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This Ability Separates The Successful From The Unsuccessful

invest in yourself

“How do successful business people and entrepreneurs handle stress and disappointment? Do they do things differently than the rest of the people? It turns out they do. What they do makes a critical difference in how they live and work and why they succeed.

Attitude Makes The Difference

Everyone faces challenges so it isn’t the challenges that sets these successful people apart from the rest. It was their ability to take disappointment or setbacks as only temporary. They were not defeated by defeats. They kept going.

Often in business setbacks come one after the other but successful people did not let that dampen their motivation or persistence. They continued onward. They maintained their attitude and expected things to work out for the best.

They were not born this way. These are skills they learned and cultivated. You can learn to be more adaptable and flexible in your approach too. You can be more resourceful in your work and in pursuing your goals and dreams.

You can move forward and not give up when challenges come your way or pile up. How?

Keep Everything In Perspective

It is your attitude that makes the difference. The CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs understood that you have to care but not that much! When dead none of this matters. Work is just another game you play. It is what you do to make money. Keep this in mind.

No one benefits if you work yourself to death or injure your health so that you are unable to enjoy your family and friends. Live first. Enjoy Life! Work hard BUT don’t kill yourself to get ahead.

It isn’t worth it to win the race and lose one’s life. Work or career is is not worth damaging your mental, emotional or physical health.

Enjoy Life Apart From Work

Have fun. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy hobbies and activities that have nothing to do with the work you do. Cultivate other interests that you look forward to doing. Find things to be passionate about.

Make time to do things you want to do with the people who are important to you. Walk, exercise, go to the gym.  Get out and have a good time. Take it easy and relax. Prioritize a healthy life over stressful work. You will work better and smarter the healthier and better adjusted you are.

Follow Your Purpose In Life

Hopefully, you are following your purpose in life through your choice of work. If not, look for ways that your work contributes to or helps you fulfill your life mission in other ways. Maybe, it is a means to save enough money to start your own company.

Perhaps, it is a stepping stone to the future whereby you gain valuable experience in needed areas. Find those reasons you are doing what you are doing and that keep you moving forward. Acknowledge and validate your efforts. Understand that whatever you are doing matters. You contribute to yourself and to others.

Keep going. Don’t quit when times get hard. See them through. You attitude and the reasons you are doing what you are doing will assist you in staying the course. You will remain committed for the right reasons. Persevere!

Smile, Giggle, Laugh And Breath

Smiling and laughter keeps us loose and relaxed. We stay healthier and happier and more relaxed when we laugh frequently. A good sense of humor is essential in dealing with life stressors. If you can find a silver lining in dark clouds or humor in adversity you will be on top of your game.

Norman Cousins wrote a book on the healing that laughter can bring. Watch funny movies and video. The internet is a good source for finding short clips to enjoy. Read humorous books and listen to funny audios. Obviously, you can watch comedians doing stand up.

The goal is to smile and laugh more each day. You can begin each day purposefully laughing out loud for at least five minutes while you get ready for work. It can be a form of meditation for you.

The laughing meditation. Just laugh. Even if you have to force yourself and it feels fake at first – do it. It will come more naturally the more you laugh. Laughing helps you to breath differently and breath deeper. It massages your diaphragm and is healthy for you.

Smiling more helps others feel better too. When you work with people and you look friendly and energetic and smiley it helps everyone. If everyone in the workplace did this imagine how enjoyable it could be,

Take deep breathes. Learn to breath correctly from the belly. Taking deep breaths is a stress reliever.  Throughout the day, lean back and deep breath for a minute or two. It is great for the immune system and over all health and well being.

Be Inspired And Stay Inspired

Read inspirational material daily. Entrepreneurs and successful business people surround themselves with posters and mottos. They read inspirational materials daily. They listen to audios that keep them motivated. They understand the importance of of a good, strong, healthy mindset.

Attitude is everything. When you fill your mind consistently with high quality inspiring thoughts you feel better. When you feel better you look better. You naturally smile and laugh more. You are more relaxed. You are better equipped to handle any setback or disappointments that comes your way.

Positive Thinking Is Solution Focused Thinking

Positive thinking is not fantasy thinking. It is realistic thinking. It is the ability to find your resourcefulness and apply it to any situation while expecting the best outcome. You work to find the best solution. You maintain a powerful frame of mind.

Since you are solution oriented you naturally you expect the best outcome whatever that may be. It is not wishful thinking. Positive Thinking is the application of strong thoughts about what you can and will accomplish and how. When you keep your mind inspired and positive you can achieve more.

Meditate, Visualize and Be Grateful

Meditate. The are many different ways to meditate. Close your eyes and listen, simply listen. Do nothing else. Pay attention to or feel your breath. Visualize relaxing in a wonderful place outdoors. Pick your favorite natural spot. Enlist all five senses and enjoy the peace and tranquility this brings.

You can repeat a mantra, a power word or a meaningful phrase to yourself. State an affirmation again and again. Manage your self talk – only say positive things to you. Alternatively, watch your thoughts come and go as an unbiased observer would, without judgement. Watch them drift off like leaves floating downstream.

Discover which form of mediating you prefer most by trying many. Take a minute or five whenever you are able. A good practice is to aside a specific time to mediate each day. You can do so for a few moments or an hour. It is up to you.

