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The Problem Is Lies Lies Lies Then More Lies And Excuses


“What is wrong in the world today? What is wrong in families? What is wrong in business? It seems everyone wants to pass the buck. No one wants to take responsibility. Politicians lie and blame each other. So do families, corporations and we blame each other on Facebook.

There is so much lost, wasted time focused on what is wrong, who is wrong, why they are wrong,  and what they did that screwed it up. It is never ‘my fault’ it is always someone else’s fault. Seems ‘the buck never stops here, at ‘me’. We need to rethink what is occurring.

We need to own up. ‘Man’ up. We need to use those balls for good reason. We need to be accountable. Be responsible. We need to act with integrity and steel will. Enough with the reasons, the excuses, the pointing fingers. Time to say, ‘what happens is always up to me.’

Do What Is Right – Not  What Is Easy – Act With Integrity

I wrote about keeping your word. Your word should be enough. People should know you are a person of integrity and that you always follow through on what you say you will do. Why did I write about that? Because it is an important topic especially at this time.

Politicians make promises but it appears we have become so jaded we don’t expect them to actually carry the promises out. In fact, we say, ‘all politicians lie and can’t be trusted’. WOW that is a sad state of affairs. Why do we even tolerate that for a second? But we do.

I believe all politicians should be held accountable for the representations they make, on or off camera, in ads and elsewhere. There should be consequences for misleading. We should have zero tolerance for lying. The same applies to our fellow man and woman.

Integrity Is Measured By Conduct Not By Promises – Talk Is Cheap

We should be held to our word. No excuses. No complaints. No cop-outs, blames or whines allowed. We should all be accountable and responsible. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard not a lessor one. We should walk the high road, less traveled. Few do.

We should keep our verbal contracts. We should operate with integrity. We should be honest and forthright. We should go the extra mile. Do what few others do! That would sets us apart in this day and age. You want to be valued and deemed worthy?

Then make yourself valuable and worthy. Stay positive. Be optimistic. Be responsible and be accountable. Be true to who you are and be true to the word you give. Don’t play politics. Let go of blaming others and the world. End the excuses and complaints.

Integrity Is When What You Say And What You Do Are Aligned

Start owning up. Start taking action. Start making good things happen for you and others. Develop the reputation for honesty, integrity, loyalty and great service. Help others. Be generous. Give of yourself. Help make the world better. If you do, you too will get back.

What goes around comes around. You will find yourself attracting a higher caliber of people. The right people will flock to you. What you sow you will reap. You will begin attracting better people, events and circumstances. Your life will improve when you improve on you.

It works that way. Be glad. Be happy. Become filled with gratitude. You will delight more and discover more. When your word is law you will find the Red Sea parting for you. Not because of luck but because of your will and your attitude. You become unstoppable!

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Keep Your Word

When you have backbone and will and followthrough. When you take action. When you believe in yourself enough to keep your commitments you become invincible. Your word becomes THE law. You begin to change things. You rock your world! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Suck If You Can’t Keep This! You Really Do!


“Want to ruin a romance fast? What to destroy a business relationship? Are you tired of keeping family and friends around? Want to lose a few? Do this and you will. Many have already? It is simple to drive people away. Harder if you want to keep them.

Do you ever make promises? Do you keep your commitments? Are you known as a trustworthy and reliable person? I am sure you’d like to think so, but are you? Do you stand by your word? Is your word your bond? Is your word law? If not, you absolutely want it to be.

I don’t have to point out how aggravating it is to receive promises from family, friends or businesses and expect them to honor their word only to have them not deliver on it. I don’t have to do that, do I? It sucks, right? Does it make you like them better? I bet not! Right?

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Stay True

Do you feel like believing them the next time? How many times have you been repeatedly burned by the same person or business? What do you ultimately do? Are they gaining any good will from you? Have you cut some off. Have you said, ‘never again!’ Maybe to some, right.

‘My word is my bond. My word is law’. You are only as good a person and reliable as you word is true.  Your promise is your word. It is your commitment. Your word is a contract. You and I make verbal contracts all day long. Do you honor them is the question? Do you?

If you say you will be somewhere or do something, do you? If you promise to deliver then do it. Keep your agreement. If you say Friday you will do it or have it done that is a promise that you will have it done on Friday. If you don’t deliver on Friday your word is not good!

Never Make A Promise You’re Not 100% Committed To Fulfill

You are only as good and as valuable to others as the agreements you keep. Most people, want the people they associate with, in their family, friends, relationships, business and elsewhere to be honest, loyal, trustworthy and reliable or dependable. We value these!

We want to be able to take you at your word and hold you to your it. If we can’t count on you, if we aren’t able to rely on you, if you fail to come through and deliver as you say you will, of what use or value are you to us? No use! Because you betray the trust we place in you.

If you say you will do something. DO IT! That is the honorable thing to do. Your word is your bond. Your word should be law. Your word should actually mean something. If it doesn’t I don’t want much to do with you. I may like you but I can’t count on you. I don’t trust you.

Respect My Time – Match My Effort – Keep Your Word – Be Honest

So I may like you but you aren’t anyone I could recommend to others. Think business. Think networking. Think jobs. Do you want to refer someone to others who you know will let them down. Of course, you don’t! It would bite you in the ass. It would reflect poorly on you.

You may have a family member like this. You love them with your whole heart and soul but you can’t count on them for anything. What to do about them? Nothing. You can’t do anything until they begin to value their commitments, their word and their relationships.

