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How To Stay Young, Free And Independent In Mind, Body And Spirit

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Today’ blog is an audio blog. I was interviewed by Lori Dean for airplay on a radio station fall of 2015.  I received the raw mp3 of that discussion a day or two ago. The discussion we had is on how we use our mind’s to be happier and successful.

Lori Dean Interviews Rex Sikes

Enjoy listening. Thanks, to Lori Dean. Click on this link to listen:

Smile and enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why And What To Do When The Poo Hits The Propeller!


“Okay, you saw The Secret, you practice the Law Of Attraction, you maintained a positive attitude and things got worse. WTF? Why on earth should things turn sour. ‘It’s not fair’, you might exclaim.

Yes, you may be doing many things right. You have tried different practices. You have maintained them for awhile. Perhaps, as you would say, ‘I’ve tried everything but nothing works!’

Let’s pretend there is a god or a source or an intelligence that governs the universe and its laws. Imagine this infinite source of wisdom and benevolence.

Hardship Prepares Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny

Imagine this source is actually you but you have, long ago, forgotten this about yourself. You pretend, in so many ways, to be limited and have issues. Just pretend again for a moment and accept the premise as possible. It is a hypothetical exercise. Try it on.

You have all this incredible power and wisdom to tap into but you don’t and you haven’t. Instead you bought into everything that was told to you, modeled for you while growing up and older.

Instead of living from your source of power you live from limitation and lack. Not completely, sometimes things are great, sometimes not. Things are the way they are. You like and you don’t at times.

Hardship  Comes From The Outside Failure Only From The Inside

You want more. You decide you will practice positive thinking and related disciplines. You begin and you expect the best. Lo and behold the fan gets covered with crap and you thought you’d be free of it.

This is the experience of many people. Why? Because they think if they just think right everything will magically change and they won’t actually have to do anything at all. They hope, wish, and pray.

That inner you, that wiser infinite source, knows you could be handed everything on a platter or you could evolve and learn and make things happen by getting back in touch with what makes you powerful.

God Gives His Toughest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers

In order for you to tap into your higher self you need to be challenged so you will seek yourself. Otherwise, you won’t. Most people don’t pray unless times get bad and then they become the consummate beggar.

Pleading that things change miraculously for them. Hoping, wishing, doubting, but pleading, ‘paleaseeeeee! I promise I will be good.’ They put their faith and requests outside of themselves.

They miss totally the possibility to change. They think it is from outside! Somehow, things will come to them if they think right or do right. That is why most people miss the boat on the LOA.

The Biggest Obstacles In Life Are The Barriers Our Mind Creates

People want to be spared the hardship. They want to avoid trials and tribulations. They want the cozy, cushy, lush, lavish good life dropped in their lap.

If you want to get to the top of Everest you gotta do the climbing.  If you want to possibly win the race you have to at least be dedicated to finishing. That is the law. Mindset and action. Keep going and never give up. See it through to the end.

You get challenged because you are bigger than you think you are. Your limited mind isn’t aware of it so you need to become convinced. You need to be tested by fire and made aware of what you are capable of. You need to learn who you are. So things turn crappy.

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See…

This is precisely when you must apply, you must persist, you must maintain your course and positive attitude. Yet, this is the same exact time many throw in the towel and complain that nothing they tried works. Nothing you try will work.  It is you that works or doesn’t.

When you expect the LOA attraction or someone or something else to come to your aid and miraculously save you or solve your problems you are missing  YOU. You are putting your faith in magic instead of your infinite talents and wisdom and abilities.

You are the creator and you create these tests so you could find yourself again. It is the quest. The journey. The challenges, the stakes that are there for you to prove yourself. To find yourself.

… When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goal

It is all about you. Struggles come. Learn from them. Rise above them. Accept the challenge. Learn to laugh in the face of difficulty. You are either bigger than the problems or they are bigger than you. Which it is determines how you live and what you get or don’t get.

The opportunity is for you to come into your own incredible power. To find yourself. Many will quit and claim the LOA doesn’t work. Too bad for them. Too bad for you if you do that. If you can’t find and remember your inner greatness then you miss out.

You find it from challenge not from cozy, comfort where everything comes to you from the outside. Can you create that? Sure, but not without learning how to navigate all the woes first. You move through the negative to the positive because that IS how it works.

