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How To Become A Real Winner

invest in yourself

“What do you think and believe before going into your day? When you get up in the morning do you expect it to be a good or not so good day? Do expect to find smiles mostly or frowns?

Do you plan to be delighted or disappointed? When you play a game do you expect to win or to lose? What do you anticipate? What do you think and believe before going into it?

Do you expect traffic to be a bear or do you expect to enjoy the drive regardless? Do you expect to encounter friendly people and co-workers or ones who aggravate? Do you think of the world as a friendly wonderful place or a hard, cold, cruel one?

Will you profit during a bad economy or lose money? Are you going to book the role in that play or movie or will someone else? Are you going to do your best or not?

Your Expectations Set The Frame

According to researchers much of what happens is due to what we expect to happen. What we believe, think or expect shapes how we react or respond to that ‘reality’ out there. They also suggest that much of that outer reality is actually a reflection of what we do inside our minds. Our perceptions create our reality.

In other words, what we expect to find we may find. What we don’t expect to find we most likely won’t encounter. Yes, there may always be some surprises.

When you feel positive and expect that you are going to win you are much more likely to. When you feel positive and expect to have a great day it makes all the difference in how you experience the day.

When you are positive that you will accomplish your goal; you know in your heart and mind it is possible to do so and you anticipate making it happen, you are much more likely to.

Expect To Win

Our mindset is comprised of our beliefs of what we think is possible or not. It is made up of our attitude whether positive or negative. It is determined by our thoughts whether we think something will be easy or hard.

Positive thinking IS about finding a mindset that serves you well and helps you to feel better. The higher quality your thoughts the better you feel. The better you feel the more you can accomplish.

When you expect or anticipate the outcome you are seeing it in your mind happening as you want it to happen. You imagine it as already already done. You have it ! You see yourself winning. You see yourself as having won.

Your brain knows the outcome you desire and what to do about it when you repeatedly give it the same strong message and images over and over. That is why positively charged emotional repetition is important. Your brain accepts your feelings and images as real.

It knows how to align your inner resources for you to do your best. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors all work together for that outcome. You are congruent. There is no worry, no doubt or fear, no split in your attention. You are of one mind – the winning mind.

It is easier to win if you expect to win. WHEN you EXPECT to win you already KNOW you are going to win. Your focus is not on winning, because that is a ‘given’, but on doing what is necessary to insure the win.

Your expectations set the frame for you to behave appropriately, to carry out the activities, in alignment with what you expect.

You can expect to win and still lose but at least you will have tried your best. Focusing on ‘I am going to lose, we are going to lose’ insures the inevitable. Focusing on what you need to do to win, knowing you are able to, makes it much more likely that you will.

If you know you can win; if you never quit but  keep on going you will.

How You Begin Winning

Use Directed Questions™ to fill your mind with positive power and energy. Direct your mind repeatedly to what it is you want. Fill your mind with questions that lead you to where you want to go. Questions are powerful because your mind continues to work on them after you ask them and it IS the natural way our minds work.

Use affirmations Affirm it to yourself. Repeat over and over that you are a winner (or whatever it is you want). Develop 5 or 10 that you repeatedly chant while feeling the best you can. Say them out load enthusiastically and powerfully. Feel wonderful while you do. Think about them when you can’t say them out loud.

Make Positive Mental Movies Make positive movies and pictures in your head and review these again. See yourself  looking, feeling and doing what  you want to be doing. Imagine the outcome you want as though you already have it. See, hear, feel everything you doing and how are you feeling when you ‘got it’. See, it, feel it, hear it.

Read and Listen to  inspirational and motivational material each day. Read whatever you are able to read. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It is better to read less material more frequently than too much too little of the time. Read at least a page a day.

Practice Gratitude! Be grateful for where you are at. Be grateful for the progress you make. Be grateful for the challenges (muscles grow because of opposition, use the challenges as learning experiences). Celebrate and be grateful for everything. It improves your attitude and opens you up to more opportunity.

Isn’t It Difficult

Won’t it be hard? Well, if you don’t golf and you give it a try it will seem unfamiliar, difficult and you may not be very good at first. BUT if you desire to get good at golf you will do whatever it takes and you won’t stop doing those things that make you better. You will practice and play as much as you can. You will read about it watch it, get a coach and you will get better and better in time.

This is true about anything we want to do; sing, play piano, knit, ride a bike, drive, swim, play tennis, type, do mathematics, act, edit, write. It is the same process when we take control of our mind to develop a winning mindset!

Two Great Quotes

When you expect things to happen – strangely enough – they do happen. J.P. Morgan

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see farther. J.P. Morgan

You will make your dreams and your goals come about much more swiftly when all of you co-operates to bring them about. When you are congruent in your quest and all your thoughts, feelings, talents, and abilities, your resources, are aligned.

When you are of one powerful mindset, one determined attitude, you are unstoppable. You will keep going until you have what you want. The more you do, the further you go, the more you are able to do and the more you can keep on going,

Do whatever you can, even a little bit each day, to develop your attitude and turn yourself into a Can Do person and you will be surprised at how quickly it all takes hold.

