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9 Easy Ways To Program Yourself For Success!

we are the facillitators of our own eveolution

“Your body is your temple. So is your mind. Your thoughts and feelings affect each other as does your mind and body. It is important for each of us to take care to feel the best and have a resilient, healthy lifestyle.  Be healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit.

HEY I know this is long but it is broken down into small bits and the information is critical information for each of us to have. Take some time and read it now or later but please do read this!

When we raise our vibrations and program our subconscious we become a powerful force in making our dreams come true. We can be, do and have anything we want in our lives, and our careers. We can make positive things happen when we align all of ourself in positive and powerful ways. Here are ways to do this now:

1. Nurture your mind with positive materials, books, articles, music, pictures and audio. Fill your mind with inspiring wonderful thoughts. Spend healthy time  (daily nutritious diet) for your mind reading and listening to motivational speakers.

Use affirmations,  questions (Directed Questions) and positive self talk to feel great.  Take the time and fill your mind positively. Feed it the best food for thought. Your attitude determines your altitude!

2. Monitor your thoughts and feelings. Keep them the highest and most positive. Stop complaining and talking about problems. Put a guard before your mind and lips. Whenever you notice you are thinking, feeling or speaking less than gloriously stop and change it. Determine to only think and talk about or to others in ways that promote blessing, healing and prospering. Stay true to this!

3. Create a Dream  Book or Vision Boards. Use computer or cut out pictures of what you want, that represent your goals and dreams. Paste them on a poster, or into a book that you look at each day. Put some on your wall or ceiling. Put a picture of your goal in your purse or wallet, on the visor of your car. See what you want all day long!

Put these  in places so that whenever you look around you are reminded of what you are working on. Put pictures together that delight you, make you feel wonderful and that you say ‘YES’ to when you see them. Keep your attention on the positive wonderful things you want to accomplish and have. Believe you can do it, expect it and you will. Know that you will make it happen!

4. Visualize yourself as you want to be. See yourself doing what you want to  be doing and having what you want to have. Close your eyes and see your goals and dreams as already completed. This gets your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to recognize and let in to you opportunities and bring relevant information to your awareness.

We program our RAS and our subconscious mind to go after our goals by keeping vivid images and affirmations in our mind day in and day out. This is why we can say, we become what we think about all day long. What we think about we bring about. In your mind act as if you already have what you want. Feel how wonderful it is to complete it and have it. Savor the feelings, enjoy and believe!

Once the RAS is activated It allows in all relevant information that might have otherwise remained background noise. It alerts us to opportunities we might miss.  It is the combination of well defined goals and dreams repeatedly visualized and affirmed,  ‘as if’ you already have attained them, combined with wonderful feelings that makes this work.  Pictures, sounds and feelings are the message!

wattles universe wants you to have ur desires

5. Live in gratitude and be thankful for all you have and whatever you have. Be thankful for who you are, your circumstances and the people in your life. Feeling appreciative is one of the quickest ways to raise your spirits and your vibrations. When you are filled with gratitude your being is different, you radiate and others can tell too.

Being appreciative puts our focus on what we like about ourselves and our lives. As we maintain this focus more of the time each day, overall, each day becomes more enjoyable. If you want your days to be outstanding be thankful in all things moment to moment. Life is a celebration when you can celebrate everything!

Gratitude works wonders! When we feel grateful for already having accomplished our goals it tells the subconscious this is what we want. Again, this is why good feelings are so important in getting us what we want in life.

6. Concentrate on adjusting your feelings to feel the best you are able at any given moment. The better you feel during the day the more you keep informing the subconscious mind how you want to live each day. It can only go after what you provide it to go after. When you realize you aren’t feeling so great change it to feel just a little bit better. This is an important skill.

You want to feel the best feeling most of the time in each day. You want to tip the balance in your favor.  When we feel good most of the time life improves and our subconscious works to attract more of it. You do this by making adjustments to feel ‘even just a little bit better’ whenever you notice you are not feeling as good as you could.

You aim for feeling the best whenever you can. Even if it is only a little better than moments before it is a step in a positive direction. When you become aware of feeling less than glorious it is only a signal that you now can change it to something better. When you then adjust how you feel you take control. You stop being a victim. You learn how to eliminate unwanted thoughts and feelings and focus on ones you do want. Another reason this is important follows.

Our images and affirmations need to be attached to powerful positive feelings in order to get what we want. We need to deliver precise instructions. We can’t be sloppy and expect good results. We can’t go back and forth between negative and positive and expect consistent positive results.  If we vacillate we get nowhere.  We want to be consistent and move in one direction.

When our mind movies and affirmations are attached to wonderfully delightful, enthusiastic and energetic feelings we are telling the subconscious that THIS goal and THESE feelings ARE what we WANT – AND – to DELIVER MORE of each.  So we want to spend most of our time feeling the best feelings we are able!