If you state ‘I’ll try to get it done by Friday’ you are wishy-washy and not deserving of the trust of anyone. Yes,I know this is hard-core. The point is your word is your bond. Your word is either 100% valid or not. If it’s only 50% valid or 8o% valid who can rely on you?

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word 

If you don’t honor your word why should anyone else? Why should anyone trust or rely or think you will deliver? They shouldn’t. We shouldn’t! Yes, I know there are times when you are over extended and you don’t want to commit to anything. It’d be better if you don’t.

Don’t say you will try only to disappoint someone else. Better to not say anything at all. Of course, that is difficult, but if you can’t keep your word don’t act as if you will. Better to pick a time when you know you can and will deliver and give them that date and time.

There are two people in the world most important to keep your word with. The first is YOU! You should always do what you say you will do. Keep your promise to yourself. If you say you are going to clean your desk Monday morning then do it. Keep your word!

A Promise Means Everything Once Broken Sorry Means Nothing

You are worth keeping your word with. You deserve respect. You are worthy of following through on your own promises to yourself. Make intentions. Keep them clear and simple and commit to them. Don’t say you will do things and then not follow through.

That is bad practice. Develop good habits. Make the task bite size if you must but do it. The second person absolutely critical to keep your word with is THE OTHER PERSON. Whomever you give your word to, friend, foe or stranger KEEP IT! Keep your promises.

Don’t be childish. Some people will argue that ‘I said I would do it but I didn’t promise’.  Because they didn’t utter the word promise they think that lets them off the hook. It doesn’t. Your word IS your verbal contract. If you say, ‘I will’ you promised you will. Not maybe but will.

Integrity Is The Most Valued And Respected Quality Of Leadership

Your word is either valuable or worthless to yourself and others. Keep your commitments. Keep your appointments. Be on time. Get  known as a person who delivers. Become known as someone who can be relied on.  Develop that reputation. Treat yourself well!

Because when you do you become a person of great value to others. You become indispensable in business. You stand out from all the rest. Your word is law. You are known to keep it. You are trustworthy. You make yourself indispensable. You are valuable!

Remember your word is gold. Every promise you make is a verbal contract. Keep it with yourself and others. If you can’t keep your word don’t give your word. Build the habit of being reliable. Great things can come about when you truly begin to value your own word! Practice keeping it and succeed! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Fill each moment with fun.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over And End Self-Sabotage Forever!

Horizons through-and-through-phil-koch

“Do you ever feel that despite your best, even your strongest, intentions, that some how you screw up? You go counter to what you want. You somehow sabotage your own efforts? Ever feel like that? You want to do something, but you don’t, or you do the opposite?

Here is a real life example of an important principle. I took some things to my son’s school this morning. While returning home I decided that at a particular intersection I would go straight to avoid traffic that was sure to be down the road to the east.

I drove thinking about upcoming meetings and activities. I got to the intersection turned right and headed east. Immediately, I became aware that I did not do as I had hoped and intended. Instead of going straight I automatically went home the way I normally would.

You Know More Than You Think You Do – Trust Yourself

I chuckled and thought okay, traffic or not here I come. I patted myself on the back for doing what I normally do automatically and suggested to myself to co-operate with the intentions I wish to set. BTW, there wasn’t any traffic. It was completely clear.  A surprise.

I realized that even while I intended to set a new course to avoid traffic my brain took me the old way, anyway. Here is the important point I am endeavoring to make. My brain did not sabotage me. It did what it normally does. It did the right thing! It took the normal route.

In spite of my intention it did what it reliably does. It was working as it was supposed to. I could get upset and angry and think that my intentions had been thwarted by a belligerent subconscious but that is not the case. It followed neural pathways and habits. It was good.

You Already Work Perfectly Well – Stop Fighting Yourself

It IS good! Many people buy into the notion of self sabotage. That is not the case at all. The sabotage explanation is not the most beneficial, nor useful, nor accurate description of what is occurring.. BUT it  does serve to fill therapist offices and sell lots of books.

We are not enemies of ourselves. Unless you believe you are. If you have that belief, change it. Our brain looks for supporting evidence for whatever we believe and think. You’ ll find examples for whatever you believe. Believe things that support and uplift you.

Sabotage is a label or description of a process. It is calling a process a thing. It is a judgement. If you remove the judgement and see the process for what it is, or what they are, then you understand there is no malevolent intent by your inner self. It is all good and all friendly.

Accept Yourself – Believe In Yourself – Realize You Are Amazing

Your inner child does not hate you! Your subconscious isn’t trying to screw you over. Get it? We are dealing with processes that run outside of our conscious awareness. They are reliable, predictable even. They run like clockwork because that is what we learned to do.

When we decide to change that is a new conscious decision. It is not unconscious yet. It is a new thought about what you want to do. You need to make this intention unconscious if you want to change. You need for your subconscious mind to GET the new intention!

Once it GETS IT, once it understands it, it becomes the new way to be. Obviously, your subconscious isn’t getting it the same way you understand things. It doesn’t work that way. It works by conditioning, repetition, exposure, deliberate practice to get it.

Start Trusting Yourself And You Will Know How To Live

It isn’t intellectual knowledge as when you go, ‘AHHHH okay, I get it.’ That is something entirely different. You get the point, the story, the joke but your unconscious doesn’t understand language that way. This is why feelings are so important in programming your mind.

