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Do This And Change Your Life!

there is nothing impossible

“Choice is a moment to moment activity. It requires that you choose and then choose again as needed. Each moment there is a choice to be made. You will choose, if you make mistakes you have the opportunity to choose to correct those mistakes. When you correct your choice you are learning to maneuver back towards what you want. Learning to make positive choices and self-correct as necessary is an important skill to develop. You want to make it habit.

Building a habit requires that you consistently perform the same actions and behaviors over and over again until they get wired in. Once wired in they operate on their own reliable when triggered. This is how we developed less than glorious habits and it is how we develop good positive ones. Build positive habits!

When you chose to build a positive skill you correctly repeat the skill enough times, over time, until it is wired in. When you go off course you course correct. For as many times as you go off course and you course correct you are building the skill of learning to get back on course. I repeat, this is an incredible skill to develop.

habit keeps you going

Build the habit of course correcting. It is so useful. When you get off track, (from your goal, from feeling good, from thinking positively) as soon as you become aware that you are off course, you gently nudge yourself back towards where you were headed. You don’t blame, you simply acknowledge, accept, nudge back and move on.

After a while you will have made this a positive habit for yourself. Whenever you feel less than glorious you recognize it at take steps to help yourself feel, at least, a little better. You develop a guidance system the similar to what is used to get rockets, planes and ships to their destination. You create an inner GPS to what you want.

The reason people think negatively is because it is habitual. It is what they learned to do and so they do it. They are in the habit of thinking poorly, looking at the world or circumstances and thinking poorly. Whatever you focus on for awhile you create and attract more of. So the person who spends time thinking negatively ends up doing it most of the time. This is a habit you would want to break.

we are what we repeatedly do Aristotle

Since habits are difficult to break it does require consistent effort to do so. When we have a habit we want this is great news!  When it is an unwanted habit that we want to change it means we need to put some effort into it. Consciously developing a habit requires patience and our attention to it.

When we develop the habits we want they will be reliable and difficult to break. Then we will behave and find ourselves automatically behaving as we want to We will think, feel and behave more positively and productively. We will get consistent results.

The reason positive thinking gets easier is because it becomes a habit. As with any habit once you do it enough it gets wired in and your unconscious takes it over. They become reliable. The key is to have your positive habits outweigh your negative ones. Your thinking, feeling and doing habits should be mostly positive if you want a positive life.


If your habits aren’t serving you then it is time to make them do so. Take charge, put yourself in control and make your habits serve you to be and do and have whatever it is you want. It gets easier when you stick with it and are consistent in your practice. You will get to a point where it just seems to flow. It is how you have gotten good at anything; reading, writing, a sport, driving, any skill you are good at.

At first, it may seem a little tough because you are learning to do something new. That is true for most everything we attempt to learn. If we already knew it and did it well we wouldn’t have to learn how to.  So you have to apply yourself.

Keep this in mind! If you don’t do anything to change you will always remain the same. If that is what you want then be happy about it. If you want to change your life then you must change what you are thinking and doing. It is far easier than you think it is and even easier than perhaps how I describe it. Still, to get the pay off, to win you have to play the game.

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

Surprise yourself! Take action and decide what positive habits you want to create. Which less than glorious ones do you want to replace. Begin with something important to you and do it. Start small if you must but be consistent. You don’t have to re-do everything all at once. As you make one change others may also fall into place as well. Apply what I’ve shared in these blog posts and you will make your dreams come true. So do it!” Rex Sikes

Make today a very good new day!

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You Are Creators Act Like It! Start Getting What You Want.

youa are creators

“Most people look around, see what is happening, and feel something about it in response. They let the present circumstances, people and events determine how they feel. They use their senses as evidence of the results they are getting. They think ‘I will believe it when I see it’.

Somehow  they think seeing  is not subject to deception but it is. All our senses leave information out, and can distort what is actually there. We trust too much in our perceptions which can be very wrong. They do deceive us often. Looking at circumstances is a mistake when you want to create something. You have to look at what you want to create instead.

For most people life happens to them and they react to it. They react out of habit.  As we grew up and life situations were repeated our brains hard wired the responses in. It did it to streamline them. We don’t have much  choice. We may be afraid of things we have nothing to fear. Our brains did a marvelous job though. We react similarly in fight, freeze or flight. We react similarly to positive stimuli too.

You are on automatic if when a good thing happens you feel good and when bad things happen and you feel bad.  So you break the cycle.  Instead of being a victim on automatic and looking around and letting the accompanying feelings dictate what we think, feel and do we NOW add awareness and choice.

you will see it when you believe it

Now instead you decide how you want to feel and then you look. In this way you have control. You don’t let the circumstances dictate, instead you choose your feelings and you dictate the circumstances. This is how we create something positive and productive. This is claiming your power.