When You Face Your Struggles You Overcome Them

You become a champion by contest. You win by playing and finishing the game well. If you wimp out you are finished. If you see it through to the end you can win the prize.

Life is whatever it is. Easy, hard. Accept it. Get over it. And Get on with it. We’ll look into this more in coming posts. Meanwhile, understand,  shit happens for you to rise above it. For you to learn there isn’t anything you can’t handle or you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

We Grow When We Face Challenges Not When It Is Easy

Some people want to claim the goods without the effort. The effort is your evidence. When you successfully navigate the toughest times you discover what you are made of and what you can do. Otherwise it is only theory. You are the proof.

Without the tough times you have no evidence. Once you do you can be confident you can handle anything. You know your power. You are secure in your abilities. You realize you are a powerful, positive creator and attractor. There is no doubt. You have come home to yourself and who you are.

This is what so many people, perhaps most people, don’t understand about pursuing your goals and making your dreams come true. Whenever troubled learn to smile and to laugh. Let nothing stop you.  Develop the attitude that you can handle anything that comes your way and you will. Appreciate it all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Trump For President – Yes or No? What Makes ‘The Donald’ Trump The Rest?

Donald Trump

“He is rich, he is rude and arrogant. It doesn’t matter whether you are for him or against him, like him or not.  Perhaps, he has some attributes you don’t like and some that you do. It is worth taking a look at him to understand his success and his appeal and the behaviors that many don’t like nor appreciate. There are many things. Let’s briefly explore a few that make Trump, trump.

Donal Trump, presidential candidate, does not play by the rules. He makes them. When people ask him what his plan is at most he says, ‘we have a plan, it will work. We will make it work’. He says this because this IS how he thinks. This IS how a successful person thinks. He may or may not know ‘how’ he just knows it will happen because that is what he wants. He intends it to work. He’ll do it.

If it doesn’t work out he will find another way. This thinking works for him, but this is not what we want to hear from our candidates. It is, however, the thinking of the truly successful. ‘I will have a team and put them on it and we will make it happen’. Carnegie, Edison, Ford, major CEO’s, nice people or not, have a success mindset. They ‘know’ it will work! For them, the plan follows the intent.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

People can ask, ‘what if it won’t or what if people don’t like it?’ He says, ‘they will, they will like it, they will come to like it. they will see’. He believes this. He knows this! He may not know politics or behave like a typical politician. He may or may not make a good presidential candidate or leader but he does exemplify the mindset necessary to succeed. He, himself is convinced and acts convinced. Completely!

There are rich people who are wonderful people and there are rich people who are awful. Money is an amplifier for the kind of person you are. The Bible says, ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.’ It is not money that is evil. It’s been said, ‘…absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ There is the good and the not so good. There are those who exemplify the admirable and that which isn’t.

Trump is from wealth. He grew up in it. He inherited it. He has lived it for decades. He is surrounded by it. He oozes it. He made and lost money and is still apparently at the top of his game. He is a billionaire, a developer, a media darling, he is someone you may ‘love to hate’. He’s been in the public eye, as a person of wealth, for a long time. He thinks and acts different from most other candidates.

Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

For the very reasons mentioned above he IS different from the other candidates. You can tell from his body language. He is confident, used to getting his way, able to bulldoze over anyone, yet, has a sense of humor. Watch his body language. Trump is comfortable with himself, his position, his wealth. He is exudes power and dominance even while attacked by other candidates. He is secure!

Cruz and Rubio while wealthy in their own right, are not as comfortable nor confident as Trump. He baits them and stands centered, planted, hands in pockets, a condescending look on his face. He is nonplussed. They look at him and look TO him. He does’t bother to look at them. They seem so weak by comparison. Bush was completely out of his league. He knows he is in charge of the room!

Again, I am not suggesting Trump would be a good President or that he should even be President. I am simply pointing out the differences. What gives Trump the edge? Cruz and Rubio are pretty confident in their own right, on their own, but are no match for Trump on the same stage. He knows it, they know it, and it is painful to watch. Trump isn’t a politician he is a dominant force!

If You Really Want Something You Will Find A Way

There may be a host of other qualities and characteristics voters want in a candidate but Trump is comfortable being Trump. He is used to being  in the spotlight, being outlandish and extravagant in all regards. He is used to being rich, and used to being a celebrity. He is media savvy. These could make him a great choice or a horrible one. Trump knows something the others don’t from experience.