Feelings drive everything. When you feel great you can do more. When you feel down and lethargic you do less. Feelings are what the subconscious responds to. You get back whatever you fear, hate, worry about or what ever you love, enjoy and delight in.

The subconscious doesn’t distinguish between wanted or unwanted or good or bad. The subconscious only knows to deliver on what you image in your mind that is accompanied by powerful feelings. If you are afraid you will get more to fear if you are filled with joy you will get more joy in return. Like attracts like.

If you have been getting a lot of what you don’t want you need to attach powerful positive wonderful feelings to what you do want and stop thinking about what you don’t want. Worry is negative goal setting because you activate the subconscious mind by your feelings of worry and fear. What you think about you bring about.


Your feelings combined with what you are concentrating on, what you hope won’t happen, IS the message you send your unconscious. You see it happening and even though you consciously don’t want it YOUR subconscious doesn’t know this. It responds by bringing you more of the same.

What you think about most during the day is what you get.That is the signals you have been sending it. If you want different results you need to change the messages, the signals, the pictures and feelings you are giving it. Do that now!

Your subconscious is a servant for whatever you are sending to it. It does not know any better it just carries out the commands you give it. It works day and night on whatever you have given it to do.

All your life you have been telling it what to do whether you have realized it or not. The results you have gotten, the circumstances you find yourself in, are a result of your prior conditioning, your habitual message sending to your subconscious. NOW you can change it IF you want to. Awareness is the key to change!

7. Believe it will happen! Have faith. Expect the best! Your desire combined with your passionate feelings and unwavering belief forms an absolutely powerful unstoppable combination. When you know it is happening you feel it! ‘Act As If’ aligns your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. It is an incredible tool you can utilize.

You come to believe what you constantly hold in your mind (thinking about day in and day out) by consistently picturing it in your mental movie theater and affirming to yourself that you already have this. You make this a habit and the habit makes it so! The more often your engage these processes the quicker you bring about the changes you desire.

Repetition combined with feelings brings it about. This is how the military (and others) prepares troops. Over and over again chanting and imagining with peak feelings gets it into the subconscious and the subconscious delivers what we program it to do.

Just as your computer does what it is programmed your subconscious does what it knows how to do BUT you have to tell it! You instruct it. It carries out the functions and you don’t even have to know how it does what it does to bring things about it. You enjoy the results. Our imagination and our feelings are powerful tools!

8. Treat your body well. Eat the best, healthiest food you can. Eliminate the junk and the sugars and the processed foods that may make you temporarily feel better but that drain your energy and leave you worse off. There are so many chemicals, pesticides and harmful elements in processed and fast food it is best to avoid them. You create better when you feel better. Food is fuel. Use the best!

Eliminate High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), MSG, Aspartame and other chemical additives that can do more harm than good. Eat wholesome good food. If it wasn’t around when your great grandparents were kids don’t eat it or put it on your body. Lotions and products absorb into the skin. The skin is the largest organ so be careful what you put on it. Make positive healthy choices!

9. Walk, dance, skip, jump, exercise and move. Get out and about and enjoy nature. Get some sun on your skin everyday. It is more difficult in winter climates but bundle up and get some fresh air. When the climate is right walk, walk barefoot on the grass, the beach the dirt.

Just 20 minutes of walking (especially in nature) is a best medicine for mood. Walk wherever and whenever you can! Have some fun when you can. Play, run, roll down a hill, spin in circles, become as a child. Give in! Explore and adventure. Go new places.

you atract what you focus on

Rest outside in nature too. Lie down and enjoy a half hour or two just lying on the grass somewhere pleasant. Find a favorite comfortable power spot that you visit to refresh and renew. Bask, Stop, look, listen, smell, feel and maybe even taste where you are at. Fall into the present. Live in the moment! Notice and Celebrate all!

Tomorrow, I’ll share other powerful ways to increase your vibrations and program yourself for total success. For today, decide now that you will begin to implement these, if you have not already, in order to make your life what you hope it can be.

You can change your life once you know what to do. Then you either do it or you don’t. Only you determine whether or not you make your dreams come true. Each of these ways is a means for you to enjoy the most wonderful life and lifestyle imaginable.

Baby steps are better than no steps at all. You don’t have to overhaul everything at once. Do a little each day and soon you will be doing a little more each day. It gets easier. It become more enjoyable. You discover insights along the way. Drop by drop fills the tub.

It becomes fun and begins to have a momentum all on its own. It continues to get  easier and more delightful and more fun as you move forward picking up your goals. You worry less and celebrate more! Your life changes for the better and you feel great.

There is no upper limit on what you might make happen. Dream big and make big things happen. One thing is absolutely certain. Nothing will ever change unless you take charge.  If you want your life to to be gloriously different you must change what you are doing. It is all up to you!  You have some steps you can take, I hope you will.” Rex Sikes

Make today a positive special day!