For most people, maybe you, because you don’t see evidence of wealth you don’t believe it is coming to you. You see only lack, or debt or bills and wonder how you will every get out of it. You worry about it and hope for the best but know it is difficult. This is letting the results or the circumstances dictate your thinking and feeling. Keep in mind that like thoughts attract like thoughts. Birds of a feather flock together. You become what you think about.

You do not get out of debt and become wealthy thinking thoughts about being poor. To see improvement or get wealthy you need to be thinking thoughts or wealth, positive creation, having plenty and feeling grateful. Then you attract those.

This is true about anything you want! You don’t get healthy focused on sickness. You don’t get happy focused on sadness or distress. You don’t relax by thinking thoughts of worry. In order for you to get what you want you need to repeatedly focus on WHAT it is that you want!

It is the reverse that works. This is difficult for most people to understand and accept but it really is the key. Believe it and you will see the evidence. It works in the complete opposite to how we think it does. In order to have it you believe it first and then you will see it.

you are a living magnet

Everything first exists as a thought. Thought precedes all human action. Nothing that was created by a human came into being prior to thinking it into being.  Believing precedes seeing! It is not as we were led to think about it. It is not see it and then believe it it is believe it first and then you will see it. Belief is faith in things unseen otherwise it is not faith at all. Faith and positive expectations make it happen!

So you create it in your mental movie theater. You see what you want to create and what you want to have. You make it vivid and detailed. Writing it down helps clarify. You get real clear about what you want to be, do or have in your life. You focus on it repeatedly, obsessively. You adjust it and enhance it and make it more real and more vivid so that you can taste it! You see it and feel it! Feeling it is important.

You see yourself already being, doing or having what it is you want. You see it already accomplished. It is yours and you are living it. You spend time each day as often as you can reviewing and living this reality. At least five minutes morning and night and any other time. This becomes your preoccupation your dominant thoughts that you think. When you spend this time you want to feel the best feelings! You want to feel how you would feel living this reality!

You have control and are in charge of yourself. Accept the responsibility. Be 100% at cause then the effects (the results) you create are your responsibility. Actually they always already were. You are always creating but you may not have liked the results you were getting. Now you take deliberate charge of the creation process and create what you DO want. YOU make it happen!

you are entirely up to you

You stay focused on your mental movies. You think the best positive thoughts throughout the day. You use your feelings as a signel for when you are on target and aligned. If you feel less than glorious it means somewhere inside you you are off track so find ways to make yourself feel better. They goal is to spend as much time each day feeling good.

Use the signal of your feelings to adjust. When you are feeling good you are on target with your goals and desires. You are manifesting good things when feeling good. Stay focused on gratitude in the past and present. Be grateful for everything, celebrate.

Learn from mistakes, and be grateful you can learn and grow. Fill your mind with positive inspirational material, books and audios. Hang around with positive productive people who are making their dreams come true. Become a positive powerful creative force and have fun and delight in all of it. Celebrate. Embrace it and relax. ENJOY!

Remember you are in charge of your vibrations. Whatever you put out in the universe you get back more of the same. Like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. The reason you do not have more is because you look around, see what you have and what you don’t and feel bad. You attract more of the same lack and poor feelings.

what u put out u attract

When you use your eyes to determine your situation you are creating more of the same. You look at your present and accept it as your lot. You think I am tired of this, I want more I don’t want to be poor but you do not create wealth and well being by attracting more of what you do not want.

In order to attract wealth and well being you have to feel wealth and well being. You have to spend time feeling it! Feel wonderful and enjoying having wealth and well being and in response you attract more of the same. This is what your inner movie theater helps you do. You think it, see it, create it in your mind and have the feelings of what you want.

You see it and enjoy the feelings. Savor the feelings and do this repeatedly. Keep doing it. Your thoughts, feelings and words all congruently align with your desires. You stop resisting and you start making happen what you want to happen. You end the inner conflict, you end the mixed results and you start getting what you want. You attract resources, other people and situations.

You attract more abundance, more delight, more well being because like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together. You will reap whatever you have sown. What are you currently sowing? If you are focused on less than glorious circumstances and lack of wealth and well being you will get back much more of the same. Focus on what you really, really want instead. Make that happen. Create it!

u r responsible

Keep your vibrations high. Keep them positive, joyful, glorious and you will have everything you want. Don’t dig up the seeds to insure they are growing. Forget looking at the current results. Have faith that what you plant you will reap. YOU WILL! Believe it and eventually you will see it! Everything takes time so during the time it takes focus on what you want.

Don’t seek evidence that what you are doing is working accept that it is and move forward. If you compare how far away you are from where you want to be you interrupt the process and get the mixed results. THIS is what you have always already been doing in the past. You have been looking for evidence. STOP IT! Believe and you will ultimately see. It may be hard at first but it gets easier and easier.

You open the way to have more because you enjoy and are thankful for all things. You sow you reap. You are where you thoughts have brought you.  You will be where your thoughts take you. It is time to take charge of your thoughts. Your future you will some day be your present. What do you want that present to be? Create it now!

