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You Are Creators Act Like It! Start Getting What You Want.

youa are creators

“Most people look around, see what is happening, and feel something about it in response. They let the present circumstances, people and events determine how they feel. They use their senses as evidence of the results they are getting. They think ‘I will believe it when I see it’.

Somehow  they think seeing  is not subject to deception but it is. All our senses leave information out, and can distort what is actually there. We trust too much in our perceptions which can be very wrong. They do deceive us often. Looking at circumstances is a mistake when you want to create something. You have to look at what you want to create instead.

For most people life happens to them and they react to it. They react out of habit.  As we grew up and life situations were repeated our brains hard wired the responses in. It did it to streamline them. We don’t have much  choice. We may be afraid of things we have nothing to fear. Our brains did a marvelous job though. We react similarly in fight, freeze or flight. We react similarly to positive stimuli too.

You are on automatic if when a good thing happens you feel good and when bad things happen and you feel bad.  So you break the cycle.  Instead of being a victim on automatic and looking around and letting the accompanying feelings dictate what we think, feel and do we NOW add awareness and choice.

you will see it when you believe it

Now instead you decide how you want to feel and then you look. In this way you have control. You don’t let the circumstances dictate, instead you choose your feelings and you dictate the circumstances. This is how we create something positive and productive. This is claiming your power.

For most people, maybe you, because you don’t see evidence of wealth you don’t believe it is coming to you. You see only lack, or debt or bills and wonder how you will every get out of it. You worry about it and hope for the best but know it is difficult. This is letting the results or the circumstances dictate your thinking and feeling. Keep in mind that like thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together. You become what you think about.

You do not get out of debt and become wealthy thinking thoughts about being poor. To see improvement or get wealthy you need to be thinking thoughts or wealth, positive creation, having plenty and feeling grateful. Then you attract those.

This is true about anything you want! You don’t get healthy focused on sickness. You don’t get happy focused on sadness or distress. You don’t relax by thinking thoughts of worry. In order for you to get what you want you need to repeatedly focus on WHAT it is that you want!

It is the reverse that works. This is difficult for most people to understand and accept but it really is the key. Believe it and you will see the evidence. It works in the complete opposite to how we think it does. In order to have it you believe it first and then you will see it.

you are a living magnet

Everything first exists as a thought. Thought precedes all human action. Nothing that was created by a human came into being prior to thinking it into being.  Believing precedes seeing! It is not as we were led to think about it. It is not see it and then believe it it is believe it first and then you will see it. Belief is faith in things unseen otherwise it is not faith at all. Faith and positive expectations make it happen!

So you create it in your mental movie theater. You see what you want to create and what you want to have. You make it vivid and detailed. Writing it down helps clarify. You get real clear about what you want to be, do or have in your life. You focus on it repeatedly, obsessively. You adjust it and enhance it and make it more real and more vivid so that you can taste it! You see it and feel it! Feeling it is important.

You see yourself already being, doing or having what it is you want. You see it already accomplished. It is yours and you are living it. You spend time each day as often as you can reviewing and living this reality. At least five minutes morning and night and any other time. This becomes your preoccupation your dominant thoughts that you think. When you spend this time you want to feel the best feelings! You want to feel how you would feel living this reality!

You have control and are in charge of yourself. Accept the responsibility. Be 100% at cause then the effects (the results) you create are your responsibility. Actually they always already were. You are always creating but you may not have liked the results you were getting. Now you take deliberate charge of the creation process and create what you DO want. YOU make it happen!

you are entirely up to you

You stay focused on your mental movies. You think the best positive thoughts throughout the day. You use your feelings as a signel for when you are on target and aligned. If you feel less than glorious it means somewhere inside you you are off track so find ways to make yourself feel better. They goal is to spend as much time each day feeling good.

Use the signal of your feelings to adjust. When you are feeling good you are on target with your goals and desires. You are manifesting good things when feeling good. Stay focused on gratitude in the past and present. Be grateful for everything, celebrate.

Learn from mistakes, and be grateful you can learn and grow. Fill your mind with positive inspirational material, books and audios. Hang around with positive productive people who are making their dreams come true. Become a positive powerful creative force and have fun and delight in all of it. Celebrate. Embrace it and relax. ENJOY!

Remember you are in charge of your vibrations. Whatever you put out in the universe you get back more of the same. Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. The reason you do not have more is because you look around, see what you have and what you don’t and feel bad. You attract more of the same lack and poor feelings.

what u put out u attract

When you use your eyes to determine your situation you are creating more of the same. You look at your present and accept it as your lot. You think I am tired of this, I want more I don’t want to be poor but you do not create wealth and well being by attracting more of what you do not want.

In order to attract wealth and well being you have to feel wealth and well being. You have to spend time feeling it! Feel wonderful and enjoying having wealth and well being and in response you attract more of the same. This is what your inner movie theater helps you do. You think it, see it, create it in your mind and have the feelings of what you want.