Consistent, positive, correct repetition will develop the skills and habits you need to become a full time winner. Begin today and get a jump on making your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Do This Whenever You Feel Upset, Down And Out! It Helps!

many present impossibilities will be future realities

“Does it sometimes seem no matter what you do things just won’t work? Do you ever just feel down and out? When you feel bad have you noticed what you think and do that makes you feel worse? If so, you need to make an immediate change even when you may not feel like it.

Doing the same thing over and over but hoping for a different result has been called the definition of insanity because it is. We tend to drive ourselves crazy that way. We want it different and we want a change but we do nothing to make it different, we change nothing, but still hope it is different. THIS is wishing and magical thinking.

Somehow, we hope someone or something will come and rescue us. That magically the events or circumstances will change. THIS is a victim mentality. Instead of taking charge and changing things to make them better we do nothing to improve the situation but we complain about it and feel bad about it.

If You Want Your Life To Change Life You Must Change Some Things

One of the powerful ways to make certain things will be different is to watch what you say to yourself. Literally, become aware of your self-talk; the thoughts you say inside our head and out loud. Be aware of what you are seeing and imagining; picturing inside your minds that you react to.

We all have automatic habitual ways of talking to ourselves in less than gloriously when things get tough. We may even have chronic bad thinking which insures that things never actually get much better. With poor thinking we just live in some less than glorious holding pattern.

What we say to ourselves, what we think, governs how we feel and behave. We are either inspired and motivated or fatigued and defeated. Our attitude determines what we can and will do. If we speak poorly to ourselves we will get poor results. It will not be any other way. Most of us are aren’t aware of how negative we actually are.

Yes, we know some of the negative talk but most of it, because it is habitual, happens outside our awareness. This is why we need to become aware of what we are saying on the inside and the outside too. As we become aware we can make a real and significant difference. How readily do you complain to others?

You can change this! The key is to manage your self-talk and make it positively influence you. To do this it is necessary to replace a bad habit with a good one. Yes, it may seem difficult but if you do nothing you are can be assured that nothing will change. We can make positive thinking and self talk automatic! Wouldn’t that be nice?

You  Need To Watch What You Say To Yourself

You need to watch what you say to others about yourself! Watch the words that you speak. When you talk to yourself and others about yourself always talk in positive terms. Remember, I have said in previous blogs only speak that which blesses, heals and prospers.

Never let the situation, events or others have the upper hand by speaking negatively about yourself or them. Never describe or talk about negative situations because you only reinforce them when you do.

Always speak encouraging, positive, nurturing words to and about yourself. Say positive things you can repeat through out the day. Repeat them, again and again.

Repeat Positive Thoughts, Directed Questions™ And Affirmations Throughout The Day

While it may take some time to get the hang of this, or for you to see or feel the results, the longer you put off doing this the longer you remain the same. If you want your life to change you have to change things in your life.

You can’t do the same things and expect things to be different. When you truly decide to take charge and be responsible for what you think and do everything in your life can change for the better.

More to come! In my upcoming blog posts I’ll share with you more examples of Directed Questions™ and powerful affirmative statements you can utilize to change how you feel and how you think. It is important to take hold of the mechanisms within you that allow you to excel and accomplish you goals and dreams. Re-read previous posts!

One of the easiest and simplest ways to initiate change for yourself is through the use of Directed Questions™. As I previously mentioned these direct your mind without encountering resistance.

After all, it is something you are wondering about so you aren’t creating any conflict. Directed Questions™ grease the wheel and are an excellent way to begin.

The Way To Feeling And Being Better Is Already Within You

You have everything you need inside. The deception we have all bought into is that help comes from the outside. We think money, friends, a better job, car or home, will make us happy. We put our faith in things or in pills and bottles when we should put our faith in ourselves. YOU are resourceful, whether you currently know it or not!

Faith in things outside of you won’t help but faith in yourself will! You may not see it yet because of years of previous conditioning. You may even approach these concepts through your old habitual thinking. How else could you unless you decide to make a change?

You Want A Better Life Ask Yourself Better Questions

Learn to control your thoughts and feelings and life will be so much more. Even when troubled times arise you will be better equipped to handle them. You will create and attract and discover more wonderful times too. You will steer your mental ship where you want to go successfully navigating all waters.

We become what we think about day and night. We operate from what consumes us and occupies our mind. You want different results the first step is you need to decide to think differently. You need to decide and then do! You need to act and follow through on your new decision. Do you want your life to be marvelous?

You will live more fully and enjoy more opportunity and advantages than you may have ever known. Begin today. Decide today. Nothing will change without your decision. Make it now! Begin to live well! Live the way you are meant to!” Rex Sikes

What can you do right now to make today incredible?

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A Simple, Easy Way To Treat Your Loved Ones Right

no excuses - when you really matter

“With technology comes advances. There is no doubt we are better off the more we have invented.  As we advance the same technology can create problems. Nothing is inherently good or evil. A hammer can be used to build or tear down.

Social Media Is Separating Us and Dividing Us

We don’t ‘connect’ as we used to. Instead of calling and speaking we text each other. Often, we group text or we tweet followers and post to friends on social media. It is devoid of human speaking and listening and give and take.  Frequently, we are just posting or reading announcements on walls or watching video without any give and take.

Enter a room anywhere today and you will see people staring at their devices instead of talking together.  Most all of them gazing at their phone are gaming, or texting or reading or watching some media. Human interaction is limited and if there is any at all in that room it is through electronics with someone somewhere else.

