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How To Transform Troubles Into Amazing Opportunities

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“What do you do when you are trying your best to be positive and someone or something comes along and seems to rain on your parade? There are times like that. You decided I will be positive and shortly thereafter find yourself in a funk or a fight. What do you do?

Realize that all great spirits encounter opposition. Obstacles are opportunities to learn and grow. Accept what is IS what is. You can’t push a rope. Understand it takes two to tango. Recognize you part in making it happen or continuing it.

Try to imagine the other person you may be in conflict in as a mirror, or holding up a mirror for you to see what YOU need to change. Learn from circumstances in the same way. Take it as ‘the universe’ is trying to get your attention to help make you a better person. It is trying to help you fulfill your dreams.

Everyone Everything Is A Mirror Held Up So You Can See You

Stop. Let go. Reflect instead of react. Realize what the message is and when ready respond instead. There may always be tough times. Living successfully and happily doesn’t necessitate the absence of obstacles it means learning and growing from them and with them.

Stop blaming others and circumstances. Stop whining and complaining. That is only more fuel for the fire. Accept the blame. Accept the responsibility for your part in all of it. EVEN if you don’t think you have any, look to see how you may be culpable. If honest, you will notice you are a part of it. Accept it. Go beyond it.

‘The kite rises against the wind’. People, events, circumstances are that wind. Your own inner conflicts can be that wind. Remember, when pushed there is push back. When you push back YOU are responsible for your reaction. Be willing to face your part in it.

What You Resist Persists

It takes two opposing sides to fight. The world and you, the other and you. You against you. You against the world or the other. It is normal but you don’t have to fight. You aren’t weak if you don’t push back you are far stronger. You are far superior.

You are far smarter and wiser if you know which battles to fight and which to not. You are far stronger turning the other cheek. Do you realize how much ‘let go’ there is in being able to actually turn the other cheek?  Do you understand how evolved you must truly be to forgive honestly? Seek to be able to do this and you will truly benefit.

Most people don’t actually forgive, truly let go, or are capable of turning the other cheek without resentment. Imagine a world when you could be free enough, secure enough, loving enough, of yourself and others you could do that. You would actually be free!

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

The strong person isn’t concerned with their ego being bruised; does not play one up one down power games; does not try to assert their power in order to triumph over family, friends, colleagues or strangers. That strong person knows there is no need. What is IS.

The strong, wise person seeks to accept, love and understand; to rise above the ‘disagreement’ and realize the stakes each has in it and simply not participate in further aggravating the situation. Yes, it is a road less traveled. That is certain.

How does one disengage when all our hot buttons are pushed and inflamed. When we are hot and emotional. THAT is the ability we need to learn and the only way we learn it is by stepping out of it. We need to become aware when we are a partner to it.

When You Drop Something You Drop It You Don’t Try To Drop It

When we, in that moment, recognize we are part of perpetuating it, we can STOP. I use the analogy of being stuck in traffic. When stuck, you can sit and stew, fighting it won’t change it. It won’t and you know that is true. But what do you do?  You can use the time productively to relax and enjoy. To chill while waiting.

It doesn’t matter if you need to be somewhere. If traffic isn’t moving it isn’t moving. That is what is. Accept it, get over it, get on with living life. There are other things to pay attention to. There are other things far more important and enjoyable than time spent blaming the world because you are stuck in traffic. IF you can’t do anything about it LET IT GO!

The same is true when you are in a hurry. The slow asshole in front of you isn’t that slow, you are that sped up. You are pushing traffic trying to make your way through. Stop. Going faster won’t get you there that much quicker. You are all riled up. YOU are the issue not the traffic. YOU are late because of YOU no other reason.

You Can’t Push A Rope

We can interrupt the pattern. We can stop the cycle. We can take a break, a deep breath, we can stop. We can slow down, walk away. It may take time to cool down completely it usually does. The other may insist on continuing, circumstances may persist but we have stopped. Allow yourself to cool down. Endeavor to keep peace.

We learn ‘let it go’. In doing this whenever we get ‘hooked’, if we can become aware and wriggle free we are learning and evolving. The time between the trigger, getting hooked , and getting free will lessen.

We will learn to let go sooner rather than later. Eventually, we come to our senses because our senses are freed up and not engaged in anger and hostility. Learning to get free and let go and not continue to create drama by participating in it IS A process. We evolve.

Stop Take A Deep Breath And Let Go – Breath – Get Free

More clearly are we able to see. When we are free of anger and stress our brain works better. Our eyes work better. Literally. Stress, fight or flight, constricts our abilities to only focus on survival. It narrows our senses to focus on immediate need.

When dealing with most people, most all of the time, survival is not an actual issue. Though we perceive it as one physically. The brain doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined image or a real or imagined threat. The brain and body respond the same to a perceived or real image or threat. That is a blessing and a limitation.

So when troubles come your way in the form of a family member, friend or stranger there is something to be learned. When events and circumstances are not to our liking a message is being delivered. Even if that is not actually true, if you act as if it is, you will be better off in the long run because you will become more self aware.

Let Go And Let God

Seek the road less traveled. Find the higher ground. Let go of troubles and woes and do not participate in trauma drama. Seek instead to feel better and help everyone else feel better too. Seek to think and feel positive and happy most of the time.

You can’t if you are upset and cursing the world and others. So ‘let go and let god’, as the saying goes. Trust it will all work out without you trying to manage and fix it. Trust and enjoy that all will be okay if you don’t get hot, bothered and angry. Enjoy, feel good and have fun.

Then you and life transforms. Problems, while there will lessen. You will spend more time able to focus on what you want and not get caught in what you don’t want or want to avoid. You can focus more on what you intend to create. So celebrate whenever you notice.

Deliberate Creation Is To Create Only What You Intend To Create

Use the fact that the brain can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined image to visualize the future you want! See it. Imagine it as if you already have the good you desire. This is how you use how the brain works to get what you want.