You see it and enjoy the feelings. Savor the feelings and do this repeatedly. Keep doing it. Your thoughts, feelings and words all congruently align with your desires. You stop resisting and you start making happen what you want to happen. You end the inner conflict, you end the mixed results and you start getting what you want. You attract resources, other people and situations.

You attract more abundance, more delight, more well being because like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. You will reap whatever you have sown. What are you currently sowing? If you are focused on less than glorious circumstances and lack of wealth and well being you will get back much more of the same. Focus on what you really, really want instead. Make that happen. Create it!

u r responsible

Keep your vibrations high. Keep them positive, joyful, glorious and you will have everything you want. Don’t dig up the seeds to insure they are growing. Forget looking at the current results. Have faith that what you plant you will reap. YOU WILL! Believe it and eventually you will see it! Everything takes time so during the time it takes focus on what you want.

Don’t seek evidence that what you are doing is working accept that it is and move forward. If you compare how far away you are from where you want to be you interrupt the process and get the mixed results. THIS is what you have always already been doing in the past. You have been looking for evidence. STOP IT! Believe and you will ultimately see. It may be hard at first but it gets easier and easier.

You open the way to have more because you enjoy and are thankful for all things. You sow you reap. You are where you thoughts have brought you.  You will be where your thoughts take you. It is time to take charge of your thoughts. Your future you will some day be your present. What do you want that present to be? Create it now!

Your feelings are your guidance system. If you feel less than glorious your thinking is less than glorious. If you are feeling wonderful your thoughts are positive and productive. Follow your bliss and bliss will fill you. You have no excuse you have created your life as it is. Accept it! That is the most powerful moment you can have.

talk about blessings

That moment when you totally and completely get it and accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life. is the moment your life can completely change. Yes, things happen from the outside but you react to them automatically. You have been making choices. You can’t escape your responsibility in all of this. You shouldn’t want to. The moment you completely accept it is the moment you begin to transform everything! It is your choice.

You accept and embrace your role as creator, you acknowledge that you have been good at creating what you don’t want, or mixed results and now you aim your creative powers at creating everything you do want. THIS is a powerful freeing moment! This is the start of a wonderful new way to be in the world. Reclaim you power and aim it productively. Don’t delay. Begin making your dreams come true this very moment.” Rex Sikes

This can be the start of a very good new day!

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What To Do When You Are Feeling Bad

energy goes where attention goes

“There is only energy. This is what physics tells us. Everything is energy at different rates of vibration. This  is a very important understanding.  We use our senses to define our world and our experience but our senses are limited. Our senses can be and are deceived. Yet, we think IF we see it then it must be real. We are mistaken to think so.

Everything is energy! The energy is either very high frequency which we are unable to perceive or low frequency. The lower frequencies  we can notice the vibratory effects on our eyes, ears, body, nose and mouth. Everything is energy. It is all the same one energy in various forms. Everything is in a constant state of vibration. Light, sound, heat, thought, everything!

There are positive and negative charges. Positive and negative thoughts. Positive and negative feelings. These are simply whatever they are but we human labels them as good or bad.  We determine what is wanted and unwanted by how we feel. We either feel positive and good or negative and not so good. That is what we do. This ability to recognize the difference and become aware IS our guidance system. To be truly happy we can use this guidance system.

you will see it when you believe it

When it comes to our life and manifesting or creating or attracting what we want this is useful to know and understand and utilize. We are either vibrating at a high frequency or a low frequency or anywhere in between. We are either mostly positively charged or mostly negatively charged. We want to be mostly positively charged.

We are either feeling good or not so good. We can notice the difference and we can make adjustments. Essentially, we are either ON or we are OFF. We are either on base or off base. On task or off task. It is very simple.

We can tell easily whether we are feeling good or not good. This is the signal. Whenever we are feeling ‘off’ or less than glorious THAT IS the signal to notice so we can adjust.

Then there is FLOW. Everything is flowing, moving, expanding. It just is. Our universe is expanding as I write these words. Everything is flowing along. We are either flowing with it or against it. Just like a river we either go with the current, the path of least resistance, or we paddle against the current. Our choice. Everything is our choice.

It is very simple and plain to understand. We are either flowing or we are not. Either we are in the zone, moving with creation and how things are going or we are not. We are either surrendering to what is or we are not. On or Off. Flowing or Resisting. Positive or Negative.

When we surrender and go with the flow it is easy and effortless. When we move with the current we move swiftly along. When we resist and try to paddle upstream it is difficult and a struggle. When we effort against what is going on we fight. We create conflict. Struggle.

life is not hapening to you life is responding

We are either positive energy or we are not. If we are not going with the flow and feeling positive we  feel negative or less than glorious. It is that simple! Either something is moving up or it is moving down. It is either on or off. It either feels good or it doesn’t. We are either accepting and flowing or we are not. It is not complicated.