My conscious intention was to do something else. I intended to go straight but while lost in thought I did what I normally would do. There’s no one to blame. Here’s the lesson: If I had wanted to go straight for certain, I needed to pay more attention to the process.

I needed to deliberately and consciously attend to my driving and my intentions. Even then, I may have had to override the tendency to turn. Who knows? To make sure I did what I wanted to I had to work the process. I had to be alert. I had to make it a matter of will.

Cooperation Is The Key – Cooperate With Yourself 

Do you understand where I am going with this? My brain didn’t foul me up or try to harm or prevent me from succeeding in going straight. It did what it was conditioned to do. Thank goodness because that is what we want our brains to do! Our brains work.

I wanted to change things but I didn’t insure I was attentive to the process. So the brain did what it always does. Hooray! Thank goodness for that. All is good. I learned, I need to pay more attention. I honored, myself for working perfectly. Hooray,  Hooray!

Our subconscious is like a huge ship and its power system, the engine. Our conscious mind is like the rudder. The rudder turns the ship. If you want to steer the ship you have to keep at the steering of it until, and after, it is going in the direction you want. You keep at it.

If You Realized How Powerful Your Thoughts Are …

Most people want to change but don’t do what it requires to change. They have been conditioned to be lazy, to want it easy, to have someone do it for them. If you want changes YOU have to make them and keep practicing them until they are yours forever.

It is a win/win. Here is the understanding I hope you derive. When we set goals and go after what we want we are using our conscious mind. If we want to be more happy, confident, relaxed or make more money, buy a new car or whatever it might be. We set it consciously.

Since that is the new change we want to make we need to focus on it and be sure we do what we intend to. Otherwise, we may discover ourselves doing as we had always done. No sabotage just prior chronic habitual conditioning playing out. Be happy to be aware!

… You Would Never Think A Negative Thought

Instead, of fighting yourself or blaming, learn to befriend yourself and co-operate with yourself. Love and honor yourself for working perfectly well. Yes, you ran the old conditioning yet again, but in time, with awareness you will change it. Keep at it! You’ll do it!

Eventually, the new program will take hold and become as automatically reliable as the old programming. Get it? So whether it is taking control of your mindset and thinking more positive thoughts or feeling happy more of the time you will as you keep at it.

Correct repetition is how we lay down the new neural pathways and habits. Yes, we need to do it enough times, and long enough, in order to wire it in. Just as we learned to do anything. Celebrate that you know you can change if you will stick with it. This is great news!

You Can Make Your Dreams Come True – Trust Your Subconscious

It may require some strong will power at times. That is a good thing, We all can stand to be stronger. After all, life offers many different experiences for us to grow and develop from. Enjoy, accept and allow everything. It is perfect, after all, if you decide it is. It IS!

You can change your beliefs and attitudes to be powerful and positive. You can feel joyous and delighted much more often. You can learn new skills and behaviors you have always wanted to and you can get the results and things you desire. This is excellent news!

If you are learning to Pay Yourself First, and Save and Invest, if you are learning your money management skills and it seems difficult at first, that is okay. Your prior programming wants to keep doing what it has always done to serve you. YOU are the one changing things.

Accept Yourself – Love Yourself – Be Good To Yourself – Enjoy You

Stick with it and you will make the changes. You are training your brain that you want these new thoughts and feelings and behaviors. Your brain will get it eventually. You just have to stick with it until it does. Once it becomes the new habit it is yours forever. Hooray!

Lighten up. Believe you can and you will. Your brain will support you in that. IT is your friend. It is time you become your brain’s friend. The same goes for your body. Befriend yourself! Love yourself. Feel gratitude and appreciation for everything there is!

You will discover an immense new, wonderful world open up to you. As you stop blaming and start appreciating how you actually work from the inside everything will get easier. You will find greater cooperation between your intentions and inner processes. Respect, honor, and love yourself for how you work and for being you. Accept yourself through and through. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What will you do today to make it marvelous?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals How To Handle And Prevent Trust Issues

horizons bobs-pier-phil-koch

“You know how it feels when you trust someone; you take a person at their word, you expect them to follow through and they don’t. You feel hurt, angry or betrayed. At the least you feel disappointed and let down? I bet you have a discussion with yourself. Am I right?

Welcome to Part 20 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 21 tomorrow. Let’s go!

You blame that person. Perhaps, you vow to never again give your trust away. Right? Perhaps. It is hard to trust and be let down. It does nothing to improve relationships. A promise is broken no matter how big or small and people and relationships are affected by that.

Trust Is Like An Eraser It Gets Smaller After Every Mistake

Trust is defined simply as able to be relied upon, honest, truthful, dependable. We want people we trust to be these things and more. In return we may give our faith, our hopes, our respect. We may depend on them to carry through. We put great value on trust.

There are two people we need to be able to trust. The first is ourself. We need to keep our commitments or promises to ourself. We need to follow through on what we say to ourself and others. It we plan to clean our home or office then we should be sure to do it.

We have a relationship with ourself in a similar way that we have relationships to others. We are a person, we are important. We should love and respect ourselves. Too many don’t love themselves enough, sadly, while some others do, perhaps, too much.

How Can Anyone See How Awesome You Are If You Can’t See It

We should have a loving, kind, wonderful relationship on the inside. We should feel good about who we are. We should know we are a good person and worthy of good things. We ought to have a loving relationship with ourself and our self esteem should be high.