Visualize your goals as if you have already accomplished them. Since you made them happen see what you did to bring them about. Notice how you overcame any challenge or disappointment. Especially notice the wonderful feelings of having what you wanted, of making it your own and bask in these feelings. Enjoy these.

Feel grateful. Keep a journal. Visualize what you feel grateful for. Express your appreciation for yourself, others, events, situations and circumstances in your life. Be grateful for what you have done and what you have. Acknowledge others and be appreciative. Express your thanks. Live in celebration and abundance.

Enjoy The Good Feelings

The most important part of feeling gratitude is the feeling. The most important part of visualizing your future and what you want it to be are the feelings that accompany your wants. Emphasize and feel the feelings. Enjoy them. Savor them. Accentuate them and linger with them. The more you feel good and the longer you feel good the better overall.

Develop Successful Habits That Support You

Because the entrepreneurs made these practices habits they were more successful than those who do not. They were better able to keep going, not give up and handle challenges and disappointments when others weren’t. Because they kept a daily regimen for being positive, happy, healthy they work better and enjoy life more.

As you develop and sustain successful habits your life takes on a wonderful new sense of meaning. Everything becomes much easier and more enjoyable. The tough times don’t necessarily go away but you handle them better and get through them quicker because you are much more resourceful.” Rex Sikes

It is your day today! How are you going to spend it?

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If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Things In Your Life

i choose

“Have you ever wanted to make some changes? Has something stopped you? Have you tried but didn’t follow through? What is it about changing that people just don’t understand?  Why don’t they do what they want to do, even when it is in their best interest to do so? Has this been you at times?

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

You are today, right now, where you are, because of where you thoughts have brought you. You will be, tomorrow, where your thoughts take you. You become what you think about most often. Your life is the result of the thoughts you hold in your head and what you talk about most of each day.

You Get What You Focus On

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Whatever you think about yourself you are right. You can not escape your thoughts. You either think and talk about what works and is wonderful and what you want OR you talk about what sucks, doesn’t work or what you don’t want most of the time.

Your Thoughts Are Either Positive Or Negative

Your thoughts are either constructive or they are destructive. Either way your thoughts are productive. You can’t think two thoughts at one time. You either mostly think positive thoughts or you mostly think negative thoughts. You life reflects what you think about most.

Your Mind Is Only As Strong As Your Weakest Think

If you really want to do something you will find a way to do it. Nothing will prevent you if you are committed. If you don’t want to do something  you will find an excuse. You will find a reason that you THINK is valid. Excuses are repetitive thoughts. Whining, and blaming and quitting are the easiest thoughts to think and to do.

You Can Learn To Be Positive More Of The Time

Skill comes from doing. Habit comes from repetition. The more you do something the more you are able to do. What is difficult at first gets easier. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. You will get better in time the more you do it. Repetition builds habit and skill.

Exceed Your Comfort Zone

Your current habits, mindset and abilities are those you have done most frequently, for whatever reason. You do them because you rehearsed them over and over even if you weren’t aware that was what you were doing at the time. To change you must do new things you may not be comfortable doing in the beginning.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Things In Your Life

While it may seem tough to change the habits you learned, at first, they are the proof that you can learn to do anything. You can learn to think, to be, to feel, to do differently IF and WHEN you want to. You can learn to do anything you dedicate your mind to. You can re-wire your brain to think differently, more efficiently and positively.

Now Is The Time

If you wait to change you will wait and wait. You will only do what is comfortable. That is what most people do. The reason they don’t change is because even though they claim they want to it is inconvenient. It seems too hard. They think they may have to do something that is difficult. They think they can’t. They make excuses.


People don’t change because they don’t THINK they can or that it will be hard. Or they THINK they will fail. Or they THINK…. or they think… or they think… We are a product of our thoughts! You DO or DON’T do because of what you THINK at any given time. Thinking is what you say to yourself; your self-talk and the mental images you make. It is what you say to others.

You do whatever you habitually THINK you will or won’t! Your thoughts and feelings go hand in hand. If you don’t think it is possible you won’t feel like it is either. To change your feelings you must change your thinking. You can take control of your thinking! You can feel incredible when you do! Create the opportunity to change!

You Can Change In An Instant

Make a true decision to change right now and you will begin to change. You power comes from your decision. Follow through requires dedication and persistence. It is easier the more passionately you want to change. Think It and Feel It!

Change doesn’t have to be hard if you THINK it is easy. It can be fun, exciting and delightful. It can be whatever you THINK and BELIEVE it will be. While there may always be challenges you will be more prepared to handle them when you THINK YOU CAN!

To change right now means doing things differently. AND it means DOING them RIGHT NOW. If you put off changing now you succeed in putting off changing now. That is what you will succeed in doing.

You Are Always Successful No Matter What

You either think productively and positively and get what you want. OR you think destructively are negatively and get what you do not want. Either way the results you get are up to how you think and what you think about most of the time during your day. You go where your thoughts take you. You Become what you think about!

Stop It! Start Now! Begin today! Change your thinking and change your life. You will be glad you! You will feel better and better. The more you do the more you can do!

Skill comes of doing. You can and you will discover a whole new way to live and feel when you decide to. A new world will open up to you when you decide to take charge of your thoughts!” Rex Sikes

Make the most of today!