The goal of life seems to be ecstasy. We evolve toward happiness. The highest purpose of human kind seems to be to evolve in our consciousness and well being. We are entitled to have and enjoy all life has to offer. We deserve all good things and situations. You can be, do and have anything you want!

To be and get what you want it is necessary for you to align your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary to be congruent with your desires and ambitions. You can’t be wanting and expecting not to get. You can’t be creating and uncreating and expect to get. You can have every good thing you want and desire. You can have everything when you stop resisting. You have to fully EXPECT to get what you want.

Most of the moments of your day are either positive or they are not. Most of your moments you either feel good or you don’t. When you are feeling the best and thinking the best you are flowing, your energy is aligned with your desires and you are able to make your dreams come true. You are congruent. You are one with the creative energy.

we attract what we are prepared to receive

Whenever you feel or find yourself resisting, or feeling or thinking negatively that is a SIGNAL to relax, let go, and make positive micro adjustments towards feeling better. We have a built in system that lets us know when we are off track SO THAT we can get back on track! Use it. Take baby steps back toward feeling great.

You want to be feeling the best you can the bulk of your day. You want to tip the scales toward positive, toward flow, toward feeling wonderful most of your time. When you stop resisting and are feeling fabulous you ARE  flowing. When you are flowing you are aligned. Relax into this. Understand that you are a creator.  Everything is in operation for you to get what you want.

You are already creating your life whether you realize it or not. You are getting everything you are getting  because you are have always been  creating your life. Most people don’t realize this. This is what you MUST come to understand.

If life is haphazard a mix of good and bad or it is mostly less than glorious it is only because you are either haphazard in what you are doing, or you have not been purposeful. You are focused on what you want and what you don’t want and getting some of both. OR you are focused mostly on what you don’t want and getting exactly what you don’t want. In my past I was always great at getting what I didn’t want.

You can begin to change that now if  you want to. You can create a wonderful life instead. You can change what you are doing and you can positively and powerfully begin to change your life!

Now the time has come to get and stay out of your own way. Don’t paddle upstream. Whenever you look at where you are and how far you might be from realizing your goals you are creating a chasm. You separatE yourself from your dream and creatE resistance when you try to take inventory of how close or far away you are.

You do not want to do this. You don’t keep digging up the seeds to make sure they are growing. You must stop comparing where you are with where you want to be. Instead, you want to align and feel at one with your desires. After all it is all the same energy, you just can’t see that yet.

You want to feel you deserve it and that it is coming to you. You are making it happen EVEN IF you can’t yet see the results. Celebrate that it is coming EVEN WHEN you can’t yet see anything BELIEVE IT and YOU WILL SEE IT eventually! Things take time. Relax and believe!

This is why it is necessary to keep your focus on your dreams and off the everyday circumstances. It takes time to manifest your desires Stop checking to see if it is occurring.  This is where most people screw it up. They don’t believe it and they keep evaluating to see whether they are getting close or not.

Keep this in mind: Don’t dig up the seeds you planted to check on their growth. Leave them grow in darkness, underground, and one day they WILL sprout. You have to trust. You have to believe that it will happen even when you can’t see it. Faith is believing in the unseen. You must believe in your dreams! Celebrate!

youa are creators

So either you are positive energy or negative energy. Notice when you are not positive and adjust back towards it. Notice when you feel less than glorious and adjust back to feeling more positive. Notice when your thoughts aren’t productive and adjust back toward productive thinking. Relax and accept and go with the flow. Know deep inside it will all come to pass. Believe it, feel it.

You stay focused on your dreams of the future seeing them in your mind’s eye already realized. To adjust back toward feeling better and to feel better anytime in the present focus on gratitude. Become thankful for everything. Count your blessings and remember why you are thankful. Keep the focus on appreciation. Find the good inside of every one and every circumstance. Stay grateful. Be thankful!

As you begin to see little sign posts of things you want happening you can use these to feel stronger and to believe stronger. This is a great sign but don’t go looking for them. Just appreciate them as they appear. They will. Meanwhile trust, find the good in everything, be thankful and celebrate!

In the face of great adversity hold true and you will come through to the other side. Creation will continue just stop resisting it. Understand that is is perfectly acceptable for you to want the best for yourself and others. Accept that you are making it happen. Choose to stay focused on feeling the best.

what u feel now is what u attract

Go with the flow. Recognize when you are attempting to push the river, or paddle upstream. Enjoy the process. It is not what you do, it is not your actions that will get you there but your energy alignment. Your feelings, your thoughts and your attitudes.

Most people make the mistake and think if they only work hard enough they will make it happen. IT is not your hard work that brings it about it is WHO you are that brings it about. When you become the person for whom all these things are possible you then will do all the right things with the right amount of effort to make them happen.

