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Feeling Low Energy? Down and Out? Do This Immediately!


“Are their times when you feel down and out? Would you like to learn how to feel better almost instantly? Did you know that there is something you can do that will help you shift your mindset? Yep! By changing your awareness and focus you can change your mood.

Many years ago during a reflective, meditative time, I realize my feet had carried me for 24 years without my ever thanking them. I immediately began to appreciate how they had carried me through life, through good and bad times, when they were well or injured.

Silly me. Right? I had missed out. How could I have gone so long without acknowledging them. But, I had. I began to list, one after the other,  how my toes had worked together. My soles of the feet. The muscles, bones, joints and cartilage. My skin. Each and everything!

When I Started Counting My Blessings My Life Turned Around

The flood gates soon opened and I was thanking each and every part of me I could think of and name, inside and out. The more I thanked the more incredible I felt. It is a great place to begin feeling better. It is a great place to get in touch with what is important. Embrace it.

Discover how blessed you are. Do it! Become thankful. Make a list. Do it each and everyday. Whenever and where ever you can. Think it, speak it, enjoy it. Feel it! Let the feelings of appreciation rise up in you. It will positively change how you feel for the better.Delight in all of it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have an wonderful day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Stop Getting Crappy Results!


“Our outer world reality is determined by our inner reality. The results we get are products of the thoughts we think. At one time the chair did not exist. Someone conceived of it, thought it up, and made one. From idea to tangible item. That’s how it works.

Some suggest the outer world accurately reflects the inner. If the outer is peaceful and harmonious the inner is as well. If the outer world is in chaos and discord so is the inner reality. As within so without. This is an important concept to grasp and consider.

If our thoughts, our beliefs (thoughts we repeatedly think over and over) create our reality then it behoves us to think the very best thoughts in order to create the very best reality. It means we need to control our mind and master it or remain a victim to it. Get it?

Tell The Negativity Committee Inside You – Sit Down And Shut Up

Your mind learned to do what it does. It is habit. It is patterned. It is automatic. If you think negative thoughts, worry a lot, feel bad, you learned to be this way. It is chronic and it is habit you acquired while growing up. Since you learned it you CAN change it. You really can.

In order to do so you have to deliberately change it. You have to deliberately create new positive supportive thinking and feeling habits. Then the results you get will be a reflection of those new positive changes. Your outer world changes because your inner did.

Adopt the best possible beliefs. Affirm these. Declare them. Repeatedly expose yourself to these new thoughts. That is how you learned the old ones in the first place. Repetition and strong emotion. Use the same to create new positive thought habits.

Worry Is Misuse Of Your Imagination And Is Negative Planning

As a potential place to begin realize that enormous wealth and power are available to you right this moment. Abundance is yours! You don’t believe it? Of course not. You won’t if you listen to your old negative conditioning. Your old beliefs will make you think nonsense.

The old, which is only doing what it learned to do, is protecting you from changing. It isn’t trying to harm you, it is just keeping you consistent. That’s what it is designed to do. Keep you the same even if it hurts. Still, you can learn a new and better way. Think positive.

Think, ‘I deserve the best! I accept the best! I can learn to do anything I put my mind to. I accept abundance. I choose to think positive. Enormous wealth and power are available to me.’ Think it. Repeat it. Chant it eagerly, enthusiastically, excitedly, powerfully!

Don’t Ruin A Good Day By Thinking Bad Thoughts

Put some oompf behind it. Mean it. If you don’t at first keep chanting it until you do. Day in and day out. Make it your mantra. Make it your favorite song. Think it, feel it, be it! This is HOW you take control.

This is how you claim your mind back. You think and declare what you consciously decide to. You choose the thoughts you think and repeat them again and again with strong emotion. Words don’t mean much but emotions mean everything. Powerful emotions are critical.

Claim your mind back. Live from your strength not your weakness. Decide what you want to believe and make yourself believe it. The choice is yours? Would you rather believe you are powerful and fail at some things or believe you are helpless and fail at a lot.

What Consumes Your Mind Controls Your Life – Consider That

You determine the kind of life you live. How is it working for you so far? If you love it, wonderful. If it needs a little adjustment. Go for it. If you need a major overhaul, so be it. Take charge and take control. Claim it. Declare it. Make your word the law. Live your dreams.

Turn the within into something so incredible the outside delights you. Live from abundance. Live well because YOU DO deserve to. Find gratitude and be thankful you have this opportunity. It may seem slow at first but it accelerates. You will transform beyond your wildest dreams. Delight in all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a gorgeous day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Do You Know How To Stop Suffering And Start Living?

horizons lone-phil-koch

“Why do many people suffer and feel in pain? Often, it is something we do. If you suffer or are frustrated would you like to learn a new way to be, think and do? Would you like to end most of your suffering and begin to feel much better more often.

