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How To Start Your Day Off Right

invest in yourself

“The new day is opportunity. Buddha is reported to have said, ‘each day you are born again’. The old is gone, the new is now. Begin your day enthusiastically. It makes a great difference! It is important!

Set aside enough time to do things that make you feel wonderful. To enjoy better days and nights it all begins when you arise. Steal an hour to dedicate to your personal development. It’s a great habit to cultivate. You will be amazed at how much betters the days become!

A few things you can do: Yoga, exercise, meditate, walk, enjoy nature. Read or listen to positive motivational materials. Smile all the while you get ready. Laugh for 5 or more minutes. Visualize your goals and dreams already accomplished and enjoy the feelings.

Ask Directed Questions.  Immerse yourself in gratitude and review what you appreciate. Feel your gratefulness! Chant enthusiastically your affirmations. Sing, dance. Fill your mind and being with joy. What you put out there you get more back. Like attracts like.

Do one or more of these. Spend your time in service of you. DO things that make you feel joyful, positive and confident. Set the tone for the rest of the day. As a friend of mine said, ‘a kiss in the evening is great, but you can enjoy a morning kiss the entire day.’

Make a habit of starting your day off right and make you will make the rest of your day incredible. Once you begin this practice all your days will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. I promise! Your best days are ahead of you!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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9 More Easy Ways To Program Yourself For Success!

tesla law of universe enrgy frequency vibration

“Today we continue to explore powerful ways you can program yourself for success in life. Here are another 9 that will help you raise your vibrations, your attitude and abilities to move forward and succeed in whatever area you want to. There is no particular order to implement any of these. Although you should first get clear on what you want to be, do and have. Knowing this before you begin is important. You want to know where you are supposed to end up prior to beginning your travels. It is the same with your dreams. Then you can visualize, affirm and take action to make them happen.

All the other steps can be done in any order. Little by little or a lot at once. Sometimes it is easier to work on tough things, get them out of the way and move on to the little things remaining. Other times, you might want to prepare, take care of the little things, have some fun and work your way into the larger issues. Whichever way you choose is up to you. Add these into your life as you wish. When you do you will discover their power and their long term far reaching effects.

1. Sing, draw, create. Sculpt, play music. Write in a journal with pen and paper. Have some positive hobbies or crafts and arts you can do, that you enjoy and that bring you and possibly others delight. Get lost in your own creativity and imagination. Let go, have fun, be as a child. Relax, meditate, do some yoga. Chill, give yourself a positive time out and take a break. Go into your creativity and imagination.

2. Smile, giggle and laugh more each day! Laughing a lot is incredibly energizing and transforming. Let go! Enjoy. A great way to begin the day is to sit in your room somewhere and laugh out loud for at least 5 minutes. More if you have the time. It changes your breathing, you get more oxygen and you use your diaphragm. It makes you feel more alive and puts a smile on your face. Laughter is fabulous medicine. Take a good dose whenever you can!

3. Obstacles,challenges and mistakes provide opportunities and life lessons. Look for both and learn from them. Your RAS will help you to notice what you might otherwise miss. Keep your attention on your dreams as previously described. Concentrate on what you want. Mistakes you make give you feedback so that you can adjust what you are doing. Be flexible. Be adaptable.Reframe them all as an opportunity to develop new skills and awareness. Life may hurl a number of things at you but opportunity favors a prepared mind. Learn from challenges and mistakes!  It will enable you to respond more resourcefully now and in the future.

Understand that troubles will always arise. Things you acquire can be taken from you. Who you are, who you evolve to be, can never be stripped from you. It is not what you have or don’t have that is so important it is the kind of person you are. Learn to take on challenges by looking for the solutions. Aim high and you will find the best. Look for the silver lining in each dark cloud. It is who you are, your attitude, your mindset, your resourcefulness that makes all the difference!

4. Enjoy being you and the life you have. De-stress. Live to the fullest. Find the best feelings! Have fun and spend time with loved ones. Make it quality time, Talk and meet loved ones heart to heart. Look into their eyes and enjoy the connection. Hug, smile and laugh together. Snuggle.  Visit some nice places, get out and about but make sure dedicate time to one another. Have fun together. Delight!

Listen more and talk less. Find out what is important to the people you care about. Nurture them, help them over a difficulty or with something enjoyable. Give to them more of the excellent you and less of the busy you. Give whenever you can because you get back so much more when you do. They’ll appreciate it and so will you.

what are you grateful for today

5. Let go, forgive and forget grievances. Stop carrying baggage whether it is moments old or decades. Stop letting old wounds and scars dictate your present life and your future. The energy you spent protecting yourself, surviving, and resisting what was could be better spent living joyously and fully. Be free. Be totally free!

The only way is to drop your grudges and hurts. You can’t hang onto something if you dropped it. So drop it! Forgive! Forgiving does more for you than it does for the person you forgive. Letting go is FOR YOU more than for anyone else.

Letting go can be for others if your hurts and baggage are affecting your loved ones and their home life too. It can affect them. Do not to let it interfere with the people you love most. Let go for them. Resolve to make the changes you need to in order to live free for yourself so that they too can live free. Your cares are their cares! Help them over your hurts so they can live free too! Then everyone can enjoy the feeling of that release.

6. Forgive yourself. Let go of regrets about what you should have or should not have done. Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Mistakes are fine they help teach us as we go along. What happened back then was the you back then ‘the old you’. This is you now. Let go and realize that you don’t have to hang onto the past.