Hard work with the wrong attitude is putting the cart before the horse. Get your being right and everything else begins to fall into place.

We have this incredible built in guidance system and so few of us learn to use it. The time is now to appreciate how marvelous this is for you. You can be, do and have anything you want. Go with the flow.

Learn to live and spend most of your time feeling wonderful and you will be creating and attracting and getting everything you want. It is a process and it takes time but you are making it happen. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and you will be surprised!” Rex Sikes

May your day be magical!

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Here’s How You Can Instantly Change How You Feel!

u have within u whatever u need

“It is important to fill our minds with positive thoughts and possibilities. It is good practice to listen to those who can inspire and motivate us to move forward and make our lives the way we want them to be. We can read, listen to audio, spend time with positive mentors and others who help us in our positive pursuits.

We need to celebrate more, enjoy and delight, feel grateful most of the time. Never let anything stop us from legitimately making our dreams a reality. Persist and keep going. We only fail when we stop attempting.  Here’s some food for thought for your daily nutrition.

Michael Jordan points out, ‘I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’

Considered one of the all time greats in basketball he states he succeeded because he failed over and over. Michael did not give up.

Failure is an important part of succeeding. It teaches us what we need to do. It shows us when we are aimed in the wrong direction. It allows us to stop and start again with new useful information. Don’t fear failure but embrace it. Accept that it is feedback for us to actually move forward.

stop waiting and go out and make them happen

Ellen DeGeneres states, ‘When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.’

We have to face our fears and keep on moving. One of the great military generals of the U.S. shared what to do about fears we encounter. George S. Patton stated ‘ The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!’  He points out that we will have fears but we should not be a victim of them.

There will always be people who think we are fanciful. There will be those who say no to us. We can not let nay sayers prevent us from being who we are and accomplishing what we want to accomplish. ‘I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself,’  said Albert Einstein. Don’t let people rain on your parade. You can be respectful and move forward anyway.

Jack Canfield,the author of ‘Chicken Soup of The Soul’ series gives this powerful advice. ‘Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.’

In order for your life to change you have to change some things. You will miss out if you don’t ever try So don’t worry about failing. Be worried about not ever attempting to do anything!

a river cuts a rock persistence

For most people it is small changes made at the right time and consistently applied that gives them the most leverage. Thinking better, feeling better, acting with passion are things we can begin to do today to make our lives measurably better. One of the most potent formulas for instantaneous change is: Fill your mind and being with gratitude!

Celebrate everything you have, the abilities you have no matter how small; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, walking, reading, writing. Celebrate the people in your life you love, family, friends, and others. Celebrate anything and everything. Fill your mind with thankfulness and your life begins to immediately transform.

You attract what you think and feel most of through the day. When you feel alive, passionate, joyful, happy, thankful you attract more of the same! You attract whatever you predominantly think about.

So today make it a point to begin feeling and thinking happy thoughts filled with appreciation. Remember, it is important to feel good, as best you can and you will get more good feelings. Birds of a feather flock together.

For those who feel really down, the goal is to begin to feel a little bit better. Move incrementally, take baby steps toward feeling more positive by finding those elements and people and situations in your life, present and past that you are glad about.

Remember all that you feel thankful about and remember all the reasons WHY you are grateful. You will change. You will begin to change. Make it a daily practice. Write them down, think about them any moment you feel less than glorious. Fill yourself with gratefulness!

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

If you are feeling down change your thinking to ANYTHING else that you are grateful about. Recount your blessings and consider WHY you are blessed. In a few seconds, less than 20 seconds, your mind and being can begin to shift.  Stay with it. Do it for a minute or more. As you do it and feel the shift you will want to stay with it.

It doesn’t take much to make the shift happen. Bathe yourself in gratitude and well being. Linger in the better feelings and as you do you continue to attract much more. Can you spend at least 5 minutes morning and night? When you do great things can begin to happen. Make it a habit and overall your life will wonderfully improve.

ANYTIME, really ANYTIME you catch yourself feeling less than glorious or negative, STOP, notice it, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and begin to look for things  in your life you are grateful for. You only miss out if you don’t ever do it. So do it today and transform your being and your life.” Rex Sikes

Create something wonderful today!

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Dream Big Don’t Quit!

you are a living magnet

“The possibilities are endless. There is no limit on what can be accomplished when you make the attempt. Whether you reach the end point is not as important as that you tried. As it has been said, ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you land among the stars’.

Dream big. You are entitled to everything in the universe. You are able to make happen the most wonderful things if only you will. Too often people are afraid or they think, ‘what’s the use?’ They stop before they even begin because they don’t want to be disappointed.

It has been said, ‘Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved’. You can’t let fear stop you from having happiness, health, wealth and well-being. Don’t let doubt or low expectations prevent you from being everything you can be. Create, manifest, attract!

we are our choices

Les Brown said, ‘Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.’

