Right here is the place! You begin from wherever you are with whatever you do or do not have. You no longer wait, you stop procrastinating, you stop seeking another ‘key to the future’ and you work right now with what you have.

See your goals as already having happened. Affirm the same. Describe them as completed and you are living your dreams. Describe the feelings! Feel the wonderful feelings as you do. Yes, write it in a journal a bit each day. Celebrate and be grateful.

What You See Is What You Get

Visualize for a few moments each day. Affirm while driving! USE your day to DO THE WORK and you will THINK and Grow Richer! Or spend the rest of your life complaining and seeking. The choice is yours. Monitor your feelings, control your thoughts and self-talk. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Spend your time creating!

Decide, right now, in this instant, how you want the rest of your life to be! To do nothing is a decision. Stop tolerating and start living your dreams. You can be, do and have anything you want BUT there are some things YOU MUST ACTUALLY DO. If you want your life to change YOU MUST change some things in your life! Don’t wait! Go for it Now! ” Rex Sikes

Make today your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know Why The Heck You Are Even Here? You’d Better!

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“It isn’t enough to set goals. Goals are only pieces of the pie or of the puzzle, if you prefer. Goals are the steps you take on the way to your destiny. Goals are the rungs of the ladders that you pick up on your way to the top. There is something much more important than the goals you set and get.

Your purpose! Why are you here? For what were you born?  This is the larger and much more important piece to focus on. You are born into this world with a definite chief objective; to discover the reason you live, your destiny, why you are? Napoleon Hill called it your Definite Chief Purpose or your Definite Chief Aim.

Why are you? This is what you must uncover, discover and decide on. Your purpose is the umbrella that covers everything else. You were born into an abundant universe with more than enough of everything for everyone to participate in. Most don’t sadly, but that doesn’t change the fact that the universe has plenty for all.

You Are The Master Of Your Fate

You were born to delight and participate and partake of all good things. To celebrate and enjoy; people and relationships, events, circumstances, and all good things, whether you realize this or not; whether you believe it or not. – BUT –  If you don’t realize it, and if you don’t believe it, you won’t have it.

You must claim it for yourself. It is there, you are right smack in the middle of it, but if you are blind to see it and take advantage of it, no one else can help you. You must discover this on your own. Another aspect of your Definite Chief Purpose is why you live, what you want to do. This determines how your present and future unfold.

The larger your purpose the easier to fulfill in many ways. What are you totally passionate about? What do you love and enjoy? What kind of work makes you feel good when you do it; so good, you would pay people to do it? What work is play for you?

You Are The Captain Of Your Soul

Some people enjoy giving and helping others. Some contribute to the world in other ways. What is your way? Once you discover your ultimate purpose you set goals which move you closer to your purpose. You live your purpose, you accomplish your goals and that is the difference.

Hill states, any thing you want can be yours in abundance once you clarify and decide on your Definite Chief Purpose. Once you feel the passion and desire and enthusiasm for living your purpose everything else can begin to fall into place. Search your soul. Search your heart and your mind?

We have been discussing Barnes and his burning desire to become a partner of Thomas Edison. We shall continue. Between now and then consider this: If you already had everything you want, if you had all the money in the world, you are rich beyond belief in every way, what would you do? How would you spend your time? How would you contribute to the world?

Conceive It, Believe It And You Can Achieve It

In seeking answers to these questions you can begin to clarify and discover what trips your trigger. What are you, or would be, completely passionate about? No one in the world has ever made it completely alone. The ‘self made’ man or woman relies heavily on the help of others all along the way. How would you give back?

Remember, purpose is what you are after. This differs from goals,which can help you fulfill your purpose. Goals either move you closer or further away from fulfilling your purpose. We will come back to this point later.

Goals  may include making a certain amount of money, working in a particular field, developing certain relationships, living in a chosen location, having certain things, etc. These either align with your overall Definite Chief Purpose or they could conflict. This is why it is important to know what you are going for in the first place.

The Starting Point Of All Achievement – Definite Chief Purpose

What is the big picture? THEN what are the steps?  Are they congruent with what you want? Does each step bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose or take you further away?  These are important considerations, but first, if you haven’t already, clarify and decide on your purpose. Then you can learn how everything else fits.