This prevalent form of ‘staying connected’ is not meaningful contact. We are not actually talking and listening to or trying to understand anyone anymore. These are not conversations where meaning and understanding are important.

These are written notes littered with abbreviations and emoticons. We don’t hear their voice and their expression we read texts in our voice with our expression. Because we don’t listen or look we assume and misinterpret. Since we don’t actually talk we don’t actually connect.

We think we are more connected through electronics and social media but we may actually be more isolated and less exposed to diverse thinking, cultures and people. A room full of people all on their devices instead of interacting together is not a coming together.

Living Through Your Phone Or Lens Is Not Living

Watching a documentary on an African town is not the same as visiting the town and getting to know and experience the people. We are missing out on actual experiences. We opt to live vicariously rather than to really live. We have become passive observers, shielded behind our mobil devices, rather than participants in life.

Instead of it making us better it lessens our experiences and feelings. It allows us to escape. It preoccupies us. Instead of meeting the new person sitting next to you you retreat into the reliable escape of entertainment.

You game, watch youtube, text someone, read FB to avoid an actual real life encounter with the people right there with you. You are shut off not involved. You are limited and not expanding.

Give It A Rest And Take A Break

Make time for family and friends. Shut off your phones and put them away. Have some real face time with the people you love and care about. PUT THE MOBIL DEVICE AWAY. Your children OR your parents deserve YOU and your uninterrupted time and attention. Don’t deprive them.

Don’t be tempted to answer the call or the text. The person in front of you is more important, most likely, than the person texting in. Most texts and phone calls can wait. Make time for people in your life. Make time for your loved ones! Respect each other!

Respect the other person by giving your undivided attention. Give your complete attention without checking your FB wall. It is rude to be constantly picking up your phone instead of listening and looking at the human with you. It is annoying to others to be conversing with you only to be interrupted by text tones and phone calls. Stop it!

Learn To Live Without Your Phone 

You will survive! Many people, if they forget their phone, panic. STOP IT! It is only a phone. Yes, it is shiny, has bangs and whistles and costs a fortune but it is no where near worth the value of your real friends and family who want to connect with you.

Put it aside. Learn to live without it so you can enjoy it without being addicted to it. If you forget it at home, so what, you will survive. Those feelings of ‘gotta have it’ are the feelings and the stressors you want to eliminate. Relax, it is only a phone. You will survive!

In olden, by gone days, (a few years back) no one had personal devices to stay in touch and for the most part the world went on and on anyway. It is a fallacy to think we need the phone just in case. That is a sense of immediacy and foreboding that is artificial and only causes worry and stress. You don’t need it.

Hug Not Hold

True, once and a while you had to make an important call or you might have missed an important call BUT life went on. There is no reason to be a slave to your electronic device. It is the people that are important not the devices. It is the human you can hug not the gadget you can hold that matters.

Relax. Schedule time to connect. Have a date night with your loved one or friends and turn off your phones. Leave the electronics behind. Make it a point to shut the phone off for half a day or more. You can do it even if it seems as though you can’t.

At the end of your life you won’t say, ‘If I had only spent more time texting and posting to Facebook. If I’d only answered the phone more often.’ I bet you are going to wish for more time with the people you love.

Do not cheat yourself of them of your time and attention. Realize right this instant what is important and who is important in your life right NOW!, Spend the quality time together you and they deserve.” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day. Connect with someone in a special way!

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Do This And Improve Your Odds For Happiness And Success

whatever you do do well

“What would you like another person to do for you? If you had a wish for something wonderful, something small, that someone could do easily for you, some nicety, what would be your hope? If someone could ease your burden a little bit and put a smile on your face what would it take? Have you some things in mind?

Have you thought what would make you feel lighter and happier? Have you sorted through simple tasks another person could perform that would make you feel better; make you feel special, more valued; feel loved? What tiny thing could it be that might make all the difference in the world to you?

Got some? Very well. Are you easy or difficult to please? Did you find some simple things or are you still thinking? Okay, for those of you this might be difficult for and who will only be pleased if larger things are taken care of WHAT larger actions could someone take to make you feel better, feel validated, special and love; that would put a smile on your face, lighten your load and be worthwhile?

Got something now? Okay then.

Whatever you came up with small or large that would improve your life circumstances and make you feel better is exactly what you can do for someone else. Go do it! You want to feel better GO and make someone else feel better! Yes, you can ask them and find out what they actually want or you can surprise them with a gift.

Perhaps, it is as simple as phoning a loved on and telling that person you care. Maybe it is as easy as holding a door open for someone and saying a kind word. It could be you buy someone who looks hungry a meal, give a neighbor a ride, help out with chores around the house without having to be asked. Whatever you can do to help make someone feel special and cared for DO! Do it!

In giving you will be receiving. You will open the doors for your kind actions to be returned. This is especially true if you expect nothing in return. If your kind actions are in and of themselves enough reward for you you will be rewarded. NOW and perhaps in the future. It may not come from the person you helped but you are making a positive difference in someone’s life.

I don’t think it is mystical at all. It is the law of cause and effect. You cause someone to feel good sometime, somewhere, somehow it will be returned. Again, do it for no reason if you really want the greatest benefit. Your own good feelings can be enough reward. Whenever you are down, or down and out, help another person first and you will find strength, joy and comfort.