Deepak Chopra stated, ‘The universe has no restrictions. You place restrictions on the universe with your expectations.’

So dream big. Enjoy the dreaming. Let your imagination run wild. Think, ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I were able to…?’;  Wouldn’t it be nice if I had…?’; What if I were to…?’  Use Directed Questions! Ask questions that lead you into thinking about what you can and will accomplish. Plant in your mind positive images of who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have. Let go and have fun!

action is distance between dreams and reality

Spend time inside your mind creating what you want. Every human made thing that exists  first began as a thought. Then a plan was made. Then the plan was put into action. Failure may have preceded success but ultimately through persistent effort it came into being. This is true whether it is an item as simple as a spoon or a chair or as intricate and complex as a computer or rocket ship.

Think the best and expect the best. People tend to rise to what is expected of them. That is why it is important to think the very best and expect the very best from all people. That includes yourself!

If you don’t get everything you want at least you will have gotten further than if you never try. You get and you become what you think about most each day. You manifest your dominant thoughts. SO Let go, create, have fun, delight. Think and dream big! Never let a thought stop you from a positive good life. Expect the very best!” Rex Sikes

Make your day  magical. Create something wonderful today!

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No Failure Only Feedback!

your best teacher your last mistake

Have you ever been faced with a particularly rough challenge? Have you tried some things that didn’t work out back when  you tried them? Have you felt defeated in your past? When things got difficult what did you do?

It is important to understand that everyone faces trials and tribulations. That may not be much of a consolation but it is true. Tough times come and tough times go. When you encounter tough times you might be better served if you remember thoughts like ‘diamonds are created by massive pressure’, or ‘through chaos stars are born’.

Mind set is an important component of successfully navigating difficulty. Mindset is your attitude, beliefs and perceptions. What you think and feels determines MUCH of the outcome. The more you are positive the more you are powerful and able.

Every successful person has had difficulty. Some face seemingly insurmountable odds. For some true disaster preceded their success. That just seems to be the way things go. Perhaps, that is why common wisdom has stated, ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’.

the one who falls and gets up

When faced with challenge it is important to be flexible and adjust the plan (if you want) but do not give up on the goal if it is important to you. Maybe this is why it is said, ‘If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.’ ‘Those who win finish the race’. ‘Winners never quit and Quitters never win.’

Once you have have made mistakes it is important to examine them. Do not blame or judge yourself in any way.  You did the best you could with the information or tools you had at the time. Accept whatever  you did, what happened, whatever outcome you got and stay open. Examine the mistake for the learning opportunity contained in it. Look for the hidden wisdom. Discover new resources!

If you did something wrong, forgive yourself. If you hurt someone else seek forgiveness. Make amends. Don’t repeat the mistake is an important component in gaining resolve. Have integrity and take responsibility! Be trustworthy!

Don’t lose the lesson just because things didn’t work out as you hoped. Find it! Keep moving. Keep the faith! Do not give up because it has not yet worked out. Failure is feedback for what you need to now to make it work. Feedback is important for us all to evolve and grow positively. Feedback is what allows you to course correct.

im a product of my decisions

Don’t let the wind come out of your sails. Gather your resources and go at it again with the new information and a renewed spirit. This process is more important that actually succeeding right from the gate. Too early or too easy success spoils a person. They only learn one way.

One method at some point is bound to fail. It is best to have numerous ways to succeed. We should seek is lots of feedback, correction and resourcefulness. Feedback gives up alternative avenues to be more successful.  Appreciate feedback at every opportunity. Be grateful for errors and for the learning. When you can truly appreciate all that happens then you are really learning and moving forward positively!” Rex Sikes

Discover the delight in this day!

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This Separates The Haves From The HaveNots!

stop blamaing others for anyting

“Most successful, wealthy people are different from the rest. They think and do things differently from the masses.  It is what they think and do that puts them ahead of others. The good news is you can begin to think and behave as they do and start discovering more success for yourself.

Those who are able to make wealth and keep it know that they do not know everything. They understand that so they surround themselves with others who have different methods and approaches for accumulating wealth and success.  The recognize the value in keeping others, who may be smarter and wiser, near them. They keep other successful people close! They have mentors. They are always on the lookout for opportunity and better, new approaches.

The wisest of those who succeed know that they may encounter ideas and practices that conflict with theirs. They know it is important to be adaptable and flexible and not take themselves too seriously. If they make a mistake they are willing to correct it. They do not pass the buck. They learn from their ‘mastermind’ group of mentors and advisors. They pick up and move on letting nothing deter them.

The masses often think they know the way. They believe they can handle it on their own. They tend to work alone and don’t have the benefit of wise successful consultants. If they do the people they associate with are typically in the same situation as they are. The don’t change much. They plug along as they learned they should. Often they work from antiquated maps of reality.They defend themselves and blame others  when mistakes are true. They may give up when it gets too hard.

strongest people don't give up

Obviously, there are some on both sides that do not fit these generalizations but there are enough to make these elements poignant.