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Use This Simple, Effective Secret To Well-Being And Happiness


“What would you do if you had everything? What if you had the fancy cars, the mansions, traveled by private jet, hobnobbed with celebrities, the rich and famous, and had a fabulous showbiz career but still felt empty inside? What if you had tried all sorts of therapies to feel better but still didn’t?

Recently, one of my coaching clients, in the entertainment business, came back to me with a progress report he wanted to deliver. When he first sought my counsel, years back, he had been doing well financially for quite some time. You’d have thought his life was quite perfect.

While he was outwardly a success, a large success, he stated ‘after all the money, I am still me. I am still a person with problems’. Normally, he felt something was missing. He could appear pretty upbeat and that all is well but he felt undeserving of his good fortune because, after all, he was ‘him’. Inside, he felt quite miserable.

That made him pretty cranky at times.  While other workers had him examine why he felt this way and work to uncover what might be at the core. I did not. I felt he already focused on what was wrong too much of the time and not enough on what was right and what was working for him. He had spent years in therapy without resolve.

I asked him to do what I have my seminar and workshop participants do. What I have done.  I asked him to do what I have shared in these pages.

Develop The Attitude Of Gratitude

First, I asked him to begin simply by making a list of the people and things in his life he is and was grateful for. I asked him to look into his life circumstances the very same way. What about his present AND his past could he appreciate? AND WHY? He was to write these down. He was to keep a gratitude journal. The ‘why’ was important too.

A few sessions later I asked him what lessons he might have learned whether he realized them or not? Could he go back through his life and connect the dots and see how, from this vantage point, things made sense in a way he had not noticed before? He could, in fact, and this was very useful for him. He saw his life unfold differently than he had ever considered.

For the first time he began to realize everything was perfect. Everything good and bad led him to this moment. Everything, every decision he made, every accident in life, all brought him to now as if by perfect design. He learned while on this route HE had been trying to get his OWN attention for years. He finally began to understand.

It was as if, all along, a higher self understood his issues and was attempting to help him resolve these. He just had not noticed nor had he listened. Now, he began to fully appreciate the stepping stones of life bringing him to THIS moment where he could re-claim, if not claim for the very first time, the authorship of his life.

Seek And You Wil Find

This illumination came to him in an instant but it didn’t come to him overnight. He spent some days and weeks devoted to seeking and finding moments to appreciate. I asked him to celebrate everything, as best he could, and to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud.

He did this morning and night. He was dedicated. He felt gratitude throughout the day. He stated that at first it seemed difficult but that it got easier and easier. Soon he kept discovering more and more. Soon he took 100% responsibility for his life and actions.

After all nothing else in his life had seemed to work to give him any form of relief. He had tried lots of therapy. That was one reason I didn’t approach it the way others may have. I simply asked him to focus on what was good, what was enjoyable, what worked and what lessons he could learn from all life events.

Like Attracts Like

I know that we become what we think about. I know that one thought attracts another and if you spend time thinking negative thoughts that will be the results you get. One negative thought attracts or causes another negative thought. That IS how we spiral downward.

If you spend your time thinking positive thoughts, if that is your primary focus, the results you get will be positive. You will feel positive and powerful. I had him concentrate on what was positive for him and what he could celebrate. He began to feel good about himself, positive, powerful and optimistic!

The list grew day by day, as did his positive feelings. In time he was a new person. His outlook had changed, his feelings had changed. He could enjoy all his wealth and accomplishments. He felt like a new person. He accepted himself and his past. HIs past became a meaningful treasure to him that had brought him to his present. No regrets, just more to celebrate.

What many people never learn or realize is that it IS just as easy to think positively as it is to think negative. People just do one more frequently than the other so they get good at one. Then the other seems foreign and more difficult to do. It isn’t, it is just as easy.

Develop Good Habits That Support You

In order to get good at doing something you never did much of before you have to do it frequently and regularly. You have to practice it as much as you practiced the other one. More in fact, until the new thought behavior is your primary one. It can take some time depending how much you dedicate yourself to it.

It can seem miraculous because it is. You can work miracles and bring about profound changes in thinking and feeling and positive action.

Now, I realize there are a lot of people like this gentleman that came to me. They have worked hard, climbed the ladder and still feel empty. Others live with lack and problems making ends meet. Rarer is the person who enjoys life and all works together well but they are out there too. Anyone can benefit by thinking better thoughts!

Whatever is going on for you YOU can change. You can change how you feel about it by how you think about it. IF you want to! If you don’t  want to you don’t. If you don’t want to you won’t. It’s simple.

You chose because it is YOUR choice. It is your decision. Nothing will change unless you decide to change it. If you don’t want to change IT will not change on its own. That is okay. Whatever you decide is what you decide.

You Can Change If You Want To

However, if you want things to be better they can be. If you want them to be different and if you want to enjoy yourself, and life much more, you can. There is a way but only YOU can do it.

If you want to life to change you will have to change things in your life. You become what you think about. My client changed what he paid attention to, what he had been focusing on. Hence he changes his thoughts from defeated to victorious. From ‘woe is me’ to celebration.

He changed his thoughts and his feelings changed. His life changed all for the better because HE looked into what HE was and is grateful for. He looked for small and large things to appreciate and celebrate. He viewed all situations as opportunities to learn and grow stronger and better. He changed because HE changed.