Your feelings are your guidance system. If you feel less than glorious your thinking is less than glorious. If you are feeling wonderful your thoughts are positive and productive. Follow your bliss and bliss will fill you. You have no excuse you have created your life as it is. Accept it! That is the most powerful moment you can have.

talk about blessings

That moment when you totally and completely get it and accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life. is the moment your life can completely change. Yes, things happen from the outside but you react to them automatically. You have been making choices. You can’t escape your responsibility in all of this. You shouldn’t want to. The moment you completely accept it is the moment you begin to transform everything! It is your choice.

You accept and embrace your role as creator, you acknowledge that you have been good at creating what you don’t want, or mixed results and now you aim your creative powers at creating everything you do want. THIS is a powerful freeing moment! This is the start of a wonderful new way to be in the world. Reclaim you power and aim it productively. Don’t delay. Begin making your dreams come true this very moment.” Rex Sikes

This can be the start of a very good new day!

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What To Do When You Are Feeling Bad

energy goes where attention goes

“There is only energy. This is what physics tells us. Everything is energy at different rates of vibration. This  is a very important understanding.  We use our senses to define our world and our experience but our senses are limited. Our senses can be and are deceived. Yet, we think IF we see it then it must be real. We are mistaken to think so.

Everything is energy! The energy is either very high frequency which we are unable to perceive or low frequency. The lower frequencies  we can notice the vibratory effects on our eyes, ears, body, nose and mouth. Everything is energy. It is all the same one energy in various forms. Everything is in a constant state of vibration. Light, sound, heat, thought, everything!

There are positive and negative charges. Positive and negative thoughts. Positive and negative feelings. These are simply whatever they are but we human labels them as good or bad.  We determine what is wanted and unwanted by how we feel. We either feel positive and good or negative and not so good. That is what we do. This ability to recognize the difference and become aware IS our guidance system. To be truly happy we can use this guidance system.

you will see it when you believe it

When it comes to our life and manifesting or creating or attracting what we want this is useful to know and understand and utilize. We are either vibrating at a high frequency or a low frequency or anywhere in between. We are either mostly positively charged or mostly negatively charged. We want to be mostly positively charged.

We are either feeling good or not so good. We can notice the difference and we can make adjustments. Essentially, we are either ON or we are OFF. We are either on base or off base. On task or off task. It is very simple.

We can tell easily whether we are feeling good or not good. This is the signal. Whenever we are feeling ‘off’ or less than glorious THAT IS the signal to notice so we can adjust.

Then there is FLOW. Everything is flowing, moving, expanding. It just is. Our universe is expanding as I write these words. Everything is flowing along. We are either flowing with it or against it. Just like a river we either go with the current, the path of least resistance, or we paddle against the current. Our choice. Everything is our choice.

It is very simple and plain to understand. We are either flowing or we are not. Either we are in the zone, moving with creation and how things are going or we are not. We are either surrendering to what is or we are not. On or Off. Flowing or Resisting. Positive or Negative.

When we surrender and go with the flow it is easy and effortless. When we move with the current we move swiftly along. When we resist and try to paddle upstream it is difficult and a struggle. When we effort against what is going on we fight. We create conflict. Struggle.

life is not hapening to you life is responding

We are either positive energy or we are not. If we are not going with the flow and feeling positive we  feel negative or less than glorious. It is that simple! Either something is moving up or it is moving down. It is either on or off. It either feels good or it doesn’t. We are either accepting and flowing or we are not. It is not complicated.

The goal of life seems to be ecstasy. We evolve toward happiness. The highest purpose of human kind seems to be to evolve in our consciousness and well being. We are entitled to have and enjoy all life has to offer. We deserve all good things and situations. You can be, do and have anything you want!

To be and get what you want it is necessary for you to align your thoughts and feelings. It is necessary to be congruent with your desires and ambitions. You can’t be wanting and expecting not to get. You can’t be creating and uncreating and expect to get. You can have every good thing you want and desire. You can have everything when you stop resisting. You have to fully EXPECT to get what you want.

Most of the moments of your day are either positive or they are not. Most of your moments you either feel good or you don’t. When you are feeling the best and thinking the best you are flowing, your energy is aligned with your desires and you are able to make your dreams come true. You are congruent. You are one with the creative energy.

we attract what we are prepared to receive

Whenever you feel or find yourself resisting, or feeling or thinking negatively that is a SIGNAL to relax, let go, and make positive micro adjustments towards feeling better. We have a built in system that lets us know when we are off track SO THAT we can get back on track! Use it. Take baby steps back toward feeling great.

You want to be feeling the best you can the bulk of your day. You want to tip the scales toward positive, toward flow, toward feeling wonderful most of your time. When you stop resisting and are feeling fabulous you ARE  flowing. When you are flowing you are aligned. Relax into this. Understand that you are a creator.  Everything is in operation for you to get what you want.

You are already creating your life whether you realize it or not. You are getting everything you are getting  because you are have always been  creating your life. Most people don’t realize this. This is what you MUST come to understand.

