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You’ll Get It Back When You Give It Away


“Somehow people have forgotten. Perhaps, they don’t know. Maybe they were brought up and have never heard, It is as true and needed today as it has always been. We should not ignore it but we should implement it in principle and practice. It makes a huge difference and creates many wonderful things.

The principle is ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. When you have more power you can do more. You can be more. So it is only natural to give the power and the benefits back. The more power one has the more accountable one is. The more one can do the more one should do. The more wealth one has the more one can share. The more one knows the more one can teach. If you know the way let others in on it.

Too many have made this a struggle between people and over resources. The greedy mind. If you perceive lack you will fight to keep whatever you have and try to get more. If you perceive plenty you can have all you want, allow others what they want, and even help to distribute it.

It is true some have plenty and prevent others from getting any. There are many in the world who have been living this way. Still there are those with much less who feel wealthy in various ways who give and continue to. Attitude and beliefs determine how you live in the world. It is long known that happiness is not dependent on things but on mental attitude. Happiness is a matter of one’s thinking and feeling. It is a matter of one’s spirit.

you are a gift to the world celebrate

A great way to feel happier is to help others find happiness. There are plenty in the world who need a kind word, a favor, a gift, help, or some support. There are people who need food, shelter, and other people to connect with. Please do not let the cruelty and selfishness of some make it harder for the many in need.

Give from your spirit and your heart. This is true year round but especially during holiday seasons. It might be someone in your own family who needs extra care, a child, a neighbor or someone in your community. It might be a friend, co-worker or even a stranger. It might be a person in a nursing home, hospital, shelter or someone homeless .

Take some time the rest of this year to see what you can do from your heart to help. Make a difference for someone and you will make a difference for you.

When you help others it changes things in you while helping change things for them. Both transform. You will feel touched, happier and more well being. Share your love, peace, kindness and blessing!” Rex Sikes

You have a gift! it’s called today.

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The Three ‘R’s To Happiness And Success

most adaptable to change

“Remember there are three ‘R’s that are important to adhere to. When you follow these fully you will find life much better. Most people drop the ball on one or more of the three but all three work together. So don’t skimp out. Keep these in mind and put these into practice.

The first is Respect Yourself. Acknowledge, Appreciate, Love, Forgive and Accept yourself. Value yourself. Let go of past mistakes as you extract the learning from them. Don’t hang on to the past move forward. Monitor your thoughts and feeling and keep them positive.

Your self talk is important! Think and speak lovingly and kindly to yourself.  Fill your mind with positivity. Make positive mental images See yourself they way you want to be and imagine already being that way. Imagine what that is like. Feel good about yourself.  Use daily positive affirmations and Directed Questions.


Have enough respect for yourself to enjoy yourself and your life! Fill your moments with gratitude and appreciation for yourself, however imperfect (because we all are) and everyone and everything!

The second is Respect Others. Think and speak highly of others too AT all times. Acknowledge, Appreciate and Accept others. Forgive them and love them.

When you speak of yourself in your own mind and out loud, and when you speak of others only speak words that Bless, Heal and Help Prosper. Look for the best in you and the best in them. Train your mind to see the good in everyone and everything. The Golden Rule applies. Go first by treating others the way you prefer to be treated. If you respect yourself you will respect them!

correct your mind the rest will fall into place

The Third is Take Responsibility for all your actions. Take 100% responsibility everything. Don’t blame, don’t accuse, don’t make excuses for yourself. When you make yourself responsible you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life. You put yourself in charge. You make the decisions. If something happens or not it is up to you. That is the way it is anyway.

The masses blame circumstances and events and people for why things are the way they are. That is the great deception. Those who make things happen know it is completely up to them.

you are a living magnet

For example, millionaires are made in good and bad economies. Those who blame economic situations rarely prevail. Those who do whatever they are determined to do, will. So don’t put your responsibility outside of yourself.

Follow the Three ‘R’s and you will make much improvement in your life. When you apply these daily, when you make them an automatic habit you will delight and surprise yourself. BUT you will only know the awesome benefit when you put them into play. Do it and make your life much more grand!” Rex Sikes

Decide today to live with passion!

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Ain’t NO Success Without Passion

nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm emerson

Success is not serious. Success, when you ‘hit it’, is not somber. Success is filled with positive energy. Success is flow! Success is celebration. Success is fun! Success is passion! Success is enthusiastic. Success is incredible.

