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Things Are Rotten But A Better Day Is Coming: Do This!

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“I write for actors and artists, filmmakers and fans, people from all walks of life. This blog reveals how you maximize your potential to live the life you deserve and get what you want. So homemaker or business person, living in urban area or the sticks, these words, this message, is for you.

Some people spend more time worried and fearful. They hope against hope that things will change or be different. Yet, each day they repeat the same behaviors. They focus on what is wrong with the world, events or themselves. They focus on bills and problems.

How do you expect anything to be different if day in and day out you do the same things continuously. In order for your life to change you have to change some things in your life. If you always do what you always did YOU will ALWAYS get what YOU always got.

If You Do What You Always Did You Get What You Always Got

In order to be new you need to start new. Your past has nothing to do with your future. Change occurs the instant you decide to be different and then follow through and act on that decision. Change begins that very instant!

If you want things to be new you have to think new. If you spend more time worried about your circumstances than anything else you need to stop it and do something different. If your career, relationships, finances, or life is in the gutter it is time to take charge.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be really bad to want to change. You can change any time. It is simple. It is easy, but not always easy. If you stick with it though you can transform everything in great, new, positive ways.

Your Past Has Nothing To Do With Your Future

Here is how you start. Stop thinking about what is wrong and START thinking about what is right! Begin thinking about all the things YOU HAVE got going for you. If you have’t done this in a while perhaps you will only find or remember a few. The more you seek the more you will find.

Reflect on all your talents and abilities no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant. Perhaps, you know how to fold a dinner napkin. Great count that! Celebrate that! I don’t know how to do it but you do! Count, list and celebrate your resources.

Take an inventory about all the cool, good, groovy, hip, sick, bad, rockin, things about yourself. Count them and add to them each day. Start recognizing your own worth a value bit by bit. Then add to it. Add to it by also counting the blessings in your life.

The Present And Future Are Yours To Create

Look at the friends or loved ones, past and present. Look at the good times back then and now. Dig out positive memories and examples all through your life to enjoy. Look at all the present things that are good in your life. Look for great things in your community and the world.

The process of searching for good may not be familiar to you. Not all that many people know to do it. If you begin and do it daily you will discover you find more and more examples and you start thinking and feeling better.

As you continue you will condition yourself and build positive habits. Takes at least 21 days so people say 3 months or routine, regular, spaced, repetition. So do it and keep doing it. You will surprise yourself with how powerful this exercise can be in helping you make changes, feel better and get on track.

To Be New Think And Do New Things

If you want you life to change you have to change things in your life. The one thing you have absolute control over is you. Not many people exercise that control but it is true. You have the ability to control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You CAN make your life anything you want it to be. Start now by looking for all the good in you and around you. Stay focused on it. If you find your mind straying bring it back to that which is good. You can do this! Do it today.” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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The Power In Positivity Is Immense: Don’t Miss Out!

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“Pretend for a moment that the Law Of Attraction is absolutely valid. Imagine this IS how everything operates. You get what you spend most of your time thinking about or dwelling on. If it is positive you get back the positive. If it is negative you get back the negative. What if the universe works this way? Would you do it?

If there was only a 50/50 chance the Law Of Attraction is real wouldn’t you prefer to err on the positive. Wouldn’t you want to get the positive back instead of the negative? It takes no more energy to think positive than it does to think negative. Wouldn’t you want to get what you want instead of what you don’t want?

What You See Is What You Get

Why not decide for what feels best? Why not do whatever it takes to create the most enjoyable life and positive circumstances you are able to? That makes sense, right? Yet, people whine and complain that positive thinking is too hard. They complain their life sucks. The choice one has to make; Live a suck life or make it better!

If life sucks because you think positive thinking is too hard, or you think it doesn’t work, what are you left with? You don’t like where you are at. BUT In order to have something different you must DO something different. You can’t continue the same ole way and expect it to be something else. That is craziness! It doesn’t work.

What You Say Is What You Get

Positive thinking is about thinking good and feeling good. It is seeking the best in situations. It is believing the best about yourself, others and the world. It seems that, in and of itself, is incredibly valuable. It seems to me, for this reason alone it is worth doing. Start thinking positive and discover the power. Affirm the positive.

When you master the art of controlling your thinking; when you are able to aim it and direct it you are able to make your future wants a reality. Become the master of your thoughts and feelings because the pay off is incredible. You won’t know if you don’t master them. Feel good! Affirm what you want! Speak to bless, heal and prosper!

What You Feel Is What You Get

Within these numerous blog pages are tips,suggestions and secrets for making your life work. Contained herein is the key for being, doing and having whatever it is your heart most desires. All you have to do is put it to work for you! Seek and you will find! You will discover you have everything you need to do it right, right now!