Whether he can run the country or not remains to be seen but one thing is for certain. He has been running the media show so far. He has been running the debates. When have you ever seen such chaos before as people attempt to assert themselves against the lead candidate. I am not suggesting you like him, or be like him. Be yourself. Be your best self. Come into your own strengths.

Why do I mention ‘the Donald’ here? He has characteristics you may not want to have and he has some it would be beneficial to have. He didn’t get this far in the election or life without something going on inside. It is a mental game, after all. From within to without. No it doesn’t have to be pretty. The results you create stem from what you have going on in your thoughts and feelings.

Success Is A Matter Of Correct Habits

Like it or not he has ‘attitude’. He knows he is a force to reckon with. He knows how to play the game and he makes you play his. He seems to believe he is right, better, or a better choice, good for the country, and unstoppable. Whether he is or would be remains to be seen but he has attitude. That sets him apart in a very big way. Kings, queens and lords think differently from the subjects they rule.

Some create some really incredible things some create discord. Trump has something going on on the inside whether or not like it or agree with him. If we want to be a success we need to make sure we have something going on inside. Thoughts come first. Our thoughts lead to feelings. Our feelings lead to our actions. Our actions to results. If you want stellar results start with stellar thoughts.

Some people unite others some divide. Not all rich people or successful people are likable but YOU could be. You don’t have to be abrasive to get to the top. Notice however, those at the top are are different. They believe in themselves. They act certain. They know! They expect good results from to come from their actions. You can know this too. Control your thoughts, don’t let them control you.

The Brain Is As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Do you think Trump could stand the waves of attacks warranted and unwarranted if he wasn’t steeled in his thinking. If he wasn’t in control or in charge of his thoughts or what others think of him you’d see different responses. Look at the behaviors of Bush, Cruz and Rubio when they engage with him. Very different. Trump is a champion boxer taunting his opponents. He knows he will win!

He calls his opponent out and names the round. His attitude – he is unbeatable. Personally, if he lost, I don’t think it would bother him much. I don’t know, but he seems unflappable. Trump may even be a narcissist. That isn’t a good and YOU don’t have to be. The quickest way to the top may not be the nicest. You don’t have to not be nice to get ahead BUT the easiest way to the top is through being nice.

By working with others you succeed! There are lot’s of examples of wonderful people who are powerful. Make it a point to begin by being the best inside and you will be the best. Be nice, loving and kind inside and you will radiate it outside. Be a success in your mind and you can be a success in your life and you business. Take charge of your attitude. Think winner and you can be a winner.

Even, if I am totally wrong, you must agree that it has to be better to think ‘I am a winner’ than thinking consistently that you are a loser. So step up the game inside you. Be the boss of you. I suggest being a benevolent one, but a boss none the less. Keep your promises to yourself and others. Trump didn’t make it on his own, even if he tells you that. Others helped. With Trump it began with his dad.

A Rising Tide Floats The Whole Boat And All Those In It

It takes collaborating and negotiating to get ahead. Even the worst examples of the most successful need others to get ahead. They may not acknowledge them or give them the credit they are due, but they would not have made it without collaborations and partnerships. So model and adopt the finest qualities and characteristics and leave the not so nice ones alone. Find the best and leave the worst.

One of the finest books to read and re-read is ‘Think And Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. In it he discusses the need for having certainty, being unstoppable, making your dreams come true AND how it is easier and more likely when you cultivate a winning personality, add value to others and go the extra mile first. Your wealth and your value will be determined by how many people you help in life.

Celebrate and co-operate with those around you. Read the book, if you haven’t. Re-read it if you have! You can be, do and have anything you want. If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it because we become what we think about day in and day out. You attitude does determine your altitude! Become unstoppable. This blog post isn’t really about Trump or the candidates. It isn’t meant to be political. It is all about you, me and who we become. Be the best you, you can be! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight each moment just because!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Did You Know You Could Do This And Everything Would Change?


“Why do you have difficulty manifesting what you want? If you read how to do it, it should be easy, right? For some, it seems utterly, ridiculously simple. They get what they want and when. Plus, why is it so much easier to bring about what you do not want? Producing drama and crap is not a problem at all. Why is this the case?

People are powerful. YOU are incredibly powerful. You and I have more energy in us than we can ever know. We can think nearly anything we can imagine into existence. We can, except we are dissipated, diluted and doubtful. We are unfocused. We are wishy washy and at times downright negative.