Create the future in your mind as a present reality. See it, affirm it, feel it fully! That is how you get it! What you see is what you get. What you say is what you get. What you feel is what you get. Feel how good it feels to live that life in your mind’s eye. Enjoy it!

Celebrate!  Celebrate whenever you become aware and get unhooked and walk away from a fight you need not participate in. Let go and live free. Spend your time in gratitude and loving life. When others and circumstance challenge you realize it is an opportunity to go beyond what you already know and into an entirely new way of being.” Rex Sikes

Make your day magnificent!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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What This Woman Did You Can Do To: An Amazing Story!

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Is a wonderful manifestation miracle in store for you? It sure could be. Actually, yes can be. Yes, it is. The question isn’t really, is there one but are you prepared to receive it? That really IS the question. You might think, ‘duh, yeah of course, bring it’ but that doesn’t mean you are ready. Do you believe, really believe it is possible?

Just as, ‘when the student is ready the master teacher appears’ means WHEN the student IS ready, not necessarily when the student thinks the student is. There are important ingredients.

Few people know how to receive, especially in our culture. We negate compliments. We tell people they shouldn’t gift us. We turn down or refuse kind acts. We are taught it is better to give. It is good to give. It is great to do both well!

The universe is abundant. There is more than enough goodness for everyone to enjoy without anyone having to lack. Sadly, because of politics that is not the case. Some people have way too much while others have access to nearly nothing. This is true in most countries.

Still there is plenty. You have to believe it and you have to believe you deserve it. We all do.  When you are grateful and celebrating life, when your attitude is positive and your feelings are aligned and wonderful you create, get and or attract more of the same. Keep this in mind.

Some create, get and attract less than glorious circumstances, events, and people into their lives because they maintain and sustain a negative attitude; self-talk; conversations with others; and they can’t imagine goodness or feel bad most of the time; worrying or fearful.

You have a choice at any moment what you want life to be like. Many don’t know this. They live ignorant of the fact that what their life is like is up to them. Because they miss this point they never  assert their own power or authorship of their life.

Some will claim it. Others won’t until they are ready to. Some are filled with doubt or negativity and continue that way until life gets really bad. Others, gladly trade their doubt for more options. Every second we have the choice to determine how we will live.

Our universe is amazing! We are so lucky, yet most of us don’t realize it or appreciate it. Good things do happen frequently. Far more good happens than otherwise, but most of us never hear about it.  We only hear from an industry designed to bring us bad news.

Here is the good news. I thought I’d share this since we have been discussing the manifestation challenge.

A woman, a friend, I have been working with for a while, but have not seen in a couple months, had coffee with me today. (Note: now actually two days ago. I wrote this down the day she told me). She wanted to recount what has been happening and what she has manifested since we last saw each other.

We have been talking and exploring creating good things. Since I last saw her she had some health issues. She was working on healing. She did get better. At that time the family van was stolen and their other car falling apart. The van while ‘junky’ was at least reliable. She thought, ‘something good must be coming’.

At the same time the family desperately needed a new computer. I learned about the computer. I got an email through the university I teach at that computers were available to have. I thought cool, I can get one and give it to her. No such luck. They need to remain on campus.

So she put her needs silently out to the universe. Computer and car. She works for some different people. These different people knew about the hardships. Some graced her with enough money graced to buy a new computer. Even though she refused the money they insisted.

OUT of the blue another person gifted her with 10,000 dollars. She, of course, refused. He said, ‘go buy a car or I will and you’ll be stuck with what I get you.’ She had always dreamed of getting a camper trailer. One had sat roadside for many years.

On a particular day while driving by, in the falling apart car, the owner was hammering in a for sale sign. She stopped and asked how much. 800 dollars or best offer. She asked the woman, would you take 500. The woman said, ‘yes’. She said, ‘great’, and was elated.

While negotiating the deal she noticed a range rover with a four sale sign in the side yard. She asked how much. They said 4000 dollars. The car and camper were both well cared for. She walked away with a new car and camper for 4100.00 They discounted the each.

She told me when she saw the rover she had the deepest gut feeling that something great was about to happen. So she went with her feeling and asked about it. She was driving the rover today and it looked sweet. We had cause to celebrate!

From the 10,000 she replaced the ‘falling apart car’ for 2000 dollars. Both cars replaced, nothing out of her pocket. After, licensing, taxes etc. she still had 2000 dollars left over. She manifested very well. It was exciting to see her so thrilled. This is what you can do too!

The police found the van, stripped, but they got back personal items they thought were gone forever. I think this is a wonderful tale of manifesting what you want and need. Even though it started off with what appeared to be misfortune it was all good fortune in the end.

She kept the faith. She believed it would all work out. It did. What began as a stolen van story became, in a short time, the story of  a proud owner of a good computer, a good car, a range rover, and a good camper with money left over.

Not only that but she exhibited a change of attitude and energy. She had placed a guard before her tongue. She made it a point to discuss only what she wanted to create instead of problems that might exist. Her new mindset was refreshing and in many ways she a transformed person. It was wonderful and is!

What she did you can do the same. Never let doubt stop you from being, doing or having what you want in life. This is why positive thinking is so important. Expect the best. Look for the best. You will find what you are looking for.

It’s fair to say, if you want to doubt this is possible then you may never know the joy of deliberate creation. That is okay with me if it is okay with you. You decide what you want. If you are negative and look for the worst you will find what you are looking for.

I am so happy for her. I am happy I can write about it too and share her accomplishment. Whatever she or anyone else has done you and I can do too. Have faith in yourself. Be positive.

It isn’t just about the things. It is about the attitude and the feelings. It is about transformation and creation. It is about focus and energy. Develop the right attitude and feelings and anything you desire can be yours. Keep the faith! Celebrate and live with gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It Is Easier To Change Things Than You Think

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“We have been discussing beliefs. In my last post I mentioned that we would discuss changing beliefs. We can actually trade in our old limited ones for updates. It is easier than you may think. Instead of living from and getting poor results, we live from positive, powerful, tailor made beliefs and begin getting good results.

