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Do This! Start The New Year Right!

life is like a camera

“The New Year is upon us. Happy New Year! This is a time when people make resolutions for a new beginning. It is an exciting time January 1. The truth is everyday is the start on a new day and a new year. Anytime you decide to make a change is valid. You can begin new each day.

A good start to this year, whenever you decide to make the change would be to be nicer to yourself. Stop being mean. Be kind, be gentle, be encouraging. We think and say some terrible things to ourselves that we would never or should never say to another person. So this year make it a point to be good to you.

Put a guard before your thoughts and your lips. Make it a point to only speak what helps you (and others) feel blessed, heal and prosper. Everyone makes mistakes so accept it and nurture yourself along instead of criticizing or  blaming. Stop getting down on yourself!

Understand that you did the best you could at the time with the information or tools that you had then. Learn from your mistakes. Look for the lesson and the seeds of opportunity and move forward by giving yourself support instead of reprimand. Be peaceful and love yourself.

plant positive thoughts in our minds

Find a way to think the best of you. Expect the best of you! Understand that if you don’t know how to do something, yet, you can learn to as you apply yourself and stick with it. Understand that when you undertake any new learning you aren’t the best right out of the gate, you aren’t proficient yet, you are learning it. So give yourself a break and allow the time it takes for you to get the hang of it.

Whenever you think or speak poorly of yourself or others, whenever you are off track or feeling less than glorious nudge yourself back towards feeling better and thinking more positively. Take baby steps and move yourself along. Don’t let yourself stay stuck for long.

Be patient with yourself and your progress. You can’t push a rope. You can’t push a river either. Accept yourself, accept where you are at, allow it and learn to relax and go with the flow. Treat yourself as you would a new born or toddler. Encourage and be thrilled as your progress.

Be thrilled when you progress! I repeat it.  Be enthusiastic. Fill yourself with positive energy and thoughts. Savor and enjoy feeling well. Take delight in little things. Find ways to enjoy the moment. Gift yourself from time to time. Have a special ‘me’ time when you treat yourself extra well. Appreciate you for no reason other than you can.

I am blessed and I am talented

Realize every day is an opportunity to be grateful, feel thankful and celebrate. Fill your time with positive images in your mental movie theater, positive self talk and positive wonderful feelings. Make each moment marvelous and each day will be too. Celebrate and appreciate!

Take advantage of the new year whatever day you decide it falls on. Have fun, trust yourself more, focus on your goals and what you want and will make happen. Focus less on the circumstances around you. If

Whenever you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want realize that informs you about what it is you really want. Then shift your focus and spend your time thinking about what you DO want. Keep your attention on what you want to create and the things you are grateful for. You can be do or have anything you want in life.

Whenever you feel less than glorious recognize the feelings as a signal to shift into feeling better. Then think better, take some deep breathes, take a break, go for a walk or do some physical activity that helps you feel better and move into better feelings. Move from the less than glorious toward the glorious in increments. The goal is to feel your best most of your time.

gratitude is the attitude that propels you forward

When you are feeling down one of the best ways to help yourself is to help another person feel  better. Give as you are able, support someone else, encourage and nurture another person and you will begin to feel better. What you put out there you get back. Help someone to feel good and you will feel better.

As you do these things, as you celebrate and appreciate and love yourself more you and your life will transform in wonderfully positive ways.” Rex Sikes

Make today your day!

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Do This And Change Your Life!

there is nothing impossible

“Choice is a moment to moment activity. It requires that you choose and then choose again as needed. Each moment there is a choice to be made. You will choose, if you make mistakes you have the opportunity to choose to correct those mistakes. When you correct your choice you are learning to maneuver back towards what you want. Learning to make positive choices and self-correct as necessary is an important skill to develop. You want to make it habit.

Building a habit requires that you consistently perform the same actions and behaviors over and over again until they get wired in. Once wired in they operate on their own reliable when triggered. This is how we developed less than glorious habits and it is how we develop good positive ones. Build positive habits!

When you chose to build a positive skill you correctly repeat the skill enough times, over time, until it is wired in. When you go off course you course correct. For as many times as you go off course and you course correct you are building the skill of learning to get back on course. I repeat, this is an incredible skill to develop.

habit keeps you going

Build the habit of course correcting. It is so useful. When you get off track, (from your goal, from feeling good, from thinking positively) as soon as you become aware that you are off course, you gently nudge yourself back towards where you were headed. You don’t blame, you simply acknowledge, accept, nudge back and move on.