Your purpose is there within you but it may not be obvious, at first. You don’t have to get it instantly. Mull it over, entertain it. Spend time with this important consideration. Search yourself. Ask yourself, reflect, consider, concentrate, be serious, yet playful and in time you will come to know it.

Be open to flashes of insight or answers that come from within. Feel grateful, celebrate everything! Remain positive. A positive mindset, a strong positive attitude is crucial for success. Stay open, available and optimistic and the answers will come. You will answer yourself. Once you do that IS the beginning of making your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

How will you make today a special one?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Can Take Hold Of Your Destiny

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“How do you remain faithful to your dream when there is absolutely no evidence, yet, you can accomplish it? Not giving up  when nothing appears to be happening is probably the most difficult concept for people to embrace. Most people want immediate results, they feel they need to know what they are doing is working. If it isn’t they want to change direction and quickly.

Edwin C. Barnes, according to Napoleon Hill, in Think And Grow Rich, waited patiently for FIVE years. He never gave up or doubted. He worked a menial job with no outer evidence he would ever get what he wanted. During those five years Barnes remained true to his dream. He steadfastly focused on his goal.

Instead of seeking something else to do, instead of quitting, he intensified his desire! I repeat, he intensified his desire to have what he came for. He kept his dream alive within and felt it even more strongly. How do you remain faithful to your dream when there is no evidence you can accomplish it?

Perception Is Everything

You do what Barnes did. You intensify the desire. You keep the faith, keep doing and wait patiently. Patience is considered a virtue? How we wait determines our entire experience. How we wait truly matters! We can complain the entire time, blame, whine, weep, be fearful, angry and stressed out. This is often the experience of people stuck in traffic. Consider the following.

Traffic is stopped. You cannot get to your destination as you thought you would. What is there to do? Surrounded by stopped vehicles there is nothing you can do to move your vehicle. You are stuck. You just have to wait it out. How you wait is critical. It is critical to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. Many freak out.

Faith is the belief in things not seen. Some call that crazy. Atheists, and skeptics say it is not rational. You are wasting your time. The same kind of  thinkers said, ‘we don’t need a horseless carriage my horse is good enough’. ‘We don’t need an electric light bulb we’ve oil lamps’, and ‘We will never fly that is only for birds’.

All Things Work Together For Good

I am not talking about faith in an unseen god but about belief in yourself. Belief in your ability to make your future how you want it to be when nothing appears likely. I am talking about being true to your dreams when all physical reality runs counter. You have mountains of bills and debt but your dominant dream is wealth and financial freedom.

There are countless stories of people broke and down and out, who don’t have two nickels to rub together. They failed multiple times, again and again, but still climbed out of the cesspool of troubles into freedom and a life they now enjoy. There are more of these examples than you or I can ever imagine.

There are billions of dollars in flow, circulating the globe every second, if you don’t have a share it is only because you chose not to. There are 7 billion people on the planet. If you are lonely, it is only because, somehow, you chose to be alone. How can it be otherwise? With all that is possibly available if you don’t have, why not? The answer has to be YOU. That is okay, don’t fret.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me And No One Else

Determine what you want. Then claim what you want. Imagine yourself, already in possession of all the good you want for yourself. See yourself financially free with enough money to do the things you want to do. Imagine it happening right now not in the future some time. See yourself already in the perfect relationship, loving the partner right for you. Feel all the wonderful feelings.

Stay fast and true.  Remain fast and true even while times run counter to what you want. Remain convinced, keep you eye on the prize. Keep the faith.  Take even baby steps to make daily progress toward your dreams. When you do this eventually get them. SO HOW you wait is critical. What you do when nothing appears to be happening is extremely important!

Do you believe or doubt? Whichever it is you will get more the same. You get back whatever you put out there. YOU create more of the same! Either you will become more convinced or more doubtful. Which do you think works better for getting what you want in life? Some will say, ‘but… but… but’ because there is always some who will.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

Some will say ‘but you have to be realistic’. Who says so? What does being realistic actually mean? Doe being realistic mean caving and giving up because it doesn’t yet look like you might be successful? Is that what you think realistic is? Do you think it is realistic to doubt yourself and your abilities more than believing in yourself?

Are there other ways to be realistic besides the way you think there are? Maybe you are only thinking along old chronic, habitual lines of thought that never served you very well. Perhaps, the reason you feel this is because you never thought differently or challenged yourself to go beyond these worn out thoughts.