Go help a child. Volunteer. Visit the elderly, go to a hospital. Help out at a shelter or soup kitchen. Go for a walk with someone. Visit a shut in. Send a thank you note. Help out at an animal center. Whatever you choose to do is up to you. It will make you feel good inside.

The Golden Rule is to treat people AND hold people with the same regard and respect as you want them to treat and respect you. Don’t wait for others to start it YOU begin it and watch what happens. You may not notice much at first but keep at it. You will make the world a nicer place as you pay it forward.

Smile at someone on the street. Say hello. Ask someone how they are doing or feeling. Be genuinely interested. Listen without judgement. You will be doing a world of good for yourself and for others. You may be surprised. Take your wish list I asked you to come up with and bestow it on others bit by bit. Nothing need be grandiose it only need be genuine! Care! ” Rex Sikes

Make magic happen today!

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Need More Energy? Want More Life? How To Have It Now!

there is nothing impossible

“Would you like more energy to get through your day? Can you imagine feeling more wonderful more frequently? What if you were to live with more passion and enjoyment wouldn’t that be marvelous?

Well, you can! You can grab hold of life and give it a good squeeze. You can go for the gusto and smile, laugh, delight and live more energetically. You can take hold of your thoughts, feelings and your experience and make it more of what you want it to be.

In the decades I have been leading workshops and seminars I have had hundreds and thousands of people demonstrate this to themselves time and time again.

Energy Comes From How We Use Our Mind

How we use our mind is critical to how we feel and what we do. When we think sluggish we will feel sluggish. Our thoughts control our reality. Little things we think repeatedly (not just the big negative things) can drain us of happiness and energy so we want to think our very best to feel our very best.

We become and get what we focus on. If we repeatedly think negative, defeatist, thoughts we don’t feel up and filled with energy. In order to feel better now you need to take charge of your thoughts!

These blog pages are filled with how to help yourself think and feel better.

Energy  Comes From How We Use Our Body

There is a lot of documented research proving how we feel affects think. How we move and and use our body affects how we think. In my workshops I provide many demonstrations and exercises proving these points to individuals just like you.

One study published in the ‘Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry’ found that subjects felt worse and remembered more negative things and fewer positive things when they  walked slouched over, shoulders hunched and didn’t move their arms much. This is how people typically walk when sad or depressed.

Stand And Walk Tall And You Feel Better

People felt better with spring in their step, pep, shoulders back, chin up. They felt better, they thought better and thought more positive. When we straighten our spine, pull our shoulders back and put our chin up we use our muscles differently AND breath differently. There are many reasons why we feel better when we stand and walk taller.

When you want to feel better move and walk with more energy and you will begin to feel that way. THEN keep at it.  Don’t return to slouching continue to walk feeling great! Think how soldiers march and the determination and confidence they exude. They wouldn’t if they hunched and slouched over.

How To Have 2 Times More Energy Right Now

You can imagine how you would feel if you had 2x more energy. Literally, you ARE able to do this. So do it. Try it on. How would you look, what would your expression be like?  Do it now. Imagine how you would be sitting and reading this if you had 2x more energy. What would your posture be like? Adopt that posture and that expression. Notice how you feel when you really do it.

Stand up and walk about with 2x more energy. Pay attention to how you walk and move. Notice how your gait is different. Notice your chin and shoulder position. Examine how you are breathing? What are your steps like? How do you move your arms? Do a complete check over and keep walking as if you have 2x more energy.

Linger in it. Bask in the energy, enjoy it. Spend time sitting, walking and standing with more energy. Practice it daily. Rehearse it. Make it a habit. You can you know. Anytime you want to feel better you can, because you know how. So make it a habit and use it.Great now double it again!

Walk and move as if you had 4x more energy. You can do it! Adjust your body and movement. Go walk about. Notice that you have control when you actually take control and do what is required. It affects you positively. Great now imagine 5x more energy. How about 10x more energy?

Make It A Habit And You Will Always Have It Available

Any time you want to you can imagine and have more energy and delight, more confidence and passion, more determination and enjoyment. You can use your body and mind to serve you anytime.

Stand in one spot and shake your entire body quickly for 30 seconds or a minute. That will charge you up. Put your arms over your head and wave them rapidly. Dance, skip, sing, and laugh to get more energy whenever you want it or require it. All you have to do is start it.

You can sit behind the steering wheel of a car and go nowhere, doing nothing, or you can start the engine and be on your way. If you want something to happen it will always be up to you. Think better thoughts and you will feel better. Feel better and you will think better. Do both and you will live with more passion and enjoyment and life will be more grand. Delight in in!” Rex Sikes

Have a fun filled day!

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If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Things In Your Life

i choose

“Have you ever wanted to make some changes? Has something stopped you? Have you tried but didn’t follow through? What is it about changing that people just don’t understand?  Why don’t they do what they want to do, even when it is in their best interest to do so? Has this been you at times?

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

You are today, right now, where you are, because of where you thoughts have brought you. You will be, tomorrow, where your thoughts take you. You become what you think about most often. Your life is the result of the thoughts you hold in your head and what you talk about most of each day.

You Get What You Focus On

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Whatever you think about yourself you are right. You can not escape your thoughts. You either think and talk about what works and is wonderful and what you want OR you talk about what sucks, doesn’t work or what you don’t want most of the time.