After a while you will have made this a positive habit for yourself. Whenever you feel less than glorious you recognize it at take steps to help yourself feel, at least, a little better. You develop a guidance system the similar to what is used to get rockets, planes and ships to their destination. You create an inner GPS to what you want.

The reason people think negatively is because it is habitual. It is what they learned to do and so they do it. They are in the habit of thinking poorly, looking at the world or circumstances and thinking poorly. Whatever you focus on for awhile you create and attract more of. So the person who spends time thinking negatively ends up doing it most of the time. This is a habit you would want to break.

we are what we repeatedly do Aristotle

Since habits are difficult to break it does require consistent effort to do so. When we have a habit we want this is great news!  When it is an unwanted habit that we want to change it means we need to put some effort into it. Consciously developing a habit requires patience and our attention to it.

When we develop the habits we want they will be reliable and difficult to break. Then we will behave and find ourselves automatically behaving as we want to We will think, feel and behave more positively and productively. We will get consistent results.

The reason positive thinking gets easier is because it becomes a habit. As with any habit once you do it enough it gets wired in and your unconscious takes it over. They become reliable. The key is to have your positive habits outweigh your negative ones. Your thinking, feeling and doing habits should be mostly positive if you want a positive life.


If your habits aren’t serving you then it is time to make them do so. Take charge, put yourself in control and make your habits serve you to be and do and have whatever it is you want. It gets easier when you stick with it and are consistent in your practice. You will get to a point where it just seems to flow. It is how you have gotten good at anything; reading, writing, a sport, driving, any skill you are good at.

At first, it may seem a little tough because you are learning to do something new. That is true for most everything we attempt to learn. If we already knew it and did it well we wouldn’t have to learn how to.  So you have to apply yourself.

Keep this in mind! If you don’t do anything to change you will always remain the same. If that is what you want then be happy about it. If you want to change your life then you must change what you are thinking and doing. It is far easier than you think it is and even easier than perhaps how I describe it. Still, to get the pay off, to win you have to play the game.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

Surprise yourself! Take action and decide what positive habits you want to create. Which less than glorious ones do you want to replace. Begin with something important to you and do it. Start small if you must but be consistent. You don’t have to re-do everything all at once. As you make one change others may also fall into place as well. Apply what I’ve shared in these blog posts and you will make your dreams come true. So do it!” Rex Sikes

Make today a very good new day!

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You Are Creators Act Like It! Start Getting What You Want.

youa are creators

“Most people look around, see what is happening, and feel something about it in response. They let the present circumstances, people and events determine how they feel. They use their senses as evidence of the results they are getting. They think ‘I will believe it when I see it’.

Somehow  they think seeing  is not subject to deception but it is. All our senses leave information out, and can distort what is actually there. We trust too much in our perceptions which can be very wrong. They do deceive us often. Looking at circumstances is a mistake when you want to create something. You have to look at what you want to create instead.

For most people life happens to them and they react to it. They react out of habit.  As we grew up and life situations were repeated our brains hard wired the responses in. It did it to streamline them. We don’t have much  choice. We may be afraid of things we have nothing to fear. Our brains did a marvelous job though. We react similarly in fight, freeze or flight. We react similarly to positive stimuli too.

You are on automatic if when a good thing happens you feel good and when bad things happen and you feel bad.  So you break the cycle.  Instead of being a victim on automatic and looking around and letting the accompanying feelings dictate what we think, feel and do we NOW add awareness and choice.

you will see it when you believe it

Now instead you decide how you want to feel and then you look. In this way you have control. You don’t let the circumstances dictate, instead you choose your feelings and you dictate the circumstances. This is how we create something positive and productive. This is claiming your power.

For most people, maybe you, because you don’t see evidence of wealth you don’t believe it is coming to you. You see only lack, or debt or bills and wonder how you will every get out of it. You worry about it and hope for the best but know it is difficult. This is letting the results or the circumstances dictate your thinking and feeling. Keep in mind that like thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together. You become what you think about.

You do not get out of debt and become wealthy thinking thoughts about being poor. To see improvement or get wealthy you need to be thinking thoughts or wealth, positive creation, having plenty and feeling grateful. Then you attract those.

This is true about anything you want! You don’t get healthy focused on sickness. You don’t get happy focused on sadness or distress. You don’t relax by thinking thoughts of worry. In order for you to get what you want you need to repeatedly focus on WHAT it is that you want!