How do you change it? You tell yourself what you want to believe over and over and over again until you believe it! Repetition will make a habit. Our beliefs are only beliefs we have told ourselves again and again. Fortunately, though it seems difficult, beliefs can be easily changed.

Use the same method you did in the first place. Only this time chose a new, useful, positive belief that serves to get you what you want. Then repeat it again and again enthusiastically over time and you will come to believe it. THIS is how the military conditions minds.

Ask yourself, Directed Questions™ (see other posts on their use) and direct your mind to what you want. Ask again and again over time. Visualize yourself repeatedly already being, doing and having whatever it is you want. It is already yours. Act as if!

What you see you get! What you say you get! What you feel you get! Manage your imagination and see it fully! Manage your self talk and keep it nice. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper. Speak only to affirm what you want. Repeat your positive mantras over and over.

Feel it. Feel what it would feel like to have the perfect life. To already have the change you desire. Enjoy these feelings. Feel these feelings through out your day. Feel the best you can as much as you can. Think 80/20.

If you are feeling good and thinking good and speaking good 80% of your time I’d bet you are kicking serious butt. You are making your dreams come true. You are living an incredible life. AIM for it. You can make it happen. It is easy. DO IT. It is easier than you think.” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Can You Do This???? — Extra Blog Post 10/19

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Hey there. I trust you are well. Hope you have had a marvelous day. If times are tough I hope they resolve themselves soon. They can you know. Keep the faith and maintain your forward momentum in gratitude and celebration and you may be quite surprise.

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If you can and if you will that would mean a lot. I’ll still write it in the middle of the early am hours and get it to you.

Thank you! I look forward to your feedback on improvements and topic ideas. Have a wonderful rest of the day! Meanwhile, all the best. Make your dreams come true. Celebrate and enjoy!

Rex Sikes

You Are Marvelous!


Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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You Need A Power Team And Here Is Why!

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“The world goes on no matter what. It doesn’t slow down for us one bit. Sometimes it may seem as if we just don’t have enough good juice to handle it all. There are ways, of course, practices and principles you can apply. Would you like to know an important one?

If you can only sit peacefully in meditation atop a mountain somewhere, removed from the noise and the hustle and bustle, then you haven’t really learned how to quiet the mind. One should be able to live meditatively anywhere. Meditation is perfect for living where conditions are less than desirable. Try it. You may like it!

There are circumstances we enjoy and those we dread. There are people who are good for us and those who are toxic. I am a firm believer that we should be able to rise above anything or anyone who is a problem. Just as with meditation we should not allow ourselves to be brought down because of outside influences.

There are those people who are good for you to be around. These are the people who love and appreciate you. They encourage and support you in positive ways. They help you nurture your goals and dreams. They enjoy who you are and allow you to become who you want to be.

These people respect and value you. You respect and value them. Together you feel more alive. These are people to spend more time around. It is good to surround yourself with positive energy and good feelings. Decide who these people are in your life and treat them like gold. They are resources to you and you can be the same for them. Together you form a positive power team. Embrace it.

Relationships like this are wonderful to develop and grow strong. Your team may be people you already know or people you meet soon. When it comes to new ones choose friends you are proud to know and have in your life. Choose people you admire and respect; people who walk their talk, because actions speak louder than words. This is critical. Do they live it?

You want people in your life who are nice to you and you are nice to them. It is important to reciprocate love and kindness. Notice what you appreciate in others and let them know. Tell them. Be their cheerleader too. Support them in their pursuits. Cheer them on to greater heights. Be genuinely thankful and happy when they succeed and move forward. Be thrilled for them!

Help them in their endeavors. Small or large it doesn’t matter. The more you help others the more they will help you. Go first when it comes to giving. Be a gracious and available receiver. What goes around comes around. Be honest and reliable. Keep your word. Be the kind of person you want others to be.  Care about them. Let them know how much they mean to you.

If an issue or misunderstanding arises be slow to blame and quick to forgive. Forgiving means don’t let resentments get the better of you. Put things back into perspective. Let go. If you have some incredible relationships with quality people seek to preserve these. It is desirable to have a great core of quality people who inspire, motivate and support each other.

There is a synergy that occurs when like minded people come together. There is an exponential effect when two or more are gathered. Together you create more than each person can individually. Together you may accomplish great things. Together you can live, love and laugh more. Together you form an oasis in the world. Celebrate your positive team of friends and family.” Rex Sikes

Make today make yesterday pale by comparison.

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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A Critical Secret Necessary For Success

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“In times long past there was a practice that has long been lost. It meant the difference between remaining the same, staying stuck at a certain level of existence, and moving forward into success. It was a way of life that has been lost in modern times. Tiny remnants remain and while that is good news it is true we suffer from the loss of this practice. What is it?

Apprenticeship. The art of being and apprentice or a disciple. From early times on there was a path to mastery whereby the knowledge sought, the skills necessary we learned between a talented master craftsperson and an apprentice.  There was a process of becoming a knight. One did not just declare oneself a knight.

Nor did one declare oneself a master mason, carpenter, educator or anything else. One learned from a master and when the master deemed the student ready to progress then and only then did the student learner move to the next level. We certainly don’t do anything like this today, at least, in my culture.

What we have is beneficial and a tiny remnant of this important educational process. We have mentors. Studies indicate that nearly 94% of successful millionaires attribute their success to having at least one mentor in life or business. They attributed their wealth creation directly to having a mentor.

A mentor is someone who can show them the ropes, who can advise them and tell them what to focus on. A mentor can tell them what to do and what not to do. They share their mistakes and the student benefits from not only their knowledge but their experience. Wisdom comes from experience and nothing can replace that.

Finding a success mentor is a great way to become richer. You want someone who has been where you are and who is doing what you want to be able to do. Their experience should parallel your experience as much as possible. You want someone who has traveled the same road you need to, but before you, so they can show you the way.