Accept yourself. Accept who you are today. Accept the person who you want to become. Aim at being the best you and move in that direction. Celebrate your forgiveness and acceptance. Celebrate yourself and be grateful for everything you have created in your life. Take 100% responsibility and move forward. It is powerful to recognize your role as creator!

Perhaps, you created alot you didn’t want, that you didn’t intend and didn’t like. That’s okay, everyone has. NOW begin creating what you do want, create you do intend and that you will like. If you were able to bring all that about in your past even when you did not want it you can bring about great things in the future! Imagine if you used your powers for good! Just concentrate now on creating the good life for yourself and others.

7. Love yourself! Appreciate yourself. Celebrate everything. Live in joy, happiness and well being. Nurture your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit. Choose the best feelings and savor them. Make your moments count. Treat yourself well. Gift yourself in some fashion. Take a bath, a trip, read a book, go to a movie, treat yourself special.

List all your positive qualities and abilities and reflect on these. What makes you incredible? Focus on what you are good at. List your accomplishments. Take positive care of yourself. Think the best and expect the best of yourself. Hold yourself in high esteem.

how can i help others olve their problems and acheive their dreams

8. Practice the Golden Rule. Whatever you put out you get back. Think the best and expect the best for and from others. Hold everyone else in the highest esteem. Wish them the best no matter who they are. What you concentrate on you attract. This is a great way to make sure you attract what you want to attract and not what you don’t want.

There is no reason to attract more anger, resentment, hostility, hatred or even indifference to yourself so be sure you aren’t putting this out there. Think, feel, speak and do the best and you get the best in return.Shower others with peace, love and enjoyment. Wish them success and celebrate the good things that happen for them.

9. Birds of a feather come together. Like attracts like. This is true not only about our thoughts and feelings, our wants and circumstances but other people as well. Align with positive high energy creators who are loving, kind, helpful, supportive and fun. Like attracts Like!

Energy and good feelings, ‘vibes’ rub off. The more time you spend with others nurturing each other the better off everyone is. Seek the highest and the best. Seek those who are congruently positive people who walk the talk. We get further faster when we travel with others in the same direction. You can inspire and motivate each other. Surround yourself with positive people.

Notice the reoccurring theme? It is: Choose to think, feel, speak and act the best. Choose the most positive. Spend the bulk of your time learning how to think, feel and act wonderful moment to moment. The more you fill up each day with high quality thoughts, feelings, words, actions and friends the more you will get back many times over. When people start out often they are mostly negative and only a little positive. Your overall goal is to shift that balance so that you are mostly positive.

The higher your thoughts and feelings the better you feel. The better you feel and the more often you feel wonderful the less stress and more well being you create. You activate your immune system to more easily keep you healthy. You think better and recognize opportunity quicker.

With the right attitude you are far more equipped to accomplish your career and life goals. You begin to make your dreams come true because you realize you alone are responsible. AND you know that you can! Your relationships become more wonderful. You begin attracting the right kind of people who can help you AND whom you can help. Overall everything improves! Live a wonderful, integrated, holistic life style in mind, body and spirit you and you will notice the difference it makes.” Rex Sikes

Today is a special day. What will you do that is special today?

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9 Easy Ways To Program Yourself For Success!

we are the facillitators of our own eveolution

“Your body is your temple. So is your mind. Your thoughts and feelings affect each other as does your mind and body. It is important for each of us to take care to feel the best and have a resilient, healthy lifestyle.  Be healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

HEY I know this is long but it is broken down into small bits and the information is critical information for each of us to have. Take some time and read it now or later but please do read this!

When we raise our vibrations and program our subconscious we become a powerful force in making our dreams come true. We can be, do and have anything we want in our lives, and our careers. We can make positive things happen when we align all of ourself in positive and powerful ways. Here are ways to do this now:

1. Nurture your mind with positive materials, books, articles, music, pictures and audio. Fill your mind with inspiring wonderful thoughts. Spend healthy time  (daily nutritious diet) for your mind reading and listening to motivational speakers.

Use affirmations,  questions (Directed Questions) and positive self talk to feel great.  Take the time and fill your mind positively. Feed it the best food for thought. Your attitude determines your altitude!

2. Monitor your thoughts and feelings. Keep them the highest and most positive. Stop complaining and talking about problems. Put a guard before your mind and lips. Whenever you notice you are thinking, feeling or speaking less than gloriously stop and change it. Determine to only think and talk about or to others in ways that promote blessing, healing and prospering. Stay true to this!

3. Create a Dream  Book or Vision Boards. Use computer or cut out pictures of what you want, that represent your goals and dreams. Paste them on a poster, or into a book that you look at each day. Put some on your wall or ceiling. Put a picture of your goal in your purse or wallet, on the visor of your car. See what you want all day long!

Put these  in places so that whenever you look around you are reminded of what you are working on. Put pictures together that delight you, make you feel wonderful and that you say ‘YES’ to when you see them. Keep your attention on the positive wonderful things you want to accomplish and have. Believe you can do it, expect it and you will. Know that you will make it happen!

4. Visualize yourself as you want to be. See yourself doing what you want to  be doing and having what you want to have. Close your eyes and see your goals and dreams as already completed. This gets your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to recognize and let in to you opportunities and bring relevant information to your awareness.

We program our RAS and our subconscious mind to go after our goals by keeping vivid images and affirmations in our mind day in and day out. This is why we can say, we become what we think about all day long. What we think about we bring about. In your mind act as if you already have what you want. Feel how wonderful it is to complete it and have it. Savor the feelings, enjoy and believe!