Your Thoughts Are Either Positive Or Negative

Your thoughts are either constructive or they are destructive. Either way your thoughts are productive. You can’t think two thoughts at one time. You either mostly think positive thoughts or you mostly think negative thoughts. You life reflects what you think about most.

Your Mind Is Only As Strong As Your Weakest Think

If you really want to do something you will find a way to do it. Nothing will prevent you if you are committed. If you don’t want to do something  you will find an excuse. You will find a reason that you THINK is valid. Excuses are repetitive thoughts. Whining, and blaming and quitting are the easiest thoughts to think and to do.

You Can Learn To Be Positive More Of The Time

Skill comes from doing. Habit comes from repetition. The more you do something the more you are able to do. What is difficult at first gets easier. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first. You will get better in time the more you do it. Repetition builds habit and skill.

Exceed Your Comfort Zone

Your current habits, mindset and abilities are those you have done most frequently, for whatever reason. You do them because you rehearsed them over and over even if you weren’t aware that was what you were doing at the time. To change you must do new things you may not be comfortable doing in the beginning.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Things In Your Life

While it may seem tough to change the habits you learned, at first, they are the proof that you can learn to do anything. You can learn to think, to be, to feel, to do differently IF and WHEN you want to. You can learn to do anything you dedicate your mind to. You can re-wire your brain to think differently, more efficiently and positively.

Now Is The Time

If you wait to change you will wait and wait. You will only do what is comfortable. That is what most people do. The reason they don’t change is because even though they claim they want to it is inconvenient. It seems too hard. They think they may have to do something that is difficult. They think they can’t. They make excuses.


People don’t change because they don’t THINK they can or that it will be hard. Or they THINK they will fail. Or they THINK…. or they think… or they think… We are a product of our thoughts! You DO or DON’T do because of what you THINK at any given time. Thinking is what you say to yourself; your self-talk and the mental images you make. It is what you say to others.

You do whatever you habitually THINK you will or won’t! Your thoughts and feelings go hand in hand. If you don’t think it is possible you won’t feel like it is either. To change your feelings you must change your thinking. You can take control of your thinking! You can feel incredible when you do! Create the opportunity to change!

You Can Change In An Instant

Make a true decision to change right now and you will begin to change. You power comes from your decision. Follow through requires dedication and persistence. It is easier the more passionately you want to change. Think It and Feel It!

Change doesn’t have to be hard if you THINK it is easy. It can be fun, exciting and delightful. It can be whatever you THINK and BELIEVE it will be. While there may always be challenges you will be more prepared to handle them when you THINK YOU CAN!

To change right now means doing things differently. AND it means DOING them RIGHT NOW. If you put off changing now you succeed in putting off changing now. That is what you will succeed in doing.

You Are Always Successful No Matter What

You either think productively and positively and get what you want. OR you think destructively are negatively and get what you do not want. Either way the results you get are up to how you think and what you think about most of the time during your day. You go where your thoughts take you. You Become what you think about!

Stop It! Start Now! Begin today! Change your thinking and change your life. You will be glad you! You will feel better and better. The more you do the more you can do!

Skill comes of doing. You can and you will discover a whole new way to live and feel when you decide to. A new world will open up to you when you decide to take charge of your thoughts!” Rex Sikes

Make the most of today!

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Why We Need Faith, Patience And Diligence

patience is how you act while waiting

“I was reminded of a quote today and thought I’d share it. It is a really great reminder so I wanted you to have it. From William Penn, ‘Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.’ I think that is magnificent!

Most of us are familiar with the biblical quote ‘if you had but the faith of a mustard seed you could say to this mountain be removed and the mountain would be removed.’ I love this because a mustard seed is incredibly small, and yet with that faith we could accomplish great things.

I think the problem with most people approaching a quote like that is that they expect a miracle. They want the mountain to become suddenly invisible. I accept it as an analogy for our difficulties and for our ability to accomplish our dreams. We can do anything given enough time.

We have to believe it is possible to achieve or we will never pursue it. We have to believe it is possible for US to get it and that we will get it no matter what. We have to believe we will accomplish our dreams so that we never give up. We need to believe in ourselves and our own abilities to make things happen.

We Must Have Faith

When we have faith we find we can accomplish great things and overcome any difficulty. Attitude determines our altitude. What we believe we eventually come to see. Mindset is the first step in getting what we want. Without it we may not make it. With faith we make it happen!

Faith is seeing the results you want already accomplished in your mind. It means you act as if everything you want is already yours on the inside. You celebrate your accomplishment as completed, finsished and done. You enjoy feeling what it feels like to actually have your dreams come true. You live and celebrate these feelings!

Patience is necessary because things take time. If we are hurried we may lose faith because we don’t see results in the phsyical world right away. We need to understand that it takes time for fruit to ripen so it takes time for us to make our dreams come true. It takes time to manifest our inner dreams as outer reality.

Nothing happens over night. The mountain may be removed shovel full by shovel full but not as if by magic. We have to hang in their and enjoy the process even when we don’t physically have what we believe we someday will. This is why we need faith and patience.

Patience And Faith Fortify Each Other

They go hand in hand. If we believe we are patient because we know, we expect, that what we want to happen will happen. We aren’t rushed, we can relax in our hearts and minds knowing we will absolutely bring about what we think about and work for. We rest assured it will all happen without fail!