Nearly 70% of self made millionaires said having a mentor was critical to their success overall. You want to find a good mentor to help guide you. Along the way you may meet many. Your parents, relatives or family friends could be your first mentors. They might become mentors later once you are older.

Books are good for gaining insight but there are obvious limitations. You do not get any human feedback. Still, you can learn much from books and should read to better yourself. You might find someone in your work, or while attending seminars, or networking. Whomever ends up being your mentor is someone who you respect and trust. You need to know they have your interests in their heart.

Learning and evolving is wonderful and each day you can become more of the you that you want to be. You can dream big, aim high and reach your destination making your dreams come true. A mentor can help you in ways you may not readily be able to help yourself.

Alone, you can still succeed. You will be schooled by hard knocks and learn life lessons by trial and error. NOTHING can ever actually replace  experience. Be glad! What you learn along the way will stay with you. It will become a part of you. Pursue your dreams and do not quit.

You may have to be your own cheering section but persist. When you do you will celebrate the win. You can be, do and have anything you want in life. So go after it. A trusted mentor will bring you great value but don’t let being alone stop you. Go for it. Make it happen!” Rex Sikes

Make today a wonderful one

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Quickly Manifest What You Want

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“People often ask, ‘How do we create or manifest what we want?’ ‘Is there a way to attract to ourselves what we desire?’ They want to know if there are ways and how to work it all the more quickly. Can we reduce the time it takes to make things happen? What must we do?

The quickest way to become what you want to be in life is to say ‘I am’ that which you want to be. Declare it! ‘I am happy’; ‘I am successful’; ‘I am loving’; ‘I am healthy’.  What you think about you bring about. You can declare ‘I have health’; ‘I have wealth’; ‘I have everything I need to be happy and successful’. Affirm it!

‘I Am’ is creation. ‘I have’ is creation. You declare what you want as though you already have it. You imagine the good you desire in life and you affirm it. ‘I am’ is the spoken word you declare. ‘I am’ is the picture you seen in your mind. ‘I am’ is the feeling. Feel it fully!

Picture what you want as thought you already have it and savor the incredible feelings. Feeling are the key. Just repeating things endlessly makes no difference. You must see, say AND feel what it is like to already have that which you desire for the future.

Those feelings are the creative power. See it. Declare it done. Feel it fully. It is all three! It is the combination of all three,  pictures, your word, and feelings, that make your affirmations powerful. “As a man thinks in his heart so he is’.  Affirm what you want.

Declare what you want. Your affirmation is your mantra. Repeat it again and again. What you focus on expands. What you think about all day long you become! When you ‘act as if’ you already have you everything you desire and feel it fully your brain gets the message and works full steam to bring it about.

Then get out of the way and allow yourself to have it. You have to be able to receive without resistance. This is hard for many people. You have to believe it is on its way. If you get distracted and think about how your current circumstances are different from what you want you set up resistance. What you resist persists. Stop it!

If you want a new car declare it. Then accept it is on its way. If you do all the creating but then you keep complaining about the current car you are noticing the lack of the new car. Your focus is on what you don’t like and don’t enjoy.

If you knew you had a new car on order and that is is coming from the dealership you’d be eager for it. Without question. You would also know it was on its way without question. You wouldn’t doubt whether it was going to materialize. You know it is because you ordered it and the dealership is delivering it.

You’d feel great knowing you are the owner of this new car and excited about. If you won the lottery and you this for a fact. You’d be thrilled even though you haven’t received the money yet. You still know the money is yours because you won it. THIS FEELING of having it already is how we create what we want in life.

It is the steadfast focus on what you create and the wonderful feelings of possession that open the floodgates. The easiest way to get what you want is to simply feel the best you can most of the time. Live in celebration and gratitude. Love and enjoy everything. Then your mindset is incredibly positive and powerful.

You feel marvelous. If you feel marvelous most of the day, every day, whether or not you got your dreams everything would still be incredible. The secret is when you feel wonderful most of the time you are creating and inviting good things into your life. When you feel incredible life is incredible! This is the way to live!

To feel wonderful you must think wonderful. AND you must do those positive things that encourage positive feelings. Celebrate and be glad. When feeling down shift yourself out of it. Get yourself to feel at least a little bit better. Make yourself! Move toward delight until eventually you get there. Keep moving step by step. Bit by bit.

Dance, sing, play, laugh, skip, walk, do whatever you do to feel your best AND keep doing it. Enjoy life and everything about it! When you love it all you accept it all. You get out of the way so you can be gifted with all good things. You radiate, vibrate, magnetically attract and create because you are that kind of person. Life is grand!

You want to get the things you want as quick as possible? Stop focusing on lack. Stop being distracted with petty annoyances and daily frustrations that bring you down and tire you out. Live fully. Be alive. Have fun, feel good. Be of good cheer.

Be positive and thankful and everything will come your way most quickly. Live, love, laugh and celebrate everything! Live with passion and with zest and you can have everything you want!” Rex Sikes

Whose day will you brighten today?

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Two Minds, No Names. What To Call Them If We Did?

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“I want to clarify some terms here so readers understand why they are being used.  I have used the word subconscious because this is what most thought leaders have used when writing about the mind.

I have used the term autosuggestion for the same reason. These are old terms. In the 70’s we tried to shift to ‘unconscious’ and then to ‘other than conscious’ or ‘para conscious’ or ‘preconscious’ or any number of descriptors to suggest anything other than ‘sub’ or ‘un’.

I have used Maxwell Maltz’s ‘servo-mechanism’ and also called it ‘servant-mechanism’ to help clarify. I particularly like this description. Our ‘other than conscious, para, pre non, un, sub, conscious’ mind runs the show. Estimates put it at 95%-99% on running automatic programs, habits or the same neural pathways routinely day in and day out. THAT is powerful!