Does realistic really mean doubting yourself is better than believing in yourself? Well, does it? Some will say, ‘but you might create false hope’. THAT is a stupid, silly notion. There is only hope or no hope. False hope means hoping against hope. That you may be disappointed by hoping. Disappointment is always a possibility.

Skill Comes From Doing

Would you rather try for something and get a little better and be disappointed or do nothing, remain the same and be disappointed? Which works better for your lifelong enjoyment?  Disappointment could be the very catalyst you need to catapult yourself into success and happiness.

Disappointment could be the ‘hitting rock bottom’ when you finally say, ‘never again’ or ‘I refuse to live like this’. Disappointment is when you ultimately clarify what you want and decide to never settle for what you do not want. Perhaps, it is far better to get disappointed than to be comfortable in laziness and to do nothing.

How you wait in the face of trying circumstances or when nothing seems to happen IS the measure of your character. How you wait defines you. How you waits tells others precisely who you are. How you wait reveals your true self to you, as well as, others. Everyone can see, although you may still be blinded by your own thoughts.

Habits Are Built By Repetition

Seeds germinate and the plants grow underground, in darkness, for a significant amount of time. There is lots going on but it is invisible to us. We can’t see it.  We wait for the plant to appear.. When you believe in yourself, when you live with the conviction that you will succeed, much is happening, inside that cannot be seen right now.

You just have to wait for it. So what do you do in the meantime? How do you spend your time. What if you knew that in five or ten years you would have everything you want what you would do in the meantime? How would you wait it out?

How would you live? What would you think? What would you do in the meantime. Would you bemoan the fact it hadn’t happened yet? Some would.   Would you be excited and eager for that coming day? Would you do anything different? Would you live every day fully during the troubled times or would you put off today for what tomorrow would bring?

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

Patience is a virtue for many reasons. Be patient and be persistent. Do what you can do to move forward. Continue to trust that you will succeed no matter what life seems to offer right now. Enjoy now, no matter how hard it is. This positive mindset, this  deliberate act of intentional thinking, will pay off for you big time. Enjoy now even when circumstances are tough. Have faith in better days.

When you can look at everything as a blessing, no matter what, you are free! You are powerful. You are capable of fulfilling your destiny. If you can find the seed of opportunity in adversity, if you can uncover the learning and keep going, then you are truly already blessed. You are blessed because you are one who can achieve anything.

Celebration, positive thoughts and feelings open the floodgates for more! What you put out you get back. What you sow you will reap. From one seed countless thousands of plants are possible. From your deliberate faith in the invisible, behind the scenes, positive action, great things can arise.

SO have faith! Be patient! Trust in yourself! There is more potential in having faith than not having faith.  When you stay true, and stay convinced in your abilities, though times seem to run counter, you will make you dreams come true.  Life is whatever you make it. How you make it what you want it to be starts within you. It begins with your thoughts. Control your thoughts and you will control your destiny.” Rex Sikes

Make today your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why Do Some Succeed While Others Struggle And Give Up?

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“What makes some people winners and not others? Why do some succeed while others struggle and give up? What separates the wheat from the chaff? Are their differences? Do you have what it takes? If not, why not? Can success be learned? Can you be happy most of the time?

Absolutely! You can be happy most of the time. Success and happiness leave clues that you can use to be that too. It is far more scientific than you think. There are formulas, recipes, that when faithfully applied, you can use to help get what you desire most.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

When you follow a cake recipe precisely, you get a similar cake; when you follow the recipes for happiness and success you get similar results. If you want it bad enough and you stick with the recipe you will get what you desire. It is simple enough!

Hill, said this about Edwin C. Barnes, (I continue this discussion from previous post). ‘Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, placed all his energy, all his willpower, all his effort, everything back of that goal.’

‘He did not become the partner of Edison the day he arrived. He was content to start at the most menial work as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step toward his cherished goal.’

If You Don’t Want To Do It You’ll Find An Excuse?

Barnes knew what he wanted. He saw it, he heard it, he lived it in his mind, repeatedly. He was definite about what he wanted. It consumed him. He imagined himself as Edison’s partner long before he became his partner, even when there was no evidence he would ever become one. Still, he placed all his energy, his willpower and his effort back of his goal. He would have bet on himself to win!