If your thoughts were aimed like a laser beam you might more instantly, easily manifest. As it is, you and I think a couple thoughts about what we want, a dozen or so thoughts about how the coffee is bad, another few hundred on drivers being stupid, and we fret and worry and doubt about everything else. We criticize and complain.

Affirm Assert And Declare! See And Say What You Want

We gossip and criticize. We fear the worst and we think negatively more than we think positively. Think of it this way, if you aren’t thinking positive what exactly are you thinking? Science says we think upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day and most of them are the same ones we thought previous days. We are patterned, habitual thinkers.

If we want our life to change than we must change most of our thoughts that are the same ones we have been habitually thinking. These are destructive thoughts, useless thoughts, petty thoughts along with our belief clusters or paradigms. We can’t expect things to be different and still keep doing things the same old way. That IS the definition of insanity, you may recall.

We give away all our energy constantly through out the day instead of it being concentrated. We have so much power but experience so little of it. Water run through a small opening at high speed can cut diamond but water poured from a glass merely gets things wet. Our thoughts aren’t governed. Our scales aren’t tipped in favor of the positive. I’ll come back to how we determine this in a bit.

Visualize The Good You Want In Your Life As Happening Now

How we use our energy, how concentrated and focused we are determines what we get in return. Napoleon Hill stated our Definite Chief Aim must become like white hot steel desire. It should become so hot it is white hot. That is way more than normal hot. We need concentrated desire and powerful dedicated faith.

Imagine bouncing a ball off the wall. It will come back to you with the same force you threw it at the wall. This is the Law of Cause and Effect which states ‘for every action (cause) there is an equal and opposite reaction (effect)’. If you hurl it at the wall it will hurl back at you. If you lob it there it may hardly make it back to you.

Your intention determines what you get back. Your results reflect back what is mostly on your mind. They actually show what you think about most and how you think about it. You become what you think about. You bring about what you think about. What you focus on expands. From within so without.

The Equal And Opposite Effect Is What Returns To You

KEEP THIS IN MIND! What you focus on expands. What you believe IS precisely what you see. What you believe, see, say and feel IS what you get. The rest is filtered out or ignored. You manifest what you predominantly hold in your mind. So your outer circumstances reflect what you think about on the inside. From within so without.

This is part of how we determine whether we are mostly positive or mostly negative. Your results show what you have been thinking about up until now. Your results or circumstances are the result of your previous habitual thinking. Your previous thoughts have brought you to where you are today.

Your thoughts today will determine where you will be and what you will have tomorrow. Your present thoughts dictate your future circumstances. Change your thinking and ultimately you will change your results. IT may not happen over night, which is what everyone hopes for, but it will happen. Gradually, it will happen.

Live With Passion Live With Joy Live With Bliss

Because most of your thoughts are haphazard or leaning to the negative YOU determine the life you lead. YOUR thinking determines the life you life. What you fear and anticipate most you bring about. What you worry about and dread about you attract. Combine that with sometimes thinking some positive thoughts and you have a mix. A wishy washy mix of okay, not great.

So which is larger and has more mass? Is it  your positive ball of energy or your negative ball of energy? REMEMBER and realize that whatever IS NOT positive IS NOT POSITIVE. BUT you can change it by taking hold of your thinking, getting it under your own control and thinking more positive more of the time. This you can do! All humans are capable of this barring neurological damage.

THIS is why it takes time. How you can make it easier and accelerate it?  Pay attention to your feelings. Whenever you are not feeling wonderful, your best, or positive then you are thinking and feeling negative or less than glorious. DO whatever positive action, mental or physical for yourself, within reason and for the good of all, that helps you feel better. Feeling good results in more feeling good!

You Bring About What You Think And Feel About – Feel Great

Walk, exercise, sing, enjoy a good meal or fun movie. Take a bath, get a massage, read inspirational material. Do whatever you can to feel, in the least, a bit better. Use feelings as your indicator. Feeling great you are thinking great. Feeling blah your thoughts are blah. Feeling down, mad or negative your thoughts are negative. You want your thoughts and feelings positive most of the time.

The better you feel the faster and easier you change. The quicker you transform your circumstances. Remember, if you don’t like what you have and where you are at you must change something. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. You cannot keep doing the same things routinely and expect anything to be different. You must make it different to have it different!