Diligence means we continue in the process and the practice regardless of what difficulty we may encounter. We don’t quit or give up because it takes time but we continue to persist. We continue to deliver consistent quality of thought and attitude. We let nothing deter us from manifesting our dreams.

We Remain True To Our Goals

We expect to win and so we do by faith. We are patient in our pursuit and we stick with it. Diligence is defined as ‘constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent effort of body and mind; rigor; conscientiousness.’  We keep the faith through the constant application of our faith, our mindset, and because of this faith we continue to be diligent and patient.

It makes total sense these work together synergistically. We keep our mind’s eye on our chief aim or goal. We believe we can make it happen, we rest assured and patiently continue to earnestly work to bring it about regardless of circumstances or lack of results. We still know it will happen all in due time. We never lose sight of the shore!

We know if we continue in a positive direction forward we will reach our destination, even if the seas are presently turbulent, and land is nowhere in sight. We do not stop heading toward where we want to go.

I love the above quote by Penn because it reminds me that we have within us everything we need to make our dreams come true. All we have to do is use what we already have and we will make it happen.” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Are You Dreaming Too Small? Dream Big To Succeed Big!


“If you could be, do or have anything you want what might that be? If you can, and you most certainly can, imagine anything you wanted to, why wouldn’t you imagine the very best for yourself? Do you realize most people think too small? Do you?

Do you fear that somehow you will be disappointed if you dream large? Perhaps, you will be but aren’t you already if you not dreaming the big dreams you want? If you are settling for less?

This is one way people let fear prevent them from being and doing and having anything and everything they want. They don’t want to be disappointed.

Do you realize none, absolutely none, of the largest most worthy contributions to human kind would exist if those responsible felt this way? If pioneers in thought, spirit, compassion, science, medicine,  sports, electronics, human frontiers and exploration didn’t dream big where would we be?

You Have To Dream Big If You Want To Succeed Big

You’ve heard the saying, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ haven’t you? You have to be willing to risk! Now, I am not telling you to risk your family, your safety or your money, nope, not at all. I am not advising you to do anything at all, other than to expand the size of your dreams.

Expand and explore your options for feeling more joy, more love, more bliss and happiness. You can exand your feelings for feeling more successful and healthy and in harmony with others. You can imagine what you want to include more of. You can see yourself as you always wanted to be. You can dream much bigger and better!

Here is one of the things you can do that makes a powerful difference. Successful people do this and so can you. Notice I said success people do this!!! Did you include yourself or did you feel I meant other people?

See, right there, you should consider yourself successful! You should be imagining your world with you as successful as you want to be. Don’t be afraid. Be confident to dream big. Aim big!  It will get you further than you would go even if you don’t reach the goal.

If You Don’t Risk Imagining More How Do You Ever Expect To Have More?

Successful people have a purpose. They have a definite chief aim for living and moving forward. They decide and are specific about what they want to accomplish overall. They determine how they want their life to be. They set goals and accomplish them one after the other and keep pursuing their dreams without giving up. You can do this too! Can’t you?

They believe they can be, do and have anything they want. Failing at this is not an option. They don’t consider it. They believe in themselves and their talents. You too can do this! If you don’t already believe it you can begin to right now.

The most successful take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in their life. The don’t blame or whine or make excuses for themselves. At the very same time they do something very important which some of the rest of fail to do. It is true, some of us don’t do the things I just wrote about. Do you? If not, why not start now?

Successful people imagine the world supports them and brings opportunity to them. They see it as a rich, abundant, friendly place for co-operation and advantage. While it is true some are competetive and cut-throat many or most realize they do not have to be. They don’t focus on lack they focus on plenty so they create and attract more of it.

Successful People Imagine The World As Their Friend

They imagine it all working out for them. The see allies not enemies. They see success not failure. The envision having more not less and all things working together for good.  They expect the world to support them and bring them opportunity.  So can you! This is their mindset.

What we have learned from science is that attitude determines what you see in the world. Your attitude determines the opportunity you create and discover and how far you will actually go.

Science teaches us that we respond to what our brains expect to happen based on our previous experiences. What we believe is what we will see and make happen and it does NOT work the other way around. Most think if they see it they will believe it. It begins the other way. Believe it and you will see it.

To get money you first have to think money, feel money, and have an abundant mindset. To gain success you first have to believe you are a success. What you are determines what you do and what you have! You get more happiness when you are already happy because you are able to easily find what you already have.

Your Mindset Determines What You Get And What You Don’t

A lot of successful, rich folks have a lot of successful rich experiences you might say. Some are even born into it. That would seem to give them the advantage and in some cases it may. BUT not in all cases. It is also true that lots of successful people have seen more failure and hardship than you and I could ever imagine. They have dreamed big and lost more than others. BUT they then dream big all over again.

WHY? Because they understand the value of mindset and dedication. If you haven’t had a lot of successes in your life you can create them. You can imagine them and train your brain to expect success. You can take charge and make you life what you want it to be. There are no excuses! If you want it you can help yourself get it…

Atttitude Is Everything

…but you have to believe that what you want is possible. Within these blog pages I have been sharing how you can do this. Great writers though history have shared how you can make your dreams come true. It all begins with a decision to make your life what you want it to be and some very precise steps to follow. If you are willing you can transform your life in the most incredible of ways! Are you willing? Will you dream big today?” Rex Sikes

In how many ways will you delight today?