Remember is if you aren’t feeling how you want to feel AND you wish to change it and feel better, you can. There are many things you can do. One of the easiest and most powerful ways is to become truly grateful. Shift your attention to feeling lucky and blessed and you will transform everything about your life!” Rex Sikes

It’s your day how well will you spend it?

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Self Confidence: Do You Have What It Takes? Find Out Now

you are going to be great keep on going

“What is self confidence? It is the deep abiding belief in oneself and in one’s abilities to make whatever one desires come true. It is not egotistical, boastful, rude or abusive. A self confident person is not a bully because this person does not have to be. The self confident person loves and accepts himself. She accepts and loves others too.

A self confident person knows in his heart and mind he will succeed. She is focused and expects everything to work out in her behalf. She knows she is 100% responsible for making her dreams come true. He is unstoppable and persists in making things happen. She does not give up.

A self confident person rejoices when a colleague advances. There is no envy or resentment because the self confident person is not in competition with anyone else.She acknowledges when others succeed and is happy for them. If there is competition it is for the self confident person to better himself today and tomorrow. She competes with herself to be her personal best.

A self confident person doesn’t whine or complain about others, circumstance, politics, religion, the economy or the world at large. If there are problems a self confident person works to overcome the problem by focusing on the solutions. He doesn’t waste time complaining about things because he realizes none of that has anything to do with his success. She knows if it is going to happen it will be up to her and her attitude. If she is going to manifest her dreams there are no obstacles that can prevent her. She will prevail because she will persist.

The self confident person succeeds and wins the game of life because he expects to win. He knows it is a game and treats it that way. He has fun and enjoys the process. He is not defeated by challenges but enjoys them.

She lives life fully accepting herself and others and thinking the best of both. She is optimistic and has a bright outlook on her future. She has a deep faith in her heart, a knowingness that she will make wonderful things happen.

Even though no one can see the future or know everything a self confident person expects whatever comes along to work out for the very best. She expects to land on her feet. Because he knows he doesn’t know everything he expects troubles to turn into triumphs, Good things always ultimately come to those who know that they will.

A self confident person knows they are never finished. He stays open and is eager to learn. She reads, listens to inspiring speakers and audios, attends events, finds coaches and mentors and continues to develop herself. A self confident person is willing to change and understands that is you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life.

A self confident person does not use their five senses to determine the results in the world. The self confident person knows successful results start within him. He knows that believing is seeing and not the other way around.

She doesn’t let circumstances distract her from what is important. She is open to feedback and flexible and adaptive while remaining true to her purpose. Defeat and negative circumstances are temporary and considered learning experiences.

He learns from everything. He enjoys everything and looks for the silver lining in each dark cloud. He believes that what he will manifest, should it take some time, is still coming to him and he does not get caught in doubt, worry or fear. He believes. He believes in himself and his ability to create his future!

She knows it will happen, and she expects it arrive.  Just as on your birthday you eagerly anticipated getting presents when you were a child. Perhaps, you even had difficulty sleeping the night before because you knew tomorrow there will be presents. She knows good things are coming because she is making them happen. She has total faith.

A self confident person co-operates with others, is friendly and cheerful because there is no reason not to be. Others are accepted and not judged. A self confident person realizes that he decides. The choices are hers so she lets others be whomever they are and she also accepts herself completely. He knows if he needs to change something about himself or learn something different he can and he will.

The self confident person makes no excuses for him or herself. He accepts responsibility and she knows the buck stops her. In these ways the self confident person is filled with energy and positive power. The self confident person stays focused passionately on her purpose. She stays focused on what she wants to create.

He smiles and laughs more. He relaxes and does what he enjoys. Life is good, life is great, life is grand. He is playful. She is inspiring without being preachy. She leads by example and from the front. She knows where she is headed and so she goes there joyfully. She knows life and improvement is a process and that some things take time. She lives to the fullest while fully engaged in the process.

The self confident person makes the world a better place for self and others! Are you confident in yourself? Do you make the world a better place? If not future blogs will discuss how you can be. Enjoy learning and growing and making your dreams come true. You can be the person you always dreamed yourself to be! ” Rex Sikes

Have a fascinating day!

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What Kind Of Abundance Do You Experience PT 1

you decide every second

“You can have anything you want in abundance. Health, love, success, money, things. Or you can have anything you don’t want in abundance. Illness, broken relationships, failure, poverty, no home or possessions. The critical question is what kind of abundance are you creating and attracting?

You will get whatever your predominate thoughts are about. You will make happen and attract whatever you think about and focus on most of the day all the days of the week. What we concentrate on occupies our mind, our attention and our energy. Our energy goes into whatever we are preoccupied with.

So if troubles; lack of money or mounting debt and bills, discord in relationships, difficult home life, career disappointment or being out of work, are what you think about most day and night you are keeping your troubles alive. Worry is negative goal setting. What you think about you bring about.

Some time ago I was doing okay. Then some bad things happened. One after the other more bad things occurred. I wondered, ‘Why all this bad luck? Everything is going wrong!’ I used a lot stronger language I can assure you. It seemed everywhere I turned it only got worse. I complained, I whined, I tried to fix it desperately but it only continued. At the height of it all, I gave up. I realized at some point I couldn’t change it as I was. I had to change me.

