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Don’t Miss Right Now. Now Is All You Have

everyday you have a choice

“Many people regret the past and live tethered to times they cannot change. It is a huge mistake to let the past haunt you because the past is gone. The only person keeping it alive is you, or me, or whomever it is who has not let it go. Do not fret about the future. It hasn’t happened yet so it may or may not be as bad as you might expect it to.

Worry has been called ‘negative goal setting’. To worry is to be focused on what you don’t want instead of what you do want. You can’t change the past but you can accept it, forgive, and move on but you can’t change it.

You can shape the future but only if you know what it is you want. Keep in mind we get what we think about. So if you are focused on what you don’t want that is precisely what you end up with. You must focus on what it is you DO want.

Where you actually live is in the here and now. Unless of course in your mind you are always some place else. I understand this. For me, I spent lots of time living in the past. The future was never defined by me, but I knew what I loved from the past and missed and what regrets I had.

I romanticized the past, I valued it over my future and my present. I longed to return to the ‘good ole days’. I had to train myself to focus on my future to shape it and my present to live in it. Be here now are important words.

Learn to focus on the present! Let go of the past. If you are going to reflect on it use it to learn from it so you make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. You can shape the future but that is dependent on what you think and do today.

If you learn from the past to improve your present you can have a better future. A favorite quote of mine is “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. You cannot escape the consequences of your thoughts.’

What you do right now is important! Your future is determined by what you are thinking about and focused on right now this instant. If you want an incredible future you will need to make your present incredible first. I learned how to do this for myself. I found that feeling truly grateful for EVERYTHING made all the difference in the world.

Yes, this meant I learned to appreciate the past for the lessons and let it go. I learned to focus on anything and everything I can appreciate right now. This made a huge difference for me. There is so much we can be grateful for. Living in gratitude will absolutely change your attitude for the better. When you are happy now you will be happy in your future.

Right this moment what can you find small and large to be thankful for. Focus on these. Accentuate these. What we appreciate we attract more of. What about yourself do you like, love and enjoy? What about your family, friends and associates? What about you job, your hobbies, your home?

Take the time to take an inventory of what you can appreciate so that you can feel more grateful. You will be surprised the doors that open when you live in gratitude. Smell the roses. Enjoy this moment. Savor it. Each now moment gives what to the next now moment. Live it fully!” Rex Sikes

Make all your moments miraculous!

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Become An Explorer On An Adventure

old ways won't open new doors

“What is it about kids that is so fresh and vital? How do they think differently than we do as adults? What is the difference that makes the difference between them and those of us who are older? What is it about youth that we value and try to recapture?

Certainly, innocence and vitality. Kids have a freshness because as they grow and develop, prior to being biased or tainted by peers, parents, teachers and world influences they have an open quality, an accepting capacity. They look to the world and adults around them for answers and are eager to see and hear and learn what those people will say or explain. They live to experience it all.

KIDS ARE CURIOUS! The haven’t done it all before, they haven’t been there and done that. Everything is new and potentially thrilling or fun. Too many adults give this up as they grow up. We need to recapture it. We need to develop and live from an endless supply of curiosity. We need to stop and look more, observe and watch, witness and see.

We need to listen and hear the many sounds and silence around us. The variations of tones and tempos. We can feel more, the wind, the temperature, the sunshine or rain. We can live more present in the moment enjoying the little things of wonder that life offers us instead of passing them by on the way to somewhere important.

We can become an explorer and explore. Life can be an adventure.! There is so much the world and people have to offer. Get out into it and take advantage of it. Time is ongoing and we don’t get it back. So instead of missing all the little joys discover and delight fully in them. Try new things. Be open and stay open.

Learn something new, eat new foods, listen to new music, go to new places, the world is your oyster. The world is your garden paradise – bask in it! Become curious, become fascinated. Become again as a little child and expand you view of the world and increase your opportunities for wonderful moments. Create more pleasure and fulfilling memories. Become more fully alive! AND Enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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This Is Critical! You Get What You Focus On!

you atract what you focus on

“The problem for many people is what they focus on. The simple mistake is that they focus on the wrong things. They focus on the wrong aspects of their circumstances. They focus on the wrong things about themselves. Since what we focus on expands this is a critical component to how much we enjoy our life experience.