The ‘Other Mind’ Is Your Willing Servant But You Must Become The Master

The conscious mind can and does provide some direction in very specific ways that most people don’t yet know. Or they know but don’t use it. Thoughts, mental images, coupled with strong emotion, repeated over time, dictate to this other mind what we want it to do. Good, bad, right, wrong, positive or negative, wanted or unwanted this other mind doesn’t care it just obeys and says ‘Yes’.

I am partial to servo mechanism for this reason. This mind doesn’t judge or analyze. This mind carries out the orders it receives faithfully UNTIL the orders are changed. It is simple to change the orders but not always easy. The great news is THIS MIND is flexible and will carry out the orders we want.

BUT!!! We must give this mind the orders we want in the correct fashion! Then it is our faithful productive servant. Otherwise this mind runs the show with whatever it learned in the past from others while growing up. It is a servant! It does what it was programmed to do. If you don’t like that YOU must change the programming. You can! You take charge and follow through and the results are amazing!

I Have Used ‘Non-Conscious’ To Describe These Processes

Some people feel to call the mind ‘sub’ was ‘substandard’ or a pejorative and unkind view of this aspect of our self. After all, it runs most of the show all of the time. I have played with and used as many different variations as I have come to be aware of. I don’t think calling it ‘sub’ or ‘un’ is disrespectful as some do.

We have conscious mind and then we have the mind that is everything else. I don’t think it matters so much what we call it as long as we don’t call it an ‘it’ (wink wink). I don’t think it matters much. Disrespect is an intention and if one means no disrespect I think there is no actual issue.

Some people think of both of their minds as people. They personify them as they anthropomorphize animals. We have a conscious person and a other than conscious person. A light being and a shadow being. As if some angel or ‘not angel’ is sitting on our shoulder. I do not believe this to be the case.

Not Things But Processes

It seems our minds are a collection of processes or activities that are ongoing. Some, many, most may be habitual. The description I like best of the minds or the brain for that matter is of a jungle. The brain is like a jungle.

I like this because it implies that it is living. Teaming with many different living things. Activity and process, growth and development. It is not merely a computer it is alive and vital. Repetitive it may be but it is living and thriving.

I don’t care what you call our minds. I don’t think they care much either. I think they do care for how you use them and regard them. They are both designed to carry out functions to keep you alive and well. They are designed for you to survive and they will keep you alive even if it kills you. (wink wink nudge nudge).

That other than conscious mind doesn’t care much for positive or negative, want or don’t want ‘it’ say yes to whatever is the case. You say, ‘I am smart’ it says ‘Yes, you are!’ If you say, ‘I am stupid.’It says, ‘Yes, you are!’

Other Than Conscious Only Says ‘Yes’.

It doesn’t differentiate whether wanted or unwanted, positive or negative. It works to say yes to whatever it is you consciously think. If you begin smoking it will keep you smoking even when you decide you want to quit. That is what it knows. It forms habits and streamlines behaviors so you don’t have to think about it.

You decide you want to quit smoking. It runs the old program. Ultimately, you can change it and then it will work to keep your new habit just as strongly. Whatever the new habit is. It says ‘yes’. So if you used to say, ‘I can’t make money’ it said ‘yes’. If you change that to ‘I can make money’ or ‘I am rich’ it says ‘yes’. See how this works.

Either way it will help you do what you want to do. What you have learned to do and it will do it reliably in service of the human so the human can survive. It truly is magnificent. BUT unless we learn to harness and use its power it will run the show. We don’t want that.

Our minds our wonderful. They are divided into conscious and ‘whatever else’ but in reality it is wholeness. Complementary wholeness. One mind functioning perfectly well. Various tasks being performed day in and day out. We have a beautiful mind a wonderful mind and it works perfectly well.

The Thing Named Is Not The Thing

Any name will be a less than an adequate descriptor. So let’s not stew over what we call our two minds. All the things that can be named are not the thing named. Few readers may appreciate this but nothing is it’s label.

It is beyond the mere label. Labels are simply identifiers so we can agree on what we are discussing and are utilitarian and little more.You aren’t Bob or Sue you are called Bob or Sue to identify you from Tom and Jane. It is useful.

If we were all called Steve we would have some difficulty unless tonal variations or additional names helped to differentiate. The same is the case with our minds. No name we choose to call them, for either sets of processes, are adequate to describe them. SO WHAT? Who cares? I don’t. There is beauty in all of this.

The more we understand the more we are able to harness and benefit from the amazing power and abilities. We use our minds to study our minds. We use our consciousness to study our consciousness. There is utter folly and total delight in this, don’t you see.

Learn To Harness The Power Of Your Minds

We are beginning to think, more than ever, that the minds are not localized but spread throughout the body. Some differentiate between brain and mind as in hardware and software. Some don’t care so much.

Some believe that mind is not only not solely localized in the head, but spread through the body. Some even believe the mind is outside the head and body and pretty much everywhere. Infinite intelligence. A mind we tap into.

I’m not certain we ever have precise words to describe these incredible processes happening in and or around us. It may be well beyond us, to fathom. Our language may be inadequate, as it often is, to label these miraculous minds we have inside or out or both.

The Other Mind Works All Day And Night Without Stopping

So celebrate the incredible wonderful power of our amazing universal mind power. ‘It’ is not limited. We are limited in how we think about it and how we use it to think. But we can go beyond limitations.

We can use our minds to go beyond limitations and think outside the box. Samadhi, bursts of illumination and enlightenment are possible to all of us.Increased awareness and awakening is our potential and our destiny. We can observe our thoughts and feel separate from them. We have so many remarkable talents and abilities.

The only thing I know for certain is we don’t know everything yet. We are talented beyond our abilities to conceive of just how talented we are. We should stretch the imagination to go places no one has gone yet. We should think bigger not smaller.

We Can Push The Envelope To Go Beyond What Is Known

We should adventure and explore the outer boundaries of our universe and expand them. Just like available space in your home we will fill it. We can push the boundaries and go beyond them. Nothing stops us except thought itself. A thought!