Our self image is important, as is our self talk. If you let yourself down, break your promises to yourself you are not treating yourself well. Why should you cause you to suffer a hit to your self image or self esteem? Why be disappointed in you? Stop. Don’t. Love, instead.

You feel better when you follow through. When you make a resolution keep it. Make a point to keep it. All day long we say to ourselves things we need or want to do. THEN do them. If it is realistic, possible, do-able and needs to be done – DO IT!

Trust = Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Keep your word to you! Don’t make excuses or blame. Don’t try to con yourself just keep your word if you give your word. Don’t play this game either. I knew children, when little, who would say this, ‘Uh huh, it doesn’t count. I didn’t say I promise in front of it.’ Stop!

If you say you will do something to or for yourself or another THAT IS THE SAME as saying you promise. If you say,’ I’ll get milk on the way home for you.’ Then do it! It is a promise. Someone is expecting you to follow through. Please understand this.

Whenever you don’t act according to your word you let someone down. Either yourself, others or both. Let your word be golden. It will improve your life, your relationship with you and with others. It will. You will learn and benefit in so many ways.

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word

Commitment and the will to do is one of the great powers you have available to you. Some never tap into this power because they never leave their comfort zone, they aren’t too greatly challenged, they don’t keep their word or for a variety of other reasons.

Claim your power to follow through and you will find your life transforming. You get more done, will be more productive and learn how to get your goals and dreams. You benefit from being able to self start, or initiate and follow through. You complete!

When you are able to look back and check things off your list it feels good. You have an inner reward. When you keep your word and complete your tasks it feels good! Seek to reward yourself this way and your abilities and good feelings will increase greatly.

Silly Me – I Thought You Were Going To Do What You Said 

Make follow through a habit and personal change will get easier. Whatever you want to do with ease you must first do with diligence. You want to feel your best most of the time. This is another way to insure you do. Keep your promises to you and to others.

The other trust is with others. They need to be able to trust you and you them. I like to keep things simple. Trust is earned and given. To be considered trustworthy one must behave in a consistent manner and keep one’s word. Be sure you are always trustworthy.

Is it possible others will let you down? Of course. No matter how many times one has faithfully proven themselves it is possible. Should this happen you need to gather information at that time, to communicate effectively and discover why.

We Improve Relationships By Encouraging Not Criticizing

Make whatever relationship considerations there are at that time. It is likely, if they have consistently demonstrated trustworthiness, to have some extenuating circumstances and good reasons for the let down but again that needs to be clarified.

Discuss what happened and why. We can’t expect someone  to ALWAYS  act consistently, can we? People are people and anything is possible. Make certain we aren’t placing people in impossibly difficult positions to maintain. This includes ourselves.

There will always be disappointments, get over it. Find the positive and focus on the 98% that has been good and will continue to be. Get over the small amount that never may. Most of what we experience, good or bad, is due to our attitude in the first place.

The One Thing You Can Give And Still Keep Is Your Word

Anything is possible, don’t be gullible. At the same time, mistakes happen, someone is bound to screw up or let you down at some point so don’t get bent our of shape over it. Have you ever let someone down?  Suck it, life happens. Stop being a whiner!

If you want trust. Go first. Be an exemplar role model. EVEN THEN you may not get it 100% of the time from others?  Celebrate the relationships you have and encourage the behaviors you desire. Nurture more of what you want in you and in others.

Encourage what you want to be repeated. Remain open, positive and expect good results. Don’t get out of whack when things happen to disappoint. Pick up and keep going. Your relationship with yourself and others are important. Care well for each. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Must Learn Patience For Happiness And Success

Horizon weed-road-phil-koch

“You seem to be doing everything correct but it just isn’t happening fast enough, right? You have worked hard but you aren’t seeing the results you expected. Maybe you are wondering if you ever will.

Welcome to Part 8 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. We continue on today. I hope you found the first 7 parts valuable. Ready, let’s go. Part 9 tomorrow.

Change can happen in an instant. IT CAN and it does. Most often it requires some time. How much time you might wonder? That is a great question, but useless. How much time does anything require?

Almost everything requires some time. Even microwaving your beverage takes time. It takes an apple tree, to grow from seed to a fruit bearing tree, a good amount of time. Learn to wait well.

Patience Is Not The Ability To Wait …

Change and personal development take some time. Illumination can occur in an instant. You suddenly, ‘get it’, it gels and all comes together. You have a ‘satori’ moment of enlightenment. An ‘aha’!

Instantaneous! Then living from that new awareness and perfecting it requires time. The skills you learn from this blog, many of them, only take a few minutes to learn. Maybe, five minutes at most.

Still, it can take a lifetime to master them. ‘Getting it’, that moment when everything comes together is an exciting moment. Living it can be joyous too. Now you are living the process and that takes time.

… Patience Is How You Act While Waiting

That means you are back living in ‘real’ time. Be patient. Be patient with yourself; be patient in your struggles; be patient with the changes occurring, they will, in time; be patient with others; and life.

Learn to be patient and accept what is. If you ‘got it’ then nurture the awareness and learn to accept and enjoy the process. Time passes more quickly when you are having fun, if you hadn’t noticed.

The more you enjoy all of the journey the more there is to enjoy. Your neurology opens up and you discover more bliss, you allow for more insights and ‘satori’ moments. You get so much more in return.