Once the RAS is activated It allows in all relevant information that might have otherwise remained background noise. It alerts us to opportunities we might miss.  It is the combination of well defined goals and dreams repeatedly visualized and affirmed,  ‘as if’ you already have attained them, combined with wonderful feelings that makes this work.  Pictures, sounds and feelings are the message!

wattles universe wants you to have ur desires

5. Live in gratitude and be thankful for all you have and whatever you have. Be thankful for who you are, your circumstances and the people in your life. Feeling appreciative is one of the quickest ways to raise your spirits and your vibrations. When you are filled with gratitude your being is different, you radiate and others can tell too.

Being appreciative puts our focus on what we like about ourselves and our lives. As we maintain this focus more of the time each day, overall, each day becomes more enjoyable. If you want your days to be outstanding be thankful in all things moment to moment. Life is a celebration when you can celebrate everything!

Gratitude works wonders! When we feel grateful for already having accomplished our goals it tells the subconscious this is what we want. Again, this is why good feelings are so important in getting us what we want in life.

6. Concentrate on adjusting your feelings to feel the best you are able at any given moment. The better you feel during the day the more you keep informing the subconscious mind how you want to live each day. It can only go after what you provide it to go after. When you realize you aren’t feeling so great change it to feel just a little bit better. This is an important skill.

You want to feel the best feeling most of the time in each day. You want to tip the balance in your favor.  When we feel good most of the time life improves and our subconscious works to attract more of it. You do this by making adjustments to feel ‘even just a little bit better’ whenever you notice you are not feeling as good as you could.

You aim for feeling the best whenever you can. Even if it is only a little better than moments before it is a step in a positive direction. When you become aware of feeling less than glorious it is only a signal that you now can change it to something better. When you then adjust how you feel you take control. You stop being a victim. You learn how to eliminate unwanted thoughts and feelings and focus on ones you do want. Another reason this is important follows.

Our images and affirmations need to be attached to powerful positive feelings in order to get what we want. We need to deliver precise instructions. We can’t be sloppy and expect good results. We can’t go back and forth between negative and positive and expect consistent positive results.  If we vacillate we get nowhere.  We want to be consistent and move in one direction.

When our mind movies and affirmations are attached to wonderfully delightful, enthusiastic and energetic feelings we are telling the subconscious that THIS goal and THESE feelings ARE what we WANT – AND – to DELIVER MORE of each.  So we want to spend most of our time feeling the best feelings we are able!

Feelings drive everything. When you feel great you can do more. When you feel down and lethargic you do less. Feelings are what the subconscious responds to. You get back whatever you fear, hate, worry about or what ever you love, enjoy and delight in.

The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between wanted or unwanted or good or bad. The subconscious only knows to deliver on what you image in your mind that is accompanied by powerful feelings. If you are afraid you will get more to fear if you are filled with joy you will get more joy in return. Like attracts like.

If you have been getting a lot of what you don’t want you need to attach powerful positive wonderful feelings to what you do want and stop thinking about what you don’t want. Worry is negative goal setting because you activate the subconscious mind by your feelings of worry and fear. What you think about you bring about.


Your feelings combined with what you are concentrating on, what you hope won’t happen, IS the message you send your unconscious. You see it happening and even though you consciously don’t want it YOUR subconscious doesn’t know this. It responds by bringing you more of the same.

What you think about most during the day is what you get.That is the signals you have been sending it. If you want different results you need to change the messages, the signals, the pictures and feelings you are giving it. Do that now!

Your subconscious is a servant for whatever you are sending to it. It does not know any better it just carries out the commands you give it. It works day and night on whatever you have given it to do.

All your life you have been telling it what to do whether you have realized it or not. The results you have gotten, the circumstances you find yourself in, are a result of your prior conditioning, your habitual message sending to your subconscious. NOW you can change it IF you want to. Awareness is the key to change!

7. Believe it will happen! Have faith. Expect the best! Your desire combined with your passionate feelings and unwavering belief forms an absolutely powerful unstoppable combination. When you know it is happening you feel it! ‘Act As If’ aligns your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. It is an incredible tool you can utilize.

You come to believe what you constantly hold in your mind (thinking about day in and day out) by consistently picturing it in your mental movie theater and affirming to yourself that you already have this. You make this a habit and the habit makes it so! The more often your engage these processes the quicker you bring about the changes you desire.

Repetition combined with feelings brings it about. This is how the military (and others) prepares troops. Over and over again chanting and imagining with peak feelings gets it into the subconscious and the subconscious delivers what we program it to do.

Just as your computer does what it is programmed your subconscious does what it knows how to do BUT you have to tell it! You instruct it. It carries out the functions and you don’t even have to know how it does what it does to bring things about it. You enjoy the results. Our imagination and our feelings are powerful tools!

8. Treat your body well. Eat the best, healthiest food you can. Eliminate the junk and the sugars and the processed foods that may make you temporarily feel better but that drain your energy and leave you worse off. There are so many chemicals, pesticides and harmful elements in processed and fast food it is best to avoid them. You create better when you feel better. Food is fuel. Use the best!

Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), MSG, Aspartame and other chemical additives that can do more harm than good. Eat wholesome good food. If it wasn’t around when your great grandparents were kids don’t eat it or put it on your body. Lotions and products absorb into the skin. The skin is the largest organ so be careful what you put on it. Make positive healthy choices!

9. Walk, dance, skip, jump, exercise and move. Get out and about and enjoy nature. Get some sun on your skin everyday. It is more difficult in winter climates but bundle up and get some fresh air. When the climate is right walk, walk barefoot on the grass, the beach the dirt.