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2 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Life!

BE live in yourself

“Live your own life and be happy! As long as you are not hurting anyone else or preventing anyone from living their dreams you should live yours. Live your life your way, for your pleasure. Be happy and enjoy each moment. Do things because you want to. Pursue your dreams not other’s peoples dreams or expectations for you. Don’t get lost in trying to please others but be sure to please yourself. Do not let others make you feel guilty for being you and living the life you want. Live for yourself!

It doesn’t matter whether a person is close to you, a family member, a romantic partner, a friend (new or old) an associate, or fellow co-worker, if the person is poisonous, abusive, disrespectful of you, your boundaries and your dreams let them go. If they treat you in harmful ways the actually need to go. You deserve to surround yourself with people who love and support and encourage you. You want to have those people close to you who appreciate your value and celebrate you as you are.

You don’t want ‘yes’ people who only tell you what you want to hear. That is no good either. You want people in your life who are honest, loyal, loving, trustworthy, who will nurture you as you need nurturing and call you on your BS when you need to be called on it. It is a two way street. You want people who will always be there for you and whom you will always be there for as well. Cultivate healthy, positive caring relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

These two things will make a big difference in the quality of your life. 1. Out with the bad, limit their access to you and your time and in with the good. Surround yourself as much as possible with caring people. 2. Live your dreams and have a fantastic life doing what YOU want to do. Follow your heart and not orders from others. Enjoy living free!” Rex Sikes

Live, love, laugh and celebrate today!

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Could This Be Holding You Back From Everything You Want?

your only limits

“What holds you back? How come you aren’t making more headway in your career or in life? Are you displeased with the results you have been getting? Does it seem tough to make positive changes? Are you troubled by negative thinking? Do you find changing your thoughts difficult? Is this you?

At some level most of us know that our beliefs and attitude determines how happy and successful we can be. We ‘get’ that what we think and feel can make a big difference for us in our careers and our lives.  It’s just that when it comes to actual practice we seem to get bogged down. We try and sometimes we give up.

I recently read an article that said negative thoughts are difficult to avoid and that positive thinking is tough. The author went on to state that it is better to change our beliefs instead. I thought what an interesting belief that is.

Beliefs are just thoughts we think over and over. They are thoughts, most of which, we have adopted from other people while growing up. They can be beneficial or detrimental. Many beliefs are ‘lies’ we heard so often or told ourselves so frequently that we simply came to accept them as true. Some serve us well while others don’t.

Beliefs are only chronic thoughts, habitual thinking. Habits are tenacious, whether good or bad. It requires some dedication to develop a habit or to change a habit. We can find it difficult or easy. Whether it IS difficult or easy or how long it takes IS completely up to us.

So what can you do? You can change thoughts (and beliefs) and there are times when you want to. Positive thinking may seem difficult because of what you are used to doing but it isn’t any more difficult than negative thinking. Negative thinking may be more familiar to you. IT is simply a matter of what you are used to. Having positive thoughts IS just as easy as having negative ones!

If YOU don’t like the results you have gotten in your life so far then to continue to think and do what you have done is silly. You won’t get anything different by doing the exact same thing. You need to make changes in order to get changes! Unless you change things will remain the same.

There is a purpose to negative thoughts. Primarily, less than glorious thinking serves to provide you feedback for when you are off course. It is part of your internal guidance system. You won’t hit your target UNLESS you recognize when you are off target. These thoughts and feelings alert you that something may be amiss. They arise so that you can make adjustments and corrections. They inform you that you are off course SO YOU CAN change your direction.

Negative thoughts and feelings help you to clarify what you want BECAUSE they are powerful indicators of what you don’t want. They tell you what you don’t want so you can better determine what YOU DO WANT INSTEAD! The negative should only serve to clarify the positive. That is their function and purpose.

Listen to them BUT just briefly then let them GO! They got your attention use the information and move on. Put your attention and focus on where you intend to go. Put it on the solution to a problem. Keep it on the positive. Think about what you want to be, do or have and pursue these.

You stop the negative and aim at your positive destination. Once you realize you have gone of course while traveling in your car you simply adjust and get back on course. You correct and head towards your destination. After all, that is where you want to go. Forget about having gone off course as that doesn’t get you there. Let it go!

If you don’t like the results you have been getting then you must change whatever you are thinking, feeling and doing in order to get the kind of results you prefer. It IS that simple! You must change something! It doesn’t have to be arduous.

Negative thoughts are only your old habits and you must build new ones. It takes some dedication but it can be far easier than you might believe it to be. Give it a shot. Surprise and delight yourself! Change can be fun.

what you think about you bring about

The author of the article believed it was difficult to avoid negative thoughts and that positive thinking was difficult. Do you understand that is the pot calling the kettle black? The author THINKS positive thinking is difficult. If you believe something to be the case THEN it most likely is the case.