Review the blogs. Implement the practices, principles and exercises. When you do you will begin to transform your life in amazing and wonderful ways. It will surprise and delight you beyond anything you can presently imagine. Begin today and get the changes you want and you deserve. If you can have it all, why wait? Do it now!” Rex Sikes

It is a beautiful new day just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Take Advantage Of Opportunity And Succeed

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“What mindset makes a winner? How does your self talk influence you? Do you monitor and make certain it is positive? Is it helpful 80% of the time or is it 80% less than glorious or unhelpful? These are important, critical, considerations.

We have been discussing Edwin C. Barnes, in previous posts, and what was his mindset and self-talk were like? Napoleon Hill uses Barnes’ story as an example, in chapters 1 and 2, of Think and Grow Rich. He states Barnes traveled to New Jersey confident and positive; he knew inside he would eventually partner with Edison.

‘When he went to Orange, he did not say to himself, ‘I will try to induce Edison to give me a job of some sort.’ He said,  ‘I will see Edison and put him on notice that I have come to go into business with him.’ He did not say, ‘I will work there for a few months and if I get no encouragement, I will quit and get a job somewhere else.’

He Knew Inside

Remember, Hill said he may have looked like a tramp but his thoughts we those of a king. Further, he said, that while Barnes aim may have begun as a wish he turned it into his dominant chief aim. He made it a burning desire and had complete faith himself to accomplish the outcome he sought. Barnes left himself no other options.

Hill continued, ‘He did say, ‘I will start anywhere. I will do anything Edison tells me to do, but before I am through, I will be his associate.’ He did not say, ‘I will keep my eyes open for another opportunity in case I fail to get what I want in the Edison organization.’ (He wasn’t trying it out to see ‘if it might work,’ Barnes would make it work!)

‘He said, ‘There is but ONE thing in this world that I am determined to have, and that is a business association with Thomas A. Edison. I will burn all bridges behind me and stake my ENTIRE FUTURE on my ability to get what I want.’ (There was only one thing he wanted!! He burned all his bridges. There was no escape route; no plan B.)

I Will Start Anywhere I Will Do Anything

‘He left himself no possible way of retreat. He had to win or perish! That is all there is to the Barnes story of success.’ I love this, he had to win or perish! Hill closes the discussion with, ‘that is all there is to Barnes story  of success.’ It is that simple and that extraordinary!

Napoleon Hill points it all out for us in the very beginnings of his book. He says he was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to study and model 500 of the most successful business men of the day, He was to release his findings as a practical, teachable, formula and philosophy anyone else could apply to succeed. He spent 20 years.

His first book ‘Laws Of Success’ was based on the principles he uncovered. Later, he released, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. In both, he succinctly present the information and says, make a study of this and do these things. ACTUALLY do them, practice them, day and night, don’t just read about them, and you will be successful.

His Thoughts Were Those Of A King

You can be, do and have anything you desire when you apply these principles. A strong claim backed up by the fact that more millionaires have been made by reading Think And Grow Rich, and putting his methods to work than apparently in any other ways. HIs methods have stood the test of time. Would you like to be one too?

If you answered yes, then do what he says. Study the works. Make it your ambition. Then do what he outlines. Look at Barnes, do what he did. After all Hill says, ‘…that is all there is to Barnes success.’ You should read and study the rest of the book to learn how Barnes got to that point. BUT you must implement the practice, not just read!

Still, I will simplify much of it right now. You can’t be a wimp you must be deliberate about what you intend to make happen. You can’t be half assed you must be all in. You can’t call the shots you must begin wherever you are and take advantage of any opening opportunity that presents itself. You must know what you want.

You must continue in the absence of evidence to intensify what you want and know that if you stay with it, and not quit but persist, you will make it happen. Hill goes on to add some very important things. You must have a pleasing personality so people want to help you. You must attract others with your mindset and actions.

I Will Stake My Entire Future On My Ability To Get What I Want

You must add value and go the extra mile to those you work for and with. You should be the first in and the last out and demonstrate your worth to all concerned.  You must believe in yourself and make whatever adjustments are necessary all along the way to the win. You must be ultra-confident but humble too.

Always keep your goal in sight. Visualize it, as if you already have it. Affirm it with your speech. Remain positive inside and out. Do these things and you too will succeed. It does require effort. That is why not everyone who begins continues the journey to the end. If you are committed, and are ‘all in’ you will. Journey and complete it!

You will make you dreams reality when you do these things whole-heartedly and fully. When you are completely committed there will be no stopping you. Just make sure you aren’t doing anyone else any harm in pursuing your goals. When everyone wins and benefits you are assured to win and benefit. Commit! Start making your dreams come true today!” Rex Sikes

Today is yours!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Read Nothing Else Read This: What To Do When Troubled

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“People say, ‘you are always so positive are you ever troubled?’ There are good days and not so good. That’s just how it is, right? Times can be troublesome? Sometimes you are riding high and you get knocked down very far and hard. What to do?