It Takes 6 Months To Build A Rolls Royce … 

More time presents you with the opportunity to gain experience; to repeat successes and learn what works. From challenges you learn to develop your talents and abilities so that they grow strong.

Just as your muscles grow stronger from opposition and rest so does your ability to be in charge of your own mind. That after all is the goal, take back possession of your own mind so it serves you!

When you mind serves you, instead of it, you discover that all things truly do work together for good. So you are more relaxed while you create and make good things happen. You enjoy all of it. ALL of it.

… It Takes 13 Hours To Build A Toyota

Lighten yourself up. Stop carrying a load of concern about when and if. Give that a rest. Drop it altogether. If you planted seeds the seeds will grow, you will get, eventually, the bountiful harvest. Trust!

There is nothing like trust or faith. It means you hold to it even when there is no visible presence of it. You believe in the invisible. Don’t be mistaken, it isn’t trust in someone or something else. It is in you.

You trust that what is planted will come to fruition. It is your mindset and your attitude. Just as forgiveness isn’t about the person you forgive but about you letting go of the hurt or injustice for self.

Faith Is Taking The First Step When You Can’t See The Entire Way

Faith is for and about you. It is part of being able to control your thoughts and determine what you will think, instead of being plagued by random thoughts and thoughts of doubt and worry.

You decide what to think and feel. Your thinking and feeling becomes deliberate and intentional. As you learn this your life and results will increase positively in so many incredible ways.

It will delight you and surprise you. Ultimately, you will get used to it and it will become your ‘new normal’. You will live from more joy and positivity. You will have up-leveled yourself and your life.

Have Patience All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

Pretty darn cool, if you ask me. You can attract fish using certain bait but you can’t make them bite. You just have to relax and let it happen. Let go of the result and enjoy the process. Relaxxxxxx.

If you dropped your line in the water that is all you can do. Take the analogy and realize if you have done your groundwork and planted seeds you will get back the kind of fruit from the seeds you planted.

If you plant corn you get corn. If you plant nightshade, a poison, you get nightshade. Whatever you plant determines what you get back. It will come about in the length of time it takes to manifest.

Just Because Something Doesn’t Seem To Be Happening Now …

A farmer knows when to plant, when to wait, when to add extra nourishment because environmental conditions change, and when to harvest. The farmer knows you can’t force anything.

Have faith. Trust and be patient. Your efforts will pay off. Enjoy the process. Gratitude is so important because you discover what there is right now to enjoy and appreciate. You can never be too grateful.

Continue with your daily diligence. Continue to gain mastery over your thinking and feeling. Remember, some things require a lifetime to master. Great artists are always improving their artistic talents.

… Doesn’t Mean It Never Will – It Will – Be Patient

They don’t get good and stop improving they continue as long as they live to master their art. The seek to grow and change and evolve. The same applies to learning how to change and transform.

The same applies to health, creating wealth and having happy and loving relationships. You don’t ‘do something’ once and then it is all taken care of. You live a healthy lifestyle in order to remain healthy.

You continue to invest and manage your money to remain wealthy. You continue to improve communication and loving behaviors to have long lasting satisfying relationships with family and lovers.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Keep heading in the same direction. Keep progressing you will get there. Trust it will happen and enjoy everything along the way. Make it a point to be completely involved and not miss any good thing.

You put your order in with the cosmic waitstaff now wait positively and patient. How you wait is important. How you wait is who you are. Spend your time productively. Enjoy all of life while waiting.

Don’t force. Allow. Do a little each day. Small repetitive action is quite powerful and can bring about great permanent change. Value what you do. Manage how you think and feel. Love life, be grateful and you will find more success and happiness coming your way. Smile more and have fun. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be happy today for no reason at all. Just be happy!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What To Do When Challenges And Obstacles Arise

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“As you pursue you dreams and goals obstacles may arise. Things, people generally perceive as ‘bad’ or unwanted, may come up. Your path could be fraught with difficulty. If so celebrate and continue on.

Of course, you exclaim, ‘celebrate, Rex are you out of your mind?’ The answer is, ‘of course, yes!’ Let me explain to you what I mean. Trust. It is all about trust.

It can be trust in an outer god if you like, but I prefer to put that trust in myself.  So when I mention trust, I refer to trust in you. Still it can be can be trust god or in the universe. Whatever works for you.

Learn To Trust Yourself

Many people don’t trust themselves, heck they don’t even know themselves.  They aren’t yet aware of their resourcefulness, talents and abilities because most of their lives they focus on limitations and negative outer circumstances.

They blamed themselves, others and events. The time has come to stop that. The time has come to take responsibility for everything, whether or not you actually are.

ACT AS IF you are responsible for whatever happens. When you embrace this attitude it gives you great power and control. TRUST! When you are in charge you are responsible. Be in charge. Claim your power by accepting responsibility and end making excuses.

There are opposites, hot, cold, up, down, good, bad. There is day and night, winter and summer. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. There is happiness and sorrow. We need to accept these and work with these instead of resisting them.

You Actually Already Have All The Resources You Need

When you encounter difficulties along the way, a useful mind set to adopt is that it is a test of your strengths and abilities. You protest, ‘but that isn’t real!’ In all probability it isn’t, but it is a useful mindset to adopt.

From neuroscience we know that everything is a matter of our perspective. We don’t actually know what is real or even interact with it. We act on limited information. We are constrained by our own neurological filters BUT we believe things to be as we perceive.