Are you willing to do that? Will you go after what you want and let nothing deter you? Can you say you have visualized your positive good day and night? Do you live your dream inside your mind and feel convinced it is yours? Do you know it is bound to happen? ARE you convinced you can do it? Do you have confidence you have what it takes?

If you have answered yes, you may well be on the way to making your dreams come true. However, if you have answered no to any of these, you will want to make adjustments in your thinking. Your thoughts and energies need to be aligned. You some work on yourself! You are more assured of getting your goal if you want it so bad you can taste it.

Are You Interested?  It Would Be Nice, Right?

If it is merely a wish, something that might make you happy, something you could try and if it doesn’t work out you will change, then it is more than likely you won’t make it happen. If you bail as soon as it gets tough then, obviously not. Barnes knew what he wanted and was determined to make it happen no matter what.

THAT is determination! That is conviction! That is faith in oneself. That is what you, and I and all of us need. For 5 years Barnes was content to do menial work, nothing even close to his goal, as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step closer. Barnes was in for the long haul. Are you?

This clarity of purpose, this certainty, this willingness to do whatever positive steps it takes is what we to need to have. If you want to succeed you first need to be success minded. We will discuss this more in future blogs. Barnes is a great example of what we need and what can be the result when we apply ourselves deliberately.

Or Are You Committed?

The world can be your oyster? Is it? If it isn’t why isn’t it? You need not deprive anyone else of anything to have a wonderful fulfilling life. There is more than plenty for all. You are deceiving yourself if you think otherwise. Attitude determines your altitude.

You can be, do and have and enjoy everything life offers but it all starts from within. Many people, mistakenly think it comes from the outside. It doesn’t. What you need you already have within you only have to discover it and let it out!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why Most People Fail – How You Can Succeed!

horizons to-the-place-where-dreams-are-born-phil-koch

“There is a reason why many people don’t reach their goals. There are reasons why most don’t live the life they hope to. Do you want to stop failing and start winning more often? You can. You can begin to win more reliably too. Success is pretty much scientific.

Most people will think it depends on largely on luck. They put the success factors on the outside of themselves and in the hands of others. If you want to succeed you must be the one in charge. Yet, most fail to do this.

One of the most marvelous books ever written is ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. You must read it if you haven’t. If you have read it you must read it again and again. It is a  book to be studied, ingested and digested. It is so rich with everything we need to know to get ahead and the reasons why most people don’t.

Know Your Definite Chief Purpose

I read a chapter over each day for 30 days at a time. I have done as many as 3 chapters at a time. Especially, chapters 2, 3,and 4. Today, I want to examine a sentence or two from chapter 1. Hill discusses Edwin C. Barnes burning desire to work with Thomas Edison. He emphasized that Barnes really did discover that ‘people THINK And GROW RICH’.

The title itself speaks volumes. Hill doesn’t say work hard and grow rich. Get a job and grow rich. Invest and grow rich. He says, think and grow rich and then explains how to make this happen. His book is amazing. The next two sentences are the ones I want to examine. Keep in mind that Barnes discovered people think and grow rich.

‘His discovery did not come about at one sitting. It came little by little…’ and we stop there. The difficulty people have applying the Law Of Attraction or Science of the Mind or these principles is because today we have grown up expecting everything to happen quick and easy. Certainly, it may but lot’s of things in life don’t. Many things take time.

Develop Passion – A White Hot Burning Desire

It takes time for seeds to grow; for you and I to grow up. To cook a nice meal. To travel from point A to point B. To watch a movie from beginning to end. Still advertisers have promised us magic for a fee, quick, easy, effortless. Magic pills, magic bullets, magic time frames. We have instant on television, high speed internet and so many things that spoil us for those that take time.

Barnes made his discovery but not at one sitting. IT CAME LITTLE BY LITTLE. Once you decide you want to become a deliberate creator or attractor you need to realize most things aren’t revealed all at once. It comes bit by bit. There is no genii in a bottle it is a progression, evolution, an unfolding. You grow into the abilities to make things happen.

Yes, some may be quicker at it than others but if any one person attempts and persists, and does not give up, that person, assuming they are following instructions, rightly using the principles, will succeed. It doesn’t work for some and not all. It works for everyone! Sadly, not every one keeps at it until it works.

Develop Faith – An Indomitable Belief In Yourself & Your Abilities

People try and, after awhile of not having instant results, abandon ship! They jump. Then they state, ‘I tried it and IT didn’t work’. It isn’t it that doesn’t work it is YOU that didn’t keep at it.