Beliefs set the frame. Beliefs organize our perceptions. If you believe something to be difficult you expect it to be difficult. Then it certainly may be. It works the same way if you believe something to be easy.

What we find to be the case  IS most often a matter of what we THINK it to be in the first place. Our attitude determines our altitude. Believe it and you will see it! There is a lot of research backing all this up.

The Placebo and Nocebo Effect demonstrate this. If you believe something (a pill, an exercise, an amulet, chicken soup, anything) will help you it certainly may. Research has shown that you can get statistically significant (positive) results even when there is nothing about it to make that so. This is the Placebo Effect. It is what we believe that is important!

If you believe nothing will help you then even though there are medicines and practices and foods (and yes, maybe even amulets)   that typically do help you may not experience the benefits. This is the Nocebo Effect. Nothing may help if you believe nothing will.

These effects are well studied and documented. They results are well known but not so well understood or put to good practice. At times, doctors, researchers and others who SHOULD know better may even dismiss something as ‘it is just the placebo effect’. WOW, that is the height of folly.

If you go to a medical practitioner having eaten a pear (or anything) and tell that person you magically feel better (because you do) and they say to you, ‘that is just the placebo effect’ then they have just violated their oath to ‘first do no harm’. They should say ‘FANTASTIC”, you are feeling better and continue to investigate the medical issue as necessary. They should not spoil a positive effect!

Even the medication you take (that has active ingredients demonstrated to benefit) or a practice you engage in IS subject to working because of the Placebo Effect. You believe it will benefit you and it does. These work together and are not isolated.

Beliefs work in concert with the ingredients to bring about positive change OR they work in opposition. The best combination is the healthiest practice. The most positive outlook and expectation is the wisest choice apparently. You want everything aimed positively!

It has also been demonstrated that even he care of a compassionate caregiver may be enough to help heal because the person believes in the caregiver. It has been demonstrated that the doctor’s belief in the medicine prescribed can help the patient to believe and to benefit as well. I think this is so incredibly cool! It speaks volumes about out abilities to benefit ourselves and each other.

So if you think changing your thoughts is difficult that may be the first belief you want to change! It can be easy and it can be exciting and it can even be fun. You, your mindset, determines what it will be. Start out by expecting the best. Why not? Have some fun!

Don’t talk yourself out of feeling wonderful because you don’t believe it is possible. Take a moment and doubt that one! Suspend your beliefs for a moment. Take a break long enough to try on something new. You may discover a better fit for yourself.

You take off your clothes and try on new ones when you are shopping for something new and different. You easily try on the new items while looking for ones you like and want to keep. It isn’t that difficult to change.

beautiful thoughts positive emotions miracles

Although, you may look in the mirror and think ‘this is not my style’, it could be. It just isn’t your style, yet. Others wear these items. You just don’t because you haven’t and have not grown accustomed to dressing this way. You could wear it you just don’t want to. That is fine you do not have to BUT you COULD,

For you to get used to wearing it you’d probably have to do so for a little while. As a late teenager, I never thought I would or could enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts and drawstring pants until a girlfriend insisted I wear them. If you try something different YOU might even enjoy it! You won’t know UNLESS you give it a worthy try.

Isn’t your attitude and your life more important that a new dress or suit of clothes? Don’t you owe it to yourself to take off old beliefs that may not serve you well and try on some new ones that may serve you better? AGAIN, you won’t know unless you give it a worthy try. Don’t sell yourself short because you OR someone else doesn’t think it possible. Give it a try.

Try on a new belief. Try it on for awhile and get comfortable with it. Try for 30 or 60 days. You’ll make the new belief. Yes, the old one may call to you for a while during the process but eventually it will let go and the new habit will take its place. Enjoy the process. Take it lightly. The more fun you decide to have with it the more fun and easier it will be. You will be surprised. You’ll be delighted.

In previous blog pages I have discussed how you can easily begin to change your thinking and change your life. You can be, do and have anything you want!  Start easily by filling your mind with positive and inspirational thoughts and ideas. Read at least a page from healthy positive inspiring books each day. Listen to audios. Take the initiative!

Go back and read through these blog pages again and again. Try on some of the approaches and practices. You will begin to utilize the secrets, tips and suggestions in your every day life. Change can be fun and easy. Take it lightly. Decide to enjoy it. As with a delightful meal savor it bite by bite. You will discover so many incredible moments when you do.” Rex Sikes

Help others smile more today and you will too!

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How You Define Your Success Is Important!

just because soemthing isn't happening

“For everything there is a season. When you plant a seed it takes time to grow. Everything happens in time and at it’s own pace. It’s okay to push yourself but don’t stress yourself. Understand that some things take time. Relax while you continue.

When you are creating your future and making your dreams come true you may not see immediate results but hang in there. Be patient, be positive and as long as you are moving ahead they will eventually show up. Nurture yourself along.