Much suffering is caused by how we use our minds. It is what we focus on. We can put an end to lots of personal suffering by changing how we use or mind and what we focus on. We can create new thought habits. There are those who can shut out pain and suffering.

Certain meditators and spiritual practitioners learn to control their focus of attention to such a degree that they can withstand much physical pain. They train so they can also endure mental and emotional pain and overcome it. They gain control, they take charge.

Why Am I Happy – I Feel Grateful Thankful And Blessed Every Day

We use correct repetition. What is correct repetition? It is doing the right thing, the right way, over again. We repeat it. We can practice the piano or a golf swing, for example, correctly or incorrectly. If we want to get good we need to do it the correct way each time.

By using correct repetition, consistently, we engage in the practice for a long enough time to make it a new reliable habit. That is how habits are born or acquired. It takes about a month to begin to form a new habit. 30 days from now you can be wonderfully different!

That is a guideline time for forming new habits. It depends on you. If you do the right thing consistently for a long enough period of time you will wire it in. Once the new habit begins to form it gets easier and easier. You enjoy it more and more! Okay, now, back to the pain.

The Smile On My Face Means I Appreciate My Blessings

Comparison creates pain. We compare ourselves to others; how tall or short; fat or thin we are; how good looking or not good looking; how rich or poor or what kind of things they have that we don’t. We try to keep up with the Jones. We hurt because we compare.

We compare where we are to where we want to be. We decided we want to work with the Law of Attraction, then we compare how fast or slow we got what we are working on. If it is not fast enough we suffer. If we don’t yet have it we complain it isn’t working.

We compare time frames.  We compare where we are today to  how far we have yet to go. If it is a long way off we suffer or get frustrated Most often, what we compare causes our suffering. It can be used it to find out how you are better off. You can us it to feel better too.

A Beautiful Day Begins With A Beautiful Mindset

Compare today to how you were before. Notice how you have evolved. Determine how far you have moved ahead and how blessed you have become. Look back and connect the dots with what you didn’t have to what you now do have. Feel fortunate. Use it wisely.

Make comparison work for you instead of against you. Live, laugh love and celebrate.  Drop painful comparison, let it go. Begin appreciating where you are. Be filled with gratitude for who you are, what you are, how you are, when you are, and where you are.

If you can come to understand that everything is perfect right at this moment you will always feel blessed. Yes, you weren’t brought up believing that, most likely. You were probably brought up to strive to get ahead and complain about circumstances not to your liking.

Every New Day Is An Opportunity To Feel Blessed For All Of It

I was. If you are able to adopt the mindset that everything is perfect then you are always blessed. It doesn’t mean you can’t change it, it means changing it is part of being perfect. Challenges are blessings. It means there is always something good about it right now.

You can find a lesson to learn from, or the seed of an opportunity that might germinate and take hold if you allow it and nurture it. Nothing is over, we are always in a process. We are always right where we are in this process. Let go, accept and enjoy it all.

It is a journey and wherever we are along the way is an exploration and an adventure. Adventures have ups and downs. It is what makes many carnival rides fun. Life can be fun too. Stop suffering by comparing and start living large by accepting.

The Situation Will Ultimately Be To Your Benefit – So Be Happy

The moment you start acting like like is a blessing is the moment it will start to feel like one. Discover the thousands of reasons you have to feel blessed. Choose to feel blessed! Choose to feel happy. Choose to feel exited. Choose to feel grateful and appreciative. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Bring a smile to your lips more often!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 Reasons You Are Stuck And Can’t Get Anywhere

Horizons lake-michigan-shore-phil-koch

“Why don’t some people make things happen fast enough? Why aren’t they creating or manifesting what they want? If the Law Of Attraction worked how come some people, perhaps even you, are struggling and not getting what you want? What is up with that?

Two simple reasons. Excuses and blames rule the day for some. Those people unfortunately never get too far. When you make excuses for yourself and or blame yourself, or anyone or anything outside yourself, you don’t help yourself. You keep things away.

When you whine and complain, excuse and blame you get more of the same back. Bird of a feather flock together. Like attracts like. It is simple. You must be what it is you want to attract FIRST. For some people this concept is difficult to wrap one’s head around.

Quit Beating Yourself Up You Are Not A Finished Product

How do I become something I am not presently but that I want in the future? You must become its essence. This is why you act ‘as if’ you already have it. This is exactly the reason you live with gratitude now. This is why mindset, attitude and feelings are so important.