Never let a thought prevent you from being all you can be.Take hold of your thoughts and make them serve you. Master your thoughts and your feelings to discover who you truly are. Celebrate and enjoy this discovery. Enjoy your minds. They are your servants!” Rex Sikes

Make your day incredible!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Use This Key To Unlock The Door To Your Dreams & Desires

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“What does believing mean? What does it mean to have faith? Why is this important when it comes to making your dreams come true? How does it apply to your career goals, being the person you want to be or having what you want to get in life?

In previous blog posts I’ve pointed out the necessity of maintaining a positive mindset and the importance of ‘Believe It And You Will See it’. This concept is how everything works but it is not the typical way most people think.

Most People Think When I See It Then I Will Believe It

This latter attitude keeps people in the dark because they focus on present circumstances. Their mindset works this way.  Only once they are convinced it can be otherwise, then AND only then, will they believe it can be otherwise. It is the reason things don’t work.

Instead of being focused on what they want and believing they can make it happen they are focused on what they don’t want waiting to be convinced somehow it will be different. So they remain the same. They get what they focus on. They get what they don’t want.

To be, do or have what you want you must focus on what you want to the exclusion of all else. You can not let yourself be distracted from what it is you want to make happen. You are the creator of it so create it. Believe you can do it and you will. Stay properly focused.

You Must Believe It First And Then You Will See It

Listen to stories of those people who reached the top in entertainment, in finance, in sports, whatever endeavor in life and you repeatedly hear stories that they KNEW they were destined to become a top player regardless of the obstacles.

They KNEW IT within them. They never lost faith.  Even when it appeared hopeless the kept going!  They worked in spite of the odds until they made it. This is how we need to believe. We need to EXPECT that it will happen. We need to KNOW we can accomplish it.

You can not wish or hope. You can not be half assed. You must be convinced that you will fulfill your greatest desire and you must passionately pursue it. You must persist in the pursuit until you have what you want. There is not alternative. You just do it!

You Must Ask Believing

Sure, you can hope, you can pray, you can think it is all about luck. That will not get you closer. Jesus said, ‘When you ask BELIEVE you will receive…’ so we can’t do less than that, can we? This is an important key concept. Believe it and you will see it!

We need to stop begging, whining and pleading. We need to command it into being. We need to declare what we want. We need to believe we will make it happen. We need to expect to get it.  Just as you do when you place an order in a restaurant.

Consider this analogy. You go into a restaurant. Hopefully, you are polite and I mean this. Waitstaff comes and says something similar to, ‘May I take your order?. You tell the person what you want they take it back to the cook. You wait after having placed YOUR order.

You Don’t Have To Muster Up Faith To Order Breakfast

You expect it to be delivered how you want it a little while later. You don’t sit there hoping and wishing and whining and complaining or fretting or worried or convinced it will never happen. You expect it to come the way you ordered it and you expect to get what you want.

With regard to the cook preparing it and it being delivered there are those who would liken that to the universe giving you what you want once you order is in. That is fine. I am not going there with this analogy at this time. I am only right now only addressing the ordering process and your faith in yourself.

While the waitstaff is gone you behave normally and concern yourself with reading or conversing or whatever you do. You occupy yourself because you know your food is coming. After all your order is in. After a while, it is served. You got what you ordered. You got what you wanted.

Know What You Want To Order

If you didn’t know what you wanted neither would anyone else. So the first important piece was to know what you want. When it comes to your dreams you need to know what you want and want it more than anything else.

You place your order. You declare what you will make happen.You stay focused on what you want to the exclusion of any evidence that tells you otherwise. You don’t let present circumstances distract you and you do not compare the wait time.

You don’t think, ‘I placed my order how long is this going to take’. Doing that keeps you focused on not having it yet. It keeps your attention on what you do not want. You have to have your focus on what you want. Your mind set needs to be right. You must believe.

Expect It – Know It 

You do not wish or hope.  You KNOW! You state it. You order it. You declare it! You command it! You demand it! You don’t dream it, you don’t pray or beg you ACCEPT it.

You Announce it. In fact, you don’t believe something is going to happen. Don’t put it off on someday in the future. You believe it has already happened! This is how you use your mind to create what you want. You see it as if it all already exists. It begins as an idea!

In your mind’s eye, visualize already having what you want. Imagine it fully as vividly as you are able. Full color, 3D, full sound with total feeling. Live it as though you have everything you want. FEEL IT. BASK in how good it feels. Imagine living in the house you will live in.

Stay Focused

Imagine working in the career you want successfully. Imagine a loving relationship. Imagine all your bills paid and enough money to do whatever you want when you want to. See people congratulating you and discussing your success.

Hear it! Hear people congratulate you. Hear what they say and what you say in return. Feel their handshakes and embraces. Feel how good it feels. Live the life you want to be living. It is the feelings combined with the images that place your order with your subconscious. Feel it fully.

Keep all your self-talk positive. Speak only to bless heal and prosper. Don’t speak about what you don’t want. Affirm what you want. Stay true to your pursuit. Stay focused, stay positive and powerful. Do not give your power away. Keep it an use it.

Once you put your order in with the waitstaff you don’t have to believe it will happen you KNOW it will happen. Treat life the same way. Expect good things. See them. Plan them in your mind’s eye.

Carry out the future in the present. Do not make it a when make it NOW! Make the future your current reality on the inside. What you focus on you get.  What you think you become.  Keep the faith!

Now Is The Only Time There Is

Live with an attitude of gratitude. Celebrate everything right now! Be focused on abundance not lack. Know you are making your dreams come true. The seeds are planted. The order is taken. Live as though you know it is yours. It is yours!

Own it! Declare it! Stop being a beggar. Stop fretting, hoping and worrying. Live as an emperor. YOU will make your dreams come true. Mind set is the very first and most important step to take.

Set aside time each day to imagine your life as you want it to be. Feel the very best you can as much as you can each day. Make feeling good and thinking positive a daily habit and your will be amazed at all the good things you starting creating and attracting.