That is the Law Of Cause and Effect. The same amount of energy you put into it is what you will get back. If you lob the ball it will return in kind. Have fun, get excited, be thrilled, stop worrying and fretting about circumstances, trust it will all work out. Be focused on what you want. Be passionate, white hot, and your life will transform. You will be delighted and surprised. SO celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make this day extra special!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Live Up To Your Full Potential! Accept Nothing Less!!

horizons what-about-now-phil-koch

“Imagine you were born prince or princess in line to be king or queen. What messages do you suppose you would get from birth on? Perhaps, you’d hear, ‘You descended from a royal, entitled bloodline’. ‘You are different and better than everyone else’. ‘You are destined to greatness’.  All because you were born to the right parents.

‘You can be, do and have everything you want’. ‘You are wealthy and powerful’. ‘Your world is your oyster’. Imagine hearing messages like this again and again. Imagine begin told ‘price is no objec’; that ‘you have everything within you’; that ‘you are special just because you are special’. ‘You are a have and not a have not’.

Imagine you received these as healthy messages and did not become an incredible snob.  Imagine the messages royalty and the privileged and the wealthy have received from birth on. What must it be like to grow up like that? I explore this concept with no first hand experience. It is all conjecture.

You Are Where Your Thought Have Brought You

Whether you grew up in royal families in European. Middle Eastern or Asian countries or as one of the privileged, American blue blood, silver spooners you’d have access to the best of everything. You’d enjoy the best food, clothes, homes, cars, schools, medicine, vacations, career paths, elite and powerful friends and connections.

You’d be exposed to the best and cost would never be a consideration. You’d grow up much differently than most of the world’s children. Stay on the healthy side of this, if all the messages and experiences were healthy and one grew up well adjusted what an incredible experience this would be.

While it is no guarantee the child will grow up healthy, of sound mind and body, and not wholly screwed up by that burden, keep considering the positive side to this upbringing. Those who have never been there can criticize and it may be apt to do so. Still, imagine, if you will, the powerful, positive messages one gets.

The powerful and the rich; the blue bloods wherever they are from, set themselves apart. They live and think and and behave differently. They feel different. Perhaps, they are, they have intermarried for centuries.

You Will Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

It is how they think about themselves, the world and opportunity that is critical to our understanding. They believe they are entitled to the best of everything and that they can and will have it. Most likely they don’t wonder if they can do or have something.

They don’t question if can afford it, or if it is possible or even likely. If they want it they get it. Why? Because that is who they are and what they are capable of. This is WHY the rich and the poor ARE different.  They think differently. They have different sets of assumptions, beliefs, concerns.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They think and feel and behave differently. They expect things to take place. They don’t question these will  happen. They believe without doubt or hesitation because, maybe, they never ever had to. They are used to getting what they want.

These are grossly oversimplified generalizations, you understand, There are always exceptions to every generalization BUT do you get it? How we were raised determines part of our future course. How we view the world and ourselves is important! We either highly value and believe in ourselves or we don’t.

We think of the world as either a rich, wonderful, abundant place or we don’t. It is either a place of plenty or one of lack. There is more to go around or there isn’t. People can have anything they want or they can’t. You can make anything happen or you aren’t able to. Whatever you believe determines how you live and move in the world.

Before you go and blame the universe for not birthing you  into a royal blood line realize, in fact, that you were. You are a one of the royals. The royals are only so called royal because they declared it when they gained power. Those who became leaders from different tribes set themselves apart from others and then only married other leaders offspring from other tribes. It was economics. It was power.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

They believed it was necessary to preserve their kind. BUT we are all star children. We all come from the same big bang. Truly, we are all made of the same stuff! Everything is made from the same stuff! We live inside a close but every expanding universe. Nothing is added or taken away.

Race, religion, nationality, politics, economy, blood lines are all human made. They do not exist apart from human beings. Classification is a human activity. So is inclusion and exclusion. There is really no such thing except we have made them real because we think they are real. These aren’t. These are fiction.

So stop blaming your parents, teachers, friends, peers, circumstances, events, strangers and life in general for not dealing you a better hand realize it doesn’t matter. Whatever your lot; whatever you starting point; we are all made of the same stuff and the same universal laws govern us equally. No one is better than another for any reason. All reasons are simply human justifications.