In other words we believe whatever our version of reality it is. But we don’t ever have the whole, complete picture. We have a fraction. So our version is never THE correct version. It is simply A version. It is not necessarily even accurate and definitely not true. It just is.

Consider this, I have discussed it before. Many horrible events that people think they will never make it through, some time later are looked back on and viewed as the most important, significant, life changing event in their life. They see it completely differently years later.

With other events, we are able to look back and laugh. This tells us it isn’t so much the event that is important, although we think it is. It is our reaction to it, our perception of it and the meaning we place on the event. We decide whether the event is good or bad.

So what is the ‘truth’ about the same event viewed differently? There isn’t any set truth. There is only the truth we give it. From our perspective, in one moment in time, it is bad. From a different perspective in another different moment in time it is good.

You Have All The Resources You Just Don’t Know It Yet

So what is it really? The actual event is neither.  The only meaning the event has is what we give it. We judge, we label it. We call it as we believe it to be. Then after a while, we think about it differently. It takes on new significance and new meaning. It is all in your mind.

So consider adopting the mindset that you are being tested. Whether you are testing yourself, or god or the universe is, or it is a random pop quiz, you are being tested. This can help you get through it. The test is to find your strengths and abilities. Cool.

There is another useful and wonderful mindset to adopt.

You are being challenged and it is a game. The stakes of the game go up. Your obstacles are worthy opponents. You want good opponents. A game really isn’t much fun unless there is a challenge to it.

Most great gamers seek the best, most talented, difficult opponents to play with, they don’t want it easy. They want significant challenge THAT is worthwhile and meaningful. Play the game with gusto.

Believing Is Seeing – That Is How It Really Works

TRUST as you move forward on your desires, take action, follow you plans, that as long as you continue, no matter what comes your way, no matter what obstacles and challenges arise that they will eventually go away. Nothing lasts forever. It will again be easier.

The tumultuous path will settle and smooth out. Night will again give way to day. TRUST that these obstacles were important for you to experience. They provide lessons you can discover when you look.

You can learn from  these if you remain open and available to their messages. Welcome the obstacles and challenges and troubles for what you can learn about yourself, others and life.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

They are their for you to become aware of and discover wonderful things about yourself and your transformation. Your challenges are actually blessings, opportunities, lessons.

Is any of this true. Yes and no. It is whatever you believe it to be. I can’t definitely say there is anyone pulling strings, that isn’t my purpose here. I think all is good. All is divine.

We struggle with moments large and small, but it is all part of one thing. LIFE! It is only the human who judges whether something is good or bad, valuable or not. You can learn to  reframe problems.

Inside Every Adversity Is The Seed Of Equivalent Opportunity

Prior to human consciousness on the planet things just were. Huge tectonic upheavals, earthquakes, volcanos, ice storms and ice ages, violent weather and sunny wonderful days. There was no one to complain or to admire the beauty.

Enter the human. Now there are good days and bad days. There are better days of the week and less desirable days. Humans judge. That is part of our suffering. We make judgements that cause us pain.

TRUST you will get through it. It is easy when you are in a state of let go, acceptance and celebration. Embrace it and if you don’t move through it faster at least it won’t be as miserable.

Learn From Obstacles And Challenges

Resist it and it persists. Fighting it only makes it worse. Stop fighting. If you want to make you dreams come true accept whatever you find on the pathway, learn from it and keep going.

If there is a divine being testing you then that being surely must think you are worth it. You need to decide you are worth it and that within you you have every ability to meet every challenge.

THIS is why learning to control your thinking and thinking predominantly positive IS SO POWERFUL and important! When you take charge of your thoughts you take charge of the results.

When you understand everything has opposites and that IS okay you will have learned a great lesson. When you develop the attitude of a winner, a champion, a victor, and continue undaunted towards what is important to you you will have benefit  greatly!

What You Resist Persists

Evolve yourself into one who is not stopped by limitations but who is able to go on in spite of them. Discover delight in ways you can’t presently imagine. There are more possibilities than you might imagine. Don’t miss out on them because of limited vision.

People who climb everest don’t do it because it is easy. Everything you encounter on your journey IS part of your adventure. Receive it, learn from it, evolve with it, celebrate it and keep moving. If you consider it to all be good it will be. You’ll discover the hidden good.

When you celebrate where you are and what you have you open yourself up for having more of the the same. If you appreciate what you have inside you, and outside in your life you can have more because you create the room for more by your gratitude.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

What you resist persists. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. If you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results you are a little crazy.

So if you want your life to change you must change some things in your life. You can change and control your thinking, your attitudes, beliefs and opinions. You can control your feelings and feel better more of the time. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

When you think better and feel better you behave and act better and are more able and apt to make your dreams come true. With the correct attitude you can be, do and have anything you want in life. YOU can make it happen.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Want Success To Be Yours You Must Prepare The Way

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“A lot of people hope they will be successful. Do you? They wish and they want but they just never seem to make it as they would like. Has this been your story? They try really hard to no avail. Success doesn’t come often to those who want it, wish for it and hope they will have it. Rarely, if ever! Success comes to those who expect it!

If you want to be successful you have to KNOW you will be. It has to be a certainty! Originally, it may start out as a hope but it must be transformed. Otherwise, it is unlikely. Success is a mindset. It begins inside you before the results become available to you in the outer world. From within to without. Be Success and Success Follows!