If life is haphazard a mix of good and bad or it is mostly less than glorious it is only because you are either haphazard in what you are doing, or you have not been purposeful. You are focused on what you want and what you don’t want and getting some of both. OR you are focused mostly on what you don’t want and getting exactly what you don’t want. In my past I was always great at getting what I didn’t want.

You can begin to change that now if  you want to. You can create a wonderful life instead. You can change what you are doing and you can positively and powerfully begin to change your life!

Now the time has come to get and stay out of your own way. Don’t paddle upstream. Whenever you look at where you are and how far you might be from realizing your goals you are creating a chasm. You separatE yourself from your dream and creatE resistance when you try to take inventory of how close or far away you are.

You do not want to do this. You don’t keep digging up the seeds to make sure they are growing. You must stop comparing where you are with where you want to be. Instead, you want to align and feel at one with your desires. After all it is all the same energy, you just can’t see that yet.

You want to feel you deserve it and that it is coming to you. You are making it happen EVEN IF you can’t yet see the results. Celebrate that it is coming EVEN WHEN you can’t yet see anything BELIEVE IT and YOU WILL SEE IT eventually! Things take time. Relax and believe!

This is why it is necessary to keep your focus on your dreams and off the everyday circumstances. It takes time to manifest your desires Stop checking to see if it is occurring.  This is where most people screw it up. They don’t believe it and they keep evaluating to see whether they are getting close or not.

Keep this in mind: Don’t dig up the seeds you planted to check on their growth. Leave them grow in darkness, underground, and one day they WILL sprout. You have to trust. You have to believe that it will happen even when you can’t see it. Faith is believing in the unseen. You must believe in your dreams! Celebrate!

youa are creators

So either you are positive energy or negative energy. Notice when you are not positive and adjust back towards it. Notice when you feel less than glorious and adjust back to feeling more positive. Notice when your thoughts aren’t productive and adjust back toward productive thinking. Relax and accept and go with the flow. Know deep inside it will all come to pass. Believe it, feel it.

You stay focused on your dreams of the future seeing them in your mind’s eye already realized. To adjust back toward feeling better and to feel better anytime in the present focus on gratitude. Become thankful for everything. Count your blessings and remember why you are thankful. Keep the focus on appreciation. Find the good inside of every one and every circumstance. Stay grateful. Be thankful!

As you begin to see little sign posts of things you want happening you can use these to feel stronger and to believe stronger. This is a great sign but don’t go looking for them. Just appreciate them as they appear. They will. Meanwhile trust, find the good in everything, be thankful and celebrate!

In the face of great adversity hold true and you will come through to the other side. Creation will continue just stop resisting it. Understand that is is perfectly acceptable for you to want the best for yourself and others. Accept that you are making it happen. Choose to stay focused on feeling the best.

what u feel now is what u attract

Go with the flow. Recognize when you are attempting to push the river, or paddle upstream. Enjoy the process. It is not what you do, it is not your actions that will get you there but your energy alignment. Your feelings, your thoughts and your attitudes.

Most people make the mistake and think if they only work hard enough they will make it happen. IT is not your hard work that brings it about it is WHO you are that brings it about. When you become the person for whom all these things are possible you then will do all the right things with the right amount of effort to make them happen.

Hard work with the wrong attitude is putting the cart before the horse. Get your being right and everything else begins to fall into place.

We have this incredible built in guidance system and so few of us learn to use it. The time is now to appreciate how marvelous this is for you. You can be, do and have anything you want. Go with the flow.

Learn to live and spend most of your time feeling wonderful and you will be creating and attracting and getting everything you want. It is a process and it takes time but you are making it happen. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and you will be surprised!” Rex Sikes

May your day be magical!

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How To Surrender! Go With The Flow

determined to help yourself

“I have been a forceful driver all of my driving life. I used to listen to ramp me up music and shoot through the streets of Los Angeles on a mission to get there ahead of everyone else. I pushed the river of life. It was not uncommon for me to give the finger or curse out other drivers slower, faster or just different than me. I hated traffic but I loved driving.

One time in my past I decided I was only going to listen to calming, relaxing music, classical but not rousing classical, while I drove to attempt to curb my passion for beating everyone to the stop light or being the first in the fast lane. It helped some. I later learned a better way, but certainly you can combine the two.

I know not everyone is like me in this regard because I encountered them on the roadway. So this may or may not apply to you but it can be a powerful lesson in any regard.

It seems most happiness and success comes when you learn true gratitude and acceptance. When you have a definite purpose that you want to accomplish. It comes when you have absolute faith that you will manifest it and you fully expect to. You believe in yourself.

It occurs when you can get out of your own way, surrender and go with the flow of life. It comes quickest when you can accept whatever life offers gratefully and keep moving forward expecting the best.

what u put out u attract

Okay, well here is an exercise I learned to embrace. Traffic is the universe giving you whatever it gives you. It has every possibility for you to get stuck, annoyed and angry. It provides an opportunity to push it or accept it. It is frustrating for most people.  Hence, a great place to learn surrender.