Just 20 minutes of walking (especially in nature) is a best medicine for mood. Walk wherever and whenever you can! Have some fun when you can. Play, run, roll down a hill, spin in circles, become as a child. Give in! Explore and adventure. Go new places.

you atract what you focus on

Rest outside in nature too. Lie down and enjoy a half hour or two just lying on the grass somewhere pleasant. Find a favorite comfortable power spot that you visit to refresh and renew. Bask, Stop, look, listen, smell, feel and maybe even taste where you are at. Fall into the present. Live in the moment! Notice and Celebrate all!

Tomorrow, I’ll share other powerful ways to increase your vibrations and program yourself for total success. For today, decide now that you will begin to implement these, if you have not already, in order to make your life what you hope it can be.

You can change your life once you know what to do. Then you either do it or you don’t. Only you determine whether or not you make your dreams come true. Each of these ways is a means for you to enjoy the most wonderful life and lifestyle imaginable.

Baby steps are better than no steps at all. You don’t have to overhaul everything at once. Do a little each day and soon you will be doing a little more each day. It gets easier. It become more enjoyable. You discover insights along the way. Drop by drop fills the tub.

It becomes fun and begins to have a momentum all on its own. It continues to get  easier and more delightful and more fun as you move forward picking up your goals. You worry less and celebrate more! Your life changes for the better and you feel great.

There is no upper limit on what you might make happen. Dream big and make big things happen. One thing is absolutely certain. Nothing will ever change unless you take charge.  If you want your life to to be gloriously different you must change what you are doing. It is all up to you!  You have some steps you can take, I hope you will.” Rex Sikes

Make today a positive special day!

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Everything Can Suck When You Don’t Know What You Are Doing!

don't sit around waiting forwaever

“Do you know what it means to create your own life? Many people don’t? Does the notion of 100% responsibility perplex you or you can’t quite agree? You are not alone. Others are confused as well. Do you know how? Most people miss out on making great things happen for themselves for these reasons.

WE are the creators of our lives. WE are responsible for everything in our lives. Still, many people believe in magic. To be a creator and to be responsible for your life has nothing to do with magic. It is not about wishing and hoping. As a responsible creator you don’t rely on an outer source to make your dreams come true. You rely on you.

Magical thinking means you put your ‘faith’ in something outside yourself to bring about changes. You rub a lamp or you chant some words, or perform some ritual to get someone or something, or even luck, to grant you your wishes. To believe in magic means you don’t make anything happen but something outside yourself does.

Magical thinking means when things go wrong you blame the outer circumstances. You make the world, God, the economy, the government, your parents, spouse, kids, boss, co-workers or strangers responsible for everything. Get it?

People who believe in magic look for causes outside themselves. Instead of looking to their attitude, their inner resources, talents and abilities to make changes they hope something will come along to change things. They put the emphasis on the wrong things and in the wrong places.

When a person assumes 100% responsibility for their life that person puts oneself ‘at cause’ and no longer chooses to live’ at effect’. It means one lives with intention to make the good things happen. This person is no longer at the mercy of what happens. This person is no longer a victim or a passenger in the car of life, this person becomes the driver.

To accept responsibility for everything and to be a creator is not about magic, it is not about controlling the weather or others. It IS about make positive choices and choosing what one wants in life and then working to bring it about. You determine what you want. YOU decide on YOUR goals and dream and YOU pursue them.

The results you have been getting in life and your future results  ARE the fruits of your mental labor.  What you get today is what you thought about yesterday. What you thought about you brought about. You bring about in the future what you think about all day long right now.


100% responsibility means you recognize that YOU have CHOICE in what to create. You have choice in how to respond to what happens. Events may be outside of your control but how you respond to them is up to you! You stop trying to control events and other people and you work on what you can control.

You can control your decisions, your habits, your responses, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, your outlook. You can manage you attitude and day to day activities to bring about the most positive and delightful life regardless of what the outer circumstances are.

If you don’t know how you can learn. You determine what you will think about all day long. You choose. You make things happen! You gather your resources based on your purpose and pursue it non-stop until you get it!
To be responsible (at cause) means you don’t expect others to do it for you and you stop whining and complaining about things that don’t work out. You finally realize that YOU have ALWAYS been responsible for what you have in life, good and bad.

You have always been responsible even if you did not know that back then. It is incredible the changes that can occur the moment you take full responsibility. There is tremendous personal power in stopping blame and putting the causes outside yourself.

You are wise enough to include others and the good of others in your plans and are not merely selfish. You realize that when you contribute to others and help others get ahead you will as well. In fact, usually when you help others get ahead you get ahead quicker. When one works for the good of all ALL benefit and that means you too!

Challenges loose much of their sting because you understand that obstacles come and go. You know that whenever you encounter difficulty there are things to learn. You can be flexible and bend without breaking. You can adjust your plans but continue to pursue your goals. Challenges help us grow. All obstacles may contain seeds of opportunity within them.

It becomes a day you will always remember when you take full responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life! When you accept that YOU are and HAVE always been creating what you want, or what you didn’t want, the game changes.

From this moment on you truly have choice in what you make happen. You get out of your own way and make your dreams come true. This is what it means to be a creator. You can start creating what YOU DO want today!!” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day today!

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You Deserve Better: Don’t Let Tough Times Get The Best Of You.

Progress Change GB SHaw

“When it comes to troubles, and less than glorious thinking you can make it through if you believe you will. If the odds seemed stacked against you do not lose hope. Think ‘this too will pass’. Keep in your mind that you will see it through. Don’t complain or speak ill.