I made it a point to read positive inspiring material every morning first thing. I’d read a page, a chapter whatever I could make work for the day. I would do it no less than thirty days. So I began. I read and listened to inspiring audios whenever I could. Slowly during the month my mindset relaxed and my attitude began to change bit by bit. I cautiously began to apply some of the things I was reading about and learning. I felt grateful I was taking the initiative.

I vowed to stay sane and not get carried away or become one of these ‘pink’ energy bubble people I had spent so much time around and even dated in years past. I wanted solid, practical, applicable skills, thoughts, and behaviors that would transform me without me becoming doe-eyed and hugging trees.

I didn’t want to become a cosmic cosmonaut with my feet six inches off the ground. I wanted to live in the everyday world and get some relief from nagging issues I carried with me, even though I have been a life long student and proponent of personal change and development.

If I had to become a weirdo to be happy then I really wasn’t all that interested. I read things from ancient texts, I read Napoleon Hill again, some more, throughout the years. I read others, anyone and everyone, who seemed to suggest that there was and is a realistic way to make wonderful things happen without relying on mysticism and other ‘beings’ to do it for me.

What can I say. Those thirty days transformed my life. At the conclusion of the thirty I continued the practice. I do to this day. I have learned and grown and have seen and understood so much. I have much to learn and yet to understand. Life though, is so much more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I filled myself with gratitude and joy. I felt confident and successful! I felt happy!

It has nothing to do with things or accumulations it is the depth of the change within me that I value most. I can enjoy possessions in ways I never did before. I am excited and eager and enthused in ways I never was before. I live and love living. Really, about all I can say is ‘WOW’! I feel so blessed and so thankful!

I can trace back to precisely what the first incident was and then the second that made me begin to realize I needed to approach things differently. It was a very difficult time for me as things went from bad to worse. I point this out because it seems this is often the way we come to changing ourselves. Something gets so bad, or we bottom out and we say, ‘stop, no more, never again’ and we move on into new ways of thinking and being.

Every moment of life is amazing EVEN when it appears not to be. I have done some incredible things in my life and I got settled and was coasting. I began to take things for granted. It was easy to complain when things started getting tougher. I even enjoyed complaining. Except when I did complain more and more of the joy and goodness and delight drained from me. I learned to put a guard on my thought and speech.

I AM SO GLAD IT DID!!! Had I kept going as I was going I can only bet it would have sucked even more. Fortunately, some glimmer inside me, told me I had to take the driver’s seat of my own life again. I am so thrilled and happy and pleased with the journey ever since. Did the skies open up and riches rain down on me. Nope, all things take some time. Gradually, bit by bit things got better.” Rex Sikes   More In Next Post!

Have a delightful day!

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Simple Process For Creating The Success You Want!

repetition of thought Napoleon Hill

“In my last blog I pointed out that getting your goal is like ordering from your waitperson in a restaurant. You know what you want. It is clear in your mind. You specify how you want it and you put in your order.

The waitperson goes back to the kitchen where they make it. You do not watch nor are you involved in the preparation of your dish. You wait patiently outside. The qualified people take care of making it for you. When it is ready the waitperson delivers it to you.

You are excited to get it because that’s what you want but you’re not surprised or shocked that you got it because you put in the order. You eat it you,  enjoy it and leave the restaurant when finished to get on with your day.

There are a couple things I’d like to point out regarding this analogy. You had to go to the restaurant. You had to get there to order the food.  You knew what you wanted and were precise in placing the order. You received it and enjoyed it.  You had to pay for it which means there was a price,  a cost, for getting what you wanted.  

You had to do whatever it took to get there, place your order and be able to afford the meal you decided on. All of it took time, energy and came at a price. This is how everything is in the real world. You didn’t sit in a room and wish for the meal to magically appear. The universe didn’t send it over on a magic carpet. You had to do things to make it happen.

To accomplish your goals there will always be things to do AND obstacles to overcome. There will be challenges, temporary defeat. Napoleon Hill, in studying 500 of the wealthiest people in history, stated nearly all of them faced great loss or disaster before they succeeded. Edison took 10,000 trials to develop a lightbulb before he found the right element. They all had to persist and not give up.

Challenges, obstacles, temporary defeat will all come your way and you must persist and find your way around them. You must do whatever it takes to be successful. The good news is that it is 99% your mental attitude and 1% you effort. This means it is 100% within your control. You are not relying on others or circumstances to get ahead YOU ARE DOING IT!

The waitperson in the analogy is your subconscious mind. When you place your order you are directing your subconscious mind. You literally ORDER what you want. The way you do this is by the repetition of internal imagery, intense positive feelings and self-talk. You specified what you want.

You know what it is you must have and are passionate about. You imagine it in your minds eye, your mental movie theater, as already completed. You imagine yourself already in possession of your goal. You have achieved it.

You feel all the wonderful intense feelings that accompany getting this goal. You think and feel good about your goal as much as you can throughout each day. You keep at it because you get and you become what you think about. Repetition of your images and intense feeling place your order with your subconscious mind.

You think about it while feeling good- AND -you think about it and feel good. You keep this up until you get it. This is the process of making your dreams come true. You fill your mind with what you want while feeling incredible, powerful, positive, intense feelings. You repeat it day and night. Your subconscious gets your message and begins working on it.