If you want to learn to go with the flow in life begin with traffic. Drive safely, should go without saying.

Recognize that person that cuts you off or pulls out in front of you at the last moment IS your opportunity to relax and accept that is what IS right now. The universe offers you opportunity in this moment. Traffic backed up, accept it. If you can’t easily go around it that’s what life gave you right now. Don’t push it ACCEPT IT.  Slow pedestrian annoying you as they cross the street in front of you. The light changes, someone runs a light, whatever it is RELAX! That is what IS GOING ON AT THIS MOMENT! That is what is happening!

Instead of cursing and trying to get back at them accept it allow it. Instead of driving and complaining, instead of being filled with stress, Coritsol and anger, let it go. Instead of complaining to your friends, family and co-workers about how horrible the commute was let it go. LET IT GO! This is where you practice acceptance because as you know you will have PLENTY of opportunities each and every instant.

THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT MAKES THIS EXERCISE SO VALUABLE! For many this will be an excruciating exercise BUT how better to learn to give up control and accept  what the universe gives us than to do so when it gives us so many opportunities. Traffic is a great place to learn.

we are what we repeatedly do

You can use driving to learn how to surrender to what is. There will be plenty of challenging moments as you already know. Still, if you can learn, ‘hey this is what IS right now’, and accept it, surrender to it, you can learn to do it anywhere else too.

Use the flow of traffic to learn HOW TO go with the flow. When you get hot, and you become aware of it, recognize it and relax and drive safe. Be courteous. Bless the other drivers, the bikes, motorcycles and pedestrians, the truckers who would have infuriated you in the past.

Stop trying to push the river. Relax and let the current take you down stream. What a wonderful opportunity this exercise is because you will learn so many fascinating things about yourself. You will change your life when you learn true acceptance. You will transform your life when you learn to wish all others well. Bless others, praise others, celebrate others regardless and you will transform so much of you and your life it will amaze you. STOP complaining! Stop whining!

Relax, surrender, go with the flow. Be gentle with yourself through the learning process and enjoy transforming your life. You can find magic and mystery in each and every moment when you stop and look. When you find it fill yourself with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a marvelous magical day!

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Do This When You Want To Feel Good!

you are here to expand and become more of yourself

“Are you ever down or lack energy? Does it seem that  sometimes your thoughts or feelings carry you where you don’t want to go? Have you tried to get ahead or feel better but you just keep getting more of the same?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone.

There are some things you can do that bring change about quickly. I have shared many of these with you in this blog. Please go back and read through the blog again and again as many great golden nuggets will leap out at you through multiple readings.

I have been discussing gratitude and feeling grateful is one of the quickest ways to changing how you feel for the better. You have to do it to get the change you can’t just give lip service to it. The way to feel grateful is to look at your present life and your past and find everything and everyone you are actually thankful for. It can be very tiny or very large. Everything counts! There are scores of things you take for granted. Go back and find these. What are they? You can write them down. That is a great practice.

What are the things you feel grateful for? Then notice WHY you are grateful for them. What are the reasons? This is an important piece. What and Why! You want to actually FEEL grateful and these help.

For example, ‘I am grateful for my feet. They have carried me near and far. All my life I have traveled and my feet have carried me and supported me. I would not have been able to do much or all of what I have done if I didn’t have feet that worked so well. They have taken me on adventures, gotten me in trouble, but I have seen and experienced so much because of my feet. My toes, the bones, the joints, the tissues. Everything about my feet I am thankful for.’

It can be anything! All your bodily processes, your muscles, your organs, your health and well being, you ability to think and remember, your ability to speak, see, hear, touch, taste, smell, read and write, The people in your life, good and bad, the lessons you have learned as a result of challenges. The challenges and opportunities that have helped make you who you are today. All events, situations and circumstances. Your things, where you have been. Your education or lack of it. EVERYTHING is available for you to list.

we first make our habits then our habits make us

It is important to be really thankful to feel it. Just reciting a list will not get you very far. Yes, it is better than not doing anything at all and it may be the grease that makes the wheel eventually move smoothly but the point is to ACTUALLY FEEL gratitude. So what are you grateful and why. Spend at least 5 minutes every morning when you first get up. Before your feet hit the floor count your blessings! It is a  great way to energize your day.

Too many people get out of bed dreading what the day may bring or that they have to be ending their sleep. Learn to greet the day with enthusiasm, with vim and vigor as they say! Get excited about what the new day will bring. After all it is an entirely new day. The only thing that keeps it the same as yesterday is our perceptions and routines. So shake them up add in some fun and some novelty and enjoy the new day. Feel better.

Do your five minutes gratitude prior to going to sleep, You are always welcome to do  for longer, but 5 minutes twice a day is practical for you. It is easy to accomodate.