There are days when I don’t feel thrilled. There are days that are difficult. There are times when everything seems oppositional. At times, events and circumstances turn for the worse.

There are moments when I wonder what I am doing. Sometimes, I feel a sucker and want to throw in the towel. Sometimes, I don’t want to feel positive or feel good. Sometimes, I feel blah or resentful. I have rough days and good days. Some very difficult.

What I have learned from my practice is that ultimately I am in charge and I am in control. What used to swamp my boat no longer does. When disappointments come the lows are not nearly as low as they have been in the past. I have learned and benefit from my practice.

You Have To Learn That You Control Your Thoughts

Sometimes, deals don’t manifest. Sometimes, someone else gets the role. I get angry at my family for no apparent reason. Yes, things happen. I lose out on an opportunity or a job. Money may be tight. Kids don’t do what I ask. I feel overwhelmed. I feel distant, or sad, or angry.

In the past few months I didn’t get a part I had hoped for. A few deals fell through. Some money issues presented. Someone, had stalled me for months on something that I needed to get handled. A lot goes on each and every day.

There are everyday life concerns, kid concerns, relationship concerns, friend concerns, business concerns.  You name it, we can get caught up. I have. I do. Life is whatever it is. It just is. We determine whether we react or respond to it.

Recently, a young friend of our family, took his life. It really ripped me up. I felt so sorry for he and his family. I am still shocked and saddened. Still, sad and angry at him for not giving it another day. What he did hurt, not only himself, but everyone who cared for him.

Thankfully, I fall back on my practice when I realize times are turning tough. Sometimes, I notice right away. Sometimes, it takes me awhile. It is a much shorter time now, than it was years ago that is for certain.

You Direct Your Mind By What You Put Your Energy Into

It means as soon as I realize I am feeling or thinking less than gloriously I begin to direct my mind back to the positive. I become aware that less than glorious feelings mean I must be thinking less than glorious thoughts. So I change my thoughts and my feelings.

I use questions. I discovered this for myself back in 1980. I direct my attention back towards what I know I want to focus on. I ask questions about how I want to feel. I steer my thoughts and feelings back gently in a productive way.

I have written about using questions a number of times in these blog pages. I encourage you to go back, find and read so you can too, if you would like to. I utilizeDirected Questions™ all the time.

Soon enough, sometimes, now, almost immediately, I begin to notice a shift toward  feeling better. When you think better you feel better! Questions work wonders because there is far less resistance to an innocent, well intentioned question.

What You Focus On Is What You Get

I remind myself that athletes and troops often don’t feel like it but continue to train or do whatever they must do to continue to move forward. I then do my best to follow through. Like it or not I continue to affirm and visualize and focus on what I want to make happen even when I don’t feel like it.

I have learned to push through it. Eventually, it gives way and I feel better. I remind myself when things don’t work out that obstacles and disappointments are they way I learn to direct my mind.

If everything were easy I would never have to learn how. I have learned to embrace tough times, more often than not, now. The kite rises against the wind. There are learnings and lessons in challenge.

There is great value to these times. I used to try to avoid or escape them. Now, more often, I say bring it! Give me your best shot because I will prevail! I will learn, benefit and prevail! All is good!

A boxer wants a challenging fight.There are rock finger climbers who hang hundreds of feet above rocks without safety harnesses because they want the challenge. I say bring it on!

When things don’t happen or I lose out on something I remind myself that I am a creator and attractor. Yes, I  wanted this OR something better.

If it is not this, then something better is on the way. I will ultimately manifest something much better. Sometimes, you have to clean out the closet to make room for the new stuff. I will create something better then!

Whatever Follows The Words I AM – IS – What You Are

Sometimes, we need to clear the way for better things. If I don’t get what I wanted I look for what better something is on the way. This isn’t some  fairy tale magic. This is keeping myself open and available and receptive to other good things and possibilities.

I recognize that I only see a fraction of life at any second. There is much more happening than I can ever be aware of. I surrender to the possibility that I don’t know everything. Ultimately everything works out for the best. It always has.

I always, no matter what, have landed on my feet. I have faced some tremendous challenges in life and have managed to get through them. So, even when things look bleak, I have a pretty good life. I remind myself to remember that. AND I do!

I practice gratitude and remember to count my blessings. I celebrate life and the ups and downs. I think, I am divine and am playing one heck of a game on myself.

Whatever Follows The Words I HAVE – IS – What You Have

I am a divine trickster seeing if I can ruffle the poor human and make him squirm or rise up to the occasion and overcome all difficulty. I begin to claim my power and my authority.

I realize like David facing Goliath that this is a day to claim victory and rush the giant, or my problems, to meet them head on, and to not whine, or blame. Yes, sometimes I vent to another.