Just as you give the waitperson the order and they take it back to the kitchen your conscious mind gives your subconscious mind the order. The waiter goes back to the kitchen where the chef (your subconscious mind) makes your food (makes the internal neural connections with your resources and your instincts).

You do not have to know the whole plan before you start the process of getting your goal. You don’t have to know how everything will work out (you couldn’t anyways) before you begin. You place the order and let those qualified work on making it happen (your subconscious mind is qualified).

In the same way you don’t have to know how the dish is made or prepared. The chef is making it for you. You don’t micro-manage and you do not go into the kitchen attempting to speed them up. It takes whatever time is necessary to prepare and cook your dish.

If you ran into the kitchen and picked the meal apart. If you asked questions about each ingredient, how it was prepared and how much time it would take you would only delay getting the meal. The more you interfered the longer it would take. Let the chef handle it while you wait patiently trusting it will be there when it is ready.

Stay out of your own way. You subconscious will do it’s part you do your part.

This is the process. It is simple. Know what you want. Keep it intensely in your mind with great feelings. Believe and expect you will get it. Don’t interfere with the process. Don’t keep checking on whether or not it is turing out right or coming on time. Relax, and trust. Keep doing the process until you get it. If obstacles and challenges arise keep on going. Adjust as necessary but don’t give up.

This is a process. It’s not magic. Someone is not  giving it to you. It’s not the universe providing it in mystical ways. It’s you making it happen. You make it happen! You call it into being! You manifest it you create it!  You do the work to bring it about. You focus your mind and your thoughts on getting what you want.

It starts with your mind. The majority of thework is done there. Attitude is everything! There physical work is not as important as the mindset but it is still important. As your subconscious mind makes connections (I discussed the role of the RAS in earlier posts) it alerts you to opportunity you might have otherwise missed.

You more readily notice events, circumstances, people, advantages favorable to you. Because of your positive mindset and attitude you draw others toward you. You ultimately develop a plan or the next steps you need to take on the way to getting your goal. Your subconscious is a fabulous mechanism when you learn and know how to use it to get what you want.

The work you do to get your goal comes from your subconscious mind. It reveals the things that you need to do in order to accomplish your goal. 99% of your success IS YOUR mental attitude and 1% the work, the steps you take that will get you everything you want in life. You can be, do and have anything and everything you what when you put your mind to it. Don’t sell yourself short you have everything you to need to be successful inside you!” Rex Sikes

Have a stupendous day!

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How Do You Create Your Future? You Tell Your Waiter!

you can become anyone you want to be

“People do not realize how simple the process of making your dreams come true is. Earle Nightengale called it ‘The Strangest Secret’ because it is so simple. Napoleon Hill stated that because it was so simple most people would miss it; they would never do it. The Strangest Secret IS you become what you think about.

How you make your dreams come true is the same as when you order from a waitperson. You go to a restaurant you look over the menu. You DECIDE what you want. You consider how you like it. You give your order to the waitperson specifying how you want it.

The waitperson goes off to the kitchen. You wait patiently, knowing you will be eating it soon. You occupy yourself in conversation, reading, sitting whatever. Soon the waitperson brings your food. You say thanks and eat it. You enjoy it.

If it isn’t prepared as you specified you send it back so they can correct it. If it is prepared how you specified you enjoy it. That is the simple formula.

You get clear about what you want. You specify how you want it. You place your order and you wait patiently for it to come. If you ordered a Caesar Salad you expect to get a Caesar Salad. You won’t get tacos. You are not surprised or shocked when you get your salad.

You know when you place your order it will be taken care of. You don’t rush back to the kitchen and micro manage the process, nor do you ask the waitperson every thirty seconds when it will arrive. You let go and let it come to you. You allow. You receive.

You decide what you want. You order it. You wait on it. When you get what you ordered you are simply delighted you got it because you expected to get it. You may be grateful and say thanks, but you KNEW it was coming.

That is the process for manifesting anything. Napoleon Hill said, ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ We get and become what we think about. Focus on your goal. Have a burning desire for its achievement. Believe you will get it and you will! That’s it!

You have to know what you want and you must passionately want it. You do not need to know how to make it happen any more than when you order your food do you need to know how to make the dish you want to eat. You don’t go to the cook to find out. You trust.

You wait patiently knowing it is coming. This is important. You believe it. You conceived it and you believe it is coming. From this mindset you will achieve it in time. Whatever time it takes is what it takes. This is how it works. You order and you wait.

This is why it is said that success is 99% mental attitude, the thoughts you think, and 1% effort or work. Thought precedes action. You can be, do and have anything you want using this simple secret.

However, if you are like the majority of people, you won’t do anything with it at all. Why? Because most people don’t believe it could be this simple. They want it complex and complicated. So they don’t bother.

What is it going to be with you? Are you going to be like the bulk of humanity and miss out or are you going to decide now to make all your dreams come true. It’s completely up to you. No one can do it for you. ONLY you can do it.

The analogy explain is this. The waitperson IS YOUR subconscious mind. Not someone outside of you granting you your wish. It is YOU who make it all happen. You give the order and you bring about the success. You take the order and you do the work.

Your subconscious is a vast reservoir of resources that will respond to your order when YOU know precisely what you want and tell it in a way it understands (see previous blogs). You don’t need to consciously know the ‘how’ in order to start getting what you want. You don’t need the plan to begin butYou DO need to know what you want to begin.