SORRY that is the truth, cold, hard and painful as that may be, the only failure there is IS giving up. Stop blaming IT and learn how to make it work instead. Stop whining and do it, is the advice. Persist don’t quit.

Step by step you get to your destination. ALL along the way IS the journey. ALL along the journey is discovery. Ultimately, if you keep going you will get there AS long as you don’t permanently stop trying. Along the way you will learn the ropes. It is a process that unfolds. It is magical but not fairy tale magic.

If you really, REALLY want it. Focus on it. Concentrate on it to the exclusion of most everything else. Believe you can get it. Have total faith in yourself. Then go after it and don’t stop trying until you get it. That is the formula for success. Get your mindset on right so the rest follows. THINK and grow rich. Drop by drop fills the tub.

Daily: Affirm & Visualize Using Strong Positive Emotions

You will accomplish your dreams if you pursue them relentlessly and don’t let anything deter you or stop you. In order to do that you must absolutely want it and not anything else. You must believe that you can do it and make it happen. Then you must take positive, productive steps to get there. THERE is no other way.

It didn’t happen for Barnes overnight. From the time he first thought it, to the time he got to Edison, is anyone’s guess how long that was. From his first meeting with Edison until he was working WITH Edison took 5 years. He didn’t start at the top he started at the bottom but he never let anything deter him from his goal. He knew his destiny and he kept at it until he fulfilled it.

Another important sentence, ‘ But something important was happening in Barnes’ mind. He was constantly intensifying his desire to become the business associate of Edison.’  Why do most fail? Because they wimp out, quit, whine and complain. They want it easy and overnight. They want it handed to them. They put responsibility outside themselves.

Persist – Never, Ever Give Up If You Want To Get There

Nothing appeared to be happening. For the five years his dream was only in his mind. There was no visible evidence of it in the world. His circumstances were that he was a lowly worker for Edison.

All that time ‘he was constantly INTENSIFYING his desire..’ He was intensifying it! Most people would whine and complain and look for something else to do. Not Barnes! He stuck with it! Most people who bail. Barnes knew he what his destiny was. He believed!

How do you succeed? You follow the rules, the instructions, the principles and you keep applying them until you have the success you want. You intensify your desire. You keep the faith and believe in yourself. You expect yourself to prevail.

It seems hard but it is simple. It may not always be easy but it is still simple. The formula is right here. Too many people are flighty like the bee from flower to flower. Still, the bee is on a singular mission and so must you be.  How to succeed is all spelled out. Stop wishing and start doing it. It begins with your thoughts.

Success comes from within you. Ultimately you will succeed as long as you keep at it. If you are determined to no matter how long it takes YOU WILL! In the mean time, INTENSIFY YOUR DESIRE! Make it happen! Prepare your mind! Develop an unstoppable determination, a steel will, and make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

Celebrate today!”

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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I’ll Bet You Never Actually Heard The Lyrics To This Famous Song!

horizons midsummers-dream-phil-koch

“I’m sharing a famous song. Perhaps, it is time you stopped and listened to the lyrics. I’m sure most of you have seen the show or heard this countless times.

Did you realize this is what they were singing about? Probably not. Seems to have slipped by most people. No worries. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to make us think.

Perhaps now, though we should embrace it. Maybe, we should each make it our own personal theme song. I mean, why not? It is catchy, after all.

Did you enjoy that? I hope so.

Enjoy, your day!”

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Create The Future You Want

horizons into-the-future-phil-koch

“Do you care if some people try to prevent you?  Some may say it is not realistic. They may argue you need to focus on what is in front of you. There are those who will call you a dreamer. They won’t mean it in a nice way does that bother you?  There is nothing wrong with dreaming and pursuing your your dreams. You know that, right?

In fact, in order to be a deliberate creator you have to focus on what isn’t there yet. You have to dream it. You may look at a lump of clay but you can’t see the clay for what it is. You must see the lump of clay for what it will be.

You must look at the invisible, that which does not yet exist, and bring it forth from your thoughts and imagination. Know that you can make this happen! Trust.

That is the act of creation. You manifest and make happen your thoughts. You make the future the present. You dream it first and make it happen. Don’t focus on your present circumstances any more than you would focus on the lump clay. Focus on what you want it to become. Keep your focus on what you are creating.