It is the reverse that works. This is difficult for most people to understand and accept but it really is the key. Believe it and you will see the evidence. It works in the complete opposite to how we think it does. In order to have it you believe it first and then you will see it.

you are a living magnet

Everything first exists as a thought. Thought precedes all human action. Nothing that was created by a human came into being prior to thinking it into being.  Believing precedes seeing! It is not as we were led to think about it. It is not see it and then believe it it is believe it first and then you will see it. Belief is faith in things unseen otherwise it is not faith at all. Faith and positive expectations make it happen!

So you create it in your mental movie theater. You see what you want to create and what you want to have. You make it vivid and detailed. Writing it down helps clarify. You get real clear about what you want to be, do or have in your life. You focus on it repeatedly, obsessively. You adjust it and enhance it and make it more real and more vivid so that you can taste it! You see it and feel it! Feeling it is important.

You see yourself already being, doing or having what it is you want. You see it already accomplished. It is yours and you are living it. You spend time each day as often as you can reviewing and living this reality. At least five minutes morning and night and any other time. This becomes your preoccupation your dominant thoughts that you think. When you spend this time you want to feel the best feelings! You want to feel how you would feel living this reality!

You have control and are in charge of yourself. Accept the responsibility. Be 100% at cause then the effects (the results) you create are your responsibility. Actually they always already were. You are always creating but you may not have liked the results you were getting. Now you take deliberate charge of the creation process and create what you DO want. YOU make it happen!

you are entirely up to you

You stay focused on your mental movies. You think the best positive thoughts throughout the day. You use your feelings as a signel for when you are on target and aligned. If you feel less than glorious it means somewhere inside you you are off track so find ways to make yourself feel better. They goal is to spend as much time each day feeling good.

Use the signal of your feelings to adjust. When you are feeling good you are on target with your goals and desires. You are manifesting good things when feeling good. Stay focused on gratitude in the past and present. Be grateful for everything, celebrate.

Learn from mistakes, and be grateful you can learn and grow. Fill your mind with positive inspirational material, books and audios. Hang around with positive productive people who are making their dreams come true. Become a positive powerful creative force and have fun and delight in all of it. Celebrate. Embrace it and relax. ENJOY!

Remember you are in charge of your vibrations. Whatever you put out in the universe you get back more of the same. Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. The reason you do not have more is because you look around, see what you have and what you don’t and feel bad. You attract more of the same lack and poor feelings.

what u put out u attract

When you use your eyes to determine your situation you are creating more of the same. You look at your present and accept it as your lot. You think I am tired of this, I want more I don’t want to be poor but you do not create wealth and well being by attracting more of what you do not want.

In order to attract wealth and well being you have to feel wealth and well being. You have to spend time feeling it! Feel wonderful and enjoying having wealth and well being and in response you attract more of the same. This is what your inner movie theater helps you do. You think it, see it, create it in your mind and have the feelings of what you want.

You see it and enjoy the feelings. Savor the feelings and do this repeatedly. Keep doing it. Your thoughts, feelings and words all congruently align with your desires. You stop resisting and you start making happen what you want to happen. You end the inner conflict, you end the mixed results and you start getting what you want. You attract resources, other people and situations.

You attract more abundance, more delight, more well being because like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. You will reap whatever you have sown. What are you currently sowing? If you are focused on less than glorious circumstances and lack of wealth and well being you will get back much more of the same. Focus on what you really, really want instead. Make that happen. Create it!

u r responsible

Keep your vibrations high. Keep them positive, joyful, glorious and you will have everything you want. Don’t dig up the seeds to insure they are growing. Forget looking at the current results. Have faith that what you plant you will reap. YOU WILL! Believe it and eventually you will see it! Everything takes time so during the time it takes focus on what you want.

Don’t seek evidence that what you are doing is working accept that it is and move forward. If you compare how far away you are from where you want to be you interrupt the process and get the mixed results. THIS is what you have always already been doing in the past. You have been looking for evidence. STOP IT! Believe and you will ultimately see. It may be hard at first but it gets easier and easier.

You open the way to have more because you enjoy and are thankful for all things. You sow you reap. You are where you thoughts have brought you.  You will be where your thoughts take you. It is time to take charge of your thoughts. Your future you will some day be your present. What do you want that present to be? Create it now!