You never get rich focused on poverty. If you always say what you have you will always have what you say. Keep the faith and make it a point to learn from the challenges. There will be something to learn that is most certain. You will make it! You can see it through!

Attempt to drop the head work and work from the heart instead. Find ways at difficult times to love more, to give more, to comfort more and to complain less. Laugh more, celebrate and be grateful for what you have. We become what we think about all day long.

Find the way to take your mind off the troubles. Put your attention on how you can better serve others and who you love. Remember, you won’t get rich thinking about poverty. The way out of your troubles is a different path. The old way IS not the way.

As long as you are focused on what hurts, what sucks, what is not right and feeling bad you will remain stuck. In order to leave these behind you have to do something other than what you have been or are doing. You must place your attention on what you want instead.

Concentrate on what is wonderful and meaningful. You won’t get somewhere new taking the same old worn out path. To be different you must do things differently. If you want what is going on to change you must make some changes. Remember, ‘can-do’ not can’t.

Many people support keeping their troubles albeit unintentionally. They focus on them, talk to everyone about them and they let it consume their minds day and night. They worry, which is truly negative goal setting because it is keeping one’s mind occupied with the worst. It is planning to get what you don’t want. Stop it!

They imagine things going wrong. It isn’t difficult to believe that they probably don’t feel their best, or are the healthiest. They are stressed and feeling down. Everything they do on the inside supports and maintains keeping the outside problems the same. As above so below. Our thoughts determine our actions and these determine our reality. Want reality to change change your thinking.

They never seem to create an opening for themselves to feel better and enjoy life more but YOU can! All it takes is an small opening to let a lot of light in. A small flame is still a flame. Find it and fan it. Do what you can do to help the flames grow. Create more light for yourself. Thought always precedes action. Take control of your thoughts. The more you do this the more you will be able to do.

Believe in yourself and your resourcefulness to find solutions even if you don’t, yet, know how. What you expect makes a big difference. Expect a better day to come along. Expect the best of yourself. Know you will make it and that better times are yours. You will see it through your troubles when you believe you can. The difference between thinking negatively and positively is what you plan for.

What people do to keep their problems alive is similar to what one does to create a more positive life. The actions are the same but the content is different. You focus the positive. You focus on what you can be, feel and do that makes you awesome instead of downtrodden.  You celebrate, love, laugh, smile, be grateful and enjoy!

Most people have it backwards. They have the positive tap shut and allow the negative to run on and on. They get what they don’t want and feel bad. They think about this more and complain and get further stuck and complain more. It spirals down. If want it to be different you stop this!

Hot and cold water can come out of the same tap. If you don’t want one you shut it off and allow the other to run. It is the same with our thoughts and feelings. Learning to get free from your troubles and create your life the way you want is a knack. It is simply changing what you are doing. It is shutting one off and letting the other run.

Adjust what you have been doing to favor what you want instead of what you don’t want. You turn off the power to the less than glorious when you shift your attention to what is glorious about you and your world. Drop the familiar, the old ways that got you into the mess and venture into newness. Move forward in new ways.

We get what we think about most during the day. Imagine what you DO want NOT what you don’t. Affirm what you want not what the problems are. Aim your thoughts, feelings, words and actions at your dreams and you can make them a reality. Don’t let tough times bring you down. Move through them no matter how tough they may be. You can do it.” Rex Sikes

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate all day today!

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Get Extraordinary Results When You Have No Limitations!!

negative expectations no change

“You may not know the name but this gentleman did something incredible. What makes it more astounding is that he didn’t know what he was doing was incredible while he was doing it. He was completely clueless. He was just carrying out a typical everyday assignment but he stunned the world. His name is George Dantzig.

You might not recognize the name but it is likely you know about his accomplishment. Arriving late to class one day he jotted down a couple problems from the blackboard. At home he worked on that ‘homework’ which seemed ‘a little harder than usual’ and then turned it in. Later, he received a visit from his excited professor.

It turned out  that Dantzig had solved two of the most famous unsolved problems in statistics. He did what no one else had been able to do! Pretty cool, right! He went on to become a mathematical scientist publishing more than a dozen books.

What is important to note about Mr Dantzig is that he was not limited by his beliefs when it came to solving the unsolvable problems.  Since Dantzig arrived late to class he hadn’t heard his professor’s remarks when he put the problems on the blackboard.

Since he wasn’t limited by those remarks, and since he assumed the two problems were homework, he went ahead and worked on them as homework. There was nothing very unusual about them so his mind was free to solve them. His thoughts did not stand in his way.

How many others, before him, had tried to solve them is not known. These were famous unsolved problems. Perhaps, many others, tried and failed assuming they could not be solved. Not Dantzig. He assumed he would find the solutions.

Because he was clueless he just went right ahead and succeeded where others could not. He wasn’t stopped or prevented by ‘I can’t’ thinking. He just did what he always did. Because he believed it to be homework he believed it to be solvable.

After all, that is what we come to expect about homework that there is an answer we can find and deliver. It never occurred to him that he couldn’t solve the problems. Our beliefs and expectations set the framework for what we believe is possible or not. These determine our attitude, This is important to note.

Our brains have evolved to solve problems and hit targets. Our brains work to achieve goals. What we think about and speak of matters a great deal. If we THINK something is not possible then it most likely isn’t. Our beliefs and expectations matter! If we think something is impossible we may not even try.

the mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation

Limitations are set by our thinking. If we think something isn’t possible and if we don’t try then WE will have really made it impossible. If we think something is possible WE open a door for opportunity.Our expectations determine our accomplishments.