Concentrate On What You Want

Some artists are passionate and consumed with bringing their inner thoughts to life. They imagine something in their mind and then they paint it, fashion it or sculpt it into being. They think about it night and day. They work on their art all the time. As a creator you do the same thing with your career, your relationships and your life.

You imagine what you want to be, do and have vividly and passionately and then you take positive actions to bring it into being. So yes, put your attention on your dreams. They don’t, yet, exist in reality. Thoughts first; actions follow!

Don’t put your attention on what you don’t want.  Don’t think about making money to get out of debt. Create more money so you are free to have more fun or adventure. If you worry about a pile of bills you end up focused on not having enough. What you think about you bring about so you create more lack not more riches.

Think About It Day And Night

Focus on the invisible. Stay focused on what you want that has not physically happened, yet. Keep your attention on your big dreams and desires; the ones that make you feel incredible when you think about them. Do not focus on the circumstances you’d prefer to leave. Do not let the less than glorious present get the better of you.

Feel wonderful while thinking about what you want. If you don’t feel great that means there is something you need to adjust about your thinking. You may be focused on what you don’t want or you may be thinking it isn’t possible.

Change your thinking. Adjust. Focus on what you do want. Perhaps, your dream is too big for you to believe in right now. Gently whittle it down to the size you absolutely feel you can accomplish. Step it down a bit. It still excites you but it isn’t too large to believe you can make it happen.

Feel Fantastic When Thinking About It

Accomplish this first goal on your way to making the bigger dream happen. If you don’t feel good or you doubt or fear when focused on your dream you aren’t helping yourself in any positive way. You want to feel eager and excited.

You want to feel the anticipation and expect it happen. You want to absolutely know this is something you can and will achieve and feel it fully. THEN you are in the right frame to bring it about. You are prepared to move full steam ahead. You know nothing can stop you!

Whatever positive future you want to create must be accompanied by strong wonderful feelings. The feelings are important. Switch your thinking from the present bad circumstances to whatever makes you think and feel better. Then, ultimately, switch it to your dreams. When you think about what you want FEEL GREAT!!!

Believe 1000% In Your Ability To Make It Happen

To bring your dreams into being you have to think about your dreams, most of the time, while feeling wonderful. You can’t get caught up in the ‘bad luck’ of now. Your attention must be on what you WANT to create.

To have a better life you need to think, feel and focus on feeling and being better. You withdraw your attention from problems and place it somewhere useful and productive. You place it on those things that make you feel the very best. As you do this consistently you develop positive thought habits to assist you.

You put your attention, concentration, your energy and  focus, on the dreams you want to come true. You put it on the dreams that make you feel wonderful when you imagine your life that way. These feelings make all the difference in the world.

It Is Perfectly Fine To Create In Stages – Step By Step

Celebrate feeling good. Feel positive and excited. Believe in yourself 1000%. Unless, what you want is harmful, pay no attention to what others say can’t be done. There will always be naysayers. If what you want is good, positive and the true best for all, bring it into being.

Follow your positive heart and create goodness for yourself and others. Make your dreams come true. What you think about you bring about! So celebrate and enjoy! You can be, do and have anything you want. Make the good all happen!

Create the career;  positively improve the family relationships; discover the love of your life; improve your health and your wealth; enjoy the things and the life you have always wanted.  YOU are the creator!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Get Exactly What You Accept; Nothing More Or Less!

horizons firelight-phil-koch

“Do you want more from your career, your relationships and your life? Would you like to be the best you you can be? Would you like to be more successful and happy?

Do you want better health and fitness, wealth and adventure, fun and enjoyment? Would you like things to simply work out and be more delightful?  Well, guess what:

‘Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. A great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines:

“I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at evening When I counted my scanty store.

“For Life is a just employer, He gives you what you ask, But once you have set the wages, Why, you must bear the task.

“I worked for a menial’s hire, Only to learn, dismayed, That any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid.” Napoleon Hill, THINK AND GROW RICH

Not much more need be said does it? Life gives you what you ask and expect from it. YOU should set the terms not accept them. You determine your circumstances. You dictate how things will be. That is what it means to be a deliberate, intentional creator.

You either live richly or poorly. It is completely up to you and no one else. Yet, most people blame everyone and everything else. The truth is, it is up to you! If you are living in lack it is because you have accepted living that way.