Your feelings are your guidance system. If you feel less than glorious your thinking is less than glorious. If you are feeling wonderful your thoughts are positive and productive. Follow your bliss and bliss will fill you. You have no excuse you have created your life as it is. Accept it! That is the most powerful moment you can have.

talk about blessings

That moment when you totally and completely get it and accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life. is the moment your life can completely change. Yes, things happen from the outside but you react to them automatically. You have been making choices. You can’t escape your responsibility in all of this. You shouldn’t want to. The moment you completely accept it is the moment you begin to transform everything! It is your choice.

You accept and embrace your role as creator, you acknowledge that you have been good at creating what you don’t want, or mixed results and now you aim your creative powers at creating everything you do want. THIS is a powerful freeing moment! This is the start of a wonderful new way to be in the world. Reclaim you power and aim it productively. Don’t delay. Begin making your dreams come true this very moment.” Rex Sikes

This can be the start of a very good new day!

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How To Surrender! Go With The Flow

determined to help yourself

“I have been a forceful driver all of my driving life. I used to listen to ramp me up music and shoot through the streets of Los Angeles on a mission to get there ahead of everyone else. I pushed the river of life. It was not uncommon for me to give the finger or curse out other drivers slower, faster or just different than me. I hated traffic but I loved driving.

One time in my past I decided I was only going to listen to calming, relaxing music, classical but not rousing classical, while I drove to attempt to curb my passion for beating everyone to the stop light or being the first in the fast lane. It helped some. I later learned a better way, but certainly you can combine the two.

I know not everyone is like me in this regard because I encountered them on the roadway. So this may or may not apply to you but it can be a powerful lesson in any regard.

It seems most happiness and success comes when you learn true gratitude and acceptance. When you have a definite purpose that you want to accomplish. It comes when you have absolute faith that you will manifest it and you fully expect to. You believe in yourself.

It occurs when you can get out of your own way, surrender and go with the flow of life. It comes quickest when you can accept whatever life offers gratefully and keep moving forward expecting the best.

what u put out u attract

Okay, well here is an exercise I learned to embrace. Traffic is the universe giving you whatever it gives you. It has every possibility for you to get stuck, annoyed and angry. It provides an opportunity to push it or accept it. It is frustrating for most people.  Hence, a great place to learn surrender.

If you want to learn to go with the flow in life begin with traffic. Drive safely, should go without saying.

Recognize that person that cuts you off or pulls out in front of you at the last moment IS your opportunity to relax and accept that is what IS right now. The universe offers you opportunity in this moment. Traffic backed up, accept it. If you can’t easily go around it that’s what life gave you right now. Don’t push it ACCEPT IT.  Slow pedestrian annoying you as they cross the street in front of you. The light changes, someone runs a light, whatever it is RELAX! That is what IS GOING ON AT THIS MOMENT! That is what is happening!

Instead of cursing and trying to get back at them accept it allow it. Instead of driving and complaining, instead of being filled with stress, Coritsol and anger, let it go. Instead of complaining to your friends, family and co-workers about how horrible the commute was let it go. LET IT GO! This is where you practice acceptance because as you know you will have PLENTY of opportunities each and every instant.

THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT MAKES THIS EXERCISE SO VALUABLE! For many this will be an excruciating exercise BUT how better to learn to give up control and accept  what the universe gives us than to do so when it gives us so many opportunities. Traffic is a great place to learn.

we are what we repeatedly do

You can use driving to learn how to surrender to what is. There will be plenty of challenging moments as you already know. Still, if you can learn, ‘hey this is what IS right now’, and accept it, surrender to it, you can learn to do it anywhere else too.

Use the flow of traffic to learn HOW TO go with the flow. When you get hot, and you become aware of it, recognize it and relax and drive safe. Be courteous. Bless the other drivers, the bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians, the truckers who would have infuriated you in the past.

Stop trying to push the river. Relax and let the current take you down stream. What a wonderful opportunity this exercise is because you will learn so many fascinating things about yourself. You will change your life when you learn true acceptance. You will transform your life when you learn to wish all others well. Bless others, praise others, celebrate others regardless and you will transform so much of you and your life it will amaze you. STOP complaining! Stop whining!

Relax, surrender, go with the flow. Be gentle with yourself through the learning process and enjoy transforming your life. You can find magic and mystery in each and every moment when you stop and look. When you find it fill yourself with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous magical day!

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