The rich and poor are both subject to gravity. Electricity works the same way for both of them. It rains and shines on rich and poor. The universe doesn’t make the distinctions humans make. Neither does your brain. Your brain and the universe simply say ‘yes’. They don’t judge, discriminate or evaluate.

You Become What You Think About All Day Long

If you think you are stupid and can’t do anything your brain and the universe will agree. Actually, so will I and probably many others. If you think you are smart and capable to learn anything and can do anything you put your mind to the universe and your brain will go yes. EVEN if I, and others, were to disagree.

So you got some less than glorious messages. Big deal! SO did the young kings and queens. They may have gotten more positive messages, in some regards, but I am sure it is not all a cake walk. It probably is pretty tough growing up in some of those shadows. So it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you stop believing less than glorious messages you may have received. Start believing, and living from, positive powerful messages you could have received. Live from power and glory not weakness and ineptitude. Imagine living as a kind or queen, become an emperor in your own mind. Live it! Do it!

Become a benevolent, humble ruler of your own life and adopt the best of all possible worlds. Live large and remain kind. Let no thought prevent you from positive action that benefits and is good for all. Be the person you want to be. Live as you want to live.

What You Think About You Bring About

You don’t have to take anything from anyone else, there is more than enough. The universe IS abundant.  So dream big and live large. Make room in your mind to be, do and have anything you want and then make it happen. Create it. It may take a while to get it but so what. If you really wanted it you would already be doing it.

Stop living from less than productive messages. Stop creating problems for yourself. Realize you are worthy, you are royal, you are in charge, you are deserving, you are exceptional. You are magnificent!  Why think anything less of yourself? You can be positive, powerful, humble and kind.

The incredible you I am describing already embodies that kind of understanding. The incredible you is more loving, peaceful, accepting, kind, and generous. You are rich but not a snob. You are powerful but not corrupted. You embody positive traits and values.

Imagine being the kind of wonderful person YOU WERE BORN TO BE. Imagine that your true nature has been obscured from you and it is your quest to discover the real you, the true you. You can and will and do find it within. Open your mind and your heart to who you already are and affirm it. Assert it and declare it.

What You Say Is What You Get

“I AM.” “I Have”. Two of the most powerful statements in language. Whatever follows each is what your reality will be. YOU determine this no matter where you come from. No matter what you past or you upbringing are. You decide who you are and what you have and what you will do. IT is all your responsibility and it has always been that way.

So who are you? Who do you claim to be? Victim or victor? Loser or Winner? Beggar or Emperor? Sick or Healthy? Lonely or Loving? Hateful or Peaceful? You determine it by your thoughts. What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

If they aren’t moving you forward, if they aren’t positive and productive, then they probably are not serving you very well. If you aren’t getting what you want, if your circumstances are messy then check your thinking and fix it.

From within so without. From above so below. Thinking precedes action.  Your thinking makes it so. Who are you? What are you capable of? What will you accomplish? What do you want? How can you benefit yourself and others? What good can you bring to the world?

Speak Only To Bless Heal And Prosper

When will you start? You decide. Because the decision is yours and yours alone. Will it be easy or hard because it will be whatever you decide it will be. If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.  Your brain and the universe will agree with whatever decision you make. You will attract whatever you want or don’t want.

That IS how it works. So get with it. Understand how it works and then determine to use it wisely to make it work for you. You can’t violate or change the laws of gravity but you can learn how to use it to your benefit. Do the same with the law of attraction. Put it to good use and it will always do good by you.” Rex Sikes

It is another incredible day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It Is So Sad You Haven’t A Clue About All The Cool Things You Can Do: Stop Missing Out!

horizons silence-phil-koch

“What is potential?  The dictionary defines it as, ‘latent qualities that may be developed in the future; having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future’. Okay, so where does potential reside? The answer, based on the definition must be, within you!

Within you are latent qualities, that must already exist, if they are to be developed in the future. Thus, you already have everything you need to be happy and successful, right now! They are in you only they are latent.

The dictionary defines latent as, ‘existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden; concealed; lying dormant or hidden until circumstances are suitable for development or manifestation’. Some of the synonyms are: untapped, hidden, resting, undiscovered, unused, unrealized.

Invisible Means You Don’t See What Is Actually There

You are already that which you seek. Everything is right there within you. You need add nothing to you. Circumstances must be suitable for development or manifestation. What does that mean? Typically, it means things must suck enough for you to need to release them.