It really is this simple. Face it, there are some things you are good at. There are some things you are not that good at. So today, focus on what you are good at. Focus on your talent and abilities. Focus on what you like about yourself. Focus on the very best feelings and thoughts you have. Put your energy into enjoying yourself! Be grateful. Appreciate yourself! Delight and enjoy!

If you think about what you don’t like and aren’t good at your sure to feel less than glorious. If you focus on what sucks it is sure to drain you and your time is poorly spent. You can never be and feel your best thinking about your worst! Don’t waste your time this way.

Instead, focus on that which makes you feel delighted, thrilled, talented, and great about yourself. Think on the things you are able to do, that you are naturally good at. These are areas of great potential for you. Enhance these! Use your imagination and develop these talents and abilities. Time is well spent when you put your energy and focus on the best of you. Concentrate and keep it there.

Enjoy your strengths. Linger with them. Allow yourself to feel really good. Savor the positive, wonderful feelings. Do this every day! After all, you are worth it AND you deserve it! Celebrate YOU!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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Two Suggestions To Skyrocket Your Success!

you must dive for the pearls

“Today, I want to share with you some great advice and useful suggestions to help you learn to grow and develop faster in your career and in life.  Fill your mind every day with the best thoughts.  Immerse yourself in a positive world.  You will more easily and readily make the changes you want to make when your thoughts and feelings are inspired.

Here is how you can do it. Read!  You should be reading everyday. Pick the best, the most inspiring, motivational books and articles you can. Every single day you should read at least a page so that you consistently fill your mind with powerful positive thoughts and ideas. Of course, you can read more but no less than a page a day! Start reading!

Listen to positive audios at home or while driving to continue this process. Listening is another great way to stimulate your mind. You can find lots of positive talks and clips to listen or watch online too. These are practical and powerful ways to utilize books and audio programs to achieve your goals. All around you are are wonderful transformational support materials to help you move forward.

Read and re-read the materials again and again. Keep exposing and re-exposing your mind to these positive sources and messages. Listen again and again to. Understanding, positive change and habits are formed by repeating successful behaviors successfully. Correct repetition builds the skill. You deepen your understanding of the concepts and materials.

Persist, keep at it and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life. Nourish yourself.  It is healthy daily food for your positive mental health. A little bit of the right stuff each day goes a long, long way.

When you read or listen to audio programs take notes. Write these out by hand. Do not use the computer. Actually write them out. When you write you use and develop new neural pathways important for your positive development. You don’t and can’t do this when you type. So take notes on paper not on the computer.

repetition is the mother of skill

The tiny finger movements you use when writing positively stimulate the neo-cortex and stimulate the brain to make new neural connections which help us evolve. It is a good practice is to re-read your notes from time to time.

It is a great practice is to re-write your notes every so often. You will gain new insights and deepen your understanding. Then as your understanding deepens again re-write your notes. Find new ways to express the ideas.You will again have new insights.

This really helps accelerate your growth because you make it your own. When you really know it and understand it you live more fully from it. You will find these practices increase your ability to visualize and helps you keep your self talk positive. This is because you are revisiting it again and again in your mind and continually clarifying it.

This helps you stay focused on what you want to be, do or have. You remain more inspired and motivated. You can see opportunities you previously missed. You more readily apply what you learn to accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Keep preparing and maintaining the soil of your mind. Make it fertile, plant seeds and nurture the growth day by day. Remember, we become what we think about most of the time. We get what we focus on. So make it a habit to read daily, listen to positive audios and take notes.

There you have it. Read, Listen and Take Notes. Then Re-read and re-write your notes from time to time.  These two practices will help skyrocket your ability to make positive and lasting changes that make your life more incredible! If you’d like more positive results begin these practices today!” Rex Sikes

Have a fabulous day!