If you wait until you know the ‘how’ you may very well never get going. This is where trust and faith come in. Trust yourself and your inner resources. Make you dreams come true. Determine what you want and be precise. Want it passionately more than anything else.

Think about it day and night (see the end result as if you already have it) just as when you order you food you imagine how good it is to enjoy eating it. You don’t think ‘someday I will have food’, you expect it now.

Place your order with your subconscious clearly and then wait on it. Go about living and enjoying life. Do whatever your gut tells you. Wait patiently. Believe it is yours and it will be yours. It is that simple! Don’t wait begin making your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

Have a glorious day!

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Why You Should Never Fear Negative Emotions

that i do today imporves ur tomorrows

“You should never be afraid of negative emotions weak or strong. In fact, the more intense the negative emotions the better.  ‘What?’ you say, ‘Are you crazy Rex? The more intense the negative emotion the better. WHY is that?’

Strong or intense negative emotions are useful. They are valuable indicators that you can use to make positive changes in your life. Never fear them! Welcomed them when they occur. Understand them.  They are an alarm system, a signal alerting you. They arise to get  get your attention whenever whatever you were doing isn’t working.

The negative feeling IS intense to get your attention that what you’re thinking or doing or feeling is not working. Negative feelings alert you so that you can do something about it. Embrace them. Welcome them for what they are. Signals alerting you to opportunity!

All of our emotions are useful indicators. They inform us when we are on target and moving towards our goals and when we are off. They alert us to when it might be prudent to slow down and use caution so that we remain safe. It is a wise person who pays attention to and understands these emotional messages.

The goal is to feel good most of the time. When you are feeling marvelous your feelings let you know everything is going well. Your thoughts are aligned with your desires, there is no resistance and you are moving ahead towards accomplishing your goals. You are focused on what you want and you feel great! This is how it should be!

When life gives you something you don’t like or you discover yourself feeling bad the accompanying negative feelings alert you that your focus has shifted. It has shifted from what you want to what you don’t like. You are now focused on what you do not want.

You have taken your eyes off your goad may be focused on the circumstances around you or the distance between now and the accomplishment of your goal. You might be impatient or focus on the lack of completion. Instead of focusing on how wonderful everything is and will be you might be thinking how everything sucks.

When the feelings are intense; when you’re feeling bad; when you get to that frustrating, negative,  angry, place when that last straw breaks the camel’s back and you say NEVER AGAIN! This is a great place to be! These intense emotions cause you to decide,  ‘Never again! I will not be broke! I will not be afraid!  I will not be weak! I will not be fat! I will not be a victim’ This IS the moment when change can occur!

At this moment you have to stop focusing on what it is that you do not want and shift your focus.  Turn your attention to what you absolutely do want. The negative feelings alerted you that you were focusing on what you don’t want NOW you have the  opportunity to clarify exactly what it is that you DO what.

‘I want to be rich! I am brave! I am strong! I am learning to maintain my ideal weight or I can weigh X’, I am in charge. I accept responsibility for my life! I am in control! I make things happen! I am happy! I love life!’

You turn your back on what you don’t want and aim your thoughts, like a laser beam, at what you want to create. You return your focus to the positive, the optimistic, that happy thoughts and feelings.

You have an internal guidance system. An internal GPS that loudly lets you know when you have gone off course and when you need to turn back the other way. The negative feelings are useful to help you clarify. To specify precisely what you do want to include in your life. They help you get detailed about who you want to be, what you want to do and what exactly you want to have.

Never fear them, instead welcome them and embrace them. They alert you so you don’t travel too far in the wrong direction. Most people misunderstand negative emotions and when they arise they fight them. They resist them which causes them to persist. The go further down the dark tunnel by thinking and feeling more of the same.

You don’t have to when you recognize them for what they are. Then you can allow them and use them. Then you can turn your back and focus on what you want and the negative emotion is no longer an issue. UNTIL the next time you go astray.

Isn’t it wonderful that you have an internal means that allows you to get back on track? The more intense the feelings  whether positive or negative the quicker and easier you’re going to be able to make positive change.

The more you feel wonderful, the longer you feel blessed and joyful the quicker you bring about the changes you seek. As soon as you are alerted that you are off track and no longer thinking or feeling wonderful IS when you deliberately change your thoughts and feelings back to the best you have.

This practice of correcting course when you go off is precisely what you want to make a habit of. You want to keep returning to the positive, powerful, joyful feelings. You are training your mind so this is a great habit to develop!!!

Be thankful you have emotions that signal you. They let you know whether you are getting closer or further away from you goal. Use them as the indicators they are. Be thankful and grateful you have these. Celebrate you have an internal signaling system. When you appreciate how well you work you will work even more smoothly! Enjoy the process!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Do You Have The MindSet To Succeed?

act as if you already have it

“Do you want to succeed in career and life? If you want to be happy or and enjoy more of what life offers you need to adopt a winning mindset. To enjoy enduring success you must think as a successful person does. Attitude is everything.

If a successful person wants to do something it never occurs to them that they can’t do it. They believe in themselves and that they can accomplish what they want. They passionately pursue their goals because in their heart they know they can be, do or have anything they put their mind efforts into getting.