You can be successful in your job or career. You can be a partner in a successful relationship. You can have success with your family ties. You can be successful in health. You can enjoy success in your leisure and playtime. Success is not just about money it is an overall attitude. It is having a winning wonderful feeling and enjoying everything you can. Most importantly you can be successful  with your life!

A key ingredient in successful people is passion and enthusiasm. It is the energy that charges determination and commitment. It is the powerful positive life giving emotions that charge us up and keep us moving forward. It is the life blood that flows making our journey enjoyable. Without passion, without enthusiasm getting ahead is much more difficult, uncertain and boring.

If you look at the fabulously well off in any of the areas I mentioned above notice that most, and I mean MOST, will have a zest for life. They enjoy and embrace life ferociously. Some may over indulge and have giant appetites. I am not suggesting you should go that far I am pointing out that there is great energy in their lives.

Passion comes from knowing clearly what you want! Enthusiasm comes from believing you will get it. The closer you get to your goal the more eager and excited you are. It is a holiday and you are getting gifts and you can’t wait! This is the attitude. Clearly, you know you are getting what you want. Passion comes from this powerful clarity of purpose!

losers visualize penalities winners rewards

What can you do? Get clear on your purpose. Get clear on your mission. Get clear on what Napoleon Hill referred to as your ‘definite chief aim’. Get absolutely clear on what it is you want.  Write it down, create a blueprint. Hill said, ‘What the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve’.

First you have to know what it is. Second you have to believe it is possible. If it is too big a leap for you to believe it and feel like you can have it KEEP IT, but keep it in the background and pick a smaller goal that moves you along the road to your larger goal. Pick one that you can believe. Go as small as you have to in order to KNOW FOR CERTAIN you can accomplish it.

Once you make that happen you will be able and ready for a larger goal. You will work your way up the ladder picking up one goal after the other on you way to the big one!

Once you have picked your goal you wire it in through repetition of thought. You read it each day at least once, better twice, best even more. You read it to yourself, you read it out loud WITH ENTHUSIASM, you read it looking into the mirror, but you read it and review it every single day without fail.

You memorize it in doing this. PLUS,  you close your eyes for a few minutes and vividly imagine yourself having already accomplished this goal and how incredible it looks, sounds and FEELS! Review this in your mind movies and feel wonderful.

to bring it into your life imagine it already there

Repetition creates habit. You want it wired into your unconscious mind that THIS is what you want and what you feel.

The process has been called autosuggestion. You give your unconscious mind a clear vivid picture of what you want to accomplish and you repeat it loud and long until ‘it’ gets it!

Your unconscious mind will ‘get it’. It will get the message that this blueprint is what you want to make happen. It will ONLY get it if you do what is suggested faithfully and don’t quit. You must be consistent about it!

When it ‘GETS IT’ you will have successfully aligned your conscious and unconscious mind to go after your goal and make it happen. You become one mind, congruent, working together. The self sabotage ends and you move forward in harmony. Your beliefs, your habits, your perceptions, your actions, your thoughts and feelings all get into alignment and dedicated to accomplishing your goal.

act as if you already have it

A lot of people go one step forward and then back then forward. Everything is a struggle. They just can’t seem to break free from where they are. They are stuck. They don’t like it but they can’t change it. This is because there is no harmony between the two minds. The conscious mind wants something while the unconscious wants something else.

Think of the unconscious as your thermostat. A thermostat works to keep things the same. Whatever temperature you originally set it to is what it keeps. If it gets a degree too cool it churns up the heat, if it gets too warm it shuts off for awhile and lets the temp return to ‘normal’. During our life we somehow set our thermostats and in order for us to succeed we need to change the setting.

I won’t go into how we did it suffice to say our thermostat is comprised of our beliefs, habits, and perceptions. It has been wired into us though experiences, others and by conditioning. It is a reliable system designed to keep you safely where you are. It is  protective for certain and it doesn’t care. If you set it at poverty level it will work to keep you there. If you set it to smoke it will keep you there. It doesn’t care whether the result is positive or negative it only  knows to keep it the same.

UNTIL YOU CHANGE THE SETTING! And I just shared with you how to do that. You conceive, you build your faith, you stick with it through passion and enthusiasm and you will make it happen. Go back and read this blog site  from the beginning and you will discover all sorts of wonderful things to help you more easily succeed.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

For passion, relax, let go. Find some fun in life. Do things you enjoy. Hang out with enthusiastic people. Help others. Exercise. Get into the habit a smiling, laughing, loving and celebrating. Recount all the moments in the day and your life for which you are grateful. Shout when you are someplace you can.