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

happiness depends on quality of your thoughts

“What is positive thinking? How does thinking positive benefit us? Thinking positive simply means we choose our thoughts instead of letting our thoughts run wild. It means we take charge of our mind and determine what we want instead of being a victim. If we want to transform our lives for the better we need to think, feel and act the very best.

It means we decide where we want to go and align all of our efforts to get there.  In order to change our lives we have to be able to change our minds. For most of us we grew up never realizing this was something within our control. We grew up believing we had to accept whatever our minds offered us. This is absolutely not true!

Beliefs are nothing more that thoughts we think over and over again for a long enough period of time. A belief is a thought we habitually think. What we believe is just a collection of thoughts we continuously think and have bought into. As a result these convictions shape us. It is time for us to shape our convictions!

Some thoughts and beliefs serve us. Some limit us.  Positive thinking is wisely choosing new and different thoughts to replace the limiting ones. When you change what you are thinking you change your beliefs. Since you choose – choose the very best thoughts to think!

The bottom line is there are only positive thoughts or negative ones. There are thoughts about what you want and thoughts about what you don’t want. If you aren’t thinking positive then what are you thinking?  If you aren’t moving closer to your goals what exactly are you doing? You are either remaining where you are (stuck) or you are moving further away. It is very simple.

What we imagine and believe in our minds is what we create in the world for ourselves. If we want a more wonderful life we have to repeatedly think more wonderful thoughts.  If you have a lot in your life you don’t want you must determine what you DO want and focus on creating that. Positive thinking means you choose the very best thoughts for yourself.  You make new habits and positive beliefs!

Choose thoughts that make you feel wonderful, happy, confident, relaxed, peaceful, co-operative, helpful, whenever you need to. You choose the thoughts that move you closer to creating what you want for yourself and your loved ones. Whatever we hold in our head we can someday hold in our hands. We become what we think about!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Something Einstein Said Can Change Your Life!

when you forgive you change the future

“Albert Einstein is reported to have said, “I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” This is such an important concept. He says he is thankful not resentful. He is not carrying a grudge or behaving like a victim.

He appreciates because through their NO he was provided an opportunity to do it himself. He is the one who has taken the action. He is responsible. Because they said NO he is doing it himself. He is not whining he is doing. He is acting in his own best interests. If he wins it is because he did it. Truly, this is another reason to be appreciative. If it is to be it is because YOU accomplish it!

It is far better and far more wonderful to live our lives filled with gratitude in every way and towards everyone than to live otherwise. Gratitude opens up the doorway to everything else. It frees us from negativity and less than glorious feelings. It allows us to move forward positively. Take inventory for all the people, circumstances and things you feel grateful for. Then, be grateful!

Look at the NOs in your life, the opposition. Look at the challenges, the difficulties, the situations that didn’t work out and extract from these the lessons and learnings you can. Look again because you can always find more. We can discover In every disappointment or failure the seeds of opportunity IF we will only really look.

It makes a big difference in how well our life goes day to day by the attitude we maintain. If we can celebrate everything all of our life can be joyous. Happy people are ones who allow and accept, they are able to let go of disappointment, hurt and grievances.The  freely give and freely receive. They learn and grow instead of whither and die.

An attitude of gratitude truly makes a difference. It will lighten the load and relieve you of the burdens you  carry. It will illuminate your path in the darkness so that you can find the silver linings. It will free you up to notice more and delight in all ways. It will allow you to discover the good things in all things. You will become free!

So be thankful not just for the easy times but for the tough ones. Be thankful not just for the people who support and love you but for those who closed doors on you or did not accept you. It is because of these you can grow stronger and live better. Do it. Be grateful, learn, find the opportunities, celebrate and enjoy! Life is incredible when you do! Take time to appreciate and celebrate! ” Rex Sikes

Celebrate your day!

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How To Start Your Day Off Right

that i do today imporves ur tomorrows

“My previous post suggests you learn to smile more each day. When you smile you release chemicals and hormones that produce feelings of well being and happiness. Your feeling  change in response to how you use your body and your breath.