Do you think and behave this way? If they want it it is a done deal! The successful person would never question it. They have confidence in their ability to use their minds to create the circumstances they want created. The successful person takes 100% responsibility for achieving. They make things happen!

The person may adjust plans as needed but failure is not an option. Determination and persistence rule. The successful person believes in his/her abilities to make it happen. He believes it will happen and does not let circumstances or troubles get in the way. Challenges are perceived as just part of the game.  There is no defeat only temporary situations.

To succeed the mind must be conditioned for success.  Failure is preceded by thoughts of failure thought over again. Success is preceded by thoughts of success thought over and over again. Whatever we do repeatedly becomes a habit. Through correct repetition over time you can form positive habits. Happiness and success are habits.

It is habitual, automatic thinking. Your mindset precedes the results. If you are getting negative results it is due to your mind set. If you are getting positive results it is due to your mindset. If you aren’t getting what you want you need to change your mind set. Examine, evaluate, become aware and change your thinking as you need to.

Those who can are those who think they can. Happiness is a great indicator of success, yet, most people think success will bring them happiness. Build the habit of happiness. Build the habit of success. It is simple, it takes some discipline and it can be accomplished. Yet, most people don’t do it.  Will you? What is it you want in life?

Napoleon Hill stated, ‘Whatever  the mind can conceive and believe you can achieve.’  You can be, do and have anything you can imagine when you develop the attitude that you can. Happiness is not in the results the results come as a result of your happiness. Find your bliss first and everything else will fall into place.

Celebrate and enjoy. Be thankful and delighted. Stay optimistic, positive and powerful. You become what you think about. Henry Ford stated, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!’ So, what you are thinking and feeling most of the time?” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day of discovery!

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Are Your Habits Creating Success Or Failure?

the choice to have a great attitude

“Success and happiness is a matter of habit. So is failure and defeat. Either your habits support you and uplift you or they don’t. You get whatever you think about most. You get back whatever you do most.

You need to ensure that you have the right habits to get what you want.  You can’t succeed easily if you have the habit of defeated thinking and feeling. If your habits don’t support you YOU MUST develop new habits to replace the ones that work to keep you down.

You rarely get what you want if you are not the person in charge of your own thinking. You might be lucky once in a while but most often you are like a cork bobbing in the water. You are drifting. Sometimes things work out sometimes they don’t.

The only way to insure more consistent results is to put yourself in charge and take 100% responsibility for everything that happens good or bad. You may not like this idea but once you completely accept this notion you come into your true power.

You stop blaming. You stop putting the causes for your success or failure outside of yourself. It is accurate that there are outside influences on you but you are the one who decides how you will respond. Circumstances are neutral until you decide whether they are positive or negative.

A true person of power can celebrate during the greatest disasters and in the face of calamity. When you can be delighted and celebrate regardless of what is going on around you or to you YOU are not a fool. You are a victor because you do not let things bring you down

You determine how you will feel. You are in charge. You are powerful and positive. You created successful thought habits.

From this seat of power you are a creator. Because you feel good in spite of circumstances you are able to more readily recognize opportunity and take advantage in ANY situation. Consider this example, successful people know how to make money in any economic climate. Making money for them is habit.

Many make their most money when times are bad. It isn’t the situation that should dictate you, rather you should dictate how you take advantage of any situation. When things don’t work out they way you may have hoped learn what you can from the experience.

When you have the mental attitude that you are in charge no matter what you make things happen. When you have the attitude that no matter what you are blessed and lucky all the time then you open yourself to have a most incredible life. When you can be happy and celebrate regardless of circumstances life is delicious.

To be the victor you must tell your mind what you want over and over again. There is no end to it. Repetition creates habit. Correct repetition creates the correct habit. Persistence is necessary in order to get what you want. It is simple YOU become what you think about day and night.

The subconscious mind will accept any statement that you keep repeating to it through words and by any other means. You affirm what you want in an emotional state of highly charged positive feelings. Intense feeling accompanying your thoughts, (internal images) and your self-talk (affirmations) IS what makes it work.

Repeat your affirmations and visualizations (as suggested in previous posts) in a state of enthusiasm backed up by faith and the subconscious mind acts more quickly. Faith is a state of mind wherein whatever it is you are going to do, whatever it is you want, you can see it already in a finished act even before you begin.

You can do whatever you make up your mind to do unless you give away your power along the way. Feel blessed, celebrate, be enthusiastic and joyful no matter what. Have faith that you will make happen what you want to happen regardless of whatever life throws at you. Make these a habit and nothing can hold you back!

Know you will find a way even if you don’t know what that way is at this moment. It will become obvious to you as you move forward. Have faith! Believe in yourself. Then what you want is taken over by the subconscious an acted upon immediately.  Stay with it, never give up and you will get what you want. Act from your power.

Define your chief purpose. Write it out so that you clarify it, understand it an memorize it. Start repeating it day in and day out. See it in your mind’s eye as already accomplished. Celebrate and enjoy! Say thank you all through out your day! Delight in all moments and you will discover so much more!

The more you think positive and the more you feel good the quicker and easier the process becomes. The faster you make it a reliable habit. The faster and easier you make things happen because you create momentum. Keep repeating this process until your subconscious mind picks it up and automatically works on it. This is how you make success a habit!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic  day!

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