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What Are You Broadcasting To Others?

you atract what you focus on

“Some think that our brains are transmitting and receiving stations and that we send out and receive like thoughts or energy. Whatever we put out there we get back in some similar form. Recent, research suggests that it is actually the heart that is an incredible broadcaster and receiver much more powerful than the brain. Brain and heart combined; that makes us a positive force to reckon with.

Some People Are Skeptical And That Is Okay

If I had to err in anything I’d err on the side that we vibrate and we create and attract, broadcast and receive. If for no other reason that it allows us to take responsibility for what we think, feel, say and do. We don’t have to believe we vibrate or that what we put out comes back but it may be useful to do so.

It is not ‘la la pie in the sky’ wishing and hoping for gold coins to shower on us through magic or mystical incantations. It is just a way to organize our thinking and our actions in order to live the healthiest, happiest and wealthiest we are able. It is self-management and creation. It is being responsible and taking action.

Whether or not you want to accept the notion of being a vibrating broadcasting and receiving station it still makes sense to ‘act as if’ you are one. That way you monitor yourself to only think, feel, say and do the very best. You emphasize the positive. You stay aware to notice when you are on or off track and you adjust to get back on.

 Adjust Your Thoughts And Feelings

You adjust your thoughts and feelings as necessary whenever you notice yourself thinking or feeling less than gloriously. The goal is to feel the best you can most often. This gives us a means to do that. It provides us an analogy we can understand.

Either we vibrate high or low or we broadcast and recieve positive or negative which affects how we move in the world and what we attain. If it isn’t an accurate reflection of what actually occurs it is a darn useful analogy. So I say embrace the concept so you can better monitor yourself to stay on course.

You get what you focus on. You become what you think about. You are known by your actions. You are either mostly positve or not. You either mostly feel good or you don’t. When you feel happy you feel lighter than when you feel sad. There is more energy in anger than in lethargy. Perhaps, we really do. Doesn’t matter, but maybe we do!

Others Can Tell Too

Others can tell your ‘vibes’ just by being near you, feeling you essence, or by looking at you or listening to you. There are those who when they enter the room it becomes more alive and dynamic.

By contrast there are those who when they enter seem to suck all the life from the room. One is life giving the other an energy vampire. It’s in our vernacular and how we describe things.

What are you broadcasting? What are you vibrating? What are you creating? What are you attracting? Are you getting what you want? Are you attracting positive, healthy, people and opportunities?

What are you resonating with? Are you focused on the highest or the lowest? Are you focused on the most positive? WHAT are you putting out there? What HAVE YOU been getting back?

There is evidence that we are only energy or energy beings. There is evidence that we can resonate in harmony or be out of sorts. I won’t go into any of that here, as I said, it may not matter whether you believe it or not. The question is will you behave it? Will you take the time and effort to be as positive as you can.

Then it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not you still are doing the best you can with what you have. You are focused. You are self-reliant. You take the initiative and aim your thoughts and feelings in the most productive, powerful, positive ways.

Pursue Your Goals And Dreams Positively

You go after you goals and dreams with the idea of attracting like minded positive people and positive circumstances that you can cooperate with for success. You make the journey what you want it to be instead of drifting. You move with purpose and passion.

I think it is worth believing even if it were a fairy tale. There are notions which are useful even if wrong. Like karma. What if it is wrong and nothing comes back around. It still is important to treat others nicely anyway. If the idea of karma helps you to do that it is a fabulous notion.

My point is use what works. Do what works and transform your thinking and being and life for the better. Don’t waste time arguing over minor issues instead spend time maximizing your enjoyment and love of life. Feel alive, vibrant, happy and successful!

It matters little if we vibrate when filled with joy or not. Still, others can tell the difference somehow. And that is all that matters. Live, love, laugh, celebrate and enjoy! Make your life marvelous!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Don’t Suffer! Create The Life And Success You Want!

I can I will end of story

“What causes suffering? The act of comparison. When we compare where we are to where others are, what they have versus what we have it is possible to suffer. If we compare and come up on the short end and we are envious or jealous it can hurt. If we compare where we think we should be in our career or in life to where we actually are, and we don’t like it, we create more room to groan.

Whenever we create a division, a dichotomy, an incongruency, cognitive dissonance, we suffer. Many people, who expect the Law Of Attraction to save them from where they are in life, begin the process of wishing for changes. Then they keep checking to see if they are closer to getting what they hope for. If they find they haven’t made much progress they abandon hope.

That checking, that constant seeking to find out if anything is happening causes suffering. These people fail to realize that results take time and you just have to give it the time it takes! You have to learn to trust! I think the reason things take time IS so you have to learn to trust or you give up. Trust, faith, belief in oneself, one’s ability to ultimate create what one’s want is acquired through trials.

You Must Realize Everything Takes Time

If you wanted an orange or an apple or a grape it would take time. You have to plant the seed. Then  it sprouts and grows and blossoms. It produces fruit, which is harvested.  Then you to enjoy. You can’t be checking and digging up the very seeds you planted. You must let them go through the process.  The same is true with your goals and dreams and your plans.