Whenever you want to feel better you can shift your body posture and movements and re-create feelings and emotional states of resourcefulness. Your thinking and feeling changes.  When you change the depth and rate of your breathing you can feel inspired, confident, happy or relaxed. It works!

Our neurology is marvelous! Our brains and body work together so we are able to deliberately affect how we think and feel. We can feel wonderful by  using our body, breath and face in a positive way. Here is something else we can do to begin the day in a great way and enjoy it more thoroughly as the hours pass by.

Laugh! Begin your day smiling and laughing. Before you leave the bedroom laugh deliberately for at least 5 minutes. Of course, if you have not tried this before you will have to push it. Sit somewhere, close your eyes and just begin to laugh. FAKE IT until you make it.

It won’t seem natural at first because laughter is an involuntary response. However, once you push through the start of the laughter you will find that it does become involuntary. Frankly, whether or not the laughter becomes ‘real’ doesn’t matter. By using your body in the same way you do when you actually laugh you get the benefits.

A great belly laugh really stirs up the body and releases positive chemicals and hormones. Instantly, you begin to feel the affects. You can laugh for longer if you like. I was part of a group who did this decades ago, every morning at 6am for one hour! It was incredible.

I have taught this in my live training and seminars ever since. We also did it in the evening. Each night before we said so long until the next day we would relax, think positive thoughts and laugh out loud together.  Laughter massages your brain and body. It relaxes you and it heals you. Laughter transforms you!

DO IT for however long you can. 5 minutes would be a great start. Norman Cousins utilized laughter to heal himself by spending time each day watching funny TV programs. So too have countless others. You can use the power of laughter to transform your life and being. Make it a habit to laugh much more and you will be glad you did. ” Rex Sikes

Smile, laugh make today incredible!

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Do This More Often And Feel Better!

stop waiting and go out and make them happen

“Our body and mind is one.  What we do in our mind affects our body and what we do in our body affects our mind. We can not escape this and that is very good news. If we want to feel better we can use the mind and we can use the body in particular ways to increase our well being.

It is hard wired. It is automatic. If we are feeling wonderful we think better thoughts. If we think better thoughts we feel wonderful. It is a two way street. Thought affects feeling and feeling affects thought. Mind affects the body and body affects the mind. That is the way it is!

It is simple. When we want to  feel better we move our body in particular ways. We shift our physiology. For example, when we want to feel more confident we can stand, move and breath as we do when we are feeling confident.  We put our chin up, chest out and shoulders back. As we this we begin to feel more confidence because that is how we use our body when we feel that way. Try it and you will feel it.

Mind influences body and body influences the mind. It makes perfect sense that it would be this way. Our body and brains work together producing chemicals and hormones for each of the emotional states we experience. We can deliberately use our body to trigger whatever feelings we desire; happiness, relaxation, confidence, enthusiasm and more.  Whatever we want to feel we can.

A simple thing we can do to feel better is smile more frequently. Whenever we smile our brains release the hormone serotonin which makes us feel happy. When you are happy you smile so smile and you will be happy. Smiling can be a powerful tool to use more often.

Smile first thing in the morning when you get up. Put on a broad smile and hold it. Hold it for four or five minutes while getting ready. It will help you put yourself in a great mood for the day. Do it! Make it a habit. Others will respond more positively to you too when they see you smiling. It works wonders! Smile and be happy!” Rex Sikes

Put a smile on your face through out the day!

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An Easy Way To Pay It Forward

365 random acts of kindness

“Do you like it when someone pays you an honest compliment? Isn’t it wonderful someone else takes the time and the effort to say something nice to you? Take it in, allow it. Do not brush it off. A genuine compliment is a wonderful thing. If someone gives you this gift receive it well. Be gracious and accept it and allow it to resonate within you. Feel it. Appreciate it when you are appreciated. Delight.