If you want something else make something else happen. It is not about working harder it is about thinking smarter. Think and Grow Rich is the title of the book NOT work hard and grow rich.

NO, it does not mean you don’t do anything at all it means YOU take control and you make it happen. Everything first begins with your thoughts.

Know your destination. Set your course and keep going until you get there. Never stop, never give up and you will one day successfully arrive. Settle for nothing less. The reason you don’t have a million dollars is you don’t SEE YOURSELF with a million dollars, yet.

Determine to positively have the ife you want and deserve. If you want a better life thought precedes action. Think Rich and become rich. There is a formula.  Begin today!”Rex Sikes

Make today even more marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop! Whatever You Are Doing And Learn How Not To Fail!

horizons -like-going-to-heaven-with-your-feet-still-on-the-ground-phil-koch

“Life can be much better. You know that don’t you?  It doesn’t have to be limited in any way. It really doesn’t.  Life can be absolutely incredible! Your life can be marvelous! Have you heard the saying, life is what we make it? You may not believe that is accurate but it is.

You are the one who determines how your life goes whether you believe that to be the case or not. The reasons are clear. They are even backed up by science. Your thoughts determine your reality and here is why. Everything humans create first begins in the mind.

Thought precedes action. Everything begins in thought. Our thoughts make up our reality. Reality is only our own interpretation. What we think and believe is what we find in the world. We think, we look at the world and we draw conclusions.

We Experience The World From First Within

Those conclusions determine the kind of life we will have. We conclude we can or can’t. We conclude the world is friendly or not. We are whomever we think we are. You can think you have nothing, you can ‘know’ you are poor and in debt or you can believe you are rich and destined to be richer.

In order to succeed, and get anywhere in life you must set the course. You must specify or choose your destination. Once you determine where you are headed the way there will become obvious to you. You won’t be able to see the path until you pick your end point.

The GPS in an automobile or your phone doesn’t chose the route until the address is entered. Once entered, the route and alternatives become available. Your internal GPS to happiness and success works similarly. You must make the decision. This is what activates your internal GPS resources to get you there.

Choose Your Destination Set Your Course And Go For It

Our universe works on attraction. Your brain works on attraction. It is a ‘yes’ world, and you have a ‘yes’ brain. Whatever you believe is what comes to you, it is what you attract and create. If you think you are poor, ‘yes’, you will be. If you think yourself rich, ‘yes’, you will be. Our results are due to how we think.

Your limitations are caused by your habitual routine, patterned thinking. You maintain your problems and issues because you think about them again and again. Stop maintaining your difficulties and they will disappear. Focus on what you want NOT what you don’t.

Change your thinking and you change your life. Form new, positive thought habits and everything will change. Thought initiates everything and precedes action. Once your thought habits change you will automatically

It serves you better to imagine, to visualize, to affirm and believe you are rich and worth millions that you haven’t yet put into the bank than to focus on your bills and your debt and worry about how to pay them. What you see is what you get.

Whatever You Imagine Is Possible Is Possible

The only reason you don’t have lots of money yet, is because you don’t yet see yourself with lots of money. You haven’t claimed it in your own mind and made it yours. You live as a pauper instead of an emperor.

By thinking you are wealthy you have chosen an end point. The path to your destination will become clear as you stay focused. When you change yourself everything else changes. Your habits will change. All will become new. You must first, however, decide to make this change.

Becoming successful, happy and accomplishing your goals and desires  is a process. You must become what you want to attract. This requires your full effort and commitment. You must persist and be relentless. You must adopt the right mindset and never quit moving forward.

If You Don’t See It And Don’t Claim It – It Will Never Be Yours

Obstacles cannot prevent you but  will teach you what to do to succeed. Challenges  are great for learning, if you are willing to learn from them. Most people mistake temporary defeat as permanent and give up. The only failure that is permanent is when you quit.

You must not. You must be fully engaged and committed. Most people never actually go after their dreams. They will live a life of excuses and settle for whatever they get. You can achieve great things and greatness when you decide you want to.

‘If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it’, says Napoleon Hill. Don’t settle for less. Go for gold! Make your dreams come true. Don’t be part of the 90 some percent who do nothing with what they have. Make yourself and your life what you want!” Rex Sikes

Take time and enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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