We determine how hard something is to accomplish by whether we  think something IS possible but difficult or possible and easy. Our expectations determines our success. We are far more likely to reach our goals and dreams when we think the best and have the most powerful positive attitude possible.

Stop thinking you can’t do the things you want to do. You CAN be, do and have anything you desire when you believe you can. You can make anything happen. How you use your thoughts will determine whether you rise or fall. There is a purpose to thinking positive.

When you think positive you think powerfully. Your brain helps you get what you go after more easily. Think ‘I can’, “I am able’, ‘this will be easy’. See, visualize yourself as one who is able to make things happen and you will more readily make things happen.

Pursue your dreams without limiting beliefs and you can accomplish anything. Surprise yourself with amazing results because you don’t limit yourself!

When you are free from limitations, as Dantzig was, you make great things happen. Henry Ford stated, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!’ Become a can-do person and make your dreams come true!” Rex Sikes

What is good and new today? Find it!

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Could This Be Holding You Back From Everything You Want?

your only limits

“What holds you back? How come you aren’t making more headway in your career or in life? Are you displeased with the results you have been getting? Does it seem tough to make positive changes? Are you troubled by negative thinking? Do you find changing your thoughts difficult? Is this you?

At some level most of us know that our beliefs and attitude determines how happy and successful we can be. We ‘get’ that what we think and feel can make a big difference for us in our careers and our lives.  It’s just that when it comes to actual practice we seem to get bogged down. We try and sometimes we give up.

I recently read an article that said negative thoughts are difficult to avoid and that positive thinking is tough. The author went on to state that it is better to change our beliefs instead. I thought what an interesting belief that is.

Beliefs are just thoughts we think over and over. They are thoughts, most of which, we have adopted from other people while growing up. They can be beneficial or detrimental. Many beliefs are ‘lies’ we heard so often or told ourselves so frequently that we simply came to accept them as true. Some serve us well while others don’t.

Beliefs are only chronic thoughts, habitual thinking. Habits are tenacious, whether good or bad. It requires some dedication to develop a habit or to change a habit. We can find it difficult or easy. Whether it IS difficult or easy or how long it takes IS completely up to us.

So what can you do? You can change thoughts (and beliefs) and there are times when you want to. Positive thinking may seem difficult because of what you are used to doing but it isn’t any more difficult than negative thinking. Negative thinking may be more familiar to you. IT is simply a matter of what you are used to. Having positive thoughts IS just as easy as having negative ones!

If YOU don’t like the results you have gotten in your life so far then to continue to think and do what you have done is silly. You won’t get anything different by doing the exact same thing. You need to make changes in order to get changes! Unless you change things will remain the same.

There is a purpose to negative thoughts. Primarily, less than glorious thinking serves to provide you feedback for when you are off course. It is part of your internal guidance system. You won’t hit your target UNLESS you recognize when you are off target. These thoughts and feelings alert you that something may be amiss. They arise so that you can make adjustments and corrections. They inform you that you are off course SO YOU CAN change your direction.

Negative thoughts and feelings help you to clarify what you want BECAUSE they are powerful indicators of what you don’t want. They tell you what you don’t want so you can better determine what YOU DO WANT INSTEAD! The negative should only serve to clarify the positive. That is their function and purpose.

Listen to them BUT just briefly then let them GO! They got your attention use the information and move on. Put your attention and focus on where you intend to go. Put it on the solution to a problem. Keep it on the positive. Think about what you want to be, do or have and pursue these.

You stop the negative and aim at your positive destination. Once you realize you have gone of course while traveling in your car you simply adjust and get back on course. You correct and head towards your destination. After all, that is where you want to go. Forget about having gone off course as that doesn’t get you there. Let it go!

If you don’t like the results you have been getting then you must change whatever you are thinking, feeling and doing in order to get the kind of results you prefer. It IS that simple! You must change something! It doesn’t have to be arduous.

Negative thoughts are only your old habits and you must build new ones. It takes some dedication but it can be far easier than you might believe it to be. Give it a shot. Surprise and delight yourself! Change can be fun.

what you think about you bring about

The author of the article believed it was difficult to avoid negative thoughts and that positive thinking was difficult. Do you understand that is the pot calling the kettle black? The author THINKS positive thinking is difficult. If you believe something to be the case THEN it most likely is the case.

Beliefs set the frame. Beliefs organize our perceptions. If you believe something to be difficult you expect it to be difficult. Then it certainly may be. It works the same way if you believe something to be easy.

What we find to be the case  IS most often a matter of what we THINK it to be in the first place. Our attitude determines our altitude. Believe it and you will see it! There is a lot of research backing all this up.

The Placebo and Nocebo Effect demonstrate this. If you believe something (a pill, an exercise, an amulet, chicken soup, anything) will help you it certainly may. Research has shown that you can get statistically significant (positive) results even when there is nothing about it to make that so. This is the Placebo Effect. It is what we believe that is important!

If you believe nothing will help you then even though there are medicines and practices and foods (and yes, maybe even amulets)   that typically do help you may not experience the benefits. This is the Nocebo Effect. Nothing may help if you believe nothing will.

These effects are well studied and documented. They results are well known but not so well understood or put to good practice. At times, doctors, researchers and others who SHOULD know better may even dismiss something as ‘it is just the placebo effect’. WOW, that is the height of folly.

If you go to a medical practitioner having eaten a pear (or anything) and tell that person you magically feel better (because you do) and they say to you, ‘that is just the placebo effect’ then they have just violated their oath to ‘first do no harm’. They should say ‘FANTASTIC”, you are feeling better and continue to investigate the medical issue as necessary. They should not spoil a positive effect!