Another thing you can do that we have discussed in past posts is to shift your physiology. Move your body into productive postures and movements. For example, You can stand up and imagine what you look like, stand like and move like when you have 5 times the amount of energy you presently have. Actually move your body, shake it up. You have to be willing to play to win so do it!

Then do 10 times, 20 and more. Move you body and walk around feeling the added energy. It is pretend but it works! When you move your body into the same physical arrangements as when you are feeling great you begin to feel great.  It is hardwired into your neurology. You can’t help but to begin to re-experience it!

If you want to be more confident stand with shoulders back, chest out, chin up look ahead, strut, stomp, walk and move, breath as someone who has lots of confident. Move and talk and act as you do when you do feel powerful and secure and confident in yourself! Do it. It is pretend but it works! You are behaving now as you do when you have had these feelings in the past. Any feeling you have is yours to re-live and make work for you.

the more u are thankful

See yourself in your mind’s eye when you are filled with confidence and power and acting resourcefully. Listen to how you sound when you speak with authority and purpose. Feel the feelings as you look and listen. Feel the feelings as you do the behaviors of behaving with confidence and power. Notice how good it feels to actually do this.

Whenever you want to feel instantly better,stop what you are doing take a deep breath or two or three and shift you physiology. Really do it. Stand or sit as you would feeling better. Remember vividly times in your past when you felt good or felt great. Choose one and relive it in your mind and then try it on with your body and movements. Use your body and your voice the same way. Find other times too if you want. Re-live it.

You lived it your body knows it. Your brain knows it. You know it deep inside. So re-activate it. You re-create it inside and outside. You put it on as you would some clothes. You do it as an actor would do it. You re-live it and when you do, even in pretend, your brain and body bring back the feelings of feeling good. It is awesome and it is powerful!

You already do this, outside of conscious awareness, to feel good and not so good. Your body has body memory. Now, you are taking deliberate conscious control of a mechanism that already works reliably and you are aiming it at what you want instead. You are making it work for you by choice, by making a positive decision in the moment when you need it. You are taking charge of it!

After you have done it and have changed your feelings imagine other times in the future when you might want to feel better again. What would be the triggering thought, event or person that might make you feel less than glorious.? Run it in your imagination, see the triggering moment and then choose to feel better.

Watch yourself change it from less than resourceful into feeling what you want to feel instead. Run some of these movies in your head. Pick another two or three situations in your life and see you move from less than glorious to glorious. You are using what your body and mind already do purposely. You are learning to skillfully take charge of it and become more resourceful. This is another skill to be grateful for.

tesla law of universe enrgy frequency vibration

Learn to run your brain and make it work for you!  Learn to take charge or your neurology to serve you. You make the decision and instruct your unconscious what you want to do. You keep doing it and you make it a habit.

You make a positive habit of deciding to act on you own behalf and transform your less than glorious moments into more glorious ones. Use it at every opportunity and even when you don’t need it in the moment. You can use it anytime you want to feel better.

Since your mind and body already know what to do all you have to do is steer it productively. The more you do this the easier and quicker it becomes. The more you make it a habit the more you will delight and surprise yourself.  You will discover  yourself more delighted and enjoying life overall. Correct repetition builds habits.

These are two very powerful, positive, productive ways you can instantly turn a less than glorious moment or feelings into better ones. They will not do you any good at all unless you actually do them. Remember, you can fake it till you make it but you have to engage the processes! The goal is to transform more of your moments in your day into feeling good moments.

You get what you predominantly think and feel during each day. When you are feeling wonderful and on top of the world your energy is higher and more positive. When you are living mostly in high frequency positive energy you attract and create more of the same.

You literally vibrate at a higher level. All good things can come to you when you  live in gratitude because true appreciation is one of the highest forms of energy. So make it a point to feel as good as you can any moment of the day. Even if it is not ecstatic the goal is to aim yourself into feeling better or as good as you can.

think happy thoughts good things will happen

Go for all the gusto you can AND keep in mind that you want to feel the best you can. It is not about plastering a fake greeting card smile on your face when times are tough. There are times when we may grieve or feel less than happy. These are true moments. Accept that.

In these times make it a point to help yourself feel a little bit better. Baby steps are fine and may be all you can seem to take. The goal is not to feel worse so if you try to make to big a leap into feeling wonderful and you don’t feel it. Stop.

Stop and take some deep breaths, take a nap, a break, and later, a little while later, make a smaller move towards feeling better. This is still making it work for you because you are gently aiming your energy in a more positive direction. So there may be times like this. Most of the time you can move forward into feeling incredible.

When every fiber of your being lives in a state of appreciation for whatever is in your life, good and bad, because YOU KNOW that even the bad has seeds of opportunity YOU are living well. YOU are able to see opportunity you otherwise might not, you feel incredible, you attract and create all good things. Birds of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. You become what you think about. Do these things. If you haven’t already started begin today. You will transform your life when you do!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful fun filled day!