Successful people think successful. It doesn’t occur to them that something they want to make happen, won’t. They know they will find a way. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know how, the how will come. Success comes from certainty not wishing. Certainty aligns all of your resources like a laser beam so you can act and move forward.

There is a Bible story, I will paraphrase, for an example, and just an example. I may not even get it correct as I am pulling it from the back of my head. Some where, some people were waiting and praying for rain that was needed. I think god ordered them to dig some trenches to prepare.  They did not.

At some point god speaks to them and says, ‘where are the trenches? If you expected it to rain you would have dug the trenches.’ I guess his point is, if you knew it would rain you would most likely take an umbrella. Okay, pretty poor paraphrase at that. Hopefully, you get the idea.

If you know something will happen then you get ready for it. If success is inevitable you do certain things because of that. This is how you become successful. What starts as a wish and hope must be clarified into a strong want, increasing in desire. It must become you obsession that you transform into faith, knowing you will succeed!

You do things because you know you will succeed. You might also not do other things because of that. You would no longer wish, hope, worry, fret, get sidetracked, of bummed out because it wasn’t happening quick enough. You would remain steadfast and secure. ‘O ye of little faith!’ Am I right or am I right! You would be secure!

Yes, you would still visualize, you would still affirm, you would still ‘act as if’ with complete faith in yourself making it happen. After all, you’re the one who makes it happen. YOU with others are responsible for your success. No one ever makes it alone,  in isolation. You make it with others. So be a nice team player!

A good team player helps uplift and support others. You add value first. You would go the extra mile. When others know their interests are in your heart they can puts your interests in theirs. You celebrate anyone’s forward movement and together you move to the top of the ladder. A rising tide floats the entire boat!

Granted some not so nice people claw and trample their way to the top but that is not you. You can be positive and nice and very, very rich, happy and successful. In fact, if you are happy, successful and rich on the inside first, if you are nice first, you will be nice, happy, successful and rich as the days play out. It works this way!

Commit to being a positive player! Work on developing your certainty. Develop complete faith in your positive ability to get your dreams and goals. You CAN DO This when you believe you will! Be persistent and keep moving forward. Have faith and never give up. You will succeed! SO, right now, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Opportunities make up the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Follow The Recipe For Success!

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“You know what you want and you really hope you get it. How come you are struggling so much? What isn’t working? What must you do to get ahead? Do you know? If you aren’t sure that is part of why you may be having a rough time. The answer is not working harder.

The answer IS work smarter. Success is a science, a formula, a system. If you follow it, as you do a recipe, you will be successful. Most people don’t do what is required.  They don’t learn the formula.  They try to do it on their own.  In a nutshell:

If you know what you want it must be more than a wish or a hope. It may start that way but it needs to be much more. It needs to become what Hill said, is a ‘white hot burning desire’. It should become your passion, your obsession. From there it becomes applied faith.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

What is applied faith? It is the certainty that you will accomplish your definite purpose or goal. It is that inner knowing, that feeling that you are on the path and nothing can prevent you. Faith applied means you take action. You take the initiative and do what you must.

You work your plan and because you know one day you will arrive you never give up. Success begins with thought on the inside. It becomes a feeling. You feel successful. You act successful. You take action and you keep at it. Then, you become successful.

Sadly, many people wish, hope, want and desire but they never take the steps that make it happen. For most it is because their attitude is not correct. They don’t have a positive mental attitude to see them through. They believe their negative programming.

They listen to other people discourage them. They look to present conditions and circumstances instead of keeping their eye, their mind, their heart where they are headed to. They get distracted. They are hasty and it doesn’t happen fast enough, so they quit.

If You Don’t Want To Do Something You Will Find An Excuse

There are numerous reasons why people don’t make it. There is only one reason why people do succeed. That one reason is: they keep at it until they do succeed. They let nothing prevent them. Why? Because in their mind they are already a success!

I leave you with this poem:

“You can do as much as you think you can, But you’ll never accomplish more; If you’re afraid of yourself, young man, There’s little for you in store. For failure comes from the inside first, It’s there if we only knew it, And you can win, though you face the worst, If you feel that you’re going to do it.”  Edgar A. Guest  From A Heap o’ Livin’. The Reilly & Lee Co.

You Are Where Your Thoughts Take You

You can absolutely DO whatever you put your mind to. That is what Hill proved when he modeled 500 of the most successful people of his time. That is the result for those who have applied his philosophy fully. His works are responsible for millions of people from all walks of life becoming the success they want to be. You can too! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Be thankful for this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Neuroplasticity Defined In 1912 Verified Recently With PET Technology

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“This is so cool! A book written in 1912 describes what we now know today.  Because of technology we presently have the means to verify what was claimed back over 100 years ago. Even further back.

They knew without having the ability to prove it.  Since the advent of PET, CAT and MRI technologies we now know what happens in the brain as people think. We can see it. What is cool is they knew it long ago without any of this supporting technology.

The brain actually evolves. It develops new neural pathways and alters its structure. It can do so for the better or for the not so good. Either it grows healthier or unhealthier. Scientists can determine, post mortem, a happy brain from an unhappy one.

Today, we can image these results how the brain changes and grows neural networks. 100 years ago and more we could not. Frequently, science only confirms what we already know to be the case, and that is okay.

I leave you with this fascinating quote by Charles Haanel, a pioneer in the New Thought movement. Haanel and others, at the turn of the 20th century, made remarks about brain and body that ancient teachers proclaimed centuries before.