Become it, now, in your mind and someday you will have it in reality. Most likely not overnight because everything takes some time. Plants take time to grow from seeds. Keep the faith and know with certainty it is yours and you will make it happen. Be certain!

Thoughts precede feelings. Feelings precede right inspired actions. Right inspired actions precede success habits. Successful habits precede the results you want. Keep in mind, YOU are making happen what you want rather than attracting it. Get it? You are doing it!

You Are A Work In Progress – Celebrate And Delight

People who hope or rely on luck don’t make it either. We make our own breaks. Attitude is everything. Luck and hope comes from the outside. If you hope to get it you most likely never will. You must be certain you will make it happen not luck into it. It is all your doing!

The second reason is comparison. People compare the distance between where they are and where they want to be. Stop it! Stop it right now. Keep your eye on your purpose while simultaneously focusing on the right inspired actions step that gets you there.

One inspired step at a time. When hiking or mountain climbing it is advised you not look at the peak but at your feet and each step you take. When you look at the peak you notice how far away it seems. Your steps are immediate and you can control each. Focus on steps.

Losers Fix The Blame Winners Fix What Caused The Problem

Inspired right action comes from having the right mindset and the positive wonderful feelings. Then your brain, your intuition, you inner resourcefulness kicks in. Your Reticular Activating System works to find matches on the outside for the good going on inside.

Your RAS is working anyway. Either finding matches for how far away things are, for blames and excuses, whines and complaints or for the positive ‘life is wonderful I can do it’ thoughts. You are in charge of which it looks for by what you focus on repeatedly.

You inform your own brain what you want to create and attract more of by what you presently think and feel. It is all your doing. Don’t blame yourself if you aren’t where you want to be, change yourself. You can make it happen. Learn how by doing it.

A Flower Doesn’t Compete With Others Or Try – It Just Blooms

Focus on the positive. Fill your mind with positive, wonderful thoughts. Fill yourself with feelings of gratitude. Author your story to include what you want more of and imagine it ‘as if’ you already have it. Speak only to bless, heal, prosper and further your story.

If we don’t have will and persist positively, others who do will prevail. Success comes from having a successful mindset first and then going the distance. Everything takes some time so be patient and enjoy each moment along the way. Delight and feel marvelous!

Stop whining, complaining, excusing and blaming. Stop hoping and relying on luck. Stop comparing and being frustrated. Instead, live with passion, enthusiasm and certainty that YOU can make your dreams come true. Then you can if you keep going until you do! Do this now. Live your dreams. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a delightful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Expert Reveals How To Handle And Prevent Trust Issues

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“You know how it feels when you trust someone; you take a person at their word, you expect them to follow through and they don’t. You feel hurt, angry or betrayed. At the least you feel disappointed and let down? I bet you have a discussion with yourself. Am I right?

Welcome to Part 20 of The Secret To Success And Happiness Few Know And Won’t Tell You. The series continues. Hope you are enjoying it. Feel free to comment. Part 21 tomorrow. Let’s go!

You blame that person. Perhaps, you vow to never again give your trust away. Right? Perhaps. It is hard to trust and be let down. It does nothing to improve relationships. A promise is broken no matter how big or small and people and relationships are affected by that.

Trust Is Like An Eraser It Gets Smaller After Every Mistake

Trust is defined simply as able to be relied upon, honest, truthful, dependable. We want people we trust to be these things and more. In return we may give our faith, our hopes, our respect. We may depend on them to carry through. We put great value on trust.

There are two people we need to be able to trust. The first is ourself. We need to keep our commitments or promises to ourself. We need to follow through on what we say to ourself and others. It we plan to clean our home or office then we should be sure to do it.

We have a relationship with ourself in a similar way that we have relationships to others. We are a person, we are important. We should love and respect ourselves. Too many don’t love themselves enough, sadly, while some others do, perhaps, too much.

How Can Anyone See How Awesome You Are If You Can’t See It

We should have a loving, kind, wonderful relationship on the inside. We should feel good about who we are. We should know we are a good person and worthy of good things. We ought to have a loving relationship with ourself and our self esteem should be high.

Our self image is important, as is our self talk. If you let yourself down, break your promises to yourself you are not treating yourself well. Why should you cause you to suffer a hit to your self image or self esteem? Why be disappointed in you? Stop. Don’t. Love, instead.

You feel better when you follow through. When you make a resolution keep it. Make a point to keep it. All day long we say to ourselves things we need or want to do. THEN do them. If it is realistic, possible, do-able and needs to be done – DO IT!