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Here’s How You Can Instantly Change How You Feel!

u have within u whatever u need

“It is important to fill our minds with positive thoughts and possibilities. It is good practice to listen to those who can inspire and motivate us to move forward and make our lives the way we want them to be. We can read, listen to audio, spend time with positive mentors and others who help us in our positive pursuits.

We need to celebrate more, enjoy and delight, feel grateful most of the time. Never let anything stop us from legitimately making our dreams a reality. Persist and keep going. We only fail when we stop attempting.  Here’s some food for thought for your daily nutrition.

Michael Jordan points out, ‘I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.’

Considered one of the all time greats in basketball he states he succeeded because he failed over and over. Michael did not give up.

Failure is an important part of succeeding. It teaches us what we need to do. It shows us when we are aimed in the wrong direction. It allows us to stop and start again with new useful information. Don’t fear failure but embrace it. Accept that it is feedback for us to actually move forward.

stop waiting and go out and make them happen

Ellen DeGeneres states, ‘When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.’

We have to face our fears and keep on moving. One of the great military generals of the U.S. shared what to do about fears we encounter. George S. Patton stated ‘ The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!’  He points out that we will have fears but we should not be a victim of them.

There will always be people who think we are fanciful. There will be those who say no to us. We can not let nay sayers prevent us from being who we are and accomplishing what we want to accomplish. ‘I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself,’  said Albert Einstein. Don’t let people rain on your parade. You can be respectful and move forward anyway.

Jack Canfield,the author of ‘Chicken Soup of The Soul’ series gives this powerful advice. ‘Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.’

In order for your life to change you have to change some things. You will miss out if you don’t ever try So don’t worry about failing. Be worried about not ever attempting to do anything!

a river cuts a rock persistence

For most people it is small changes made at the right time and consistently applied that gives them the most leverage. Thinking better, feeling better, acting with passion are things we can begin to do today to make our lives measurably better. One of the most potent formulas for instantaneous change is: Fill your mind and being with gratitude!

Celebrate everything you have, the abilities you have no matter how small; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, walking, reading, writing. Celebrate the people in your life you love, family, friends, and others. Celebrate anything and everything. Fill your mind with thankfulness and your life begins to immediately transform.

You attract what you think and feel most of through the day. When you feel alive, passionate, joyful, happy, thankful you attract more of the same! You attract whatever you predominantly think about.

So today make it a point to begin feeling and thinking happy thoughts filled with appreciation. Remember, it is important to feel good, as best you can and you will get more good feelings. Birds of a feather flock together.

For those who feel really down, the goal is to begin to feel a little bit better. Move incrementally, take baby steps toward feeling more positive by finding those elements and people and situations in your life, present and past that you are glad about.

Remember all that you feel thankful about and remember all the reasons WHY you are grateful. You will change. You will begin to change. Make it a daily practice. Write them down, think about them any moment you feel less than glorious. Fill yourself with gratefulness!

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

If you are feeling down change your thinking to ANYTHING else that you are grateful about. Recount your blessings and consider WHY you are blessed. In a few seconds, less than 20 seconds, your mind and being can begin to shift.  Stay with it. Do it for a minute or more. As you do it and feel the shift you will want to stay with it.

It doesn’t take much to make the shift happen. Bathe yourself in gratitude and well being. Linger in the better feelings and as you do you continue to attract much more. Can you spend at least 5 minutes morning and night? When you do great things can begin to happen. Make it a habit and overall your life will wonderfully improve.

ANYTIME, really ANYTIME you catch yourself feeling less than glorious or negative, STOP, notice it, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and begin to look for things  in your life you are grateful for. You only miss out if you don’t ever do it. So do it today and transform your being and your life.” Rex Sikes

Create something wonderful today!

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Dream Big Don’t Quit!

you are a living magnet

“The possibilities are endless. There is no limit on what can be accomplished when you make the attempt. Whether you reach the end point is not as important as that you tried. As it has been said, ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you land among the stars’.

Dream big. You are entitled to everything in the universe. You are able to make happen the most wonderful things if only you will. Too often people are afraid or they think, ‘what’s the use?’ They stop before they even begin because they don’t want to be disappointed.

It has been said, ‘Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved’. You can’t let fear stop you from having happiness, health, wealth and well-being. Don’t let doubt or low expectations prevent you from being everything you can be. Create, manifest, attract!

we are our choices

Les Brown said, ‘Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.’

Deepak Chopra stated, ‘The universe has no restrictions. You place restrictions on the universe with your expectations.’

So dream big. Enjoy the dreaming. Let your imagination run wild. Think, ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I were able to…?’;  Wouldn’t it be nice if I had…?’; What if I were to…?’  Use Directed Questions! Ask questions that lead you into thinking about what you can and will accomplish. Plant in your mind positive images of who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have. Let go and have fun!

action is distance between dreams and reality

Spend time inside your mind creating what you want. Every human made thing that exists  first began as a thought. Then a plan was made. Then the plan was put into action. Failure may have preceded success but ultimately through persistent effort it came into being. This is true whether it is an item as simple as a spoon or a chair or as intricate and complex as a computer or rocket ship.