Yes, that is right. We need to be challenged in order to let them out. Why, who knows? It just seems that throughout history humans have needed to face the worst in order to find their best. Some must bottom out. Then they rise up more mightily than ever.

Napoleon Hill in his study of over 500 hundred of the, then, most successful people in the world found this to be almost a prerequisite to great success. Those that rose to the highest pinnacles did so on the heels of their largest disasters.

I guess this means we should not fear defeat. We should welcome challenges because within them, as Hill states, is the ‘seed of opportunity’. Should we seek hardship, no not at all, but we should recognize that when it comes we have opportunity to develop and grow into something great.

We are tested and shaped and fashion in the fire. We are made stronger by conquering our fears and woes. We can learn and we can excel and become more than we ever dreamed possible by facing and going through the tough times.

Never Fear Adversity

So will we? Will all of us? Sadly, that answer must be no. No, not all of us. Why not? Because some just won’t. Those who do will learn from their mistakes. They will use what they learn to launch them in the direction they need to go to succeed. Some others will wallow and blame and accept temporary defeat as permanent.

No one has to buckle under it, yet some will. The question is, will you? Will I? Will we let circumstances triumph over us or shall we triumph over circumstances? What is it going to be? Who is the master of their fate and the captain of their soul?

Is it you? Will you decide now to not let anything stop you on the road to being your best? Because if you decide to take charge and stop blaming the world and others and anything and everything else, and seek to find the best within you to release, you will discover something so incredible and wonderful and amazing. You will discover YOU!

Potential. Everything you need is already within you! It is right there inside. It is closer than your breath. There is NO thing, there is NOTHING that needs to be added to you. You are already that. This is the meaning of ‘I am that I am’.

Claim It – What You Say Is What You Get

I am all things. I am whatever is necessary at any moment. I am whatever I say I am. I have whatever I say I  have. It is my declaration that makes the difference. If I say it so it shall be. I am that I am. I declare and assert my power to be. I declare and assert my power to do and to have.

I am confident. I am strong. I am fearless. I am loving. I am kind. I am gentle. I am happy. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am elegant. I am beautiful. I am magnificent. I am powerful. I am intelligent. I am willing. I am persistent. I am able to learn. I am a learner. I am able to learn to do anything I put my mind to. I am capable. I am talented…

When you plant a seed everything that seed will become is already within the seed. NOTHING is actually added to it. The coding is there. SO if you plant corn you get corn. If you plant oak trees you get oak trees. That mighty oak, everything about it is contained in the seed.

When you plant a seed, it grows in darkness to become what it is destined to become. You have faith that it will grow. You cannot push it to grow or force it to grow faster. You have to wait and have faith that it will. Faith is the belief that it will become; That it already is all that it will be in the future. That it will be.

One day that oak may be forty feet tall. Everything that mighty oak, becomes was all right there in the seed. In the same way everything you are, and are yet to become, is contained within you.

Faith And Trust Release The Miracles

You are already that which you are destined to become. If you look within in, and explore it you may find it. You may find your true nature. So seek within. It is from within you that you create and manifest everything.

It is your thoughts and your feelings that run everything. You are either positive and powerful and capable or not. You either are a deliberate intentional creator or you are not. You are either moving forward or you are not.

IT is quite simple. You are already everything you need and know it or you do not know it yet. If you don’t know it yet, it is time to discover it. It is time to learn everything about it so you can release it from within you. Don’t wait or put it off another day. Do it now.

Look within. Develop the goodness within you. Seek and you shall find. Once you discover you already have everything you will unleash a potent, positive, power that will amaze, delight and excite you.  It is beyond anything you know.

You will unleash a force to be reckoned with. For some it will happen quickly, for others it may happen slowly. It takes time for seeds to grow so you may have to be patient BUT it will happen. Everything will start becoming different when you do.

Seek And You Will Absolutely Find

Life will become so much more wonderful. Will there still be tough times? Sure there will. You won’t look for them but when they come you will rise up to meet them. You will understand they are there and it is your opportunity to grow and become better.

Situations are what they are. ‘It is what it is’ but you become better through it. Your find within, whatever you need to make things better. You have all the resources. Each challenge is an opportunity to discover and learn something new. To find a new resource or ability within you.

So chose now. Either live as an emperor or a beggar; A champion winner or a loser; A victor or a victim. Because if you have everything within you and you live as anything other than the best it is no one’s fault but your own. Do not let this be any longer.