Trust = Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Keep your word to you! Don’t make excuses or blame. Don’t try to con yourself just keep your word if you give your word. Don’t play this game either. I knew children, when little, who would say this, ‘Uh huh, it doesn’t count. I didn’t say I promise in front of it.’ Stop!

If you say you will do something to or for yourself or another THAT IS THE SAME as saying you promise. If you say,’ I’ll get milk on the way home for you.’ Then do it! It is a promise. Someone is expecting you to follow through. Please understand this.

Whenever you don’t act according to your word you let someone down. Either yourself, others or both. Let your word be golden. It will improve your life, your relationship with you and with others. It will. You will learn and benefit in so many ways.

You Lose Credibility When You Don’t Keep Your Word

Commitment and the will to do is one of the great powers you have available to you. Some never tap into this power because they never leave their comfort zone, they aren’t too greatly challenged, they don’t keep their word or for a variety of other reasons.

Claim your power to follow through and you will find your life transforming. You get more done, will be more productive and learn how to get your goals and dreams. You benefit from being able to self start, or initiate and follow through. You complete!

When you are able to look back and check things off your list it feels good. You have an inner reward. When you keep your word and complete your tasks it feels good! Seek to reward yourself this way and your abilities and good feelings will increase greatly.

Silly Me – I Thought You Were Going To Do What You Said 

Make follow through a habit and personal change will get easier. Whatever you want to do with ease you must first do with diligence. You want to feel your best most of the time. This is another way to insure you do. Keep your promises to you and to others.

The other trust is with others. They need to be able to trust you and you them. I like to keep things simple. Trust is earned and given. To be considered trustworthy one must behave in a consistent manner and keep one’s word. Be sure you are always trustworthy.

Is it possible others will let you down? Of course. No matter how many times one has faithfully proven themselves it is possible. Should this happen you need to gather information at that time, to communicate effectively and discover why.

We Improve Relationships By Encouraging Not Criticizing

Make whatever relationship considerations there are at that time. It is likely, if they have consistently demonstrated trustworthiness, to have some extenuating circumstances and good reasons for the let down but again that needs to be clarified.

Discuss what happened and why. We can’t expect someone  to ALWAYS  act consistently, can we? People are people and anything is possible. Make certain we aren’t placing people in impossibly difficult positions to maintain. This includes ourselves.

There will always be disappointments, get over it. Find the positive and focus on the 98% that has been good and will continue to be. Get over the small amount that never may. Most of what we experience, good or bad, is due to our attitude in the first place.

The One Thing You Can Give And Still Keep Is Your Word

Anything is possible, don’t be gullible. At the same time, mistakes happen, someone is bound to screw up or let you down at some point so don’t get bent our of shape over it. Have you ever let someone down?  Suck it, life happens. Stop being a whiner!

If you want trust. Go first. Be an exemplar role model. EVEN THEN you may not get it 100% of the time from others?  Celebrate the relationships you have and encourage the behaviors you desire. Nurture more of what you want in you and in others.

Encourage what you want to be repeated. Remain open, positive and expect good results. Don’t get out of whack when things happen to disappoint. Pick up and keep going. Your relationship with yourself and others are important. Care well for each. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Since Your Brain Is Unreliable In This Way – Use It To Your Advantage!

horizons the-polar-vortex-phil-koch

“Eye witness testimony has always been considered unreliable. Victim reports are too. In fact, any human assessment of what happened moments ago, or a long time ago are suspect and subject to deletion, distortion, and generalization AND confabulation.

It is known that an operator’s questions of polygraph participants can skew the result BY the questions they ask. False memories can be induced hypnotically, and while people are under stress.

Researchers and law enforcement know that people make up reasons in the absence of any, and that people ‘fill  in’ the holes with ANYTHING that seems plausible (or not) as Gazzagnia demonstrated in his split brain research.

Two siblings can argue over different versions of what happened at a family dinner table 20 years earlier. Some will have the same argument over what happened 20 minutes ago.

Memory and reposts of ‘reality’ are extremely suspect, yet that is what many rely on, especially if they have nothing else to go on.False reposts of abuse and abduction have been known to be induced by examiners.

I was fortunate a few years back to work with a homicide detective who showed and explained how interrogation techniques lead to confessions. These same techniques can produce false confessions.

Whether the person believes the ‘confession’ or not is part of the issue. Many confess without believing. Many report incidents that never occurred because of the way an examiner questioned them. We all know we can’t remember everything.

If someone can supply you with a false event, backed up by historical facts or details you know to be the case, it isn’t surprising that some would say, ‘wow, i forgot all about that’, or confabulate details and provide story for events that never occurred.