Read inspirational books and listen to motivational messages. Create energy and enthusiasm. Make it a point to think POSITIVE and to SPEAK Positive. Think positively about others and the world and the situations. Repeat powerful positive affirmations with enthusiasm. Ask yourself Directed Questions. Dance, skip, sing! Get into nature somewhere awe inspiring!

What we think about most of the time we become. We get whatever consumes our mind. Make your purpose, well being and passion, love and celebration, positivity and appreciation your predominant mental occupation and you will create an overflowing abundantly wonderful life for yourself! Fill your mind with the very best!

Keep the faith. Focus on what you want. Live with the conviction that you will get it! Fill you days with enthusiasm and eagerness as you take steps toward your goal Live with passion! ” Rex Sikes

Make today the day you decide to enjoy creating more positive energy!

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Oprah Winfrey and Christoph Waltz?!?

winners take responsibility

“I am going to admit something. It is not something I ever actually do but today I did. I have been under the weather for days, and while pretty rough I am recovering. It is good to be able to breath better and feel better again and that is what I focus on when not completely well. I focus on incrementally feeling better instead of what is wrong. BUT that is not what this post is about.

I got up and had breakfast. I was late getting to write this blog, but I decided to eat and turn on the TV. I did and ‘Kelly and Michael’ were on. So I watched. That is my admission.  I am glad I did watch.

Their marvelous guests today  were the incomparable Oprah Winfry and Christoph Waltz. What an amazing line up. I mean think about this.

Oprah, a Southern black girl born in poverty raised in Milwaukee, raped at 9, pregnant at 14 whose son died in infancy becomes the most powerful woman in media, a billionaire, philanthropist, Academy Award winning actress and god knows all the rest.

If anyone started out with the odds stacked against her it was someone like Oprah. What an example of making dreams come true. I mean its not like she had more advantages than you or I. She moved forward and let nothing hold her back. Look at all she has been able to accomplish. She began in radio at 19 and the rest is history.

accomplishment starts w decision

I might be wrong but I suspect you and I started out much better off than she did. Just a guess, BUT if Oprah can get so far ahead what excuses do you and I have not to?

On ‘Kelly and Michael’ she was promoting a movie she acts in and produced called ‘Selma’ about voting restrictions in the south.

Right here is another powerful example of disenfranchised people persevering to make their dream of voting come true. The civil rights movement – committed individuals united to bring about positive change. The people who sought equality for all knew no lack of incredible hardship. They suffered and they stuck with it!

Obviously, we have not made all the strides we should have as people since the struggle continues. The point is people were willing to endure and still do.

Then there is Christoph Waltz, a two time Academy Award winning actor. Born in Vienna his life, as described in online biographies, was pretty darn cushy when compared to Oprah and maybe many of us. He successfully worked in German TV and film for many years.

there is nothing impossible

None of us knew his name or even cared I am sure. Until he won his first Academy Award for Inglorious Bastards and another 26 awards. He won his second Academy Award for Django Unchained.  He was catapulted into International Stardom at 52 years of age.

I am reminded of a Biblical verse that I believe is quite appropriate. ‘God is no respecter of persons’. In this case I take that to mean rich or poor, young or old, good looking or not, whatever skin color, nationality, WHATEVER, any one can make their dreams come true!

What possible excuse could we have to not pursue ours? How big of a con artist must we be to prevent ourselves from getting what we really want?

People from all walks of life through history had made their dreams come true. Some people have helped countless others and have changed the world because they willed it to happen. They made up their minds to move forward and make life a better experience.

How absolutely wonderful is that? Oprah started off with most things stacked against her and by her 50’s is fabulously wealthy! Christoph Waltz while perhaps better off, didn’t become a superstar until his 50’s.

if you can dream it you can do it

You can’t let age or ANYTHING hold you back. There are countless examples of people living their dreams and they are NO DIFFERENT than you and I. Except for maybe one thing.

They go for it!

The keep on going until they get and then they keep on going some more. They don’t blame others for having advantages they do not make excuses. They may have started out rich or poor it does not matter. If you aren’t doing whatever it takes to have the life you want to have it is not the responsibility of anyone else.

What is YOUR dream? GO make it happen!