Fairly quickly, I try to remember to only speak to bless, heal and prosper. I attempt to remember that what I say is what I get and to not further difficulties but talk solutions and speak positively. Loose lips sinks ships.

Life is whatever life is. Up and down. I am learning through it all not to try to run or escape tough times, low times or disappointments but to find the seeds of opportunity and advantage within them.

Everyday can be a day to celebrate. Just because circumstances suck it doesn’t mean I have to suck for the circumstances. I can be a champion in times of trouble.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I am learning that I do have all the resources at any moment to make any change. If I think I am defeated I am. If I think I am troubled I am. If I think I am poor I am. Whatever I think and declare myself to be is what I am. I make it so by my own words.  No one else does, but me.

HOWEVER, if I think I am victorious, even when it doesn’t yet appear that way, I AM. If I think I am free and living the good life, even when it may not seem like it, then I AM. If I think I am rich, even while paying bills, then I AM. I determine who I am, what I am, how I am.

I am the one in charge. I am the one who turns difficulties into opportunities by changing how I feel and what I focus on. I steer my mind toward the goodI want to focus on. I have learned that if I focus on troubles I only get more of them.

I have learned that if I want to get to my destination, though the waters may be severely troubled, I need to stay the course and be the captain of soul and the master of my fate. No one can or will do it for me even when I have support and love around me.

You Don’t Get Uphill Thinking Downhill Thoughts

If it is to be it is up to me. Yes, there are dark times but I have learned how to find the light. Anyone can. Little by little, inch by inch, step by step. I have learned to nudge myself along in a better, more positive direction. If I can’t leap into bliss I can inch my way into it.

I wrote of Barnes in my last blog and I will again in upcoming ones. When nothing seemed to be happening for a significant period of time, Hill states, Barnes intensified his desire to make his dream come true.

He did not lose faith. He did not give up. He did not quit and seek something else to do. He kept at it until, one day, five years later he was beginning to live the destiny he wanted. He was persistent.

We need to be persistent and consistent in our dedication to ourself in living the best life we can at any given moment. The difference between me now versus then, what I have learned and done that is successful, is that I eliminated some old detrimental habits and replaced them with more productive, positive ones. New habits!

We need to learn to laugh in the midst of adversity, troubles and tears. We need to find our inner joy, our bliss and celebrate all the wonderful things each second because our troubles are only a portion of all life offers. The more we do the more we can do!

What You Focus Expands

Yes, they look large and may seem to be all encompassing BUT actually they are not. They are small in comparison to everything else that is going on and that is available. There is so much more going on in any instant. You just need to look and  find the good.

If you look for it you will find it. Believe it is there and you will discover it. That is the job of the Reticular Activating System (RAS) remember, to find examples in the outer world that match your inner convictions and beliefs. Believing is seeing.

Believe all is good. Believe unexpected good is coming your way even though you can’t yet see it. Keep the faith. Believe that you always land on your feet.

My life is so incredible. I live a blessed life. Does it mean I have the best of everything. Nope, not yet, at least. It does mean I make the best of all I presently have. I make the best of the past and look forward to a marvelous future.

The present is glorious EVEN when it isn’t. Times may be tough but not for as long. New thought habits replaced the old. New wine skins for new wine. Everything becomes new! Most of the time I have learned to feel wonderful regardless of what is going on. THAT is what this practice is all about.

You Become What You Think About Most

I repeat, I have learned, through my practice that attitude determines your altitude and what you are capable of doing. Most importantly, I have learned, if it is to be IT IS UP TO ME!

I am responsible for how I live each moment. SO I make the most and the best of each moment. Once the moment is gone it is gone! Believe that something better is on the way and YOU will soon discover it. Decide to make the best of whatever life gives you!

Have faith! Keep the faith! Prevail! Be a champion over your difficulties. Take tiny steps if you must. Free yourself from the mental bindings that have held you. You can, you know. Think new thoughts, develop new habits and all of life changes.” Rex Sikes

Celebrate this day and everyday!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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I’ll Bet You Never Actually Heard The Lyrics To This Famous Song!

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“I’m sharing a famous song. Perhaps, it is time you stopped and listened to the lyrics. I’m sure most of you have seen the show or heard this countless times.

Did you realize this is what they were singing about? Probably not. Seems to have slipped by most people. No worries. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to make us think.

Perhaps now, though we should embrace it. Maybe, we should each make it our own personal theme song. I mean, why not? It is catchy, after all.

Did you enjoy that? I hope so.

Enjoy, your day!”

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Never Break Your Promise To Yourself Or Others!

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“When you break your word you may develop a bad reputation. Your word is your bond. In order to be known as a person of value you want to and need to keep your promises and follow through on your intentions. When you break your word you let everyone down including yourself.