Live positively! Live with passion. Live with enthusiasm! Feel the best you can moment to moment because it makes it all happen faster when you do. Be happy and enjoy all there is. Just like the others who knew they would succeed no matter what you can too! Do it!” Rex Sikes

Claim your victory today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

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How You Can Learn New Things To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

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“Are you are life long learner committed to be the best you can be? You can learn anything you put your mind to, Did you know that? Learning can be fun and easy. It can take you to places you would never have imagined yourself visiting.

Your ability to learn and keep learning can open up incredible new doorways for you. Learn and continue to learn. Evolve. Grow and make the most of your given talents and abilities.

You may not believe it yet, because many people have limiting beliefs about themselves as learners BECAUSE they went to school but you are already an exquisite learner.

You have learned so much in live. You have learned many wonderful and magnificent things. You have also learned many useless things. You have learned to have problems and disappointments too. You can learn how to overcome any of these.

Click Here to Watch This Short Video Now

Statistics tell us that 95% of what we learn in college is forgotten within 6 months of graduation! Only 5% is all that is retained of what you spent more than 4 years studying. 95% is forgotten.

How much did you spend on college… for that piece of paper? And if you went to a prestigious university it means you still forgot 95%, but you spent more money to do it.

Learn As A Child Learns Naturally NOT The Way They Educate In Schools

The most pitiful thing is when people think there is nothing new to learn. There is always something new! Every day is a rare and unprecedented opportunity to learn and to have fun. The key to learning anything really well is to do it the same way as when you were a small child.

You learned a thousand times faster back then – and it was a blast! If you are willing to play, to adventure, to explore like a child does – you can add to your learning in ways that might seem miraculous.

Children learn an incredible amount because they are open and unbiased. A child can play with a stick in total delight and all the while the child is learning – learning to move and to coordinate himself.

He can watch the same movie over and over and still shudder with delight, still shiver with fear, and laugh with abandon – even though he knows what is coming.

Children are learning machines until they are trained to behave like young adults and are confined to desks and told to act appropriately. While adults look for the pay-off, kids simply learn for the sheer pleasure it brings them.

As adults we need to recapture the sense of joy and adventure we had as children, to rekindle a sense of growing and contributing.

When I teach my programs I get everyone from pig farmers to top CEO’s and all types of other occupations because if it’s not about putting a bigger smile on your own face and if it isn’t about putting a bigger smile on the face of people around you, if it isn’t about having a better experience or a more vibrant experience, if it isn’t about enlivening yourself… than what is it for?

One idea can change the entire world. We need a better class of thinkers and innovators – juicier people with explosive curiosity and creativity. Fun loving people who can change the world. Seriousness is truly a disease.

We need giggles and shudders and risk takers. As Oliver Wendall Holmes said “A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension.” Love learning – learn for no reason at all except the sheer joy of it. Love seeking.

When I train, I present something I call the Mastery Loop™. Here it is.


What happens is that people first approach information. This is what I call the enlightenment stage. This is not the eastern concept of enlightenment and meditation, but this is where you are enlightened to a new idea. This is about approaching material and information.

People come to me and it’s new to them; people come to accounting it’s new to them – whatever it is… in school or the real world… you approach something for the first time. Something you didn’t know.


After the approach, comes the bewilderment stage. You get a little bit of it and it becomes confusing. That’s because the “7-plus-or minus-two” conscious rational part of your brain is trying to understand the information, but it hasn’t yet assembled it in a way that is useful for you.

It’s trying to grasp it and make sense of it before it is ready to be put in order. However, if you stick with it, stay with it, and you are really learning the material, then shortly thereafter it will become clear.

What happens in college and formal schooling is that right before or right after it becomes clear, they give you a test. And if it hasn’t yet become clear, then you fail or get a low mark.

If you are poor at the mechanics of taking an exam, you can get a low mark that means you didn’t learn the material according to that institution.


God forbid you should be good at the mechanics of taking an exam because that means that you pass without having an understanding of the material at all. Lots of us got through school that way, didn’t we?

Then you go onto a new subject! “OK that’s done – NEXT.” That’s when you begin to get more of what I call “just information”, without behavioral competence.

When you do one of my programs what I do is skip the clear stage and go right to what I call the “mining for gold” or the drill stage. That means you approach the information, get bewildered and begin to practice or drill what it is you are learning.

You will actually get hands on practice so that it assists you in becoming more clear about what it is you are learning.


You do exercises to actually wire in the behaviors you are learning, you get to look at eye accessing cues and practice language patterns, and do anchoring with the others in the room so that you have the experience of doing it.

What is valuable about this is that you do the exercises during the workshop time.

After you have drilled and practiced thoroughly, then you enact the material. I have a saying that the workshop begins when the breaks begin. That is your golden opportunity to remember to use what you have been absorbing during class practice time.

When you enact the material, you use it in your daily life, refine it, and use it during real life situations.


When you take these skills into your daily life, then they begin to fuse – they become a part of your everyday behavior; you integrate them. This is where it becomes habitual.

You develop “unconscious competence” (like riding a bike) and have them as part of your behavioral repertoire for the rest of your life.

This is where it become so much a part of your behavior that you find yourself using the skills without always having to think about it. This is when you have truly integrated it.


As it fuses, it becomes a part of your everyday life. This is at the point where you will become creative with the material. This is where you will use it in ways that you or I could never imagine.

It is at this point you begin to discover your personal genius with the material.

You will find applications for it, design new things and make your life really a party. This is when you look at a problem, and instead of going “this is going to be a difficult problem”, you go “this is going to be a real piece of cake”.


The appropriate behavior is insatiable curiosity. To continue to learn, grow and evolve… not stop at quick fix techniques… but to evolve and become more compassionate and joyful and wondrous.

In other words, to make life a celebration and not just put a Band-Aid on an oweee. Remember exploration is the doorway to adventure!