We must first and foremost realize this world we call ‘real’ ain’t. We think it is. We perceive through a glass dimly. Because of our neurological filter we never have all the information so nothing should surprise us too much.

Believing wrong or inaccurate things is what most of us do most of the time anyway. So what is one more? We believe inaccurate things about ourselves too. Beliefs are only thoughts we repeatedly think until it becomes habit.

We accept them as true when they are not. Since, that is the case, why not have decide what you want to believe instead of being a victim to what you believe? Choose your beliefs. Choose to believe that which empowers you, increases you instead of not.

Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right’. So why choose to continue to believe things that hurt you, limit you or keep you from fulfilling your goals and dreams? Why live in worry, fear or worse when you can choose to think, feel, believe, and act otherwise?

Given the choice of I can’t or I can why not choose I Can Do Anything? What you think today is a result of thoughts and beliefs and attitudes you co-opted from others. You were programmed to believe it from parents, peers, authority figures, popular culture and the media.

Now it is time to get free and determine which beliefs best serve you. Never limit yourself. You are bigger and better than that. You deserve to be the best, do the best and have the best. You deserve to think the best, feel the best and act the best. You are the best!

When you do you also will get the best results. Until you do, things will remain the same. It is time to take charge. Be the boss of your brain and decide what you believe. You can and you will if you want to. You have believed many useless things now believe better!

Begin by filling your mind with powerful positive thoughts through autosuggestion. Repeatedly affirm, declare and assert positive thoughts with enthusiasm.  Chant these powerful positive beliefs each day. Visualize yourself already as you want yourself to be again and again. Keep at it and you will be it! Stop at nothing, keep going. Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Each moment is magical and just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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If You Want Success To Be Yours You Must Prepare The Way

horizons only-a-moment-phil-koch

“A lot of people hope they will be successful. Do you? They wish and they want but they just never seem to make it as they would like. Has this been your story? They try really hard to no avail. Success doesn’t come often to those who want it, wish for it and hope they will have it. Rarely, if ever! Success comes to those who expect it!

If you want to be successful you have to KNOW you will be. It has to be a certainty! Originally, it may start out as a hope but it must be transformed. Otherwise, it is unlikely. Success is a mindset. It begins inside you before the results become available to you in the outer world. From within to without. Be Success and Success Follows!

Successful people think successful. It doesn’t occur to them that something they want to make happen, won’t. They know they will find a way. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know how, the how will come. Success comes from certainty not wishing. Certainty aligns all of your resources like a laser beam so you can act and move forward.

There is a Bible story, I will paraphrase, for an example, and just an example. I may not even get it correct as I am pulling it from the back of my head. Some where, some people were waiting and praying for rain that was needed. I think god ordered them to dig some trenches to prepare.  They did not.

At some point god speaks to them and says, ‘where are the trenches? If you expected it to rain you would have dug the trenches.’ I guess his point is, if you knew it would rain you would most likely take an umbrella. Okay, pretty poor paraphrase at that. Hopefully, you get the idea.

If you know something will happen then you get ready for it. If success is inevitable you do certain things because of that. This is how you become successful. What starts as a wish and hope must be clarified into a strong want, increasing in desire. It must become you obsession that you transform into faith, knowing you will succeed!

You do things because you know you will succeed. You might also not do other things because of that. You would no longer wish, hope, worry, fret, get sidetracked, of bummed out because it wasn’t happening quick enough. You would remain steadfast and secure. ‘O ye of little faith!’ Am I right or am I right! You would be secure!

Yes, you would still visualize, you would still affirm, you would still ‘act as if’ with complete faith in yourself making it happen. After all, you’re the one who makes it happen. YOU with others are responsible for your success. No one ever makes it alone,  in isolation. You make it with others. So be a nice team player!

A good team player helps uplift and support others. You add value first. You would go the extra mile. When others know their interests are in your heart they can puts your interests in theirs. You celebrate anyone’s forward movement and together you move to the top of the ladder. A rising tide floats the entire boat!

Granted some not so nice people claw and trample their way to the top but that is not you. You can be positive and nice and very, very rich, happy and successful. In fact, if you are happy, successful and rich on the inside first, if you are nice first, you will be nice, happy, successful and rich as the days play out. It works this way!

Commit to being a positive player! Work on developing your certainty. Develop complete faith in your positive ability to get your dreams and goals. You CAN DO This when you believe you will! Be persistent and keep moving forward. Have faith and never give up. You will succeed! SO, right now, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Opportunities make up the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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