When you break your promise to yourself you sabotage yourself for the future. It harms you just as it harms others when you do it to them. Stop self sabotage. Keep your word. A promise made to yourself is one of the most important promises you can make. Keep it!

When you break your promise you become untrustworthy. It is the same when you don’t follow through on those you tell yourself. No matter how small that broken promise may be. You make it more difficult to follow through on larger ones. You let yourself down too.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Find A Way

If you say tomorrow I shall arise at 6am. Do it! Or don’t think it. If you don’t make it a condition for arising tomorrow it isn’t an issue. The issue is when you determine to do something, intend to do something and then don’t follow through.

Stop doing that. Keep your promises to yourself and to others. You are only as reliable as your word. Your word should be golden. Use it to create what you want. Use it to attract what you want. Do not use it to criticize yourself or others. Live your word. Follow through on your positive intentions. Stop making excuses for your behavior.

One way to learn to do this. Make a small list of things you intend to do tomorrow. A small list is fine to start. I intent to get up at 6am. I intend to finish report at work by three. i intend to pick up groceries for dinner on way home. Something like that. Then do each and cross it off.

If You Don’t Want To Do Something You’ll Find An Excuse

Keep up this practice for awhile. Determine what you intend to do and do it. Cross it off. After a few weeks add a couple more. There is a great reason for doing this I shall explain later.  This forms the foundation for good things that follow.  An immediate benefit is you and others get used to you following through on your word, That is a good thing! Celebrate it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Breaking News! Success Won’t Make You Happy But This Will!


“Breaking news! Success won’t make you happy. Wait, there is more. Borne out by science and decades of research; Success won’t make you happy BUT happy can make you successful! Yes, again, I repeat, happiness leads to success. Happiness leads to success!

From ancient times until now it has been pointed out that happiness and positive thinking and optimistic thinking is healthy and leads to better health, wealth, and abilities. Happiness makes you better at what you do and makes what you do much easier. Sadly, most people, through the centuries, got it backwards.

Sadly, people believe the right job or success, the right partner or mate,  money or things would make them happy. They thought happiness came as a result of something else happening first.

Sad again. They only discovered that they delayed feeling good, if at all, and that even acquiring many things still left them feeling empty. It is because IT really is the other way around! It IS the other way!

It is time to straighten everyone out. The happier you are the healthier you tend to be. Happiness affects your health, your well-being, you ability to handle or process stress, your thinking and clarity and your productivity. The happier you are the more you can accomplish.

Happiness Is Its Own Reward And Has Multiple Benefits

Since the early 80’s I have been teaching workshops pointing out that by practicing happiness and positivity you could develop new neural pathways.You could develop wonderfully supportive habits, live more delightfully, successfully and happily, easily and nearly effortlessly.

You could open up your neurology to be capable of evolving yourself in positive ways. I suggested you could create positive habits which would positively serve you.

In my workshops we practice daily gratitude, asking positive directed questions, smiling more, laughing meditation, feeling good and accessing wonderful and powerful resource states, imaging a better future, scanning for positive and new moments each day and more. A lot more. But these were core rituals or practices.

We had rituals we did each class session and each day. I pointed out that making a habit requires a minimum of 21 days repeated practice or rehearsal. What people began as practice during my  10 or 14 day programs they were encourage to continue back home.

Habits Come From Rituals And Rituals Become Habits

Rituals are things we do everyday. For some people that includes hygiene, brushing teeth and washing. We eat, sleep, go to school or work. We may read the paper or get online. Have a cup of coffee. There are things we do regularly each and every day; sometimes multiple times throughout the day.

Spaced repetition builds habit. Correct spaced repetition builds reliable skill. Reading instructions doesn’t change you but implementing what the instructions tell you to do can change you. This is why I suggest doing these practices as often as possible each day.

I called it rehearsal, from my acting background, or the kind of conditioning athletes go through or practice professional sports teams undergo to build reliable skill sets for performance.

Create The Happiness Habit

I was harshly criticized in a number of books and publications as promoting pseudoscience and pie in the sky thinking. I was even accused (rightly) of utilizing the placebo effect.

How cool of me! Then again, they scoffed because I told people we could deliberately utilize the placebo effect. Some finally are catching on. Some Psychologists, as are scientists, catching up.

I and others pointed to things like ‘mirror neurons’ prior to their discovery. We knew through mediation, rapport studies, and other practice that many things were ‘contagious’. Smiling, rapport, happiness, peace, relaxation are infectious.

One person, neurologically, can affect another. Large groups practicing the meditation or laughter or peace have a dynamic, synergistic effect and affect others, even those not practicing. Hooray, some are finally catching on! Not nearly enough though.

Decades later research has verified what I knew back then, and far greater minds than mine have known for centuries. The better you feel the better you do. I repeat. The better you feel the better you do. Happiness leads to success and not the other way around.