Decide to claim it. You are already that. The little oak seed doesn’t know one day it will stand 40 feet tall. You may not know your true potential yet, but you are far more than a tiny oak seed. If you can’t see it yet, start affirming it. Start claiming it. Start visualizing it as though you already do know it fully. Own it. Make it your own.

Everyone, myself included, keeps saying it over and over and over again so that during one of the repetitions it may get through to you. You are more powerful than you realize. Everything that you have or don’t have is your responsibility. You have been creating all along and getting whatever results you have been getting.

If You Want To Find It Look Where It Is

ONLY, until you recognize that and take full responsibility, things will remain the same. ONCE you take responsibility and decide to deliberately create only what you want then everything will change. EVERYTHING! It is all up to you, each and every moment, always! It is always you decision. AND YOU always have the power to chose.

Discover now the incredible person you already are. Discover the magnificent future that already exists for you, waiting, for you to release it. Discover the potential that resides within. Yes, it is released through difficulty but it is also released when you decide to begin to release it.

These blog pages, the countless books, audios, thought leader speeches and presentations through history point you in the direction of you. Read these blog pages, study the thoughts of the new thought leaders and the science of the mind. Get to know yourself and don’t waste another minute.

The wisdom of the ages holds a mirror up to the person in charge. Who is it you see when you look in that mirror? What is it you see? If you see anyone and anything less than extraordinary YOU are shortchanging yourself. Look within in, find and claim your power. Claim it today!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Become A Winner And Champion!

horizons water and golden sun

“How does one become a winner and a champion? What does it mean to live as an emperor? What is it like to be a victor? What do these people do differently than the rest of us? Are they different or special? Were they born this way? Can we learn to do what they do?

Yes, we can! That is the good news. The champion, the winner, the emperor, the victor determine and dictate the circumstances. They make the world conform to their idea. They begin with an image in their mind of what they want. They hold it, emotionalize it and bring it into being. They create the results they passionately desire.

They determine the outcome in advance. They use their mental faculties and mental powers and resources to create the life they want to live. They don’t make excuses, they don’t blame, they don’t rely on anyone else. They decide and they make it happen.

They focus each day, they affirm, they develop habits that support them. The learn how to concentrate and focus their attention and put their energy only on the good they desire. They think positive, feel positive and know that what they hold in their mind will be a reality. They know they will manifest what they want or better!

Without a doubt they bring it about. Doubt, fear and anxiety know no place in their being. Whenever they feel less than glorious they switch their focus and move back toward the glorious. They know that whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. So that is what they do.

They know that what you think about is what you become so they only think about the good they want to make happen. They focus on all the good they want to attract. The look for and find opportunity and advantage.

They know how to attract and work with other like minded people to create and manifest their burning desires. Just as positive thoughts flock together and create exponential power so do people. Together they make their dreams their reality. They create it!

Obstacles and challenges contain lessons from which they learn. Their mindset is strong as steel. Their faith unwavering and steady. Their commitment and persistence and spirit indomitable. The never quit but persist until what they hold in their mind is the reality they live.

They call the shots. They determine how the world will conform to them. Were they born this way? Absolutely not! They became this way through dedicated work on oneself. They focused their attention, gained control of their thoughts, their feelings and their actions and made these work for them.

They conditioned themselves by proper practice and spaced repetition. The visualized, they affirmed, they chanted their mantras. The developed belief in themselves and their abilities. They learned how to tap into their intuition and awareness. Everything they have they learned and developed.

The sowed the seeds, nurtured them and in time reaped the harvest. Having learned how they do it once, they did it again and again. Each win, each success building on each other. They transformed themselves into CAN Do people. The fashioned themselves into unstoppable deliberate creators.

The good news. It is not just them that can do this. Many are from poor backgrounds. Many uneducated. Some downright dumb. But they worked and transformed themselves. They made no excuses.

Not one of them is special or born into it. They are the same as you and I with one difference. They decided to do it for themselves. They made a decision and followed through. I bet there were many who dropped out along the way.

If any ONE can do it so can the rest of us. If anyone can do it so can you. Drop the excuses. Stop the whining and the complaining. Decide to take responsibility for yourself. Decide to become invincible. Live fully and live the life you want. Stop being a victim and become a victor! YOU CAN DO THIS! NOW IS THE TIME!” Rex Sikes

Delight all along the way!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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