If you want success in any area; health, wealth, well-being and happiness you need to be willing to be flexible and not rigid. You should develop a successful mindset (your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions). Remember, a belief is really only a thought you think over and again. Develop a set of success habits that automatically support you  in where you want to go. Surround yourself with people who can inspire, stimulate, and wisely advise you. Chose wisely!

In this blog website I have posted other critical elements that separate the successful from the not so successful. Go back and read through the posts and start putting these powerful practices into play. Make a study of it . Embrace these principle and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.” Rex Sikes

May your day be joyful and filled with love.

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You’ll Get It Back When You Give It Away


“Somehow people have forgotten. Perhaps, they don’t know. Maybe they were brought up and have never heard, It is as true and needed today as it has always been. We should not ignore it but we should implement it in principle and practice. It makes a huge difference and creates many wonderful things.

The principle is ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. When you have more power you can do more. You can be more. So it is only natural to give the power and the benefits back. The more power one has the more accountable one is. The more one can do the more one should do. The more wealth one has the more one can share. The more one knows the more one can teach. If you know the way let others in on it.

Too many have made this a struggle between people and over resources. The greedy mind. If you perceive lack you will fight to keep whatever you have and try to get more. If you perceive plenty you can have all you want, allow others what they want, and even help to distribute it.

It is true some have plenty and prevent others from getting any. There are many in the world who have been living this way. Still there are those with much less who feel wealthy in various ways who give and continue to. Attitude and beliefs determine how you live in the world. It is long known that happiness is not dependent on things but on mental attitude. Happiness is a matter of one’s thinking and feeling. It is a matter of one’s spirit.

you are a gift to the world celebrate

A great way to feel happier is to help others find happiness. There are plenty in the world who need a kind word, a favor, a gift, help, or some support. There are people who need food, shelter, and other people to connect with. Please do not let the cruelty and selfishness of some make it harder for the many in need.

Give from your spirit and your heart. This is true year round but especially during holiday seasons. It might be someone in your own family who needs extra care, a child, a neighbor or someone in your community. It might be a friend, co-worker or even a stranger. It might be a person in a nursing home, hospital, shelter or someone homeless .

Take some time the rest of this year to see what you can do from your heart to help. Make a difference for someone and you will make a difference for you.

When you help others it changes things in you while helping change things for them. Both transform. You will feel touched, happier and more well being. Share your love, peace, kindness and blessing!” Rex Sikes

You have a gift! it’s called today.

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Oprah Winfrey and Christoph Waltz?!?

winners take responsibility

“I am going to admit something. It is not something I ever actually do but today I did. I have been under the weather for days, and while pretty rough I am recovering. It is good to be able to breath better and feel better again and that is what I focus on when not completely well. I focus on incrementally feeling better instead of what is wrong. BUT that is not what this post is about.

I got up and had breakfast. I was late getting to write this blog, but I decided to eat and turn on the TV. I did and ‘Kelly and Michael’ were on. So I watched. That is my admission.  I am glad I did watch.

Their marvelous guests today  were the incomparable Oprah Winfry and Christoph Waltz. What an amazing line up. I mean think about this.

Oprah, a Southern black girl born in poverty raised in Milwaukee, raped at 9, pregnant at 14 whose son died in infancy becomes the most powerful woman in media, a billionaire, philanthropist, Academy Award winning actress and god knows all the rest.

If anyone started out with the odds stacked against her it was someone like Oprah. What an example of making dreams come true. I mean its not like she had more advantages than you or I. She moved forward and let nothing hold her back. Look at all she has been able to accomplish. She began in radio at 19 and the rest is history.

accomplishment starts w decision

I might be wrong but I suspect you and I started out much better off than she did. Just a guess, BUT if Oprah can get so far ahead what excuses do you and I have not to?

On ‘Kelly and Michael’ she was promoting a movie she acts in and produced called ‘Selma’ about voting restrictions in the south.

Right here is another powerful example of disenfranchised people persevering to make their dream of voting come true. The civil rights movement – committed individuals united to bring about positive change. The people who sought equality for all knew no lack of incredible hardship. They suffered and they stuck with it!

Obviously, we have not made all the strides we should have as people since the struggle continues. The point is people were willing to endure and still do.

Then there is Christoph Waltz, a two time Academy Award winning actor. Born in Vienna his life, as described in online biographies, was pretty darn cushy when compared to Oprah and maybe many of us. He successfully worked in German TV and film for many years.

there is nothing impossible

None of us knew his name or even cared I am sure. Until he won his first Academy Award for Inglorious Bastards and another 26 awards. He won his second Academy Award for Django Unchained.  He was catapulted into International Stardom at 52 years of age.