Happiness is a choice! Practice feeling better a little bit each day. By practicing daily you eventually make it a reliable habit AND grow new neural pathways and connections thereby overall evolving yourself!!! Research Neuroplasticity and evolving your brain.

Here is the rub with science. IT is usually behind not ahead except for some cases. Scientific testing works this way to test a theory. Scientists make a claim, or stated hypotheses.

Happiness Is A Choice

Then they try to disprove the hypothesis. If it can’t be disproved it is accepted as the best theory you currently have for explaining what is going on. In research validation, they seek independent replication of results.

Science takes time to verify and establish new theories and validate. Not all science is equal, nor is it all good, nor is testing or reporting or publishing or disseminating the findings reliable or always upright.

BUT STILL much of science is what we hope it to be. Rigorous and trustworthy. OPEN and flexible. Because science is supposed to update theories, as better explanations become available, through testing.

Choose To Be Happy And You Will Be

There are many abstracts citing the research and conclusions. You can look them up. Look up topics such as happiness, optimism, placebo, overcoming depression naturally, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, mirror neurons,  etc.

There are many, MANY, books written citing the research in health, healing, attitude, psychology, meditation, spirituality. One I want to refer you to (not only because it concludes and incorporates many of the practices that I and others have taught for many years but) because they really delved into researching the topic.

You can read Shawn Anchor’s findings and the research conclusions in The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work. He has since published other books. Available at amazon. Check out the research and the results.

Why Would You Ever Choose To Not Be Happy

If you aren’t going to read it then at least stay tuned to this blog. I will bring you the latest and greatest as well as the oldest and the tried and true.

HAPPINESS is something that you can have more of anytime. If you do certain things you are guaranteed to become happier. It can be as easy as a couple minutes spent daily.

While, it probably won’t occur overnight it will occur in time as you stick with it. One of the greatest life transforming things you can do, is to practice gratitude. Feel gratitude, live it daily.

In my workshops I had people create list of 25 things they were grateful for each night. Shawn has them do as few as three every day. Something so simple can be so profound.

We’ll discuss more. We have happiness, beliefs, and a number of topics currently in play here. So keep reading and re-reading. Most importantly, begin doing, if you haven’t already, and keep doing.

You can rewire your brain, feel better, be healthier, think more clearly and enjoy more success and prosperity as you do! SO Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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What The Athlete Knows And Does That You Don’t Is Critical!

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“I consult for movies,TV, online digital content, actors etc. and showbiz. Of course, I act, produce and direct too. I also consult for others from all walks of life as a mentor and coach. Every now and then I get a email or a post from a showbiz website, or from a client that I respond to, and think, I can share this with my blog readers.

Today, I thought I’d share one of my brief responses. It can be applied to anything, any career, and anyone. It is a simple message expressing encouragement. I enjoyed the persons’s response too. It was very cool and great to receive back. I have not included their quest or comments.

‘Thanks and hello. Yes,  I know the feeling. It seems it can be tough. I am going to point you to a brief blog of mine being published on 11/30/15  You Have Been  Conditioned To Fail But You Don’t Have To.

Persistence is the attribute or characteristic that separates the haves from the have nots. Those who win from those who give up along the way. Mindset and attitude we largely inherit and then make it our own as we grow up. It is a blend of influences from others and our experiences.

We get, from others, the initial input, then we make that our own. Experience then either confirms or it doesn’t what we hold in our mind. Typically, because how the brain works, we find what we already believe. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) functions to find what we expect to find. Our brains support what we believe BY DEFAULT!

So in order to stop losing and start winning one has to condition oneself to win the same way an athlete conditions oneself to compete and win. They have to get up each day whether or not they feel like it and train. Whether OR NOT they feel like it!

Nothing can stand in the way if they want a shot at olympic gold. That is just the way it is. Sweat, hard work, diet, sleep and exercise. A regime they do for years to be ready. They have to overcome OLD habits and create news ones they adhere to regardless of what comes up.

Most of us try and give up shortly there after. We find excuses rather than reasons to continue. If we want to win at whatever we do we must condition our mind and prepare ourselves. We need to develop new, positive,supportive habits to keep us going. We create new neural pathways.

Nothing happens over night especially in show business. It can be brutal and is fraught with rejection.

Those who get to the top, when you listen to them, most almost always say, they knew they would succeed they just had to get through all the dark times first. They knew it first and expected to succeed! That kept them going and their brain (RAS) found reasons to continue during their darkest times. One needs to develop the habit of self confidence!

Success is built on failure. In failure we learn what not to do, as well as, what we could otherwise do. There are always lessons and if we are wise we learn from them and continue the pursuit. There is opportunity and advantage in every setback if we look for it.

If you are meant to do it you will do it if you keep the passion flamed and your belief in yourself strong. Never quit.