I’m really glad I watched ‘Kelly and Michael’ today!” Rex Sikes

Make today the day you decide to make your dreams real!

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* NOTE – Unfortunately, I did not catch the misspelling of Ms Winfrey’s name in the url, which propagates. Changing it invalidates the links. I will correct in days to come.  I apologize for the mistake because it makes the title come out misspelled too.

Treat Yourself Well – Let It Go – Move On!

forgive yourself for not knowing

“Times can be tough. Disappointments occur. Past and present. It is AS it is and it is WHAT it is. Sometimes there is a tendency for people to get down on themselves. You shouldn’t. Whatever happened WHEN it happened you did the best you could with the tools and knowledge that you had at THAT time. The decisions you made, the actions you took, the feelings you felt, the thoughts you thought all were what you had AVAILABLE to you at that time.

Regardless of the outcome recognize that none of us are perfect. None! We act from who we are at the moment. We may have done things we didn’t like.  We may have hurt others. If we can repair the damage or if an apology and a promise to never repeat is in order then that is the responsible thing to do. Do it!

Make it a point to walk well on this earth and not hurt people. That includes yourself. Give others a break AND give yourself a break. Ease up and take the pressure off. Relax.

what u put out u get back

Realize the opportunity you have is to LEARN from the incident, to learn from the mistakes, to learn from the past and then move on. Leave what is unimportant behind and move forward with new positive awareness. Drop the crap and keep the gold! So few people do this. They carry crap with them wherever they go. Drop it!

You may have been pressuring yourself.  If so, the possibility exists that you also pressure others. Maybe not, but it is a possibility. SO be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself kindly. Accept that you are human and learning as you go along. Even today you are doing the best you can with the tools, the insights, the beliefs you have and hold.

Every moment is a moment for the possibility of higher awareness, of joy of love of peace and blessings. Each second is available for us to enjoy. Each second is an opportunity to explore and discover. Mistakes are the way we get feedback and learn to self correct. Everything is an opportunity when you expect it to be one!

acting according to own consciousness

So treat yourself well. If you did wrong don’t make excuses make amends.  Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself as someone capable of making mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Accept them as part of learning and growing. Be tolerant, patient of yourself. Respect yourself. Embrace and celebrate yourself. Nurture yourself. Be a friend to yourself! Appreciate your self and all the learning you are discovering through each of life’s experiences.

When you are able to love yourself you can also love others. Treat them as you would want to be treated. That is the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule has implied in it that YOU do it FIRST. You don’t wait to receive it you give it freely first. This you can do. Give love to yourself and give love to others first. You’ll surprise yourself with how awesome life can be.” Rex Sikes

In how many different ways can you delight in today?

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Want A More Enjoyable Life?

change your attitude and it will change your life

“Would you like your daily life to be more enjoyable? Would you like more things to go your way? Do you want to get ahead and make things happen more quickly for you? If you answered yes to these three questions there is definitely something you can do to put you on the right track.

Fill your day with gratitude and appreciation. When you are thankful for everything it is as magic happens. You transform. You rise above the storms and you get free. You are not tethered to disappointing results and outcomes because each has something in it you can learn from.  Each disapointment has something you can ultimately benefit from if you will examine it with an open mind. In order to do this you need to be grateful.

When you are in a constant state of gratitude it is transformative. You energy is cleaner, freer, more positive. You are positively charged. You feel lighter, happier, healthier!  When you live like this you are able to make things happen much more easily. You think better and are able to recognize opportunity more quickly.

train your mind to see good

For decades I have recommended that people make a least of 25 thing they are grateful for each night before bed. It is a great practice and it is an exercise. Like attracts like so the more thankful happy thoughts you find the more you will get. Before long you are predominantly living from appreciation.

The point of it is to learn to recognize all the things you are grateful that may not be obvious to you right at first. The over all point is to live with gratitude during the day, moment to moment, not just before bed. At least the exercise  is a start. Do it and you will be amazed.

Be thankful! Be truly thankful for everything and you will transform and you will transform your life!” Rex Sikes

Make your day glorious for yourself and others!

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Mistakes Are Part Of Learning

your past mistakes guide u not define u

Let go of the past.

Learn from it and let it go. The key is to actually learn from the past mistakes and not repeat them. It is important to not hold on to memories that hold you back. Move forward.  Fill your self with gratitude.

Celebrate everything because when you do you become free.

Have a great day!

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