What I am asking you – and this is a request – is how much fun can you have, how much curiosity can you have, how much wanton desire and passion can you bring to having a good time?

Because if you can do it here and now, regardless of challenges thrown your way, you can do it anywhere.

Exercises For Making Learning Fun And Having Novel Experiences

Take a walk somewhere you always go except this time walk as though it is totally new. Pretend you are an anthropologist doing an ethnographic study, making it elusive and bewildering.

See what you notice that you didn’t before.

Ask yourself questions you might never ask about obvious things. Then just be silent while you walk and look without internal dialogue.

Slow down your gait or speed it up to notice what you have missed before. Smell the smells you may not have noticed.

Do the same thing with driving home or riding a bus. See if you can open your powers of observation to take in more than you ever realized was there before. Venture into new realms. Take a different route to work.

Open Your Powers Of Observation

Do something now, do anything now that’s different. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but realize you are interrupting patterns and causing your mind to be stretched in delightful ways.

Go back and enjoy a children’s book you once read. Go back and review.

Listen to the same CD over and over – only each time pay attention to a different instrument – how do they intermingle, compliment each other, support each other, what are they accomplishing together?

Try tasting your food in new ways. Tiny bits, savor each morsel, really chew it thirty-two times. Discover how you can delight your senses.

Pay Attention To Your Senses

Take a luxurious bath, uses different scents, candles. Anything that enlivens you and makes you feel better.

Read a novel you normally wouldn’t read. Get a biography of someone you never felt interested in. Talk to someone repulsive and take their point of view temporarily.

Step inside them and see if you can imagine how it would be that they would hold views contrary to your own. You don’t have to keep them! Just try them on to get a different perspective from your own.

Try Things You Have Never Done Before

Do something you would absolutely never do (keep it legal and safe!). Go beyond your own limits. Push yourself, but do so with a sense of adventure, joy, fun, harmony, health and well being.

Watch the same movie a dozen times. Each time approach it fresh and new. You will learn something. When I was younger in California working in the motion picture business, I would go to the same movie 4,5, 10 times.

First, I would just watch it. If I got hooked into it emotionally, I considered it a good picture. Then I would go back and watch for the way the director constructed it all.

Then I would see it again to concentrate only on the writing, then the acting, then the cinematography and production values. Each time, I came away with something I hadn’t noticed before.

With new intent, I noticed new things. By asking myself different questions, or causing my mind to look in a new direction I noticed more and more nuances than I could have ever imagined.

Repetition Is The Way You Learn And Create Habits

Think about it – two people go to the same movie and one loves it another hates it. Are they really talking about the movie? No. They are sharing with you what they paid attention to.

They are letting you know how their mind works.

No movie is universally good or bad, there are things about it one likes while another may not. Of course the more sophisticated knowledge someone has about what they are discussing, or the more nuances, perhaps the better to make assessment, but it is still only an opinion.

This is why recapturing the joy of learning, reading, listening to tapes, attending seminars, going for walks, playing with children, is so vital because it enriches an individual and enables one to pay attention to nuances.

Immerse yourself. If you learn just one new concept or idea – it can be monumental. You can become more creative… you can begin to open doors that you didn’t even know existed.

Capture The Joy Of Learning As A Child Does

Discover if – by trying some of these things – you can’t enliven yourself to all the opportunities around you you could be missing out on. Find out if you can do better in business.

Make change more dynamic for yourself and clients. Spice up your relationships with more passion and ecstasy, have more intimate times with your children.

Fun-loving, exciting people can change the world. With so much in the news that could discourage us, we need to become beacons, lights that glow in the night that show the rest of the world that we can be more alive, more in love, have greater well being and riches, use our brain power more efficiently and most importantly – live joyously.

Perhaps if we were all just a little more joyous even in the face of adversity, we will make the world a better more wondrous place.

Because the truth is, the world is already a wondrous place. The sad part is that too many people miss it. Recapture the awe struck wonder of a child in whatever you do. Bring this spirit to all of your learning and all of your endeavors and you will soar as never before.

You will reach untold heights when you break old patterns and habits that have prevented you from being open to new experience.

Every Moment Is New Every Moment Is An Opportunity

Too often we have belittled a learning or an experience with ‘Well that’s just X’ or we say ‘There is nothing new in that.’ Yet every moment is new, even an old hand me down cloth is new to someone.

Often times rare and priceless antiques were discovered by people who knew what to look for when others had considered it only junk.

Sometimes subtly and layers hides the core of its value and only to the eye of a trained observer will one begin to notice what is really going on, or what the real value is. To the child, it doesn’t matter. It is all wonderful even if it seems old to us.

My nephew Michael, when he was three, had completed watching Beauty and the Beast once a day, sometimes twice, since it came out on video. That was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 – 70 times! He would watch it and delight every time he did.

Love Exploring Love Adventuring Love Seeking New Ways To Enjoy

Go out and live life and expect to have fun, expect to learn, and find out what you discover. Find out how you can have a ton of fun. See if you can put the pedal to the metal and really play.

Learn, incorporate and integrate the skills that you already have.

A very wise person once said, “you can light a million candles off just one”… but your candle has to be lit first. If you light up, if we light up all of our candles while we’re together here, then we can spread a conspiracy of ecstasy.

Commit to learning. It will keep you younger and healthier. Commit to learning. Learn to be happy. Learn to be positive. Learn to direct your mind. Learn to take control.

Life becomes so much more wonderful when you commit to learning how to use your mind to make your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today in new ways!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch

NEW SITE TO LAUNCH SOON  –  Daily Inspiration And Gratitude’s new URL is coming soon. The site will have a new look and feel.

If you get this blog emailed to you, I don’t know whether that will continue or not. I do know you will be able to subscribe to the blog and my new newsletter.

Stick with me. I’d  hate to lose you when it switches over.

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PSS  A great practice is read the posts daily and then go back and re-read from time to time. You will discover things you missed the first few readings. Try it, you will be surprised.

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