IF on the other hand this is really not your calling then perhaps look into something that makes you feel fully alive.

No one has to be in show business except those who HAVE to be. If you have to be then nothing will stop you; Not economics, politics, the weather, others, circumstances or events. It can be daunting at times but there are ways through that.

If you are meant to succeed, inside your own heart, then you will find the way, the reasons, the fire and fuel to keep going no matter how difficult. You will dictate the circumstances rather than letting them dictate you. You will exercise your personal power to positively push through.

Attitude, positive thinking and optimism don’t guarantee success but negativity certainly doesn’t. Positive thinking and optimism make it easier and more likely though. Learn how to take control of your thoughts and feelings and live as the emperor you were born to be.

Read my blog.  Get other inspirational material and fill your mind daily with I CAN DO IT thinking. Then do it step by step and you will eventually get there. Meanwhile, all the best wishes. This is my 2 cents.’

And there you have it. My response to someone who reached out. Whenever we face opposition and setbacks, disappointment and difficulty it becomes easy to throw in the towel unless we find the reasons within for continuing to move forward. The person, who reached out, found it within.

This is another reason why optimism and positivity work. Our mindset is critical! Gratitude and celebration of all things will keep us going too. Remember always to be thankful and celebrate!” Rex Sikes

Make your day magical!

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Successful People Know Why You Need To Read And Write. Do You?

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“What is one of the best practices you can engage in? Reading. You would think everyone does it but the numbers of people who actually read to improve themselves is unbelievably low by comparison. The estimate is fewer than 10% read past the first chapter of a book. Some never even pick one up.

Would it be better to read a short 300 word paragraph than nothing at all? It might be. To read anything positive and motivational even if it is only a sentence a day is better than nothing. If you can do more than that it is better. Time spent in reading positive material is important. Time spent. Not just the reading.

Just as writing by hand is far superior to typing on a keyboard. When you write you make numerous neural connections, thousands. When you type you make 8 repetitive movements. Handwriting is called brain writing for a reason. It makes you smarter and helps you retain more when you write.

So read and take notes on what you read. Then re-read what you read. Re-read what you wrote. Re-write what you wrote and re-read. Study makes a difference. Repeated reading and study is of great value. When you read and then go back later you will notice things you hadn’t previously.

You may make new connections with the material for years by re-reading. Learning each time something new. When you re-visit your notes and re-write or re-word them later on you learn so much more. These are good, worthwhile, health practices to help you develop, grow and evolve.

I write long posts instead of 300 words because if you can’t take 5 minutes to sit and read and get your best mind on in the morning you are already screwed. I do it to detain you and get you to think. I do it for you to start your day with some inspirational material.

I write so you can take some time to think about things that are important and can make a difference in your life. I write so you can sit and reflect, perhaps reflect on it all through the day. I write to give you something to eat, food for thought, and to digest.

If you need and get all your inspiration in an infographic or a sound byte you may be beyond hope. Not really, but heck, slow down. Stop perusing FB for bad news and disturbing pictures. Instead read my blog or something else that inspires you and points you in a positive and useful direction.

Fill your mind with good ideas, good news, to begin your day right. That is why my posts are longer. To hold you for a bit. To keep your attention on one topic for a few minutes. To end the fast edits, and quick bits that hammer us on TV, radio and the internet. To give you a pause and a rest from pop ups and flashing ads.

This is why I make them longer. SO you have to rest a moment before moving on. If you can’t read at least a page of positive material in the morning, wow, you need to re-evaluate your life. You should read for a few pages, five or more minutes. Heck choose positive material to read with your coffee instead of newspaper.

The more time you read positive material for yourself the better. Some people make a practice of reading the same chapter of Napoleon Hill everyday for a month, whether they feel like it or not. That is an excellent practice.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Repeat reading, in that fashion, is bound to help you to discover things and make deeper connections than reading only once or twice. It will also become much more memorable and immediate. The understanding you gain from such practice is valuable, perhaps priceless.

Read, fill your mind with positive, inspiring thoughts when you wake up. Start and end your day right. Celebrate what you are grateful for at the very same time. Let your first and last daily thoughts be glad ones. Your life will become so much more magical and delightful as you do. Read and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make marvelous the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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These Simple Practices Results In Big Changes!

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“There are some simple practices that result in big changes. Would you like to know what they are? They will work, absolutely, but you do have to do them. If you wanted to be as fit as an athlete then you would need to condition yourself as an athlete does. If you understand this everything becomes much easier.

Here are some of the things you want to do. In doing them life becomes easier and more joyful. You start finding new opportunity and advantages because you begin to develop new positive ways of being as habits.

Habits shape your destiny. Good habits, positive ones mean good things ahead. If you don’t change your habits for the better things end up remaining the same. So if you are determined that your life must change then realize you must change some things in your life.