You don’t wish for an orange you plant the orange so that you later get it. You expect it to grow and one day be yours. You don’t doubt that you will have it and wonder and check and worry and check yet again. You know at the right time it will be yours. Wishing has nothing whatesoever to do with creating what you want.

Decide What Your Dominant Chief Aim Or Purpose Is

Specify it! See it clearly in your mind. Imagine it AS IF  it’s already happened in your mind.  Do this daily, frequently, accentuating the all the positive feelings that come as a result of imagining your goal already completed. Enjoy and accentuate those feelings. Enjoy and celebrate! Really celebrate! Really feel it. The stronger the emotions the sooner you get what you want.

Wait patiently with expectation and eagerness knowing it will come about it. Know that you will create it. It is your faith, it is that expectation, and those feelings that bring it about. It is the passion and enthusiasm that make it all happen. What you are consumed with, what you obsess about you bring about.

The More Powerful The Emotions The Sooner We Make It Happen

That is why the  goal is to feel the best you can  all the time! If you feel incredible most all of the time and you vibrate joy and gratitude and celebration it works faster. The more positive and powerful the feelings  the more you resonate with your goals and your dreams and desires.

When you are excited and expecting good things and you are celebrating everything you’re not resisting nothing. Do you get that?You are not resisting but allowing and accepting. Feeling great is when you’re able to invite and receive. Negative feelings and thoughts block and prevent yourself from making it happen.

You will suffer if you doubt, fear, get anxious, worry or check to see if it is happening.

Focus On What You Want NOT On What You Don’t Want

If you expect riches and you focus on what you don’t have you create more of what you don’t have. You attract like thoughts of lack or poverty. You get more and more of them. This is how it works. In order to get the riches you have to celebrate having the riches before you actually have them.

You develop the rich mindset first! You develop the happy mindset first! You develop the successful mindset first before you make the results in the world! The mind is in the right place prior to you getting what you want. We are happy first and then we become successful or rich IT doesn’t work the other way around.

Thought Precedes Action: Believe It And You Will See It!

If you are impatient and go back between what you have and what has not yet arrived you will suffer AND prevent yourself from succeeding faster. You will stall your results. You must stop the suffering and develop faith that you will make it happen in the right time, even if you presently don’t know how to at this moment. The how will come in time. BELIEVE IT!

THINK ABOUT THIS: You develop such a powerful, unstoppable, positive mindset in the face of all odds that you can’t help but bring about what you want and desire most. What you are obsessed about, what you think about and talk about and dream about day and night you will make happen. You develop the wherewithall to accomplish anything and you keep on going until you get it.

It Is WHO You Become While Pursuing Your Wants That IS Most Important!

Fill yourself with delightful thoughts and feelings and you’ll accomplish them soon rather than later.  Remember, it is simple. You’re either trusting or you’re not. You’re either believing or you’re not. You’re either patiently waiting or you’re not. You’re either making your dreams come true or you’re not. You’re either positive or you’re not. You’re either feeling good or you’re not.

You’re either contributing to making things happen in a positive way or you do not understand this process. Wherever you spend most of your time; whatever occupies your attention the most; whatever are the predominant thoughts and feelings that you think and feel; whatever consumes you IS WHAT YOU CREATE AND ATTRACT!

You get back what you focus on. You become what you think about! You get back what you put out there. You create what you think and what you feel. If you’re getting what you don’t want instead of what you do want it is BECAUSE you’re focused on what you DON’T want. You need to change that!

The Problem: Most People Are Focused On What They Don’t Want

You have to focus on what you want. They harbor doubts and worries that it won’t happen. You have to stop this and believe you will make it happen in time. They think they are consumed with their goals if they spend a minute or two, or five minutes, or a half hour a day thinking about their goals when most of the time they are thinking about distractions.

You are not believing and celebrating and expecting and consumed pasionately with your dominant chief aim if you are whining and complaing and blaming and gossiping and fearing and doubting and upset with the little and big things that happen each day. If you are caught up in the daily drama of living you are missing. You become what you predominantly think about.

The law of attraction IS AN ACQUIRED attitude and mindset that you bring about by dedicating yourself passionately to creating the life and future successes you want. You learn it by trial and error and through overcoming hardship. You learn to pay attention, concentrate and focus your mind on making what you want happen like a laser beam. You set your sights on the target and never give up.

It All Starts With Believing You Can Do It.

Through this you learn what to do and how to do it. The reality is success is 99% mental and 1% effort. When the mind is right the effort comes easy. It MAY require massive action BUT you are prepared to do it. You have cultivated a winning and expectant mindset. You have made your mind a powerful ally and tool. You are focused and prepared. You are powerful and unstoppable!

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and belive you can achieve!’ said Hill. It begins within to bring about the results without. It isn’t luck or wishes being granted it is the application of principles and dedication that brings about the results. YOU do it because your mind is set to do it. You work alone and in friendly co-opeation with others to make it happen in spite of opposition or circumstances.

You train your mind to be positive and look for opportunity. You develop success practices you make into automatic reliable habits. Lombardi said, ‘When the going gets tough THE tough gets going!’ You do it because you have evolved yourself into the kind of person who succeeds. This is why Henry Ford’s statement is so accurate and applicable. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right. It is all in what you think.'” Rex Sikes

This is your day to celebrate!

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