You can do the same for others too. You can help the people around you feel better and feel more appreciated. This is a simple and easy way you can gift others. Stop, take a moment and notice.  Whenever possible give a person a genuine meaningful compliment.  When you do give one why not exaggerate it? Make it a bit nicer!

Go a little bit further. Help that person feel that much better. You may just have helped lighten their load. You may have provided just what that person needed or hoped to hear. You may have made their day. This simple action can be extremely meaningful for someone else. It is so simple how we can support and nurture each other daily in small but important ways. Celebrate it!

We live together in this world.  This is how we can pay it forward. When you freely give and freely receive and help others do the same you are helping to create a nicer world around you. Since like attracts like you are making things much more wonderful. You are helping make life a  little sweeter. Plus, when you help bring out a smile on someone else you feel it too. You feel good helping another person feel good. Enjoy this!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day!

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Without This You May Be Missing Out On A Lot!

don't sit around waiting forwaever

“You could be missing out on lots of what life has to offer. You might not recognize opportunity even when it stares you in the face. You could be closed off to many good things that would help you get ahead in your career or at school. Sadly, if you are missing out you are missing out. Who knows what or how much you might be missing. Have you ever considered this?

Curiosity is one thing we all seem to have when we are young but tend to let diminish as we grow older. We shut down instead of staying open. We get jaded instead of filled with wonder. We live by ‘been there done that’ instead of ‘WOW how incredible! How does this work? or Why? or What does that do, or mean? We stop asking questions from an open mind.

Instead of seeing to understand and to learn many of us sacrifice those important qualities for certainty or for being right. Some of us get into arguments that go no where just to prove our point. We seem to have forgotten what it was, and is, like to experience the innocence and openness and wonder of a child. To be open and to wonder is amazing and has so many marvelous benefits.

Some one pointed out that we listen in order to speak next not really to understand the other person’s position. We watch ‘our’ shows and listen to radio that supports what we already believe. We seem to all sing in the same choir but there are many choirs in the world and we may not accept the others. We go to war over philosophy and religion and words. We ostracize and criticize.

We would benefit greatly if we sought to become curious again. We’d be much better off if we were to learn, to explore, to look and actually listen seeking to understand rather than to dismiss too early. Our brains crave novelty and newness . By providing ourselves with new things to learn and enjoy that stimulation alone helps keep us younger.

attitude difference between ordeal and adventure

Thinking and behaving differently is stimulating in healthy ways. We grow older faster by only giving our brains the same stimuli all the time. When we restrict our attention and our choices we limit ourselves and we don’t grow as much. Stress also stunts our development. We need to provide our brains with new things to enjoy. We need to stretch ourselves. There are lots of things we can do to add variety, novelty and newness to our lives. There is so much to become curious and wonder about. We are such creatures of habit we miss so much of what good is going on around us and elsewhere. Dive in!

Take a new route to work or school, dress and shower in a different order, sleep facing another way, learn new games, play, take up new hobbies, sports, read materials and watch shows you wouldn’t normally and stay open. Instead of objecting to what you disagree with ask questions that help you understand the other position. Look for the merits not the pitfalls.  Meet new people, learn another language. Visit museums and art galleries. Try new foods, take up cooking. Vary the speed of your walk, sing, skip, go new places. Listen to different kinds of music. There are so many ways to add newness to our experience.

The world and people and nature is an endless supply of areas to be curious about. Stop and take a moment to ‘smell the rose’, to notice, to look, to observe, to listen, to interact with the little things we pass by or miss or shut out each day. Take moments to savor. Be an explorer. We can imagine we are in the jungle or the Amazon and everything is new and different. We can ask questions to understand without explaining or defending our point of view. We can try new things!

There is so much to notice, enjoy, delight in and appreciate. Why miss any of it? We need to get out of our comfort zone and our laziness and discover more. I have always maintained that ‘exploration IS the doorway to adventure’. Live as an adventurer, not a conquerer. Live as a young child open to find newness each second. We only go around once why not live more fully?” Rex Sikes

What adventures can you discover that will delight you? Enjoy!

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