Faster isn’t always better. Slow and steady can win the race. Don’t beat yourself up over not getting there fast enough. Success, as defined byEarl Nightengale, is ‘the steady progression toward a worthwhile goal.’ It is a process.

At the end of each day if you have done one thing to move forward you have had a successful day. If you have attempted to do your best that then you can feel good knowing that is as good as any person can do. You are progressing.

It has been said that ‘you can light 1000 candles and more off of just one candle. The only requirement is that your candle is lit first’. No matter how small that flame is it still burns. Much can be accomplished. Remember, your light shines! YOU will light the way in darkness.” Rex Sikes

Today, find some extra time to relax and nurture yourself!

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Do You Create Or Destroy?

your words have power use them wisely

“This image has been making the rounds. It is an important one. Our words affect others! What we say does impact others mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We should always be careful what we say. Negativity breeds more negativity and stress. There are consequences. Our words can lift someone up or our words can crush someone.

We can be and we should be sensitive and only speak words that bless, heal and prosper others. We should seek to only say the best, the most positive, the most nurturing, the most comforting, the most inspiring and the most motivational words we can express.

What we say and HOW we say it is important!  Seek only to bless, to heal and to help others prosper with what you say to them. This helps them and it helps you.

The Golden Rule means that you hold the other person (and people) in the highest esteem and wish them the best whether or not they do the same towards you. You pay it forward first without caring about the return. When you do this you not only benefit them but you bring benefit to you! The same is true with forgiveness.

You may need to forgive someone who died long ago. Your forgiveness may have no effect on them because they are gone but it may affect you in great ways.You may find peace, more comfort, even release. You may be able to move forward, after letting go.

You might feel free, more love and happiness because you forgave. In this example tt isn’t about the other person responding to your forgiveness (if you can get over that concept with living people) it is about freeing yourself. Forgive and your life becomes better.

Send out positive vibes to others, first for no reason at all, with no expectation of gaining anything, and YOUR life will become better. Pay blessings forward to everyone and everything becomes more wonderful. THEN apply this principle to yourself.

We not only speak to others but we talk to ourselves too. We hear our own self talk and it affects us in all the same ways. We feel down when we criticize, blame and speak harshly to ourselves. Take heed and apply this lesson to you.

Only speak that which will bless, heal and prosper yourself because you always end up feeling and doing whatever it is you think and tell yourself anyway.

do good and good will come to you

Consider that YOU are the other person you talk to. You know that person you say ‘you’ to, as in, ‘ how can you be so…’ or , ‘you really are…’ You know those less than glorious things you have said to yourself in the past.

If you say you are broke, or that life sucks guess what is reflected back in your life. If you state, ‘well I am only commenting on what already is’,  then remember this, YOU will always have what you say you have!

You certainly won’t have more than what you state. You words will reflect your conditions AND your conditions WILL reflect your thoughts and words!

Nothing changes since you are commenting and reinforcing what you don’t like. You aren’t creating anything different you are keeping it exactly the same. Your comment does nothing to bless, heal or prosper.

Your words do nothing to create any kind of different present or future for yourself. This is precisely why we need to change our thinking and our speaking.

Start thinking highly of you. Treat yourself with respect and think the best of yourself. Love yourself, be kind, supportive, caring, nurturing and only speak words that bless, heal and prosper YOU.

Thoughts precede words and actions, therefore, we should place a guard before our thoughts, and on our lips before we speak and a guard for our actions. We should make it a point to think, speak and act with the highest, most positive intentions towards others and ourselves.

Treat yourself and others as you would an innocent child. You would never want to bring hurt or harm to our precious young ones. It is important to love and care and nurture a child and move them in positive directions.

It is important to be open, caring and sensitive. You want the best for the child. OR at least you should! I have no difficulty stating that. Bless, heal and prosper our children.

When you do this for yourself and others, when you treat everyone, including you, exceptionally well things open up and become magically different. When you hold all in the most positive, high, regard your world will delightfully transform. You will become more free. You will be happier and healthier and have less stress. Things get easier!

You will experience more peace and joy. More of everything will open up to you because YOU are opening up and inviting good things into your life.What you focus on you get back. Birds of a feather flock together.

Like attracts like. When you seek to live from the position of only bless, heal and prosper yourself and others you are helping to create a wonderful world for all. Delight in it!” Rex Sikes

Today, help put a smile on someone’s face.You will find yourself smiling too!

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Tied Down And Captured By Problems? How To Get Free Now!

what consumes your mind controls your life

“In Jonathan Swift’s novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, the hero Gulliver takes to the sea. Misadventure occurs and he is thrown into the water then washed up onto the shore. While sleeping on the beach, tiny 6 inch tall people called the Lilliputians, capture and chain him and imprison him inside a large abandoned temple inside the walls of Lilliput. So let’s stop right there and examine what we have so far.