Think the best and expect the best. People tend to rise to what is expected of them. That is why it is important to think the very best and expect the very best from all people. That includes yourself!

If you don’t get everything you want at least you will have gotten further than if you never try. You get and you become what you think about most each day. You manifest your dominant thoughts. SO Let go, create, have fun, delight. Think and dream big! Never let a thought stop you from a positive good life. Expect the very best!” Rex Sikes

Make your day  magical. Create something wonderful today!

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Fake It Till You Make It

its a slow process but quitting wont speed it up

“Most of us are conditioned to wait for things in life. That is not a bad thing because it is true that things take time. When you plant a seed in the earth you must wait the appropriate timespan for it to develop and then break ground and grow. Things just take time. So be patient. While waiting, however, you can put into practice something that will help you spend the time much better and get you what you want while waiting.

Most of us believe we feel the way we do because of current circumstances. We think we feel the way we do because of what is happening in our lives or what is not happening. Consider for a moment that perhaps it is exactly the other way around. What if what happens in our life is because of how we feel? I keep reminding you that ‘we get and we become what we think about predominantly.’

That which presently occupies our minds and our hearts determines our results. This is the wisdom of the ancients as well as current researchers, philosophers and self-help leaders. What fills our mind determines our reality. How we feel determines how we experience the present. We can do an exercise to make things much better whenever we want it to be.

Researchers know  that by shifting our physiology and changing our thoughts we can change our mental and physical states. If we stand and move and act and think and speak like we have more energy, more confidence, more happiness, more power we actually get more of those right then. Instantly. When we behave as if we already have it we actually have it.

Out bodies have  positive states wired in. They have less than glorious ones wired in too. Whenever you want to change how you feel adopt the physical stance and movements you feel when you are in a positive state. Adopt the physiology of feeling resourceful and well-being. You will experience the feelings of the physiology you adopt.

change what is going on within you

It actually is quite simple. You change your breathing to what it is like when you are feeling confident, for example. Put your shoulders back, your chest out your chin up, Strut and move as someone filled with confidence. Speak with authority. Pretend.  You ACT AS IF you are confident right now and you will be. You actually will become more confident. It is hardwired into your being as a human. It works!

Keep doing it. Move, walk, sit, and go through your routines behaving this way. Take a walk down the street. Spend time ‘acting as if’ you are exactly what you want to be feeling and enjoy feeling it. Don’t be skimpy be lavish with yourself. Keep it up, do it throughout the day.

You fake it till you make it! The more you try on the positive feelings like a set of brand new clothes the more you make a habit of taking charge and changing your feelings for the better. If it wears off and you want more of it do it again. Go for all the gusto you can.

You can use this to wake up and get over feeling tired, You can use it to relax and unwind and go to sleep. You can use it to feel safe, happy, peaceful, confident, excited, secure, outgoing, anything you want to. For those one or two who claim they may not have ever had a certain feeling but want one then pretend to be the way you have seen others act. Be an actor and do what they do.

Use positive role models as examples. Act as if you have what they have. Try it on like a new set of clothes. Have fun, pretend, enjoy!  As kids we learned by pretending so keep using this valuable approach to learning important behavioral skills. The more you do it the more you have available to you. It gets easier and you get better at it.

believe it to receive it

Instead of excuses use your time well and feel wonderful whenever you want. If you want to change your life you have to change some of the things you are doing. You take charge and responsibility to making things happen. If you want to be more successful, wealthy, healthy, and happy then pretend to be in your mind. Imagine you already are! Use your inner world too!

Live it on the inside because as you do you inform your unconscious that this is what you want to experience. You align your thoughts and behaviors with being how you want to be. You focus on what you want and will make happen instead of the circumstances in the present. Fill your being with the best inside and you will get the best outside. You will be better equipped to handle anything when your mental frame of mind is powerful. Fake it till you make it!

Utilize your inner movie theater to rehearse success, happiness, confidence, peace, whatever it is you want more of. See your self being and feeling and speaking and thinking and doing how and what you want to be, as if you already are. That is what ‘act as if’ is about. Rehearsal. So rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and have fun!

Everyone knows the benefit of rehearsal; actors, athletes, speakers, surgeons, and others. We have plenty of research that proves you can rehearse outside in real life AND inside your head to enhance and accelerate wiring in the skills. You get better faster when you use your mind to make it real. Think inner golf, inner tennis some of those very successful programs that work!

Steer yourself through the present into what you want by maintaining your focus on your target. Use everything I have shared in this and previous blogs and you will accelerate your abilities to achieve your desires. While traveling to your destination you will make the journey most enjoyable. There is no reason to wait to feel better. Get the upper hand on what is happening by taking charge of what you think, feel and do! You will be delighted.” Rex Sikes

May your day be magical!

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