To Know And Not To Do Is To Not Know

What you resist persists. Stop resisting! Stop fighting. Let go. What you pour your energy into is what you get. If you pour your energy into poverty and negativity you get more of the same. Pour your energy into wealth and health and you’ll get more of those.

What you focus on expands. What you think about you bring about. So manage your thoughts.YOU direct them instead of letting them direct you. You can and you must if you want a different and better life. You must make directing your thoughts a positive habit. How?

Start by being grateful. Celebrate everything. Look for things in your life, no matter how small, and put your positive attention on these. Be appreciative.

Build a list each day and feel how it feels to be grateful. Feelings are the most important. Feel it! Smile and laugh more! Delight more and spread it!

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge 

Recite positive mantras or affirmations out loud with enthusiasm and energy whenever you can throughout the day. ‘I am confident’. or ‘I have great health’ assertions.

Speak nicely to yourself and others. Only speak to bless, heal and prosper. Drop negativity and gossip. Focus on the good, leave bad news alone.

Be Positive. Any words that follow ‘I am’ or’I have’ is what you get. So ‘I am stupid’ or “I have no money’ result in those too. Keep it positive and fill your day with positive assertions and affirmations. Use lots of energy.

Visualize what you want as if you already have it! See it! You get what you see and what you say and what you feel! Imagine the ideal you and feel what it is like to be that right now. Do not imagine a better future make it all present. Imagine a better you today!

Aim at what you want. Think intentionally and create deliberately. Use your imagination positively. Stop being a victim. Be responsible for everything in your life.

Practice taking responsibility instead of blaming others and circumstance.  It isn’t rocket science. It is simple and easy. Decide that YOU are in charge and YOU will be.

The Mind Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Think

Focus on what you want. Focus on where you want to go. DO what you need to do to get there. Keep doing until you arrive. If anything comes up along the way to prevent you,  detour and keep heading toward your destination. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the process.

Remember it is a process. That means you change as you go along. Everything happens in time. Expect the best but be realistic and give yourself time to change. If you stumble and fall get up, dust off, and resume. Don’t skip days be consistent and persistent.

If you fall, accept it, pat yourself on the back for getting up and resuming. Don’t get angry or down on yourself. It’s okay. You are human, we all stumble.

Those who get up and keep going eventually cross the finish line. It doesn’t matter that it may be tough at times if you want it badly enough you’ll keep going. Those who quit – quit. If you want it, never stop.

What You Feel Is What You Get

Feelings are important! Feel better most of the time and you will feel good most of the time. Put your energy into feeling the best you can each moment.  You life will transform your entire life. Again, it’s not rocket science. Just do it! Make feeling good a positive habit!

If you feel down accept it. It is okay. We all have down moments. Nothing wrong in that. Take it as a signal that you are focused on what you don’t want or on negativity. Use this awareness as an opportunity to direct your thinking back to the positive.

Do something to feel a little bit better. Even just a little bit is important. You don’t have to make a huge leap toward bliss just learn to move an inch or two in that direction.

A leap may be too difficult but you can inch your way out, away from the bad feelings and move towards feeling better. So make small, incremental changes BUT make them.

Don’t wait – begin as soon as you become aware. You want to savor positive feelings not negative ones. SO move as soon as you notice the less than glorious feelings.

Be In Charge Of Your Circumstances Don’t Let Them Be In Charge

If you do this each time you feel down and out you will develop the habit of feeling better.  So don’t get mad or worse, don’t beat yourself up, if you feel down, but stop and then start moving away from the bad feelings. Notice the negative thoughts and change them.

Start thinking more positive. and taking some action or doing something that helps you feel a bit better. Before you know it you will move your self our of feeling bad. Learn that your bad feelings are a signal. Something requires your attention so you can change it.

These are simple things to do. Easy, but not always. You just need to do them consistently. Do not wait to feel like it or to be motivated. Motivation usually comes from doing what you need to do, not before hand as many people mistakenly think. Motivation comes from the act not by getting pumped up.

Many athletes don’t feel like getting up early and going out running or swimming or working out hard. They just know that if they want to win, or get a medal then they must workout everyday without exception. They don’t feel like it frequently but they do it anyway. It becomes habit. They benefit from their positive habits.

Celebrate and Enjoy

Your habits will break or make you. Develop the best positive habits and your life will transform. Stay the same and you will live the same. That is the hard cold truth. Have fun changing. Have fun transforming your life. It can be easier than you think it is, but you will only find that out, if and when you actually go for it. Do it!” Rex Sikes

Make the day matter in a positive way!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Make the most of today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

GETTING CLOSER TO THE NEW SITE LAUNCH  – Inching our way up on getting it up and running. The site will have a new look and feel. If you get this blog emailed to you,  You will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter.

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