A large person, unconscious, is taken prisoner by very tiny people. Let’s analogize or make a metaphor from this. Normally, a person goes about their business. Though when unconscious they may get captured. Let’s forget about little people or other captors and consider this. When we are unaware we may get tied down by all sorts of little things that might otherwise not be an issue.

It could be other people, it could be the comments people make. It might be clutter on your desk or in your home. Perhaps, the kids aren’t listening. The boss (he or she) is breathing down you neck at work OR at home. It could be any number of tiny small events that add up and create stress and bog you down. They capture your attention and imprison you in any number of ways. When you are unaware you tend to forget. You are lost in an unsavory moment. You can’t see the way out.

Face it little stressors add up. One Lilliputian Gulliver could easily handle. Scores of them, not so much. So make it a point of taking care of the small things before they add up or pile up. Nip them in the bud before they capture you. If you are spending your time worrying about, concerned with lots of minor things, you don’t have the necessary energy for the big important things. Plus, life is not as enjoyable as it can and should be.

Remember, we get what we focus on. So if you are primarily focused on all the little things AND the big things that aren’t right, that go wrong, that cause discomfort, you are really short changing yourself. We become what primarily occupies our attention. Is it problems or solutions? Is it uncomfortable and negative or delightful and positive? What is it that fills your mind? This is what you need to become aware of. WAKE UP! What are you focused on and is it making life better or worse?

If it is making it worse you have the opportunity to change it for the better THE INSTANT you recognize what you are doing to cause your discomfort. You have the opportunity to change your thoughts, your feelings and actions so you are able to live more enjoyably. It is in an instant, within seconds, that we can change. It is in this moment you have a decision to make.

Either proceed as you are in the less than glorious, stressful, uncomfortable way OR change whatever you are doing so that you can proceed in a more enjoyable, positive, powerful, productive way. Whichever it is IT IS UP TO YOU!!

what you allow is what will continue

SO decide. AND learn to relax, let go. Accept, don’t resist. Let it ALL go! Awareness is the key. Gulliver was captured when he was unaware. We all have these moments. It is human. So don’t blame yourself (or others), or regret or worry that only adds fuel to the fire. What you resist persists. When you blame self or others you only feel worse.

Let it go. Become aware that you can shift your attention from the stressors to other things to pay attention to. Perhaps, you need a short break. Maybe you need to take a walk, listen to some music, go for a jog, take a nap, eat some food, whatever it may be, you want to change how you are thinking and feeling. Momentarily, change what you are doing.

You want to interrupt the negative thoughts, stop thinking them, take a break or some deep breathes and put your attention on more enjoyable positive thoughts. When you are thinking and feeling better then you can begin to positively work through whatever you may need to from a more optimum mental, physical, emotional, spiritual place.

Literally, you let go of whatever the stressor is, drop it. Turn your attention elsewhere, somewhere more enjoyable. Keep it there! Repeat as necessary. Don’t give in to the call from the less than glorious. Don’t answer. Let them all go. Focus on what you want and enjoy!

Realize you can handle things one by one. Let go of the snarky comments people may make. Declutter bit by bit, maybe only one item at a time. Remember, kids will be kids they don’t listen all the time because they also are learning to be independent (reframe however you need to). Reframing is putting a different label on the package. You substitute one meaning (a more useful, positive productive one) for the previous less than glorious interpretation.

Don’t let negative stressful things capture and keep you. Learn the fine art of letting go and getting free. Moving forward only requires that you do it bit by bit or one step at a time. Be gentle, loving and caring of yourself (and others, of course). Focus on what you want and enjoy. You get back more of whatever you focus on so stay positive!

Keep your attention on the positive and the possible and you will find opportunity and solutions because you are more mentally and emotionally fit. You are better equipped to meet the demands on you. Learn to love, laugh and live more wonderfully and fully! YOU can absolutely do this! ” Rex Sikes

Today is YOUR day! Celebrate

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A Kiss Turneth Away Wrath!

your attitude shows how valuable you are

“Here is something you can learn to do for yourself that will free you up from a lot of wasted time in conflict with others. It can free you up from a lot of time spent in pain. Usually when we are upset or argue with others blaming, even name calling may occur. If you want to be free it is important to learn how to disconnect.

It will benefit you, as it does each of us, to learn to be less affected by the words others use against us. When I grew up we learned ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. I thought then that was pretty awesome and I think so today too. However, some do not. Some think we should be careful with our words to not offend anyone.

I don’t disagree with that. We should be careful and sensitive and respectful. We ought not say things that hurt or offend others, We also should learn to have thicker skin or disconnect from others attempts to hurt us. We need to learn to not take their insults personally. We need to let them go. and be free from them.

Consider this. If some one you are arguing with suddenly called you a rocket ship how bent out of shape would you get? Would it hurt you or upset you? Most probably not. You might think, ‘what on earth is with this person?  Are they okay?’ You might laugh or express confusion but it wouldn’t devastate you, would it?