Even the medication you take (that has active ingredients demonstrated to benefit) or a practice you engage in IS subject to working because of the Placebo Effect. You believe it will benefit you and it does. These work together and are not isolated.

Beliefs work in concert with the ingredients to bring about positive change OR they work in opposition. The best combination is the healthiest practice. The most positive outlook and expectation is the wisest choice apparently. You want everything aimed positively!

It has also been demonstrated that even he care of a compassionate caregiver may be enough to help heal because the person believes in the caregiver. It has been demonstrated that the doctor’s belief in the medicine prescribed can help the patient to believe and to benefit as well. I think this is so incredibly cool! It speaks volumes about out abilities to benefit ourselves and each other.

So if you think changing your thoughts is difficult that may be the first belief you want to change! It can be easy and it can be exciting and it can even be fun. You, your mindset, determines what it will be. Start out by expecting the best. Why not? Have some fun!

Don’t talk yourself out of feeling wonderful because you don’t believe it is possible. Take a moment and doubt that one! Suspend your beliefs for a moment. Take a break long enough to try on something new. You may discover a better fit for yourself.

You take off your clothes and try on new ones when you are shopping for something new and different. You easily try on the new items while looking for ones you like and want to keep. It isn’t that difficult to change.

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

Although, you may look in the mirror and think ‘this is not my style’, it could be. It just isn’t your style, yet. Others wear these items. You just don’t because you haven’t and have not grown accustomed to dressing this way. You could wear it you just don’t want to. That is fine you do not have to BUT you COULD,

For you to get used to wearing it you’d probably have to do so for a little while. As a late teenager, I never thought I would or could enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts and drawstring pants until a girlfriend insisted I wear them. If you try something different YOU might even enjoy it! You won’t know UNLESS you give it a worthy try.

Isn’t your attitude and your life more important that a new dress or suit of clothes? Don’t you owe it to yourself to take off old beliefs that may not serve you well and try on some new ones that may serve you better? AGAIN, you won’t know unless you give it a worthy try. Don’t sell yourself short because you OR someone else doesn’t think it possible. Give it a try.

Try on a new belief. Try it on for awhile and get comfortable with it. Try for 30 or 60 days. You’ll make the new belief. Yes, the old one may call to you for a while during the process but eventually it will let go and the new habit will take its place. Enjoy the process. Take it lightly. The more fun you decide to have with it the more fun and easier it will be. You will be surprised. You’ll be delighted.

In previous blog pages I have discussed how you can easily begin to change your thinking and change your life. You can be, do and have anything you want!  Start easily by filling your mind with positive and inspirational thoughts and ideas. Read at least a page from healthy positive inspiring books each day. Listen to audios. Take the initiative!

Go back and read through these blog pages again and again. Try on some of the approaches and practices. You will begin to utilize the secrets, tips and suggestions in your every day life. Change can be fun and easy. Take it lightly. Decide to enjoy it. As with a delightful meal savor it bite by bite. You will discover so many incredible moments when you do.” Rex Sikes

Help others smile more today and you will too!

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How To Easily Stop Your Life From Sucking!

change perception change chemistry

“If the outside world sucks the inside one does as well AND vice versa. What most people miss completely is they are already living the thoughts they are thinking about. It need not be this way! Would you like to learn how to change it? You can.  Life doesn’t have to suck.

They simply don’t realize that their lives are a reflection of what’s going on in their head. Our present reality is always preceded by the thoughts we think. Thought precedes action. As above so below!

If they have bills and debts and are worried about making payments they ARE living their dreams. Except, these may just be nightmares. It is not the dream they want to be living. It doesn’t have to be this way, it just is, at least temporarily.

It could be any issue. It may be problems with family, health, wealth, well-being. It could be job or career related disappointments. In fact, it could be anything at all that is less than fulfilling. People live sad, lonely, fearful lives instead of living joyfully and victoriously.

These people, it could be you, it certainly was me, think it is hard to make changes.  They believe that they will have to do something new and different. They think they will have to overhaul their life in order to change. They believe it may not be worth the effort.

They are wrong! They have been deceived. They have been mislead and have gone astray. Since they are ALREADY creating their present world by their thoughts they don’t have to do anything extra special at all. BUT what they believe will determine what they do. It already does! They think it is too hard to change.

This is where they are completely off base. They have already been using their minds powerfully. They just use them in the wrong direction while not realizing it. They imagine difficulties, they talk about problems and they fear the worst. They don’t expect it to get better but they wish it would. They reinforce their problems.

Worry is negative goal setting. Thinking about what you don’t want, fearing the worst, brings you more of the same. Like attracts like whether it is positive or negative. It doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad birds of a feather still flock together.

there is nothing impossible

We are where our thoughts have brought us. We will be where our thoughts take us. We can not escape the power of our thoughts! These people have ALREADY been affirming EVERYTHING they do not want. These people have been using positive affirmations in reverse. They have been getting what they do not want!

They have used ‘negative suggestions’ against themselves to affirm and create and support the issues they prefer to get rid of. Their present IS precisely due to how they have used their minds! Our present will always be a reflection of what we are thinking inside!

They don’t have to START positive thinking or start using affirmations. Nope, not at all. They just have to CHANGE the DIRECTION of their thinking. They will use the same creative energy aimed it in a different way. They’ll aim it in a powerful, positive productive way.

The ‘Placebo effect’ states that if you believe something is helpful, even if there is nothing about it that works, it IS still helpful much of the time. Our minds are creative. Our beliefs determine what we experience. It is because we believe we help ourselves not because the pill or amulet has any special property.