Current research into brain confirms neuroplasticity; and the notion that we have more than one brain, receptors in the gut; that heart coherence plays an important role. It inform us, how we learn and develop habits and evolve ourselves.

This quote describes neuroplasticity and the matching function of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) I discussed a lot in this blog. I think it is pretty darn cool. Perhaps, you will as well.

‘Every thought brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve or muscle. This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the tissue. Therefore it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a given subject in order to bring about a complete change in the physical organization of a man.  This is the process by which failure is changed to success.

Thoughts of courage, power, inspiration, harmony, are substituted for thoughts of failure, despair, lack, limitation and discord, and as these thoughts take root, the physical tissue is changed and the individual sees life in a new light,  old things have actually passed away, all things have become new, he is born again, this time born of the spirit, life has a new meaning for him, he is reconstructed and is filled with joy, confidence, hope, energy.

He sees opportunities for success to which he was heretofore blind. He recognizes possibilities which before had no meaning for him. The thoughts of success with which he has been impregnated are radiated to those around him, and they in turn help him onward and upward; he attract to him new and successful associates, and this in turn changes his environment; so that by this simple exercise of thought, a man changes not only himself, but his environment, circumstances and conditions.’ Charles Haanel, The Master Key.

We can learn a lot from those who have gone before us. There is much wisdom in some older writings. I love to study them. This quote provides us another example of how all knowledge is always available. We just don’t know how to discover it, until we do. Then in looking back it becomes obvious. Life IS a marvelous mystery to celebrate and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

During the day delight often!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Time Is Not The Enemy But Your Friend

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“You have changes you want to make in your career or your life. Perhaps, you are going through difficult times. You want relief. You have developed a better attitude and are moving in the right direction. Only it doesn’t seem fast enough, right?

Some people who learn about Intentional Creation, Positive Thinking, or the Law of Attraction give it a try and if they don’t get immediate success decide whatever they are doing isn’t working and abandon it. They want improvement overnight.

Instead of hanging in there they claim whatever they tried didn’t work, or at least not for them. No one can estimate the time it will take for you, because no one else is you. I can’t tell you how well, or even if, you actually apply the principles.

The More We Do The More We Can Do

My assessment of you doesn’t matter. Next concept. It takes whatever time it takes for a seed to grow and to flower. I’m sure you already understand this. Everything takes some time. Why is the question? One answer is because it does. Get over it already.

Another is, you actually wouldn’t be happy with immediate manifestation because it would work both ways. Instant success or failure depending on what your predominantly thinking. So that is why it takes some time to manifest. Be thankful in this regard.

I think there is a much better reason. Not because anyone ordains it the answer, but it just seems to work this way. The reason things take time is so that you can get to be better. The reason things take time is so it is attributable to YOUR efforts and not luck or accident.

Time Shows Us What Really Matters

Things don’t manifest right away to give you practice. Time allows you to develop good habits. You can build the habit of right thinking. Otherwise, you would think it is luck and you don’t benefit from luck. You greatest benefit is from truly conditioning your mind.

Once you condition your mind, once you learn how to control your thinking then anything can be yours. You become more powerful, and wise through experience BECAUSE things take time. You evolve and develop your attitude, abilities and talents. You improve!

The more we do the more we can do is one of my favorite sayings. Things take time so we can grow and develop our skills to become more of whomever and whatever we want to be. We learn the nuance of great power and deliberate attention and control.

The Way We Spend Our Time Defines Who We Are

When things don’t work out fast I accept, perhaps, I need to learn more patience while pursuing my goal. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. One can be patient and continue to act in one’s behalf. Some people haven’t learned this. Maybe, it is time to.

When things are troublesome or downright tough, perhaps, we learn persistence or the ability to be joyful anyway. When money is tight and debt looms we learn to think and focus on abundance instead. We learn concentration and where and how to focus our energy.

I am not saying there is a god or design to this. There very well may be, but that part doesn’t matter for my explanation. It is through trials we become stronger and well seasoned. We get more back than we could ever imagine. So, I say bring it! I want to learn.

Time Teaches Us How To Live

We learn patience, faith and trust and much more when things take longer. If it is wham, bam, thank you… it just isn’t as satisfying in the long run. Immediate results don’t always benefit us overall. We live life while waiting for actual seeds to sprout. That applies here too.

While we wait and see things through, life continues. We continue to exercise out focus to keep our attention on what we want even when it doesn’t seem to be happening. We build so many character muscles this way. We can improve in so many different dimensions.

I want to improve. I want to get better at what I have learned to do. I want mastery not accidental results. I want to learn to stick it out and make it happen and live the utmost! I don’t merely want to escape what is, if I don’t it. I want to rule what is. Don’y you?

You Are Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

I have noticed that I am better off and far more happier because things didn’t manifest how or when I had hoped. I have become aware that I am far more delighted and well off because I went through some tough or long times without a quick remedy.

I have learned to be happy without regard to what is going on. Things can be tough or easy and that doesn’t change my happiness. It isn’t acquisition of money, things or people that make me happy but since I am happy I seem to be able to acquire and appreciate those even more. Happiness first is what time has helped me to be.

Time is not the enemy some people think it is. It can be a wonderful and useful friend. Learn to embrace it. Lean to embrace all things and life becomes much more wonderful. Time gives you more opportunities than you can even imagine. Become aware. Seek and you will find them. Meanwhile, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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