Ok, that is because you know that YOU are NOT a rocket ship. I am correct about this right, you aren’t one,  are you? You are a human being. So if someone called you a rocket ship you might think they were confused, out of their mind, silly, or anything else but you wouldn’t be bothered by it. I mean, you really wouldn’t, right?

The same applies to negative statements and names others might use to hurt us intentionally or unintentionally. They are behaving foolishly using names and negative comments so why react with hurt or anger. Let it go! This is a trick you can apply whenever you find yourself in a situation like this. Remember, you are NOT whatever another person says you are. You simply are not!

Unless of course you are. If they say you are lazy and YOU KNOW you are lazy then take it as useful feedback. Sometimes others deliver to us useful, needed messages. They just don’t do it in the nicest ways. If someone provides you with useful feedback even in the heat of anger, thank them because they have helped you face an area you may want to change.

When you acknowledge them positively, no matter what their reason is for saying hurtful things, you may short circuit their own mental programs. Here is an example.

we are our choices

I was in my mid 20’s, walking in my L A neighborhood, many years ago when some teenagers at the local school spotted me and yelled, ‘hey ass—-!’ I kept walking not realizing they were yelling at me at first. The tried again and taunted more continuing to call me that name. They continued yelling loudly and it got my attention.

I stopped. I looked at them and said sincerely, and I meant it. ‘Hey thanks you are right, I am an ass—-. Sometimes I forget that but you have helped me by pointing that out.’ They quickly scrambled out of there exclaiming ‘wow this guy is weird’ and they left me alone.

From my perspective they were right. There are times and have been times when I have acted that way. At that moment those teens yelling that alerted me to the fact. I thanked them and resolved in my mind to do better when dealing with others.

So two things, one it didn’t bother me that they called me a name. It illuminated behaviors that I took responsibility for. It was feedback albeit from a unlikely source for certain. The second thing, I responded nicely.

I thanked them and it freaked them out. I wasn’t trying to freak them out, just actually thank them. They just didn’t know what to do or say when I responded as I did. That may happen some times.

People around you may or they may not respond similarly. We just don’t know. But there is a scripture that says ‘a kind word turns away wrath.’ Personally, I prefer the Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy licks a ranting Lucy who runs off in terror having had her face licked by a dog. And Snoopy thinks, ‘a kiss turns away wrath’.

Think about it and learn not to be so affected by other’s words and deeds. Forgive, let go, be nice when you are able, or imagine they called you a tree house instead. Life is much more fun and interesting when we don’t get hooked by others in the heat of argument. Spend more time making life nice for yourself. ” Rex Sikes

Make all your moments miraculous!

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Stop! Have You Ever Considered This?

what you give power to has power over you

“It takes some courage to change. It takes courage to try new things. It takes courage to make our dreams come true? Really, courage, why do you suppose that is? Why does one need to be brave to do something in one’s own best interests? Have you ever thought about that?

I think the only reason it takes any courage at all is because we are used to doing things in a certain way. We are creatures of habit. We have routine. Many of us don’t want to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced.

Instead of diving in and enjoying the novelty, the newness, the adventure, we dip our toes, we make back up plans, we look for safety nets instead of just letting go. We will change but ONLY so long as we can be assured that it will work or at the very least that it will not get worse.

We want it cushy. We want to know we won’t lose everything if we invest our all. We want it both ways. We want our cake and to eat it too. Nope, there is no ‘burn the ships behind us and do battle’, for most modern people.

There are stories of warriors who cut off all escape routes so that running away was not an option. The soldiers had to fight or die. Okay, it takes courage to burn your escape route so you fight more fiercely! Too many people, it seems, don’t do or die, they do and maybe try something else if it doesn’t work out.

I’m pretty sure this comes as a handed down notion. My parents always told me it was important to have a backup plan incase acting didn’t pan out. I hated that notion but I too was indoctrinated with it.

‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ How can you passionately ‘all out’ pursue your dreams non-stop if you keep thinking, ‘if it doesn’t work out I can always go back home’. OR ‘I can fall back on my degree.’ Or ‘I’ll give it a couple of years and then if nothing I can at least…’ Back up plans. Hmmmm.

I am not saying don’t have them that is your decision. I just think it is difficult to run a race to the finish line while thinking about what you might do instead if you don’t make it there. You can’t really have one foot on the dock and another on the boat and get any place worthwhile, can you?

what you allow is what will continue

One should be totally aligned, congruent, committed, passionate in the pursuit a definite worthwhile positive goal. So yes, change may be a tad scary. It just seems a whole lot better to decide to definitely make the positive changes and then completely follow through on them than to remain the same and complain about it.

The world won’t fall apart if you make a positive change for yourself. You may be inconvenienced for a little while but you will survive it. BUT yes you will shake some things up. You can not change and remain entirely the same. You can NOT have it both ways.