The ‘Nocebo effect’ states that if you believe nothing will help you, even if it IS beneficial, then much of the time it won’t work. These powerful effects work or don’t depending on what we believe. Our minds are powerful. We are creators. We have already created.

If life isn’t working out then all they really have to do is switch what they are doing. They switch from the negative, the less than glorious, or destructive, unhealthy thoughts to positive healthy ones.

Instead of spending their time in worry fear, anger and sadness they spend their time in positivity, hope, joy and determination. These people think affirmations don’t work and fail to realize that they are already affirming their failing lives.

They are upset, poor, unhealthy, and disenchanted.  When they speak they talk about their worry, fears, problems. They blame the universe, the economy, others and even themselves. They focus on what is wrong more of the time than on what is right.

you will see it when you believe it

Yes, they are already affirming. They have got what they don’t want. The are good at getting what they do not want. I certainly, was. AND they keep promoting what they don’t want. They reinforce it by their words, and actions each day.

Once they realize and take 100% responsibility for creating and attracting and maintaining what they don’t want they can begin to turn it around and get what they do want. Shut the door on the old ways, turn away from them, let them go, and open the new door to adventure and a wonderful new life.

Let go of the problems and focus on solutions. Stop thinking and talking about and reinforcing what they don’t want. Start thinking about and talking about what they do want. What we think about most of the time is what we become. What we focus on we get.

If you don’t like where you are at you can change it! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for it to magically get better? Are you hoping you won’t have to do anything at all and that somehow you will be saved? OR re you waiting for it to get so bad you must do something.

If you wait ALL you will have done is spent more time waiting. Instead, begin today and start living the dreams you want. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. Change the direction of your thoughts and feelings. Reinforce the positive!

If you want some powerful assistance reading my blog will help you. Go back and read through my posts. Each of them contains the ways and means you can most easily make positive changes. As you do this you will begin making your life more and more what you WANT it to be. It can be wonderful! You can do it. Do it now! Rex SIkes

Find more to smile about today!

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How You Can Tap Into The Power Behind Everything!


gratitude changes lives

“Do you want to transform your life? Gratitude is the power behind everything! You transform your life when you FEEL grateful. Just saying words is not the point. It’s a great start to say thanks and write out lists but it isn’t the words that transform you. It is the feelings!

It is that you FEEL grateful. The words support and verify but the feelings are the power. Feeling gratitude is the secret! When you realize how blessed you are and you are thankful you feel wonderful. You feel joy. These FEELINGS makes things happen!

WHEN you live in a state of gratitude and appreciation for EVERYTHING, good and not so good, life becomes wonderful. When you truly feel blessed you open up an incredible doorway to transformation and well being that is beyond belief!

Yes, express your words of gratefulness. Find and count all your blessings daily. This helps you to feel grateful. Enjoy the feelings. Savor, bask, bathe yourself in the marvelous feelings. Live in gratitude day in and day out. Each moment be thankful for all of it! Feel it through and through!

You want to change your life? Become more grateful moment to moment. Be thankful for every little thing past and present. Be thankful for all the blessings you have not yet received but are coming your way. Be thankful for all of life’s lessons and challenges.

Delight in Everything! Celebrate it all! When you truly embrace thankfulness your life changes in incredible ways. You become congruently aligned with the creative energy of the universe. You are at one! When you feel blessed you feel truly alive!

Stop resisting, let go and begin allowing. When you do you open up and good things come to you. You become more resourceful and creative. You get free of past hurts and learn from life lessons. You let go of baggage you have carried for years. Your heart opens. You can feel your heart’s power, healing and love.

You recognize opportunity in ways that you never otherwise would. You think clearer. You feel better You radiate a quality that attracts others with the same qualities. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

Find more to be grateful about and you GET more to be grateful about. This is how it works! You really can be, do and have anything you want when you fill each of your moments with gratitude. Live in gratitude. It’s all yours! It’s awesome!

Your sphere of influence changes. You attract other grateful people; you support and inspire each other. You celebrate together! AND you discover what others have been doing, writing and speaking about for centuries. This IS the secret! This is the incredible power and it is ALL YOURS when you live in gratitude!” Rex Sikes

Today, enjoy it more!

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Who Do You Say You Are? It Matters!

thoughts design my energy

“What would you say if you were asked to describe yourself? What words would you choose? Who do you say you are? It matters. It is important how you define yourself. Your self image determines how your experience life and whether or not you reach for your goals.

Maxwell Malts, the author of Psychocybernetics, has said, ‘Our self image, strongly held, determines what we become.’ and ‘Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.’ He further pointed out that, ‘Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.’

Researchers have stated that how much a person values oneself can be assessed by the first five words one selects to answer this question. If your word choices are negative adjectives consider changing how you think about yourself. Stop thinking of  yourself in less than glorious terms and find those things about you that you  can appreciate.

You will benefit greatly by focusing on those things that mean you are special, unique and wonderful.  Maltz stated, ‘The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.’

Take a little time each day to find those things about yourself you are grateful for. Look at those areas you can be proud of and reflect on them. Perhaps, business isn’t going so well but you are a marvelous homemaker. Maybe you are a great Dad or Mom. You might be poor at certain sports but great at math.

Take time to make sure you view yourself in the best possible ways. Learn to accept, like and love yourself especially in those moments when you you might not feel like. Realize there are so many more positive aspects to you than you may have ever realized. Take the time to discover what they are and empahsise them. Focus on them. As you do this daily will find it makes an incredible positive difference for you” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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