I am reminded of a Biblical verse that I believe is quite appropriate. ‘God is no respecter of persons’. In this case I take that to mean rich or poor, young or old, good looking or not, whatever skin color, nationality, WHATEVER, any one can make their dreams come true!

What possible excuse could we have to not pursue ours? How big of a con artist must we be to prevent ourselves from getting what we really want?

People from all walks of life through history had made their dreams come true. Some people have helped countless others and have changed the world because they willed it to happen. They made up their minds to move forward and make life a better experience.

How absolutely wonderful is that? Oprah started off with most things stacked against her and by her 50’s is fabulously wealthy! Christoph Waltz while perhaps better off, didn’t become a superstar until his 50’s.

if you can dream it you can do it

You can’t let age or ANYTHING hold you back. There are countless examples of people living their dreams and they are NO DIFFERENT than you and I. Except for maybe one thing.

They go for it!

The keep on going until they get and then they keep on going some more. They don’t blame others for having advantages they do not make excuses. They may have started out rich or poor it does not matter. If you aren’t doing whatever it takes to have the life you want to have it is not the responsibility of anyone else.

What is YOUR dream? GO make it happen!

I’m really glad I watched ‘Kelly and Michael’ today!” Rex Sikes

Make today the day you decide to make your dreams real!

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* NOTE – Unfortunately, I did not catch the misspelling of Ms Winfrey’s name in the url, which propagates. Changing it invalidates the links. I will correct in days to come.  I apologize for the mistake because it makes the title come out misspelled too.

Treat Yourself Well – Let It Go – Move On!

forgive yourself for not knowing

“Times can be tough. Disappointments occur. Past and present. It is AS it is and it is WHAT it is. Sometimes there is a tendency for people to get down on themselves. You shouldn’t. Whatever happened WHEN it happened you did the best you could with the tools and knowledge that you had at THAT time. The decisions you made, the actions you took, the feelings you felt, the thoughts you thought all were what you had AVAILABLE to you at that time.

Regardless of the outcome recognize that none of us are perfect. None! We act from who we are at the moment. We may have done things we didn’t like.  We may have hurt others. If we can repair the damage or if an apology and a promise to never repeat is in order then that is the responsible thing to do. Do it!

Make it a point to walk well on this earth and not hurt people. That includes yourself. Give others a break AND give yourself a break. Ease up and take the pressure off. Relax.

what u put out u get back

Realize the opportunity you have is to LEARN from the incident, to learn from the mistakes, to learn from the past and then move on. Leave what is unimportant behind and move forward with new positive awareness. Drop the crap and keep the gold! So few people do this. They carry crap with them wherever they go. Drop it!

You may have been pressuring yourself.  If so, the possibility exists that you also pressure others. Maybe not, but it is a possibility. SO be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself kindly. Accept that you are human and learning as you go along. Even today you are doing the best you can with the tools, the insights, the beliefs you have and hold.

Every moment is a moment for the possibility of higher awareness, of joy of love of peace and blessings. Each second is available for us to enjoy. Each second is an opportunity to explore and discover. Mistakes are the way we get feedback and learn to self correct. Everything is an opportunity when you expect it to be one!

acting according to own consciousness

So treat yourself well. If you did wrong don’t make excuses make amends.  Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself as someone capable of making mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Accept them as part of learning and growing. Be tolerant, patient of yourself. Respect yourself. Embrace and celebrate yourself. Nurture yourself. Be a friend to yourself! Appreciate your self and all the learning you are discovering through each of life’s experiences.

When you are able to love yourself you can also love others. Treat them as you would want to be treated. That is the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule has implied in it that YOU do it FIRST. You don’t wait to receive it you give it freely first. This you can do. Give love to yourself and give love to others first. You’ll surprise yourself with how awesome life can be.” Rex Sikes

In how many different ways can you delight in today?

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If You Aren’t Choosing Your Losing!

what consumes your mind controls your life

I saw a comment by someone on social media yesterday stating  ‘thoughts don’t do anything’. My thought for that person was, I hope it is true for him simply because he believes it. Science, philosophies, religious and everyday experience proves otherwise. Eons of investigation and commentary suggest that our thoughts have more power than most people realize. In fact, most people seem to miss this point altogether and never come to enjoy the incredible benefits of better thinking.

For many people life is merely okay. It is a mix of good and not so good, sometimes bad. For a lot of people it is a struggle. The reason seems to be that only a few people truly understand the power of thinking well. I have pointed out again and again that we become what we think about. Not my original idea at all, I co-opted it from Earl Nightengale but when I adopted that statement as an operating principle for my life everything began to change for the better.

We need to be mindful of our thoughts because our thoughts do have much more power than we realize. The reason people get so many mixed results, or merely an okay life experience is because instead of managing their thoughts their thoughts manage them.