Change may mean giving up some cherished notions. It may mean abandoning those habitual limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back. It may mean finally giving up those things you have always wanted to anyway! You will be better off when you do. It will mean turning your back on some old ways and continuing to walk away even while the old ways call out to you.

Someone said success takes ‘back bone not wish bone.’  It means you stick with it until you make the new ways a habit. Then the new powerful attitude, the new beliefs and feelings and behaviors that serve you so much better become as reliable as the old ways. It will be meaningful to finally resolve to be who you want to be. Change doesn’t have to be scary it can be fun.

Heck, if it is too difficult or too scary then do just enough to stretch bit by bit in the direction you want to move in. This isn’t actually a race. You are not in competition with anyone else. This is you and your goals and dreams. This is you living your purpose. You are allowed to take as much time as you deem necessary to get where you want to go. It is completely up to you.

Success is defined as ‘the steady progression toward a worthwhile goal’ so as long as you are moving in that positive direction you are succeeding! Keep that in mind. You are succeeding when you are devoting your time to becoming the person you hope and dream and plan to be.

No matter how much disappointment or failure you may have had in your past there are still many things you do that you are successful at. Keep that in mind. You are good at some things, many things. Whatever you are good at today, you weren’t always. It took time and practice to get good. AND you did it! You will succeed at making positive changes too when you decide to!

Change can mean that you are able to be and do and have anything and everything you have always wanted. It can mean the difference between having the fulfilling life or still longing for it. The down side of putting things off is waiting. You can wait and wait for the ‘right time’ or you can realize that now is the only time and the right time to decide to do something wonderful for yourself.” Rex Sikes

Make all your moments miraculous!

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Become An Explorer On An Adventure

old ways won't open new doors

“What is it about kids that is so fresh and vital? How do they think differently than we do as adults? What is the difference that makes the difference between them and those of us who are older? What is it about youth that we value and try to recapture?

Certainly, innocence and vitality. Kids have a freshness because as they grow and develop, prior to being biased or tainted by peers, parents, teachers and world influences they have an open quality, an accepting capacity. They look to the world and adults around them for answers and are eager to see and hear and learn what those people will say or explain. They live to experience it all.

KIDS ARE CURIOUS! The haven’t done it all before, they haven’t been there and done that. Everything is new and potentially thrilling or fun. Too many adults give this up as they grow up. We need to recapture it. We need to develop and live from an endless supply of curiosity. We need to stop and look more, observe and watch, witness and see.

We need to listen and hear the many sounds and silence around us. The variations of tones and tempos. We can feel more, the wind, the temperature, the sunshine or rain. We can live more present in the moment enjoying the little things of wonder that life offers us instead of passing them by on the way to somewhere important.

We can become an explorer and explore. Life can be an adventure.! There is so much the world and people have to offer. Get out into it and take advantage of it. Time is ongoing and we don’t get it back. So instead of missing all the little joys discover and delight fully in them. Try new things. Be open and stay open.

Learn something new, eat new foods, listen to new music, go to new places, the world is your oyster. The world is your garden paradise – bask in it! Become curious, become fascinated. Become again as a little child and expand you view of the world and increase your opportunities for wonderful moments. Create more pleasure and fulfilling memories. Become more fully alive! AND Enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Delight in the day!

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If You Are Not Doing This You Are Missing Out!

focus on & the universe will give

“What has no harmful side effects? It is good for your health. It puts you in a better mood. It relaxes you and releases endorphins increasing the body’s own natural pain killers. Plus, it is beneficial to your heart, your lungs, your stomach and other organs. In fact, is is wonderful for an overall sense of health and well being? Have you guessed it yet? I wrote about it the other day.

Smiling and laughing. I mentioned how it is a great way to begin each day. I mentioned that the more you can smile and laugh throughout the day the more pleasant your day becomes. Have you tried it yet? Have you got up in the morning and laughed for a full five minutes? If not what is your excuse? Okay, so that may be why you haven’t done it yet, now start doing it.

Another thing you can do to increase how much you enjoy your day is to appreciate the little things. Take time to do simple, easy things that put a smile on your face. Go for a walk alone or with a friend. Sit in nature and listen to the sounds or the silence. Enjoy a bath, relax, get a massage or give one. Go out for a delicious meal or make one.

Serve or be served. See a movie you have wanted to or watch a favorite TV show. Listen to some music, dance. Read a book. Chat with a close family member or friend. Spend time with your loved ones. Go for a drive take in some new sights. Do something fun, healthy and new.

Gift yourself in a special way. Take time to feel good. Stop and smell the roses. Meditate, take a nap. Make some art, music, poetry. Take some pictures or some video.Smile and laugh more. Just have fun, create some balance and time for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.” Rex Sikes

Savor the seconds by making them special!

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