Like a cork bobbing on the water drifts wherever the current takes it most people react to life situations similarly. For them, life is whatever comes along. When bad things happen or might happen they think about what they don’t like and don’t want. They obsess about what is wrong instead of obsessing about what is right.

thoughts design my energy

So if it is accurate that you get or become what you predominantly think about or hold in your head then mixed results come from not having any predominant thought. Poor results come from focusing on what is wrong, what they don’t have or what bad event is going to possibly occur in the future.

When life is a problem or less than you hope it to be, then the glass is either half filled with whatever, or it is certainly more filled with negative thinking than with positive thinking. It is common sense frankly! If you want a most wonderful life then the majority of your experience, your thoughts, feelings and actions must be wonderful. The bulk of your time must be spent thinking about what is fabulous, what you are grateful for, what you can accomplish and so on. The majority of your thinking must be positive!

If you obsessively fear that your relationship is falling apart you are increasing the likelihood that it will.  Why? because you are not focused on the reasons you are together. You are not spending your time or your thoughts loving and enjoying each other. You are focused on what is wrong and what will go wrong in the future. You aren’t focused on the ties that bind you.

If you are consumed with the notion that you might get fired or lose your job you are increasing the likelihood of getting fired. The more energy you give the problem the more likely you continue or advance the problem. You do not diminish it by obsessively thinking about it.

life is not hapening to you life is responding

If you are thinking negative thoughts about anything the more energy you put into it the more you get the results you fear. This is true about your love and family life, your career and job, your relations with friends and strangers, your health, wealth and well-being. NO one ever gets healthy thinking how sick they are.

It has been said that, “Worry is negative goal setting” and I think that is a profound statement. We bring about whatever we think about! Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. What we focus on we become! Why plan for disaster? Stop it! Plan to make it better!

People who experience anxiety, anger issues, and depression have learned to put their mind in certain directions more than in another direction. It isn’t their fault but they have learned how to do this for whatever reasons. Most all of us have learned to do this to varying degrees. All of us can learn to put our minds in more productive directions using the approaches, I’ve been describing all along, in this blog.

Your thoughts and feelings create your life. They create your reality. Energy begets energy just as priming the pump brings the well water. What begins as a trickle can become a mighty flow. This is true about negative thinking and it is true about positive thinking. Choose which flow you want.

your thoughts become words

Why are so many people negative?  Who knows for certain? It may be that we are raised in an environment where we grow up comparing ourselves to others. Media and messages constantly bombard us with the notion that we are incomplete unless we have a certain product, a certain knowledge, a certain something. We are told what to think, do and say in order to survive. News is always negative because that is what sells. I’m sure there is a boat load of reasons.

So why are so many people negative? I don’t know for sure but I am sure about this; more people need to begin to take responsibility for their own thinking. More people need to understand that change is possible and up to them! People can improve their thinking and their lives incredibly! It is absolutely doable! Anyone can do it! You can!

Others can help.  This blog, the books and audios, workshops and seminars, the sciences, philosophies and religions can all assist and point to the positive path. All of these can inspire and motivate. Ultimately, if YOU want change for the future YOU have to change what YOU are doing currently.

YOU have to take charge of your thinking! No one can do it for you. Although, hanging out with positive people can be a great help as you move forward. Spending time with powerfully positive encouraging people is a great thing to do. Find them and spend time with them!

your only limits

Your thoughts shape and create your reality over time. Like attracts like. The more you worry about something, the more you begin to attract exactly the energy you are worried about! The more you regret, fear, hate, and are angry about things the more you attract the same.  What you hold in your head you will hold in your hand. What you think about you bring about!

Do you want to create a happy life? Would you like things to get better and be better? Would you like more joy, self-love, peace, financial freedom, better health, loving relationships, a great home and home-life, things you have always wanted? Do you want to travel, learn some new skill, have an incredible career, meet more people? You can have all these and more! You can create and attract what you want and need BUT you have to do it!! YOU DO!

If you want to create a happier experience then utilize the same principle and begin to think thoughts of  love, health, wealth, abundance, peace, joy, and happiness. Think the best about yourself, others, and your circumstances. FInd the hidden gold and opportunity in all challenges. Think solutions and what you can do. Focus on what you want NOT on what you don’t want.

WHEN you do this consistently you will begin getting good results, Instead of ending up with exactly what you don’t want you begin to get what you DO want! It is all up to you and what you do daily.

what we project we perceive

You have the power  to create a life of negativity, lack and worry, if you continue to think and obsess about negative events and people. You also have the power and the ability and all the tools needed to make your life experience something truly wonderful.

While, it sounds trite to say it the fact of the matter is your life will become exactly what you think it will be. You will become what you predominantly think about most during the day. What you think about you bring about.

You CAN fill your life with love, gratitude, appreciation, respect, integrity, joy, peace, blessings, wealth, health, and incredible well-being by staying focused on all the wonderful good things! Manage your thoughts! You have a choice. Choose wisely!” Rex Sikes

Do something amazing for yourself and others today!

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